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  1. Hello all i have a hard modded Xbox with 2 bios banks 1 = IND _Bios 2 = CerBIOs both have the trigger + trigger back & black reset combo to exit to dash but CerBIOs has the extra trigger + trigger back + D Pad up turn off function to shutdown quickly how can I add this function to my IND_Bios? it would be useful just to use the 2 combinations to safely shut down my unit I don’t really want to break my setup but I apologise if this question is futile with a simple Dash Loader app I know nothing about please can you instruct my next options
  2. Thank you all for all the knowledge you have given me I am really very pleased with the result
  3. Hello all i have a hard-modded XBox that has 2 BIOS chips my question is how do I set the CerBios to boot the XBMC Origins dash, because I also have a Series X boot flubber and that would kind of SWEET see video of boot below and then have the IND-BIOS boot XBMC4Gamers If I use HEXEN 2018 after I choose my bios and then boot that BIOS, will HEXEN do everything for me to set BIOS 1._dash XBMC4GAMERS BIOS 2._dash XBMC ORIGINS
  4. Thank you for your help I think previously being soft-modded I didn’t want to mess around and brick another hard drive
  5. Sorry for the late reply it is Hard Modded with a Aladdin XBlast Modchip. I have modded bios bank 1 IND-bios_5003.06.bin bank 2 CerBios. V2.02 if I give you a list can you say what is safe to delete from C Drive C Drive 272.0 kb free space BIOS folder 256.0 kb it seems the XBlast modchip will fail to boot the Cerbios if it’s not in C/BIOS even when its fashed to a bank? dashloader folder 442 B Do Not Touch anything in here 0 B media 1.16 MB nkpatcher 494.5 xodash 1.48 kb cerbios.ini 1.58 kb evoXdash.xbe 64 kb ind-bios l.cfg 3.93 kb x2config.ini 2.44 kb xboxdash.xbe 1.84 MB XboxDash_ffp.xbe 0 B
  6. at menu Start game is (>) start button pressing A shows game info and pressing (>) start button after game info will play game music of selected game then (<) back button will exit game music back will just enter the standard menu only giving you the option to (>) start the game when start is pressed to exit game press (>) start and then (<) back it will bring you to the title screen and the pressing (<) back at the title screen will bring you back to the OPEN BOR menu of games. depending on your setup LT + RT Black & Back will exit BOR
  7. Hello all i do appreciate any advice and respect any knowledge added to this post I have a 1TB 1.3 XBox that is hard modded and I want to clone the 1TB to a 2TB and extend the C:// partition. I have googled my question but I am just going in circles. there is only 270 kB space left on C:// and applications like Avalauch have a warning message stuck on the screen at all times saying MAJOR error !! C:// is full, things will stop working! If I wanted to extend the C:// partition surely I would need modded bio’s? and how would I do this? I think XPartitioner is stuck with a softmod setup of leaving C:// at 1...x gig? added Question 2: is it possible to have a cloned shadow C:// drive (like an Un-modified XBox MS Dash setup) cloned as a seperate partition that I could boot into? ( example ) my modchip has two banks, so could one bank boot XBMC4Gamers and the other bank boot the Original Stock MS Dash?
  8. Because the Downloader of XBMC-Emustation no longer works on the newer version i am including the download of BOR in this post. Open BOR is totally free and no profit is made from it. the short licence and link provided explains that some FORKS can be used for profit as long as they carry the original licence with them and do not break BOR community guidelines about-openbor-license.3870/ OpenBOR is royalty free. Follow the licese as explained above and you may use the engine without charge. That said, there is an unofficial policy that modules include a reasonably prominent splash page stating "Powered by OpenBOR", or similar. Module making is a difficult undertaking, but it is absolutely minuscule compared to the fifteen years and counting behind OpenBOR's development. You will never load games on another platform without seeing the engine name displayed proudly, and those creators had to pay for using it! Please extend the same courtesy with OpenBOR and encourage others to visit our community. More people means more games, and more fun for all! openBOR download full https://www.mediafire.com/file/l0znljabe7ulhfn/Beats+Of+Rage+3.0+build+3690.zip/file
  9. I have downloaded Beats Of Rage from XBMC-EmuStation using the built in Downloader. I had to swap the default.xbe with (default_samba.xbe) by swapping the names around. this enabled me to use the BOR as an emulator instead of just playing Beats Of Rage. I filled the PAKs folder with games and nearly all of them run. You can find the games on Google. Unzip them and just use the Title.PAK (small and uppercase names don’t matter) the only 4 games that don’t work are •Evil Dead •He-Man Masters of the U • Mortal Kombat •Justice League Legends I have a 128mb 1.3 Xbox tested with XBlast and using IND-Bios 5003.06 I have used the xResizer.xbe that comes with BOR to shrink the screen to help on Resolution stretching but the two games won’t play! HE-MAN just freezes the whole Xbox and a hard reboot is required Evil Dead /Mortal Kombat /Justice League Legends will let you start the game and use the menu but when the game boots the overlays are corrupted and it soon force-exits when you try and continue game play. All 4 of the listed games work on my PI-3 using EmulationStation. But the PI has a GPU frequency of 1.2 GHz. And the XBox is only 733 MHz. my list of compatible games that I found in raw PAK extensions are Alien Vs Predator Art of Fighting Astrix Beats Of Rage Castlevania Crisis Evil 1 & 2 Destruction 2 - Street Fighter Double Dragon Reloaded Dragon Rage Ed Ed’s n Eddy Final Fight X Golden Axe Legends Kill Ryu Volume 2 Kirby Nights & Dragons : the endless quest Simpsons : monster mash Streets Of Rage 4: by dawd
  10. Cerbios boot.XBE IMG_1811.mov
  11. SORRY you have to use Cerbios Debug V2.02 UDMA 5.bin to changeg boot animation
  12. i have flashed the Cerbios Retail V2.02.bin to the 256kb bank. when i boot from that bank i get a 3 second blue screen and then it goes into my dash. i can confirm a big boost in Atari-Jaguar games so im guessing the bios is working and using all the 128mb. in the "Readme.nfo" it states put the cerbios.ini in Root of C:/ and also in "cerbios.ini" it states Boot Animation path (always falls back to \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\BootAnims\Xbox\BootAnim.xbe) BootAnimPath = \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\BootAnims\Xbox\BootAnim.xbe so thats Partition 1 =E /E/BootAnims/Xbox/BootAnim.xbe in the Cerbios V2.0.2R.zip there is a "BootAnims" folder with different .XBE boot animations what am i doing wrong? pls help!BootAnims also i changed Boot Animation path (always falls back to Partition1 as Partition2 was full
  13. Hello the Jafar modchip is this the one in question? And if so, do you have any documentation on its limits & instructions? on my 128MB 1.3 XBox could I use the Cerbios on my 128MB 1.3 XBox https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325338401125?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=WfZ8pVTXQgq&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=pkpdgvjyta-&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  14. I have fixed the original problem Hello once again, the original problem was I damaged the D0 point so the XBox will always try and boot from the LPC port. the not booting problem is the actual IDE cable is damaged somewhere? If The Xbox boots the EVO X flubber but no Microsoft logo then I get error 07. But if I get the Microsoft logo it boots straight away! it is really hard to find decent IDE Cables. my next adventure will be installing a XBLAST 1MB PURPLE CHIP because the new Aladdins are write protected https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325338401125?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=WfZ8pVTXQgq&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=pkpdgvjyta-&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY having an OS to use as a backup will protect the lifespan of my unit. should I solder a tie from BT to GND?
  15. I want to repair this XBox but am pretty novice about the mathematical part of the insulation so if I buy these capacitors will they work? https://www.pchub.com/nichicon-capacitor-electrolytic-50v-63v-3300uf-10x25mm-height-p84042

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