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  1. Listing of materials tested: OSSC V1.6 Chimeric HDMI Konig component Full RGB AV+optical Composite original Pound (2020) Mcable gaming Mclassic Monster component x400 Monster component x200 Variety of wall chargers and HDMI cables All the combinations and configurations had tested. Tested with 4 TV and two Xbox : V 1.6 no modded, V1.0 XBMC ( when it was possible, but no one did consequential differences ) Winner! Xbox+Chimeric+Mclassic (green led (alimented wall)) +Mcable gaming (alimented wall). Explanation The monster component x400 was a little better than konig component, and the monster x200 was like composite because the three plugs are video x1 and stereo x2. Not three RGB like I had thinking. Next, I tested all settings of the OSSC expecting upgrade my video with a HDMI solution. The picture was worst than the monster. With the good material, perhaps it's possible. But the OSSC loose always a part of the signal, event it is alimented. The pound (with mini usb port) was very poor. Yes, it's very better than composite but: Green filter. Not very sharp etc. But it's wasn't a problem because I had bet all on the Chimeric. Finaly, I recived the chimeric, and horror, the monster component smashes far more once again , with is colors very realistic and the picture very compatible with the signal source. I pluged the Mcable and the Mclassic, but this changed nothing. I thinking pass all my life with monster x400. There was some additionnal issues like horizontal lines "flapping" or noise in the textures. After to have expected an issus of fabrication, I Shipped an message to Chimeric system. Before to receive a response, I had set up the stuff again, and this is it! It work fine. Mclassic was alimented in the pc port, but we need to put it in the wall. We need to find the perfect Tv setting too because the signal is different of any sources. So the best mode need to be (desatured with wider spectrum. All spectrum of light and colors). Now it is better than the monster component. And better than the chimeric only. The stuff do all that it must to do. But, after that, I upgraded the output video another time with an astuce. I bought some different wall charger more powerful and the video become consequently much higher. Now with the good wall charger. It's a masterpiece. How setting this Winning combination. Xbox dashboard- Audio : Use Stereo if you have 2 speakers (or stereo+DTS). Souround + dolby for 5 speakers. Mclassic: Mode green. Alimented by a wall charger 5v- 1.8 A. Little bit hight or less. Mcable Gaming: Alimented by a wall charger 5v -2.4 A Tv(Flat): Here my setting for exemple : Contraste 100, Brillance 63, Couleur 50, Netteté 100, image-ia EF, cats HF, reduc HF If the TV has more pixels than the video source, zoomed in will not do appear new details in the pictures, but increase the sharpenes and clarity of theirs . See picture 1-2. A higher format TV will provide more sharpeness and natural with this set up. But it's the inverse result with a cheap ultra-HD tv. Picture 3-4. The winnig TV was : 1080p Panasonic TC-L32U3. Second place : Panasonic TC-L32X5. The two other TV ultra Hd (were very bad) : LG 47LN5750-UH and SAMSUNG UN50TU7000F The V1.6 xbox, with Panasonic tv and Chimeric, added vertical shadow lines with halo 2 and halo 1 on the sky and on the pale background textures. But nothing else. It run perfectly since 2004. The V1.0 XBOX XBMC added horizontal artefacts with all the games and emulators. But don't has the precedent problem with the shadow lines. His cd drive works poorly. The second best set up was : Pound alimented wall (with the same settings and stuff) . Only switch the chimeric by the Pound. For exemple, the set up with Chimeric seem that. The monster component x400 do the best picture and sound for easy and low budget. And the colors are more natural than the Pound. Konig: AV component RGB+optical in one. Show details clear. Dont't blur. But did a video quality inferior than Monster x400. The V1.6 OSSC : With all the settings, in x1 and x2 too, and with two TV, did the signal and the colors loose their intensity. The picture was pale and bleach. And in X1, there was no global difference compared good component (except the previews problems). In x2, the game was pixelised like 2D 1987 games, without degrad. He was made for keep the squarred pixels of old console. He was not made for the Xbox or consoles 480p or more. Audio problems : Not make to transfer the best audio possible because he can not out put the audio by HDMI. To plug somewhere, it need an extra connector because the input is a jack 1/8. and that cause a losing of signal. He is not do for the Xbox or console 480p or more. Good Generique HDMI cable: Make the stone texture more natural than the mcable gaming, but was less good for the shiny-lustred surfaces and did the picture more pixelised. The mcable gaming did the surfaces that was clear or polish (like water, electricity, and metal) more realistic and upgraded. Halo2 has textures 3d-like based on the details of mapping. So, when I added extra signal boost with the wall chargers, and used the mcable gaming, it was like if new textures was appears. Chimeric: Added red filter with the TC-L32U3 TV, and perhaps very little with the samsung TV . He did thin shaded lines in the bleach textures of Halo2 with the V1.6 xbox. Pound: Added green filter impossible to remove completly. Plus has the same issu than the chimeric (horizontal shaded lines) but this lines were only with halo 2 on the panasonic TC-L32U3 and the xbox V1.6) Mclassic : Works with all. TV Cartoon too. Need wall charger of 1.8 A (approximately). The two modes don't affect the defenition. Only the resolution. Audio Souround 5.1=5 speakers . Stereo=two speakers. That mean that dolby souround on XBOX is useless if you don't have the stuff. Note that the sound was really better with a good component than with the composite. But, I noticed no audio differences between monster and this winning set up. My external stereo speakers cleared the sound compared to my internal tv speakers. If you want speakers, you need receiveur Yamaha. Speakers only don't work. If you want for gaming, select the speakers with a natural sound, and did for classic-JAZZ musics. Games need hight frequency sound ( metalic, robots, cars crash, bullet impacts, shield, bird cry, wind, radio, snap-crunch). And take speakers that have not box shape, to have realistic sound. I am using a Yamaha receiver R-s300 with two small Paradigm that have a rounded plastic shape. Finaly, the https://makemhz.com/ seems to be better than the chimeric. So I will change the chimeric for it and keep all the settings and materials in this set up. Thanks SS_Dave for help.
  2. Ok, So I 'm trying to buy the chimeric, and next, I wil buy the makemhz or n64 freak. And add a upscaler ( if the doawnloaded games don't existe in 1080p directly) And after, installe sofmods. ( sofmod for use controller without dongle, and compatible for makemhz or n64, compatible with the best cd drive that I will find (perhaps itachi)+ to get emulator game of Halo and GTa in 720p) ( And if the 128mb are useless 99% of time like somone said here, I will keep my 1.6) Yes I need to structure my purchase. Thanks
  3. It,s bad because I have already the monster and I went upgrade my xbox and my picture. So I can do nothing more for give me a passe time and upgrade my xbox. I have already the monster, so I will keep it and to buy the framemeister if I want play on a recent tv. But now it's useless with my TV 720p. So with my 720p and without sofmod, the ossc or other soluce are useless for me. Yes I had the chance to see the new makemhz on the net. It's so complicated. I need xenium-sofmod-dashboars-lpc rebuild- solder. I never do all that. If it's possible for someone like me ( with video that explain A to Z ) I will try but perhaps it's impossible for me.
  4. Do, all the fucki/ng hdmi solutions of output signal video make REALLY a better picture than the best component ''for the same resolution'', or it's ONLY for not loose quality during passage to hdmi or upscaling ? Thanks and sorry.
  5. Your oem is more bent than the other one ?
  6. The wii seems to be the best. I went to converse my component before to make another thing. I will continue to learn about that before to touch the internal chip.
  7. Someone know a component adaptater (3 or 5 color connexions) output hdmi with no lose of signal ?
  8. My OSSC did the video more pixelised and downgrade the gama and lights. The only thing that I can do it's to question you about the 750p in your lcd. How do that ? Me, I have always the 560p (with 480p games). It's that my problem ?
  9. I did not understand the second part. But if it's a jack 1/8, so there is an alteration of signal perhaps, and the offical cable microsoft +optical will not alter the signal as many because the optical cable plug direct in the scart input.
  10. Yes I need it principaly because a optical cable (all brand) can to be find easy I think. There is no light in the small hole when the mine is plug to the xbox . Don't know if it's normal.
  11. I have the big green monster cable microsoft but i'm searching for the missing cable of the optical output. ( Do not see light trought the connection of the optical, so it is broken ?) I am searching for the official microsoft component + optical ( to compare) if you have too, but they are easy to find on ebay.
  12. I bought the OSSC but : There is no input compenent for audio excepte only one jack input (so lose of quality). One scart but no offert with ossc. So perhaps the quality of the one commanded on ebay will be poor. No hdmi or optic input in ( so can not use chimeric or all optical connection of the monster and offical microsoft cable). A vendor say to me that the optical audio can not to be use at the same time than the input compenent or input hdmi of the TV. So I can not plug optic directly to tv and to have the xbox'video at the same time I think. I did a error about to get OSSC for xbox? I have a solution : To connect optical cable directly in extern speaker and not in the tv + connect the 3 colored compenent in OSSC. It's the best way at this time ?
  13. I have now plug my original black controller ( no duke) in a femelle port controller that output in usb male, and next, the usb male plug in usb femelle that output in male controller direct in xbox. And that work perfectly with the logitech dongle too. So there is a very big tolerance of compatibility with this console. And the plug on the mother board for the cable controller is the same it's seem ( about them I openned) .
  14. First, do the tv play the video compenents (in) and the audio optical (in) at the same time if the connections are not the same and at the same place back to the tv ? - This cable on ebay output 6 compenents and one optical really or somme are optional only and not working at the same time ? :https://www.cafr.ebay.ca/itm/274451042904?ul_noapp=true I can not teste myself. I don't have connection S or optical. So I will need to buy tv or buy adaptator.
  15. Do this cable has really 7 output ? 6 colored and one optical cable ? : https://www.cafr.ebay.ca/itm/274451042904?ul_noapp=true Who know an adaptator for connect all them ?

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