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  1. Satdock2reu3 It can clone HDD standalone (does not need to be connected to a OS) and does sector by sector cloning. Which makes it do a 1:1 copy.
  2. Use a Crossover cable. Transferring mutiple files: FlashFXP or Filezilla and unleashx as dash.. open up for 8-10 simultaneously transfers in filezilla and also on unleashx side. Transfering/extracting iso file: Qwix 1.01 and unleashx as dash. Fastest option for transfering/extracting iso file: Avalaunch dashboard and Qwix 1.01 Both iso methods above will extract the file contents of the iso on the xbox.
  3. Yep, ind bios 5004 is good. My copy of Shin Megami Tensei NINE, that previously didn't run from xbox hdd, now works from hdd as a iso. \o/ Thats cool.
  4. It works! Finally a lamehead like me can enjoy iso games. Just do the 5 steps above. ( It does infact folderize all iso's present in the game folder. ) 6. Then when dashboard (xbmc4gamers) reloads, go to the game menu and press A to run and "mount" the game to the virutal dvd rom. The xbox reboots again back to dashboard.. Now go to settings and file-explorer and place cursor on the D: drive and hit START and the game runs. If you soft-reset with IGR you return to back to dashboard - and you can mount a different iso game. Tried with HP-Azkaban and Tony Hawk p8. Thumbs up!
  5. Got no idea if the bios file in "bios virtual disc patcher" dir is compatible with my evoxm8+ Looks like if you put your iso in F:\games\harry\harrypoa.iso and run the xiso to hdd script. the iso will be copied a dir level down to F:\games\harry\harrypoa\harrypoa.iso.
  6. Right, I am trying Rocky5's method first. Steps: 1. Transfer iso from PC to xbox F:games\gamename\ 2. Copy folder "Bios Virtual Disc Patcher" to root of C:\ 3. Copy folder "Bios Virtual Disc Patcher Loader" and "reboot xbe" to E:\apps\ 4. Run "XISO to HDD script" and enter the directory F:games\gamename\ and run the script here. 5. Then i head back to Xbmc4gamers "games" menu and run "gamename" Nothing happens and the xbox reboots xbmc4gamers. Mission failed. What did i do wrong ?
  7. There are a handful of games that will fail loading from hdd over time - most noteworthy are Toca race driver 3, The Warrirors, Harry potter prison of Azkaban and some Tony Hawk games. I want to be able to load them from hdd - and it seems the only option is to use the ISO load method. I know there are ACL for these, but I have read they are not 100% working. Thanks @KaosEngineer and @Rocky5 for your posts,
  8. On a modded PS2 and Wii you can play games directly from iso images. This can also be done a Xbox. You just need some tools, some attach/default.xbe's the correct bioses and some dashboards. I have tried to follow a tread on xbmc4xbox and another one on emuxtras on how to do this. But I gave up as it was unclear to me where to get hold of the attach.xbe file and also if i had to re-flash my bios to make this work. I wonder if someone here can make a good tutorial on how to make this work. ( I use xbmc4gamers as my main dash, And i have two xboxes, one with evox m8+ and one with indbios 5004. ) Thanks,
  9. RoofTop

    Hdd Fixes for Games

    Will this iso loading feature also work with TSOPëd xboxes ?
  10. RoofTop

    Hdd Fixes for Games

    Anyone have the hdd fix for : Harry_Potter_and_the_Prisoner_of_Azkaban_HDDFIX_USA_XBOX-PHl filename also known as: phl-hppoa_usa_hdfix ??
  11. RoofTop

    Hdd Fixes for Games

    Hehe .. Maybe it came out wrong, but I ment that as a message to the general public. If you have any other hdd game fixes, then please share.
  12. RoofTop

    Hdd Fixes for Games

    Kaosengineer: There is a problem with the fix you have. Half of the default.xbe is zerofilled. Get the one supplied by Sifaw99, it works. :)
  13. RoofTop

    Hdd Fixes for Games

    Thanks to both of you. Please share if some of you have something else.
  14. The xbox cracking scene released quite a few hdd fixes and patches for games.. These are normally just patches to run on default.xbe's. I wonder if anyone here have a collection of those to share. I am especially looking for r-fchdfix ( fight club hdd fix from Riot (ntsc) ) and a hdd fix for shin megami tensei nine.

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