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  1. Maladin

    Game Order

    So I found the issue was that I had "Enable fast game parsing" disabled because it constantly checked all the directories when I switched to game view and that prevented the sort function from working properly. So happy I don't have to ftp all those games again lol.
  2. Maladin

    Game Order

    Well I'm not downloading all those games for the fourth time. Nowhere does it say that the first lot of games has to be on G. That's kinda stupid anyway. If you have to split games between drives why would you start on G?
  3. Maladin

    Game Order

    They are in F:\Games\ # to Q and G:\Games\ R to Z. My issue is in xbmc4gamers Instead of the games being ordered # to Z they are ordered R to Z then A to Q. It's like the program is loading the G drive files and sorting then adding the F drive files sorted on the end.
  4. Maladin

    Game Order

    I just filled up my F: drive with # - Q games in a folder called "Games" and started R-Z in the G: drive and a folder called "Games". I can see them in XBMC4G but the list is R-Z then #-Q even if I use ascending order. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Maladin

    XBox Slim

    Very nice. I'm looking into the 360 controller mod too. Wondering if I should replace the usb ports with generic ones. Xbox controllers are getting hard to get and the knockoffs are crap.
  6. Maladin

    XBox Slim

    I guess I need to wait for a tap set to go on sale at Canadian Tire lol.
  7. Maladin

    XBox Slim

    Yeah I have all the tools. I guess this is the way to go?
  8. I'm using an external hard drive dock. The dock works fine when I insert 1tb 2.5 inch drives formatted in NTFS or fat32. Doesn't seem to work with Xbox drive and fatxplorer.
  9. Maladin

    XBox Slim

    Any of you consider it? I have a few Xboxes to play with and I'm really thinking of making one.
  10. Yes Dave it's unlocked. Should it be locked?
  11. I fixed one the other day like that it was the outer power button trace.
  12. That is a valid question. I'm presently transfering files while enjoying a beer and trying to figure out what to do with the 10 15.6" LCD panels I just bought. I'll look after and see.
  13. Yeah thats the version I downloaded. Doesn't see the drive.
  14. I have been away from xbox modding for a while and I did the same. Bought a chip and installed it only to realize after that I didn't need too.

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