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I have no idea why he set passwords/passcodes for HeXEn. Never made sense to me. Maybe I'll look into removing them in a later update. Until then though, passcodes should always be AYBX and passwords should always be "xbox." If that's not it, then I'll have to take a look at the xml to see what he set the password to.

Also, damn. Change off of that PAL video signal.

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13 hours ago, Soufian Elamriti said:

wat is the password for the formating hdd ? i installed a new hdd but i cannot format it without the password 

The formatting password is: Xbox

Note: The first character is a capital X.

Some items use a


instead of a


in the Menu Item entry setup in UnleashX's config.xml file.

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18 hours ago, sionsimon said:

Hi, I'm looking for some help with a V1.6, can anyone point me in the right direction?

The topic of your query is not directly related to this one's - "Made a Hexen 2018 update".

Start a new topic in the Original Xbox Modding Forum -> Please login or register to see this link.  section. 


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On 9/2/2018 at 12:39 PM, michael24h said:

Hi All

I Lost dash on soft mod orginal xbox, What im getting now its error 13. any help please


Can you boot a Hexen 2018 disc?

Did you have a backup of the E drive (game saves) or was there anything there important to you that you don't want to lose? 

If not, rebuild the C and E partitions then re-softmod the system.

If they were, well. things are a bit harder.  Did you have a backup of the eeprom.bin saved to your PC?

Best to start a new topic in the Original Xbox Repair forum instead of discussing here.

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5 hours ago, Tw1st3d said:

Is this a full replacement for my current dash?

HeXEn is a utility and recovery disc, not a dashboard. It can install dashboards though and does so by default when you flash your TSOP or modchip.

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