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  1. I tried to update mine today now I just get a loading screen
  2. I guess I'll need a wife or girlfriend lol
  3. What do you use for sanding?
  4. Yes sorry I made a new post. I got the 360 controller working with the OGXBOX and the RF board. Still having a couple issues I'm trying to work out with it connecting.
  5. I do plan on making an Xbox slim and wanted to use the eject button as a sync button. I'm still having some issues with the controller syncing. I have to disconnect a couple time to get it to work but I have modified the code to work with an esp8266. I'm ordering and Arduino micro to test it with.
  6. I'm gonna classify this board as S.H.Y.T.E. and steal it's ram.
  7. Yeah I got that working but I seem to have a short somewhere. The chips heat up and the system locks up
  8. That's not a 1.6. There are no free ram locations on a 1.6.
  9. This is the motherboard I fixed the trace rot on. I figured this one was the bestboard for my first attempt to install memory but maybe I did more damage to the board.
  10. All chips good https://imgur.com/gallery/dvpnxVB I get success but the system seems to be heating up and locking up quickly.
  11. Dave I get a xblast is screen but I can't do anything
  12. I can make this on my modded 1.6 because I have a spare mod chip

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