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Found 23 results

  1. Anyone know where to find the source code for the Xbox version of ScummVM? The last one I recall was version 1.4 or around there.
  2. I was verifying every app works with Cerbios BFM, and Xored looks as if it is displaying some sort of code, instead of populating the game list. It only allows me to press Dpad Up and LT/RT to scroll up. No other buttons work. I've deleted the app and downloaded a fresh copy from Gamers downloader, as well as restoring a backup from a Rocky softmodded xbox. All display this mess. Is BFM modifying the paths, and if so, can I change it to work correctly? I checked Xored.ini and compared against a known working version, and they're identical.
  3. Hello to the whole forum and thank you for your availability and kindness. I have an xbox classic without chip and softmod. In 2016 I connected the hdd to the PC and unlocked the password that blocked the hdd (SEAGATE ST310211A 10Gb) and the hard disk was unlocked (the hard disk seems to have been unlocked via a bug in the Seagate firmware of the seagateunlock site, perhaps Seagate Firmware Update for U5 series) I then backed up with hdd_driver.exe and tried to follow the xboxhdm 2.2a tutorial in Spanish. After doing the first part of the mod (hardly rewriting the hard disk partition), I can't relock the hard disk because I don't have the eeprom.bin file or the lock/unlock password and therefore the console no longer starts . The hard disk is always "Unlocked" (code 06). Can I solve the problem without resorting to chips, eeprom readers or other hardware tools? Thank you
  4. Good evening, I'm trying to fix an xbox that I've bought online that states the "Your Xbox requires service" with no error code everytime I try to play a game. Weirdly there is one game that I'm able to play. A crappy demo CD with a few games, and I can only play the FIFA 2005! The xbox was unopened when I bought it and I already managed to debrief a few things, the DVD player is fine, the IDE cables that connect the DVD to the motherboard also seem fine (tested the dvd power connector for continuity on each pin). Since I'm able to use the main dashboard I can also access the hard drive, it lets me erase save's , so it seems that the xbox is able to read and write on the HDD. At this moment I'm not sure what to explore further , nothing too weird on the motherboard too, all caps seem fine. PSU doesn't seem to have any trouble too.. Any ideas? I'm lingering towards something in between the PATA and the MCPX.. but it seems like a longshot. Thanks in advance!
  5. greetings all i came across a SHOOT-EM-UP game called DEADBABIES created buy [email protected] in the link bellow he has supplied both the original v1 and final versions of DeadBabbiesX. along with the source-code. in the readme.txt he states that he is not interested in pursuing or modding the game anymore https://legacy.downloads.diomtec.com/index.php?p=homebrew/xbins/Console Based Applications//games/DeadBabiesX/ playing his version i noticed a lot of things unfinished (BUT) the game dose have potential i have only done simple modding to the png files along with adding SATAN music ...(lol) i only have basic coding abilities and really just want to combine the better parts of V1 & Final version as a project. i have no clue on were to start and could benefit from any help you guys want to give me on setting openXDK up OPEN XDK link https://sourceforge.net/projects/openxdk/ link to my copy of the modded game and my improvements so far https://www.file.io/o17Q/download/MgbXWXg7dTIE
  6. Thank you everyone in advance for all the help. I was given an Xbox and it doens't work, showed error code 07, I assumed dead hard drive so I wanted to do a hard mod. I have an early revision Xbox, just installed the Aladdin XT hard mod with EvoX BIOS, the install was a success and I get the logo in the top left on boot, followed by an error code 07. I have tried a few different things as I know that is the result of a hard drive time out. I've tried multiple IDE hard drives, known good IDE cable, known good DVD drive, I've unplugged the hard drive data cable and it still shows error code 07. I have a Hexen 2020 disc at the ready burned using Windows built in tool. I have ordered a few things; IDE to SATA converter to test with a known good SATA drive, and 80 wire IDE cable. Please let me know what I should try next. I am starting to believe the hard drive is actually fine, because when I unplugged the data cable it did not switch to an error code 8. Thank you!
  7. For some reason when I turn on the Xbox I am greeted with the error code 05 (unlocked hard drive). But I thought an unlocked hard drive was usable with a mod chip installed? - Re-soldered the wires from the D0 point, BT point mod chip flashed red, BT is joined to the mod chip so it is always on. Despite all of this the Xbox boots up displaying the error code 05. and no sign of the chip working its magic. Thanks, Pez.
  8. So I modded a 1.6 with a OpenXenium chip and flashed Evolution M8Plus 1.6. I upgraded the harddrive successfully and was launching into my new dashboard with no issues. I then went to flash a version of the EvoxM8plus that forces 480p and when I restart to test the flash I am greated with an error code 9. Brand new Seagate Barracuda 2tb HDD(ST2000DM008), brand new 80pin IDE cable, brand new startech ide to sata connector. I have removed the 480p bios and still getting the same result. I have removed the disk drive and still getting the same result. From my limited knowledge I feel that flashing the 480p bios is not my issue but that was literally the only thing that changed between my last successful boot. Trying to dig out my SATA to USB to look at the HDD on my PC but I have no other ideas of what could be happening, do I need to recheck my solder points?
  9. Hello, i recently found my old xbox again and i noticed that when i want to go into the official dashboard i get error code 13 and it prevents me to enter it. everything else works but the problem is i want to change my system language and audio settings and it seems it is only possible via the og dashboard. anyone able to help me out? i found a bunch of compilation discs but it seems they are only for softmodded consoles. thanks in advance!
  10. So I bought a modded xbox with an Xecutor 2.3b Lite. When I got it home I launched it with the chip enabled and with it disabled and both worked as expected. I have no idea what dashboard or bios is being used as those are things I am still not at all familiar with. I took it apart to remove the clock capacitor and to reapply thermal paste and now when I launch I get an error code 16. Everything I read about this error has to do with not finding a menu setting to set the clock of the HDD or erasing of files on the HDD but I did none of this as I don't really know how to yet. Was this a result of removing the clock capacitor? I have removed others in my other Xbox's without this issue, this is the first modded xbox I have touched when doing these casual repairs. Could I have possibly reinstalled the chip incorrectly after I put the xbox back together? Any help appreciated, anything I look up about this error code just doesn't line up with what I did and the suggestions for fixing get into territories I haven't touched yet, I was literally about to make a post asking how to identify what bios this modded xbox had and if it was right for what I intend to do with it but then this occured.
  11. Hi. When I try to boot into the dashboard the screen hangs on the xbox logo for a while and then displays the 07 error code 1 out 10 times/tries. Once I'm able to load the dashboard there are no problems. This problem has gotten worse over time and I am wondering if this points to a HDD problem. But the fact that once it has booted properly I can use it for hours with no issues or HDD failures which has me wondering if there are other issues here. The DVD searching sounds are pretty loud when I boot up the xbox. I seem to have an Aladdin XT 4032 modchip and a 1.4 or 1.5 xbox with a Focus video encoder chip. Any ideas? Help appreciated, S
  12. Allcali

    Error Code 13?

    What have I done? LOL
  13. Hello everyone! Over the course of these few months, I've had a lot of time to think, and I was going over a bunch of Original Xbox Special Edition Concepts that I could do, and my mind went straight to Mountain Dew. The OG Mountain Dew had an Opaque case, it was a simple color, and it was unique enough to garner it's status as probably my favorite Xbox Special Edition. There is, however, one problem that I noticed with the Mountain Dew special edition though, and it's that there are many flavors of Mountain Dew! So, with my imaginative mind, I whipped up something in Photoshop, which'll be visible below. My goal is to TSOP IND-Bios onto it, give the RAM upgrade, and do the usual 2TB HDD upgrade, among other less-visible hardware mods. Right now, I'm trying to source the top shell for an Xbox, so I can't go on with the project until I find a good deal on one. But, in the meanwhile, feast your eyes on this sticker:
  14. tried a sodtmod today. i used splinter cell and an exploit on a memory card. i get a frag and error 21 when i try it. what am i doing wrong?
  15. Hi guys, i've posted this thread before but don't get any solution. The problem is "When I try to load a game I get error code 0x803f800b". And then finally get a solution from here- https://appuals.com/xbox-one-error-code-0x80070bfa/ Thanks
  16. Hi guys, I'm facing a problem with my Xbox one. When I try to load a game I get error code 0x803f800b. The message along with the code says to check my EA Access and Xbox. Although i've an Xbox Live account. I have done a hard reset, uninstalled and reinstalled the game but nothing worked. Any ideas how to solve the problem? Thanks
  17. Like the titel say... Source: https://www.theverge.com/2020/5/21/21265995/xbox-source-code-leak-original-console-windows-3-5 Have a nice day guys.
  18. Salts

    Error Code 06!

    Hi, hoping to get some help with an og Xbox giving error code 06. Had not touched the 120gb HDD since it was installed way back in 04. Machine has a modchip with on/off switch, but the error 06 appears in both modes. From what I can tell the chip is working, as the error page looks different in each mode. The clock cap did leak but I have since removed it and cleaned the area. from what I can tell no other components were damaged. Have tried to go boot with Hexen on DVD-R and DVD+R but have had not luck getting it to fire. It just goes straight to error page. I have access to a pc with IDE, but not another Xbox. Just seeing if there’s any other ideas out there. Cheers
  19. Hi, Love this forum and got a lot of great info from here. Recently I dusted of my good old softmod and gave this all a go again after many years. I was able to tsop the xbox and install a larger harddisk. My friends picked up on the idea of having a xbox with emustation and asked me to build one for them as well. So I ended up buying and working on 6 xboxes and harddrives that all went trough their own struggle to get the job done but hey, I made it. Thing is though, at some point I used chimp to format a 500gb WD and it locked it by the end of the session in one of the xboxes. this drive ended up not being used and now I want to use it again but I do not know what xbox it's from. Being all wel prepped I did read all the eeproms from al the xboxes trough simple serial eeprom reader. Extracted them straight of the board with no issues but the sidenote is I never did with this 500gb WD hdd installed. And this is where my confusion is, because what I understand is the eeprom is xbox specific. And the harddrive password is generated trough the hdd serial number and model based on the eeprom. (Please correct me if I'm wrong). So all the eeproms I have when I read them in live info beta 3 show me other harddrives. So I connected the harddrive to my ide port refreshed the disk managment, it pops up under disk# and I try to select it in live info without any luck. I tried running chimp in order to unlock the hdd in the slave disk options with all the available eeproms but had no luck. Basically, and I'm sorry this is a long read, I'm trying to find a way to backwards engineer my hdd locking code with the 6 eeproms I have available that all state a different make/brand/sn hdd. Thank you in advance Pascal
  20. The debug unit I'm waiting to receive (tracking shows it will probably get here Tuesday) has the potential to run any unsigned code without any softmodding or hardmodding is what I have been lead to believe, is this right? I can transfer over or boot from disc any .xbe, for example Rebellious Bullet an unreleased Japanese game that was discovered on a debug unit and uploaded to the internet? edit spelling and youtube link
  21. Hey everyone, I purchased a original Xbox off eBay, it looks brand new, and hasn't been opened, all stickers intact. Only issue is when it powers on, red and green flashing led and a error code 12 on screen. Online suggests it's a DVD drive issue, bummer. It looks to be a Xbox 1.6 and has gotten very little use (if any at all, still has a brand new smell to it, spotless inside and out and not a spec of dust) is there anything I could try to fix the system? Could I try recapping the DVD drive board? I hate to buy another drive off eBay, as the only ones I found cost more than the system I got (including shipping), I have a mod chip on the way as well, if that might help Thanks in advance! ~John
  22. i have a used xbox that i bought just recently paid 10 dollars was softmodded with soft mod deluxe v3 and have a code 21 the sticker that says the year has been wiped clean and i cant make out anything on it if anyone can help i would appreciate it is their any way to put it back to original the xbox and the softmod it then tsop flash it back to the original xbox software
  23. so i gave my brother a v1.6 softmod so he could toy with it and play some games. had it set up nice with xbmc4gamers started to show him what goes on with that skin and then it just black screened and reset... now error code 6!!! over and over. then all of a sudden it boot again. weird? now. back to error code 6. never booting again. race home and install stock drive and error code 9!!!! omg wtf!!!!!!! i have a mod chip here. could be an easy fix... but... i have tried the ide cable and the adapter, not the problem. one insight. i had the jumper set to slave when it was first booting, its strange because i had set-up the entire XVGM on this console and then xbmc4gamers because i didnt like xvgm for this one. it just wasnt as stable. dont know. bad hdd? how do you explain the stock drive giving an error? strange.

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