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  1. -Switched to 80 pin EIDE cable and kernel panic went away. THANKS! -Here is a pic of the Phillips circuit board. Looks ok?
  2. Iā€™m using an 40 pin IDE cable. Is there really and advantage using the 80 pin EIDE? My understanding this EIDE standard was nothing more then WD marketing. I unplugged the DVD and get Kernel panic. Will take DVD Dr apart tomorrow. Thanks!
  3. Some more info. -OG Xbox 1.4 w/ 2TD HDD. -Both DVD Dr's are Phillips. -When I flashed the Ind-Bios I used DVD Dr from my 1.1 cause the DVD Dr from 1.4 was having issues reading the discs, even originals. Tested and everything worked. -I removed solder from one of the TSOP bridges for safety reasons. -Put this ogx back together w/ original DVD Dr and got the kernel panic. -Re-soldered the bridge and same issue. -I swapped DVD Dr from the 1.1 and it boots fine. -Swapped back to the DVD Dr. from the 1.4 and Kernel panic. What am I missing? What should the jumper on the IDE2SATA adapter be set to (Master or Slave)? Thx in advance...
  4. So I removed one of the bridges and now I get....
  5. Thanks for the reply. I've done this adjustment in the past to Game Cubes with Xeno chip and using a multimeter. my OGX has a Phillips DVD dr.
  6. Noticed that my DVD drive is having a had hard time reading discs. I did clean the laser with 91% alcohol. Is there any way to calibrate the lasers power?
  7. Just curious for best practice. Noticed with the SHARP bios flash several videos recommend removing a extra cable to bridge to avoid future damage.
  8. Q: Now that I'm TSOP would it be safe to undo the bridged solder points?
  9. -I noob but I did run into something similar flashing my v1.1 a month ago. Which files did you copy from the USB to the HDD? Sounds like you could be missing one. Also I was using a composite cable and had to set my video to NORMAL then reboot and it worked.
  10. Got it! Watched several videos again and noticed this one which shows the CHIP TYPE but unknown for all the BIOSES. So I tried to flash and took it. What thru me off was seeing the BIOSES as unknown and I assumed I had a bad solder bridge. XBOX TSOP Flash Tutorial How To Guide v1 2 v1 5 Hynix Hyundai ST ONLY Thanks for all the help!
  11. PROGRESS! So the issue might be the other solder point. I redid R7D1 w/ speaker wire and now CHIP TYPE -> Winbond is seen by the BioChecker disc again. Interesting cause this is what would previously come up on R7D1 which I thought is wasn't making contact. Going to redo R7D10 which seems to be related to 256k Bios.
  12. Flash Failed!! Am I missing an additional solder point? I'm going to try speaker wire. Also did see this... Tsop Flash Guide, post #3
  13. Fudge.... Before it use to show Winbond and unknown, unknown. Now all Unknown. Maybe I'm not making contact?
  14. Ugh!... So I tried to do my 2nd TSOP and could not bridge the two solder point R7D1 (v1.4), after several tries lost the contacts... :.( Any suggestions?
  15. SIDE QUESTION: Are these power cords any good for extra protection or a good surge protector will suffice?

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