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Any way to bolt down the controller ports?


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I got a 1.6 Xbox off ebay today. Still works (minus the dvd drive, but I got several spare dvd drives), but the case is absolutely fucked in and out. After taking the controller ports out, I can't even put them back in - all but one of the posts for screws that hold the controller ports in are broken! I can only hold controller port 4 in with the intact post, all the other posts have big chunks broken off.

Is there anything I could rig up to hold the rest of the controller ports down, or bolt it down, or should I just try to find an intact 1.6 case?

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Best of getting another case and the 1.6 black case should be easy to come by, You can use a 1.0-1.4 case but there is post near the AV output port that needs removing and the metal bending or cutting out of the way as it will cause a short to the 1.6 board.


Depending where you are there is possibly a member that would give you one if you pay postage.



SS Dave

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Depending on how bad it is you can use some M2 or M3 screws, a washer and a nut.

Cut them down to the needed length (so you have some sort of simple rod) and glue them with some good glue (I'm a "fan" of uhu led light booster which, when dried up, is like plastic and should do the job fine but any other glue which don't eat up you case should do as well (Expoxy for example)).

But like Dave already said, you could also get a new case. I remember there is one user (Located in the US) here who, more or less, just want to get rid of them (Let me see .... ). Found em: @Xbmcmodsforxbox ( Topic :


In case you are in the EU, I could send you one.


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