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  1. I think I found the problem: The board tracing from the chip to the D0 solder pad seems to be disconnected. Meaning that the solder point on the D0 is useless! Could I find a way to reconnect the D0 point to the tracing on the chip or is it useless now? Should I result to TSOP flashing or buy a new chip? Thanks, Pez
  2. Would a IDE to USB/SATA adapter work for connecting the hard drive to the computer? Thanks, Pez.
  3. I wish there was a company that manufactured these and sold them on sites like Ebay or Amazon.
  4. So the machine was owned by my cousin which was handed down to me when he grew up and it was already modded when I got the console. Which means I don't have an EEPROM backup on my pc. But, my thought was, if the people that originally modded the console were smart enough they would have backed up the EEPROM onto the hard drive. Is there a way I could access the hard drive on my computer and look for a backup of the EEPROM? Then if there is a backup of the EEPROM, could I potentially re-lock the hard drive using software? Thanks, Pez.
  5. For some reason when I turn on the Xbox I am greeted with the error code 05 (unlocked hard drive). But I thought an unlocked hard drive was usable with a mod chip installed? - Re-soldered the wires from the D0 point, BT point mod chip flashed red, BT is joined to the mod chip so it is always on. Despite all of this the Xbox boots up displaying the error code 05. and no sign of the chip working its magic. Thanks, Pez.
  6. Thanks! I'll have a crack at this when I get the time and see how it goes. Cheers for the help by the way! Thanks, Pez.
  7. I think you may be right about the poor solder joints. I bumped the D0 wire while removing the Hard Drive and Disk Drive and the wire came right off the board with ease. Should I re-solder the D0 wire back onto the board with new wire? Any other mods I should do to the console? Also, does the HDD have to be locked when using a mod chip? Thanks, Pez.
  8. So I found my old Original Xbox from a while ago and decided to turn it on to see what games I had and what was on the system. When I turned on the console using the power button the screen was black (no signal). But, when I pressed the disk eject button it started up with the boot screen playing but sent me to the error screen with the code 05. The console has a Duo x2 Fujitsu mod chip and from what I remember the console used EvolutionX as the dashboard. The mod chip also flashes red when I turn on the console (not sure if this is bad or not)? I didn't make any changes to the console so I'm confused as to what happened to it? Does anyone know what the problem is?

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