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  1. It's the game DaVinci Code which coincidentally the seller also had an unopened copy of the retail release so I picked both of them up together
  2. Yes it is a 1.4, a late model because it still has the gold Nichocon clock capacitor
  3. A debug kit is used to test and find bugs on xbox games during their development. Not only does it benefit from twice the RAM of a retail xbox, it also has things like an unlocked HDD, the ability to run unsigned code, and the ability to run any region discs. The debug kit I bought still has a prototype build of a game on it so that's why I intend to release it on the internet
  4. The UV dvd drive is so awesome!! Imagine that in a clear shell with a blacklight behind the xbox.
  5. From what I understand, in some aspects yes chips are better but in some aspects they are equal. I have no experience besides internet research myself
  6. The Halo edition I got was in awesome condition but I definitely paid for it. The only changes I've made for was switching the dvd drive with a stock black Samsung for aesthetic purposes. It runs great
  7. Nice work! Glad to have you posting. What was the issue you had fixed?
  8. I took today to organize out my growing game collection and confirmed my debug kit functioned properly after removing the clock capacitor. It looked good, zero signs on leaking. Now I'm going to install ViridiX on my laptop and image the HDD over, then upload it to the internet
  9. I believe I read last night that holding down both thumbsticks and triggers for a second on the main dash forces the system in 480p mode, try giving that a shot
  10. I had no idea the all-green Canadian Halo 2 xbox is that much more rare than the Halo 1 green xbox? I picked one up from ebay last week for only $117.10 usd AFTER paying $40 for shipping.
  11. I have pretty much every official connection type somewhere in a box, I have to say the official component cable with fiber-optic audio is the best. I remember seeing a youtube tutorial on taking the xbox 360 component cable and soldering on an original xbox connector. link here I plan on doing this in the future as I know i have an original xbox 360 component cable lying around somewhere that came with my 360. It would be like brand new as I only used HDMI to play
  12. The debug unit I'm waiting to receive (tracking shows it will probably get here Tuesday) has the potential to run any unsigned code without any softmodding or hardmodding is what I have been lead to believe, is this right? I can transfer over or boot from disc any .xbe, for example Rebellious Bullet an unreleased Japanese game that was discovered on a debug unit and uploaded to the internet? edit spelling and youtube link
  13. I would very much appreciate someone to PM me the key for this, I just want to burn a copy to a disk so I can know what it felt like to preorder the system Edit: I also second the idea to add it to the downloads page, since this is an official Xbox release and apparently somewhat rare
  14. Wow! Thank you for the response CorpusDeal I haven't even considered the lead poisoning aspect. I ordered my soldering tool and all the necessary pieces yesterday.. along with another Xbox.. whoops :] I'm excited to make a USB adapter and start transferring over some softmod files. I'll make sure to keep the air ventilated and my hands clean while working. As far as a soldering mat goes, I was just planning on working on my kitchen table maybe with some newspaper down. Would this be adequate? -Jake

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