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  1. I think he means resolutions. in the MS Dashboard you can set 480p, 720p, and 1080i. For HDTV's I'd say just enable 480p and 720p. If that doesn't help, I've heard earlier units with the Conexant encoder have jailbars (lines on screen), but also have the best component output, bit of a double edged sword, maybe the caps are influencing the prevalence of it, but I'm not sure.
  2. As a person with 128MB, the extra ram helps a ton with Emulation and overall performance. The 1ghz mod however doesnt seem worth it really. 1.4ghz would be, as that is much higher than normally possible. You could get to about 800+Mhz with overclocking, which is close to 1ghz.
  3. While an ODE would be neat, it isnt required. As you can just get a modchip in it if the DVD doesnt work and proceed to use XboxHDM to setup a hacked drive. This isnt like the Gamecube where an ODE was a very welcome addition for dying lasered consoles.
  4. You could get a new fan through bracket mods, or gut a 1.2+ thats broken for their heatsink. The latter is more quiet.
  5. For a HDD with bad sectors, you can still retrieve files written to good sectors if the files still show up. I personally hook meh drives with an IDE/SATA to USB adapter then open it with Xplorer360. For the error with setting up Hexen, thats exactly your issue, the drive needs to be set as Master for the XBOX to boot from it. So while Hexen might copy to and set it up, the BIOS wont know to use it as the primary drive unless its set to Master or recognized as a Master drive via Cable Select.
  6. For XBMC, I had that exact same problem except it was just standard XBMC. For some reason Hexen 2020 makes a broken shortcut if installed to E. Installing to F however makes it work. But in the end, Hexen should really just be used for a basic setup, then install what you want after manually.
  7. Good luck man! Hope the DVD drives are alive enough for a softmod, unless of course you plan on putting a chip in it.
  8. Interesting, i have a Conexant and on my CRT, I can't see jailbars, and generally I can see imperfections in video. Then again, my box is running well with new caps, possibly fixed those issues.
  9. Optical is really only used in sound systems, its essentially digital audio carried through red light rather than how analog audio is carried through electricity, which unlike light is subject to interference. Whether it outputs both at the same time is more based on how the console is made. The PS2 for example can output both at the same time. If you were to plug component into your TV, and audio into your soune system, it would be pretty much synced, maybe slight delay due to an HDTV's inherent lag, but should be imperceptible, especially with higher resolutions.
  10. Jet Set Radio Future. Soon, you're gonna understand understand, understand understand, understand understand that it's a good game.
  11. I personally never really understood the 1.5 debocle, at this point it seems its just a weird quirk with a few boards. Then again I am new so I dont know the full scope of it. Really a 1.5 is if you think a slight difference is taken as a new version.
  12. The lasers by now, especially Thompsons are getting old and dead. A POT tweak might get a little more life out of it, but from my view, it should be done with the intent to softmod, as then you can load from the HDD and no longer have to deal with the dying laser. I've had my share of woes with a dying Thompson.
  13. Yo, my names Boured, been into the OG XBOX for awhile as it's really the only XBOX I have a connection with as I grew up with it. Been in the XBOX Homebrew Discord for a bit so maybe some people here have seen me, though maybe not, maybe 1-2 people. Currently have a very modded console, TSOP'd and 128MB RAM upgraded, really enjoying it so far. So yeah, nice to meet you all, any questions are fine. I'll just be trying to join in the community.

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