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Found 10 results

  1. Good day all, long time gaming enthusiast, first time modder here. Love what you all have done to keep the scene alive. I've already learned loads from browsing the forums through Google searches, although I would definitely still like to get a better handle on how everything works from a software perspective. Before Covid struck I was basically a clean slate, not even knowing what common terms like TSOP or kernal meant. While I feel I'm still far from knowledgable about any of this, I've put in a lot of legwork over the last few months to teach myself as much about console modding and repair as I possibly could, not just with Xbox but across all of my consoles. I currently have 4 OGs, a 1.0 that I'm currently working to set up, a 1.0 that's fragging on me, a soft modded 1.6, and a 1.6 who's LPC rebuild I botched that I know have to preform a trace repair on.. I definitely need to invest in some LPC Rebuild boards for next time lol
  2. Yo, my names Boured, been into the OG XBOX for awhile as it's really the only XBOX I have a connection with as I grew up with it. Been in the XBOX Homebrew Discord for a bit so maybe some people here have seen me, though maybe not, maybe 1-2 people. Currently have a very modded console, TSOP'd and 128MB RAM upgraded, really enjoying it so far. So yeah, nice to meet you all, any questions are fine. I'll just be trying to join in the community.
  3. Hey everyone. I have a couple Xbox consoles and I am hoping to kick start modding and learning to write code through it. I been trying to find a way to learn how to do these things and since I have noticed that hard and soft modding the Xbox consoles seems to be a very versatile thing maybe I can get something out of this. I am glad people are doing this even today. I was hoping that this wasn't going to be another one of those things I want to get into way too late. Glad to be here!
  4. Hello from Australia I recently bought an xbox original to play one of the games I made 20 yeas ago (programmer), I used dev and debug kits, but never owned the original retail xbox. I'm getting up to speed...discovered I have a v1.0 board, the timer cap appears to be previously replaced and leaked for a second time. I've now replaced the cap with 22uf to keep time for a few days - cleaned the cap leakage with IPA (for anyone in AU SupercheapAuto sell 100% Iso alcohol) I'm currently trying to improve visual quality
  5. Hi guys! I've been in the facebook group for a while now, figured i'd get in the forum too, finally got a crystal today (1,6) after wanting one since i was a teenager and seeing one at one of my friend's place! I'm really happy about it and starting the softmod right now! This is my 3rd xbox, the two others are tsop'd regular black ones, i'd like to start doing some case mods eventually too!
  6. Hi, This is Hitman. You can call me Chris. I am a Cyber Security Enthusiast and a Gamer.
  7. Hi, I'm Dorian. I own an Original Xbox Crystal I'm glad to see there's a place like this on the web.
  8. I originally posted this in the Facebook group, but it might be a good thing to keep on the site as well for archival purposes. This is only a general introduction to modifying the original Xbox. It doesn't include specific instructions, but instead just provides an overview to help those who are interested in Xbox modification to understand the basic premise. YouTube and this group are loaded with a wealth of helpful information for more in-depth processes and how-to guides. Consider this merely a starting point to help understand the common references and terminology you'll run into as you go. Factory Operation Of The Original Xbox Before we get into the specifics of the different kinds of mods available, let’s start with how an original Xbox actually works. In the world of electronics a TSOP is just a type of flash memory chip that stores a small amount of data. Most original Xboxes, much like PCs from that time period, have a TSOP chip that stores a very small program called a BIOS. The first thing the motherboard does when you power on the Xbox is run the BIOS program stored on the TSOP. The BIOS checks all of the hardware in the system, then looks for an operating system to boot (in the case of the Xbox, either the software on a game disc or the dashboard software stored on the hard drive). The Xbox ships from the factory with a very restricted BIOS stored on the TSOP to prevent running pirated games, unauthorized software, or using custom hardware that violates the terms of service (non-original hard drives, custom disc drives, etc.). The first thing the BIOS does when you turn on the Xbox is a hardware check, and it halts the system if anything is missing, inoperative or not original to the system. During this process it checks the hard drive to make sure it’s locked with a special key code specific to that Xbox. If the hard drive isn't locked, or if it doesn't have that specific key code, the BIOS will halt the system to prevent booting unauthorized software and display an error. If the hard drive passes these requirements it next checks the DVD drive to make sure it’s compatible (any original Xbox drive will work, but only Xbox drives). If the DVD drive is verified to be an Xbox drive it then looks for a bootable disc in the tray. The disc will only boot if the copy protection proves the disc is a genuine Xbox game; if not, it will load the dashboard from the hard drive instead. NOTE: Not all Xboxes have a TSOP chip, and without one you obviously can't do a TSOP mod. The last version of the Xbox, v1.6, is the only exception and has a different type of chip custom-made by Microsoft instead of a TSOP. While this chip still contains the BIOS and performs the same function as the TSOP chips, it cannot be flashed (i.e. re-written) with a custom BIOS. Why Mod? The main purpose of modifying an Xbox is to run custom software on it. Once you mod the Xbox it unlocks it for all kinds of uses. * Play downloaded/burned/copied games/homebrew applications or other custom software * Run emulators for older systems and play NES/SNES/Genesis/Playstation etc. games on your Xbox * Run XBMC and use your Xbox as a home theater PC. You can play most music and videos, including DVDs without the official DVD playback kit from Microsoft. * Install a bigger hard drive. This mostly facilitates the other uses listed here, but you'll have more storage in general for anything else you might want it for. * Install games directly to the hard drive, either with the original disc or uploaded through FTP on a home network. Not only is it more convenient with faster loading times, but this also saves wear and tear on the DVD drive. * Use cheats in games much like a Gameshark or Game Genie. For the Xbox they're called "trainers", but perform the same function. Softmod Vs. Hardware Mod In most cases a softmod (software mod) will do most of the practical things you can do with a hardware mod. A softmod is usually applied by loading a hacked save file in specific games that have code vulnerabilities. When the game tries to load the save file a small Linux installation loads instead, takes over the Xbox and executes custom code that copies software onto your hard drive. It also installs a shortcut that tricks the BIOS into loading a custom dashboard at boot instead of the factory dashboard. Afterwards you're able to run custom software and burned discs from a custom dashboard. It should be noted that you will have to install a softmod anyway if you intend to use a TSOP mod as you will need it to run the TSOP flashing software. Softmods have a few cons compared to hardware mods: * If you screw up the softmod software you have to start from scratch to re-install it. If you screw up the software after a hardware mod you can simply load a rescue disc to fix it. * Upgrading the hard drive is possible with a softmod, but a little tricky and slightly risky. * You have to use a locked hard drive with a softmod, even if you upgrade to a larger disk. If you're using an upgraded hard drive and it fails you'll have to go back to the factory drive before you can install a new drive. If you're still using the small factory hard drive, it fails, and you don't have another already-locked hard drive on hand with that specific key code, you'll have to go through a somewhat complicated process to replace the hard drive. Hard drives are destined to fail eventually, so a hardware mod is great insurance against future hardware failure. * A softmod requires a DVD drive to be connected at all times. If you only have a softmod, and for whatever reason the DVD drive's mainboard fails, you'll have to replace the drive (or at least the drive's mainboard) before your Xbox will boot. On the plus side, the Xbox DVD drive isn't key coded to the motherboard, so any Xbox DVD drive will work as a replacement. A hardware mod makes the DVD drive entirely optional. * With a softmod the BIOS still checks the disc to make sure it’s authorized software, and if it isn't, it loads your dashboard instead. Most of the time you won't see any ill effects from this as the custom dashboard will autorun the disc anyway (depending on your settings). However, the custom BIOS from a hardware mod will more securely be able to directly boot any disc. This is why you're able to run rescue discs with a hardware mod if your custom dashboard gets broken. * Not a huge deal, but a hardware mod allows you to customize the "flood machine" and splash screen you see when the system first powers on. Hardware Mods: Mod Chip Vs. TSOP Mod In the early days of Xbox modification the only way to mod your Xbox was with a mod chip. The way these function is to bypass the on-board chip that stores the BIOS so that a custom BIOS runs from the mod chip instead. A mod chip usually only consists of a TSOP wired to run instead of the factory chip. Mod chips are now obsolete in the majority of cases with only a few exceptions, as the modding community has found further exploits that allow you to overwrite the BIOS stored on your existing TSOP. The only reasons you would really NEED a mod chip are: * You have a v1.6 Xbox with the custom Microsoft chip instead of a TSOP, meaning you can't flash a new BIOS to the on-board chip. * For some reason your BIOS gets corrupted during a TSOP flash and your Xbox won't boot otherwise. * You still have the factory BIOS and your hard drive is too damaged to boot a softmod for the TSOP mod process. (NOTE: There is an advanced process to replace your hard drive by re-writing the on-board EEPROM in this instance, but a mod chip is a viable alternative) What Is A TSOP Mod? Despite the techy-sounding name, a TSOP mod is actually a fairly simple and straight-forward process. All it does is overwrite the factory BIOS software on the TSOP chip with custom BIOS software without restrictions. You don't need any special equipment beyond a very basic understanding of soldering, a 30-watt soldering iron and some solder. A good magnifying glass can be a huge help as well, but isn't entirely necessary. To apply a TSOP mod to a compatible Xbox (v1.0-v1.5) there are typically two spots on the motherboard where you will need to bridge together solder points. This disables write protection on the TSOP chip, allowing the factory BIOS to be overwritten with a custom BIOS. There are more in-depth guides on this process, and it’s important to follow the directions exactly according to the specific TSOP chip you have. Make sure you have installed a softmod before you begin as it will be necessary to run the software that flashes the TSOP.
  9. hello, my name is ben, and you can call me RetroFan90 (From EmuXtras)/(TheIsoZone) / etc i'm new to this site but i bet i'm gonna like it a lot.. I Have 2 OG Xbox Systems Both v1.6 NTSC-U/C I Have 3 PS3 Systems (2 of which need parts) i have 3 PS2 Fat Consoles (2x SCPH-39001 and 1x SCPH-50010) I have a modded SNES Console (5 Volt Power Supply / RGB with Sync on Green "Component" Video / S-Video / Composite + Stereo RCA Audio + Custom Capacitor Hackjob to Eliminate Trailing Purple Blur on Grayscale Objects) + 22 Games + 2 Controllers (1 Original / 1 Third Party) 1x modded old front loader NES (10NES Disabled / Blue Power LED + 47 Kohm Resistor Famicom Audio Mod (No RGB/HDMI) A Nintendo Wii (Soft-Modded, Duh) With a 500 GB HDD as FAT32f or "everything".
  10. Hey Everyone, My name is Myke, I go by N163LPH03N1X on the internet. I guess I can tell you how xbox has influenced me as a person. Back in the day, my grandmother won me a black original Xbox through a "Staples back to school draw give away" and gave it to me on my birthday. This is the first time ever having an Xbox. I eventaully owned Halo 2 and Need for Speed Underground 2 on Christmas and were my first Games, then shortly after Easter came and I got GoldenEye Rogue agent and then I got Dance Dance revolution UltraMix 3 for my next birthday. StepMania is a DDR game on PC Which I was into as well and while browsing I seen pictures of a game Called StepManiaX.... on the original Xbox....I was like "wtf!" After hours of digging around i figured out that I needed an Xbox Memory Card and a specific Game, a game save Exploit and Action Replay for the PC which I had running on windows XP to Soft Mod the original Xbox. I went to EB Games, (Game stop) bought a new memory card, and dug around for one of the three games I needed for the Exploit. I eventually found the Spintercell because a certain revision of Mechassault was not happening and I couldn't find the James bond night fire anywhere. After being nervous for the first time soft modding I managed to do it and spent hours trying to FTP the console to my PC. Our Power went out one night and we set up a generator to power a few essentials in the house. Xbox is very essential lol, and I played duke nukem for hours of the night. randomly the generator shut off and it ended up frying something in my first ever Xbox console. I was sad. Later down the road I turfed the console on the side of the road because I never had the knowledge to fix it like i do now. I eventually went down to EB Games and bought a refurbished one. When I opened it I couldn't believe my eyes, It was not refurbisheda but an unopened mint condition Crystal Console. I thought it was the rarest thing back then. So I did my soft mod deal again and I looked into upgrading the hard drive because damn, 8gb is too small. I bought a 500GB ATA Security Hard Drive and learned how to used XBOXHDM. I had a shitty old PC tower kicking around and updated that crystal, man I was some happy. I looked into LED mods and the only one i could afford and knew about was ghost case. I bought it online and popped it into my crystal, I ended up breaking the ghost case lid immediately and I didn't know the DVD drive had to be a Thompson because I had a Samsung and almost broke it trying to fit the plastic piece with it. frustrated I left and tapped in the little led into it I started building themes for unleashX around that time. Learned how to manually change things in the XML files to make my own theme. After almost a decade I started searching for different types of Xbox wishing for the day I could have one of the rare ass Xbox's .The crystal blue was my favorite I could never afford it at the time, $3-400? you're crazy.. My friend bought one and I got super jealous. One day I came across and crystal Blue Asian System and it looked modded like I've never seen before. Front LCD Panel, beefed up with 3 hard drives like, this was like nothing I've ever seen... It was on eBay for around $8-900 bucks. I showed my friend and he thought nothing of it...and well i made a deal with him and he bought it with his credit card for me and i gradually payed him back. When I got it in the mail it was like Christmas. This Xbox was a beast, souped up with a Crystal Blue Xecuter 3 Control Panel, Xecuter 3 CE Mod Chip, and an XCM X-tender Mod with X2 250GB and a 500GB. This Console began my long journey to what I've become now, I learned how to solder. I learned about the Custom Bios's, I learned more about XCM and Team Xecuter and I spent years Scrounging for All of the colored panels, pro switches, Chips and XCM Cases. Learned more about LED Mods, Modding Xbox Controllers, Controller ports and the Eject/Power LED. I also Spent tons and tons of money to get where I'm at. It's been a Long run... and so I'm here writing this story to introduce myself to the Xbox community, to share my knowledge I've gathered throughout since the time of my first ever Xbox. I have 9 Crazy modded Consoles in my Possession, they're are my life.

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