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  1. I ended up finding some random screws that could fit just enough to push the controller ports down enough for me able to insert the controller plugs in all ports. Thanks though, y'all!
  2. I got a 1.6 Xbox off ebay today. Still works (minus the dvd drive, but I got several spare dvd drives), but the case is absolutely fucked in and out. After taking the controller ports out, I can't even put them back in - all but one of the posts for screws that hold the controller ports in are broken! I can only hold controller port 4 in with the intact post, all the other posts have big chunks broken off. Is there anything I could rig up to hold the rest of the controller ports down, or bolt it down, or should I just try to find an intact 1.6 case?
  3. Don't have hot air, fucked up the legs on one chip trying to do a removal with a soldering iron
  4. yeah, i just ended up using it for parts, mainly i just threw all the capacitors in a plastic bag
  5. Sorry um... but I kinda gave up on this OG xbox. Of course, this was after I cleaned the mess around the LPC header and got rid of the trace repair in favor of just connecting the two vias directly. I realized that this thing was probably never going to come on anyways, especially since this happened during the initial repair (and it never came on again without FRAGing afterwards): (GPU might be fried somehow?) the one time I got it to boot was probably just a lucky boot, because I didn't bother testing it any more afterwards. Note to self: make sure any OG xbox I buy is not labeled as "untested" again
  6. the repairer said they checked with a multimeter to make sure none of the traces were bridging i tried a direct link but no ball
  7. The red wire on the OpenXenium isn't going to anything, I just didn't bother removing it from a previous install. With or without the modchip, it still doesn't output anything over AV. However, it at least recognizes the AV port, as unplugging the AV cable will result in the red changing to orange until it's plugged back in. Also tried another composite cable, just to be sure. Here's a closeup of the trace repair:
  8. I have a 1.0 Xbox I got from Goodwill online. It smells like a smoker crawled inside it and died, and I ended up accidentally tearing off the alt d0 pad , but got someone to repair it. However, it still does not boot, as it FRAGs instead. Can't figure out what is wrong - tons of pictures attached below. Things I've tried: Known-good PSU Booting WITH modchip + grounded d0 Booting without modchip or grounded D0 Swapping capacitors with good capacitors from a 1.1 Swapping the TSOP for one from a 1.1 Cleaning the board with IPA (multiple times) If any closer pictures are needed of any part, tell me.

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