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  1. Thank You very much
  2. Hello there I'm interested in modding xbox CPU to 1,4Ghz and also upgrade ram to 128mb. I'd like to ask about cost of that upgrade. I cant do it myself
  3. I contacted with seller, he says that capacitor was replaced 8 months ago, so I think I leave it as it is
  4. Hello I bought my another Xbox recently. First of all I decided to remove clock capacitor, when I opened console I saw clock capacitor but in different color (green). Is this replacement or should I removed it also? As I check there is no leak or something
  5. Unfortunatelly that won't work due of lack LBA48, only 120GB max on 6th partition or distribute 60GB on two partitions, as I read earlier I need Evox M8 to enable LBA48
  6. And here is the chip? Looks strange
  7. Unfortunatelly, that didn't work, it gives me 120GB for F partition like earlier, rest of harddrive is not available I'll try to send photo of my chip later
  8. I got 320gb hard drive, and I got f partition but g shows 0
  9. All I need is to use g drive, what would you like to suggest I should do. I tried to flash with 7b1 and got that message flash is not writeable
  10. So I should try to use slayer 2.7 to upgrade bios right? Which one will be correct if I want to use G: drive?
  11. Ok so again step by step I'll try to upgrade Evox M7 to Evox M8 to use G: drive I checked Kernel and as I understand my Xbox is 1.4 Then I tried to update Evox via Slayers 2.7 but I got this error I read about that I need to flash via Hexen's Winbound, but I don't know how, I got 1mb bios, chip is unknown
  12. Hello I got some problem with upgrade my Evox M7, I cant use my G drive so I decided to upgrade Evox, but it is locked (?) I tried to do it with Slayer 2.7, I got 1.5 Xbox, is there any solution to that problem? Thank You
  13. Hello there My name is Chris I'm from Poland

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