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  1. did same steps on other motherboard. works great! no idea what happened with the first board
  2. Sure, I'll get some pics in a bit, shouldn't be that though, I didn't solder those header pins until after the FRAG. I also got another xbox off ebay yesterday, it's pretty gross, but it's also a 1.0. and works i think, or at least, can be fixed. I'll clean it (its full of that sticky grimey dust bunnies coated in 2nd hand smoke and dead cockroaches. I got it for the DVD drive and threw the rest in my shed when it came in) but took it apart and cleaned it with IPA scrubbing with electric toothbrush and q tips. it's much cleaner, but the damage on top of the board from the clock cap looked to be worse that the current board (don't look so bad when cleaned) there is no bad traces on the bottom from what I can see, while the FRAG board had some pitted traces. Questions now are, is the mobo dishwasher safe to give it that extra level of clean (I've done it in the past to other boards for laptops and other systems so far with no issues) and what's the best way to flash this one with it's 1MB bios? Thanks! ~John
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3Qn2jpm9tK8FMVNu8 Hope that helps, the blue wire was added to fix the trace for the power button Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it I also removed the 2 jumpers for the tsop write incase that was the issue, and removed modchip for photo
  4. uh oh.. modchipped, same results...
  5. I have a openxenium mod chip in my other xbox, think I could use that to boot the system and re-flash the tsop? also, I read You cant flash a tsop while using a modchip, would I just remove the mod chip once booted?
  6. red and green, no video
  7. Nope, no luck, shorted all 3 pins, same result
  8. I'll give it a go, hoping i can do it without the alligator clips, we'll see. What bios do you suggest for 1MB and how would I load it to the xbox? Thanks! ~John
  9. with dvd or no dvd in drive, and no HDD or DVD attached, same behavior
  10. Hey Everyone, weird issue. I got a xbox 1.0 off ebay, it needed a DVD drive, ordered one and installed. System worked fine, I was able to softmod with no issues. I then removed the clock capacitor, fixed 1 trace that was bad for the power button (power/eject button work perfectly now, prior to this, no power button, but eject worked) soldered the 2 points for TSOP write (1 onto of mobo 1 on bottom) and proceeded to tsop flash the system using truhexen 2019.I have a 1.0 so I'm assuming a 1MB TSOP if I understand things I've read online, and loaded a 512kb bios from the hexen disk that was for 1.0-1.5, IRC it was x2. bios with F only, I was only given 4 options, all 4 x2, F and F&G, F 420p & F&G 420p. After the flash, the system rebooted and worked fine. I powered off system, removed the HDD and replaced it with what I wanted to upgrade to, and now all I get is FRAG, put the original drive back in, same thing. it attempts to boot 2 times, then the 3rd time its a FRAG. What might I have done wrong? Thanks everyone in advance! ~John
  11. Ah, looks like I got my answer, needs a few more solder points done
  12. I've decided, I may just keep the 1.6 as is, it's working, and no issues really. But I purchased yet another as is xbox for $15 on ebay in hopes of stealing its dvd drive and making the 1.0 whole again. I'll then wetsand the case of the 1.0 (or the case of the recently purchased xbox, which ever looks worse) and try out painting it. Next question is, I'm curious about TSOP flashing. I know I can't do this on the 1.6, but I can on the 1.0 with its 1MB flash. If i temp move over the openxenium chip from the 1.6 to the 1.0 (unbridging the D0 point on the chip and attaching the wire to the D0 point on the motherboard of the 1.0 to install the chip) can I then simply flash the tsop? or so I need to do more rewiring first? I've done modchips in the past, for xbox's and other systems, but never a TSOP flash and just about all the guides I've found online show rewiring and bridges being made on the motherboard on a softmodded system Thanks! ~John
  13. Wow thanks for all that info! I think I may just do that, convert it all to the 1.0MB. The IDE2SATA adapter I have seems to be working well, system just boots a bit on the slow side, but that may be the dashboard/bios reading all that extra space as compared to the 500GB which boots faster. As far as the heatsink for the GPU goes, are they mix and match? or am I stuck with the fan one on the 1.0? (I assuming I cant install the 1.0 gpu for heatsink on the 1.6 motherboard due to lack of fan header I'll tinker with them and see what I can discover Thanks! ~John
  14. Hey Everyone, I just recently got a xbox 1.6 in great shape! super clean and a like new shell. I installed OpenXenium chip inside, upgraded the drive to a 2TB SATA (may go to a 500GB IDE I have hanging around maybe) upgraded to a 80 wire IDE, and it works well, only issue is. The DVD drive is DOA. I found it cheaper to buy another xbox for parts than a working/tested drive on ebay. So I paid $5 +SH for another xbox. This one was listed AS IS and not working, case was fair shape. I got it, it's a version 1.0 and seems to work just fine, the DVD drive works as it should. I placed it into my 1.6 and it's fine. Question now is... do I keep the 1.6 xbox as is and call it a day? or should I move the modchip (it's only plug and play really, just gotta solder new header pins to the 1.0 xbox) to the 1.0 xbox? should I go with the 500GB IDE or 2TB SATA? could I move the heatsink from the 1.6 to the 1.0GPU to get rid of the fan on the GPU cooler on the 1.0? and I would assume the system shell is universal and I could use it either way. With the parts I have, what can I do to make the best xbox I could? Thanks everyone! ~John

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