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  1. My 128mb ram upgrade is not working correctly? Sorry to bring this topic back up i have flashed iND-BiOS 5003 67 and used XBlast OS to check the ram on the XBOX (so on paper it looks ok?) it is a TSOP’d and not modchip XBOX My PCSX emu won’t play games that it did before the upgrade? I see no benefit in DVD-playback & graphics and most of my Original XBox games are struggling somewhat in frame rates, most noticeable in the non-OG-XBOX ports like HOD & DN3d, that weren’t that bad originally? could I get some advice please XBOX BIOS CHECKER 5.0 - By CrackJack (www.darkmoon.org) CHIP TYPE Winbond W49F020 (TSOP?) Using genuine BIOS IND-BIOS 6003 67 BIOS MD5 Hash 9ADF790EC29602D467E8FFAD5F2D33A4 Press <START> to reboot your BIACKbOx! XBOX VERSION 1.2/3 CPU 733 RAM 128
  2. Good afternoon all i have just upgrade the RAM to 128MB on my 1.2 Xbox and came across a YouTube video sega chihiro games can play on a upgrade Xbox anyone have a tutorial on how to do this?
  3. I’m in the process of upgrading my 1.2/3 Xbox with more RAM. I also have a DEAD 1.3 that I want to take the chips from and add them to the 1.2/3. I've watched many tutorials and think the whole process isn’t that complicated. is there anything I should know before hand before I start project? My 1.2/3 is TSOP’d with IND_BIO’s extended f/ partition that I use from HEXEN 2021 flashed to a 1TB hard drive.
  4. I am having a big headache with this problem whenever I try to copy the old 1tb to the new 1tb it splits F 900gb into 473gb on F & G! so instead of having 1x64k cluster of 900gb (like the original) it has 2x32k cluster of 473gb (F&G) on the new drive? I have TSOP IND bio’s 5003 F only that I have flashed from HEXEN i used XBPartitioner v1.3 on the new drive and completely zero all the partitions >this gave me error 21< (not advised) I then started CHIMP loader 261821 again to have the same problem? OLD DRIVE C DRIVE 256kb E DRIVE 1.76GB F DRIVE 6.17.1GB Q DRIVE 1.76GB S DRIVE 1.76GB NEW DRIVE C DRIVE 256kb E DRIVE 1.76GB F DRIVE 462GB G DRIVE 462GB Q DRIVE 1.76GB S DRIVE 1.76GB (please see photos attached) when I try to use CHIMP format extended partitions on the NEW drive it always formats a F&G to 32k cluster My final attempt was to wipe the whole drive with XBPartitioner v1.3 and try just to keep the original 16k cluster on The 1st partition (probably 0) on the( NEW )drive then use chimp again to clone the drive bit by bit and F uses all available space (scrap this comment because jumper fell off) now when I try to use chimp it says unable to get first sector and I’m having problems using chimp on that drive
  5. Ok we have power! I had to move some things around using Avalauch and enabling something called CALI that I’m just thinking Kali Linux ??? but we have ignition and I have the 1TB in the list of sources. thanks to everyone who helped... biggest problem was that the OG user must of changed his FTP password as could not log into 350gig XBox
  6. Ok that is a little over my head with what you have explained, but I downloaded bios checker by CrackJack & DarkMoon and here is the Hash XBOX BIOS CHECKER 4.0b - By CrackJack (www.darkmoon.org) CHIP TYPE > MODCHIP unknown HomeBrew) Using genulne BIOS > Xecuter2 4983.06 BIOS MD6 Hash CDD618F786CEOC88OBC661D60B999E2E Press <START> to reboot your BIACKBOX!
  7. Ok so after some digging I downloaded XBOX FTP CLIENT and I set both IP address to automatic. I logged into the 1TB Xbox from the 350gig via normal FTP with Xbox as username and password. this took FOREVER to realise what I was doing as you select the jumbled square with the left Analogue and then hold the direction position of that letter with the right Analogue then right trigger to use...... oh and (black) reboots the XBox! GREAT man! So now I’m still stuck? The XBox gets stuck when I try and open any of the directory folders. Doesn’t matter whatever folder freezes .
  8. I know this is bringing this topic back up, but UnleashX says BIOS: UNKNOWN 1.00.5032.01
  9. I can’t install UnleashX When I install as a dash it freezes at the bios and install as an app it throws an error 11 red screen with the rescue IP. (HEXEN 4 LIFE) Lol I used HEXEN to reinstall XBMC4GAMERS and it’s backup and running. I think that problem is my bios don’t support UnleashX
  10. Sorry to sound stupid but do both XBox’s have the same IP? I did as you explained static IP Address of XBox 1 static IP Address XBox 2 as Connect them with a yellow cross-over cable but I can’t add the source on the SLAVE receiving XBox? Unable to connect Could not retrieve directory information . This could be due to the network not being connected . Would you like to add it anyway ? I’ve experienced this with Kodi and it’s normally a incorrect URL Do I need an entry to the ip? http:// https:// ftp:// sftp:// thank you for your responses
  11. I do not have that option. I have heard this many times and do think i should invest in using Fatxplorer with a direct HDD SATA / IDE splitter adapter to laptop i have a Linux PC because of my other apt/Debian based hobbies and because Linux is 100% free i should sudo rm -rf / — Delete Everything and start again with windows
  12. Good afternoon all (brief) thank you all for all your previous help in my endeavours This is more of a question and if it’s not possible then thats fine but google doesn’t understand my question i have 2 completely different XBOX’s a hard modded 1.0 and a 1.3 soft mod i would like to directly connect them together to transfer games over because I don’t have storage space or the time to FTP 500g of data on the original KODI XBMC you could enter a path in the file manager and directly connect to your PC server the Xbox file manager also has this server option. • Could I setup a master and slave operation where the receiving XBOX would have a normal FTP IP and the sending XBOX a static IP and be a host? I also have no idea how to do this lol but I would like to keep the 2 XBOX’s unique and not clone anything
  13. Yes I have this system

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