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  1. I have tried your idea and config.txt not exist in 08302006. the emulator is PcsXbox release V22b25 I made a save of current config within game menu and it saved to Location of Emustation\emulators\psx\SAVES\PCSXBOX test.ini but that not exist, just testsavepath.tst with “boo!” when opened in text ? im thinking of deleting the game and maybe games item from games list , then FTP it back over so the original setup menu on 1st boot of new Rom appears?
  2. The standard one that comes with Rocky5 XBMC-Emustation. Libr i think? I can press the analog on any controller to get the PSX menu but only controller one can navigate and exit the PSX menu. I have full SSH / SCP / FTP knowledge if there is a plist I must edit
  3. Please can you direct me to a tutorial? I am semi-Fluence with the Raspberry Pi an EmulationStation, so only need mild coaching
  4. I have setup the PSX emulator using Rocky5 xbmc-emustation. All the games play great except 4 player games. I can use any controller to select the game I want to play, but once in the game only P1 & P2 work? I can exit to PSX menu pressing down on the Analog stick on all 4 controllers but only player one can move in that menu. this is a 4 player game “ chefs love shack“ but P3 & P4 don’t respond until I quit the game. this only happens in PSX please advice
  6. Hello please help (loosing my mind) I can’t copy the files from PC to USB. I know the USB works I have copied SaveGame files from XBOX to USB / deleted XBOX save and copied SG from USB to XBOX It’s XPLORER360 & FATXplorer can’t do it! I can manually copy every file 1by1 and CREATE FOLDERS but not rename the folders (even with F2) it seems the problem is on the PC side not being able to write to the USB or even see the official save game on it

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