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  1. Hi all, so my Ebay purchased Aladdin XT PLUS2 arrived finally. Installed it and it boots! HOWEVER.. I just killed it! (yes, I know, I shouldn't be let near a modchip!).. I'm trying to use a new HDD in the system (2TB) - I updated the drive cable. wrote a Hexen2018 disc and booted from it - tried to wipe an old (small) drive and this worked. Hexen then booted and I chose to install EvoX dashboard to F. rebooted. continues to boot to the original dash, and when I insert the Hexen disc, it runs for a while then sits on a black screen cycling the LEDs. OK I thought, le
  2. Thanks - I'll see what a new Modchip does (maybe I killed this one and the onboard flash died) - it was working fine before though so maybe it s the modchip (fingers crossed!)... I think it a V1 board (single row of power connector pins) - I am borrowing another unit which has a different board layout and has 2 rows of pins for the power - not sure what I can swap over?
  3. Thanks Dave. The board USED to work OK without the modchip (although it WAS when it was new in c. 2002 when I fitted it!) - so I guess it could have gone bad and maybe my flahsing incorrectly the modchip it foobared it... And yes, I fitted a power link - well spotted! What's a good modchip to get nowadays?
  4. Thanks - No I didn't touch the chips. I am using the yellow/white red but getting no signal (same cable works with another xbox I borrowed and without changing TV input). No bulging caps (I previously removed the clock cap although that was looking OK). I can't see anything on the D0 underneath. There is a small grey and black cable which has a header which connects to the modchip, but I disconnected it from the modchip so it isn't doing anything. (see photos) I also wondered if I managed to flash the onboard TSOP too (not watching what I was doing no doubt) - is there a way to re-flash i
  5. Thanks. Did that and just get a red flashing ring (black screen) (it was working fine before the flash). Original HDD is failing, new HDD is OK. No:) I was going to sort out the heatsinks after all this !
  6. Not sure (!) but pretty certain I flashed the Evolution X dashboard for 1.1-1.5 256K version
  7. Hi - The system won't boot - when I leave the Xecutor2 connected it shows red flashing ring (DVD drive and HDD spin up, but black screen). If I remove the Xecutor, the system 'starts up' 3 times then I get a red/green flashing ring (still black screen). No idea what BIOS I'm afraid - I thought I had flashed it using the Hexen disc to the 256 Xecutor one but looks like I didn't... Any thoughts?
  8. OK... Long story - have a older Xbox (pre 1.6, mf 2002) which years and years ago I installed an Xecutor 2 and unlocked the drive, installed new dash etc. Unfortunately after removing the clock cap, I played one game and the HDD developed a hard fault. Bought a new SATA drive for it (and adapter), found Hexen 2018 and used it to remake the OS. Booted fine, but couldn't see the larger drive (0bytes shown free). Ah! thought I, maybe I need to flash the XEcutor 2 with a new BIOS to let it see a larger drive. Out comes the Hexen disc again, and I used option 3 (flash), chose
  9. Thanks guys. I'll give this a go. I'll set the drive back to Master - the DVD didn't read ,so maybe it's not a good write of the ISO.
  10. Hi all, I recently pulled my OG Xbox out of the garage to set it up for my 9yo to have a play on. Looking forwards to showing it off to her, I tested it and it worked fine but thought I had better remove the clock cap for safety (no leaking but checked to make sure). Then let her have a go at a game - worked fine. Then after rebooting, error 12.... I took the drive and put it on the PC and quickly took an image of it using HDDRawcopy, which showed around 8 bad sectors and the drive was reporting SMART errors too, so it's toast. I got a larger SATA drive and put it in using an a
  11. Thanks - My OG Xbox HDD decided to fail after one boot up, so back to the start for me (chutes and ladders anyone?). Love the old XBOX.

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