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  1. Just found this one also for 40x40x10mm fan https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4327543
  2. Seems like the Thomson DVD belt size is 55mm. Can someone confirm?
  3. yes 25mm for og Xbox and xbox 360, at least that is the size that worked for me . This is what and where I got mines. Delivery is about 1 to 2 months. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001006846260.html They will not work on the POS Thomson DVD drive, they required a longer belt. Does anyone know how many mm length is required for the Thomson?
  4. Thanks guys. I think I figured out why so much rust... Cat urine... ... but the mainboard seems to be ok..
  5. Any suggestions for a Rev 1.0 replacement CPU fan or larger heat sink replacement?
  6. Hello all, Opened up one of my xbox 1.1 and noticed the metal or tin shielding is about a 60% rusty. Can I remove it or should I sand it and spray paint all but the contacts for the mainboard?
  7. Strange I am unable to read burnt discs with Phillips DVD drv on the 1.4 but originals boot fine. No issues with Issues with Phillips DVD drv on 1.1. Do I have to apply a patch to DVD drv? If no I will try another DVD-R burner on slowest speed. Thanks in advance.
  8. @SS_Dave NTSC @Ging3rguy Don't have the M$ Dash in the picture I posted. Wondering if after modding that was a way to get back to that screen. @HDShadow Was thinking about that too. Will review TV settings.
  9. So I'm running an xbox v1.4 with a executer 2.3 Lite mod chip and a 2TB HDD with Origins image. Also I'm using a Pound HDMI (yes I know it's a POS!). On my LG TV the aspect ratio is 16:9 but on the Visio and Samsung TV the xbox games are displayed 4:3 aspect radio. The Origins dash is displayed correctly in 16:9. I recall before modding the original dash had a video settings screen. Any way to get to this screen or make this adjustment? Thanks
  10. Just a short update. Received this friends og xbox rev 1.4. Had it sitting for a month while I preped a spare og xbox for him. Decided to plug it up since it had a new power supply and BOOM the video worked! Flashed the mod chip and good to go. Apparently the power supply has a blown capacitor (pop & smoke) but will repair some other time. Have to say these good old og xboxes seem to be rock solid. Again thank to everyone for all the help.
  11. Thanks, did have protection off. I put in my 2TB and is working...
  12. So I was in Bank 1... TruHeXen 2020 > Flash Xecuter 2.3/2.6, v1.0-1.5 > X2.5035 / iND-BIOS 5004 = Mfg ID 01 d5, Flash Type AMD Am29F080B /XECU, Error file size error. So I tried X2.5035 / Evox m8plus worked. See pics below when I boot in each bank (1 / 2). Is this Ok?
  13. I've used this disc on two other og xboxes previously but thanks for the suggestion.... No, I had the HDD unplugged. I assumed the OS was in the mod chip. Will plug HDD in today. Thanks, 2.3 Lite!

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