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  1. Laminatesnow

    Og Slim

    I Always wanted to do a Super Slim, like Pic related, but with a jewel on both sides, and all of the controller ports relocated on one side. Seeing your slim is making me very indecicisve on what my next project should be, after my current project is finished.
  2. Ordering the jewel sticker(s)
  3. Priming the case components:
  4. It's basically gonna look like a normal Mountain Dew Xbox. but light red/ Reddish-Pink, and with a custom sticker, and jewel on top.
  5. Alright. If you say that it'll work, then my money wasn't wasted. I'm ust using these to create Cheap TSOP Xboxes with LCDs, for my siblings. I don't think that they mind the lack of controller ports.
  6. There's UIXLite, but that's still in beta.
  7. Alright, I'll check it out. Thanks!
  8. Sorry for the low quality, had to compress the pics manually
  9. No, unfortunately, they don't. I can't tell the difference (in looks) between the SPI version, I2c version, or parallel version. They all looked the same to me.
  10. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for "sleeper" (non-visible to the outside) mods that I can do to the Xbox, then feel free to comment some down below. I want this to be one of the best, retail-looking Xboxes you guys will ever see.
  11. Hello everyone! Over the course of these few months, I've had a lot of time to think, and I was going over a bunch of Original Xbox Special Edition Concepts that I could do, and my mind went straight to Mountain Dew. The OG Mountain Dew had an Opaque case, it was a simple color, and it was unique enough to garner it's status as probably my favorite Xbox Special Edition. There is, however, one problem that I noticed with the Mountain Dew special edition though, and it's that there are many flavors of Mountain Dew! So, with my imaginative mind, I whipped up something in Photoshop, which'll be visible below. My goal is to TSOP IND-Bios onto it, give the RAM upgrade, and do the usual 2TB HDD upgrade, among other less-visible hardware mods. Right now, I'm trying to source the top shell for an Xbox, so I can't go on with the project until I find a good deal on one. But, in the meanwhile, feast your eyes on this sticker:
  12. Alright, thanks for your input!
  13. I'm guessing you can use this to make Modded Xboxes that look factory, sticker wise. This'll help me with my Code Red Xbox build.

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