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  1. Well not now at least, it's up & running on the chip & am in the process of backing up some games. I'll check YouTube when it comes back apart for a larger drive. Thanks for the info.
  2. Just needed that 3rd post to get forlorn's Hexen download...couldn't wait!!!!
  3. So was installing my first mod chip & was soldering a wire to the D0 point on the backside of the mobo & made a horrible mistake. When the solder was starting to cool, my hand twitched & somehow the solder point on the board stuck to the wire, which I was holding & completely tore from the board. The ends of the traces peeled up slightly on both sides. Ugh! I managed to use the D0 point on the topside to ground & run chip. My issue now is that I can boot chip by holding power down but when booting normal I get flashing red-green. Not a huge deal but would like to repair if
  4. Just posting as a newcomer, need a couple more for that Hexen download! So much much good info.
  5. Can't wait to try, just installed my first mod chip. Fingers crossed

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