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  1. Thank you very much. I always forget that the white button is magic on this dashboard. I was just selecting it with A and not seeing any Delete option.
  2. I tried deleting the folder in Profiles but the profile is still showing up when I start my Xbox. Any way to completely delete a profile?
  3. Cool thanks for the advice. I have only run from folders and have had no issues so far. Using and XISO just seems like a pain but I haven't really tried yet.
  4. Is that last section for games running from a folder? Also wondering if it is better to run from an XISO vs a Folder? I have been trying to find information on this and it seems like there are a lot of pros and cons.
  5. Random question. What is Kekule?
  6. Can you even still buy Cat4 cable?
  7. Thank you! At this point this is enough to take it off the list. I need to cut as much as I can right now. Another two racing series I have come across with sequels were Project Gotham Racing and Rallisport Challenge. Are these sequels fine on their own or do their predecessors add enough to warrant keeping both.
  8. I mean yeah I am more of a NFS fan too but I know people DO enjoy MC so that doesn't really help me with my question.
  9. Question about the Midnight Club series. I was more of a Need For Speed guy so never really played this. Would having just Midnight Club 3 suffice for the game? I included all the Need For Speed games except the first underground because I feel like they each stand on their own. I did not include the first underground because of how inferior it is to Underground 2. Wondering about the relationship between Midnight Club II and Midnight Club III. Was Midnight Club III a better version of II or do both stand on their own?
  10. First time around just installing everything yourself with a disk like OGXbox Installer isn't too hard and you get to decide what dashboards you want to have. I've actually never used any prebuilt images like Origins but if I am making one myself perhaps I should. For emulation it's just a nice thing to have a box with a dedicated controller that is pretty versatile. Definitely just putting the big name consoles on there that are emulated well, not doing anything too obscure(for reference I am currently debating if I should even put TurboGrafx-16 on there, was just going to stick with Nintendo and Sega) . I need to do more research on the coin-ops/arcade emulators because I have 0 knowledge of those. There were some arcade collections for the Xbox and I am not sure if those would be better to use or to use the emulators. I definitely want to add those emulators as well if the Xbox collections were not great. Edit: On another note I would like to edit the first post in this to include the links and some more descriptions but I guess you can't edit your posts after a certain amount of time? I was not aware of this. The link in the 3rd post to the text list of games will be updated based on what I currently have sitting on a 1tb drive to gauge the space they games will take up. Edit2: I have also updated the google doc so that you can add comments!
  11. Not sure yet, really just wanna do it to do it and ask around on facebook if anyone I know would be interested. I'm not really in it to make money, more just if I come across an abandoned xbox I'm going to fix it up, throw this image on it, and see if anyone is interested. Kind of why I want it to not have so much bloat. If someone wants all the xbox games and every emulator available they can look up how to do this themselves or buy from someone who puts a lot more work into modding lol. I'm literally just going to replace caps, chip it, and put this image on it. No external mods or anything. I might look into doing an HDMI mod, I know a lot of people don't want their best option to be a CRT or older flat screen.
  12. I've got 8 xboxes to mod, adds up a bit . And again this is supposed to be fun and make things feel less bloated. I know a lot of people on this forum including myself would love to shove as much stuff as they can onto a HDD for their xbox even if they will never touch it more than once or twice. I sort of have this in mind for my friends who maybe haven't played this stuff in a while and just want the things they know. Xbox games and popular emulators. I wouldn't be doing this if something out there didn't already exist. It doesn't so I'm trying to make it happen and people commenting things about buying a 2TB drive aren't very helpful. My goal is to try and fit the necessities into a 1TB image. If I can't then yeah I'll probably go out and put 2TB HDD into these Xboxes. I'm surprised I'm getting this much resistance, I hear about people using smaller HDD than 1TB all the time.
  13. That's on Black Friday. It isn't Black Friday. Like I said in an earlier post I have a 2TB modded xbox already. I honestly believe you can fit most of the games worth playing as well as some popular emulators on a 1TB drive so I want to try. Being able to buy 1TB HDD for $20 bucks is just a bonus. Pretty sure all of those games are already included on my current list I posted but when I get a second I'll go through and see if there are any in the yellow section and be sure to take your suggestions into consideration
  14. Love the 64. Don't love emulating it on the Xbox. Emulating wise I don't want to go higher than the 4th Generation for consoles. GBA is the highest I'm going for handhelds.
  15. Yeah kind of the point of why I'd like to whittle it down to 1TB. I know there is a 1TB image out there currently but it has a buttload of emulators that I don't care about and only has xbox exclusive games on it I believe. With this image I sort of want the best of both worlds, a solid collection of games for the xbox even if they aren't exclusives and a collection of popular emulators. The emulators I am currently including are NES SNES Gameboy(regular and color) GBA MasterSystem Genesis GameGear 32X So far these and their US Rom collections only take up ~10gb I want to also put arcade emulators on there but I haven't really messed with those before but it sounds like CoinOps and Final Burn Legends cover most of those? I also think I'm going to put the TurboGrafx 16 and Neo Geo emulators on there, still trying to get the Roms for those sorted out.

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