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  1. Fixed it. Forced error #12 by removing the power to dvd drive. Then I hotswapped the HDD over to the pc and connected it with FatXplorer 3.0b22-- copied over the mentioned files and it works.
  2. Got an v1.6 softmodded xbox (with non ejecting dvd drive) that i thought I could turn into a devkit system. Using MVG's 2018 Youtube video. But all i got was a bricked xbox. When i was supposed to start the pbl from the E: the xbox froze. And after a restart the xbox error 21 was present. I then fixed the drive belt on my dvd drive, so i now can eject and insert dvd's but no luck starting slayers-evox or any of my original xbox game. I didnt backup up the eeprom files. On the E: drive there was already present some similar PBL files - so i copied these to my pc before overwriting with MVG ones : ( boot.cfg, M8_LBA48_IGR_Q-06-BFM.bin, xbdm.dll, default.xbe (21kb), dashboard.xbx ) Is there a way to make this xbox come back alive ?
  3. Yes why bother running games as iso ? - I am only speaking of the few games that does not work !00% or over time will fail to work: Toca Race Driver 3, Monster Garage, Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban, and a Tony Hawk game i forgot the name of. When you run these in iso mode you are certain they will work. Just make sure you use iso images that are 1:1 backups of the original. I have the above listed games on my xbox hdd as iso. And they work great.
  4. Not sure if you are already doing this but you can run Debug dash on retail xbox.
  5. Get Qwix v1.01 on the PC side then start UnleashX on the Xbox side. Use Qwix to transfer ISO files over to the Xbox and it will store the game in "folder mode". Qwix is clever that way. Furthermore, you can also use Qwix to extract a iso on your PC to "folder mode". After that you can use any FTP program you like to transfer the extracted iso. But to save time and space on your PC, I highly recommend Qwix <-- to --> UnleashX Dashboard transfer. Throw in a crossover cable as well, and you get maximum speed for your transfers... 11 mbps..
  6. You probably need to enable Synopsis mode. Press UP on the DPAD and Press Right twice to select enable/disable synopsis.
  7. Using xplorer360 you can hotswap your xbox hdd and attach it to your pc. I have done this once a looong time ago - xplorer360 will then be able read the xbox hdd. I dont remember copying tons of files to it though. Usually I only connect my crossover cable and run UnleashX and Qwix and then transfer a ton of iso's while making coffe and doing something else.
  8. RoofTop


    My xbmc4gamers works flawlessly, It's been on my xbox for 2 years now. And I just updated to the latest version using the urldownloader. Don't install it on the C: drive as you will run out of space. I have mine installed on E:\xbmc\
  9. This happens with all pal games ?
  10. RoofTop


    Is it possible to customize the rom location for each emulator ? I have roms on F: and G:
  11. Nice Hyperspin project. Like yourself I got into xbox modding first. Then PS2 and Wii. And now I am back with xbox again. Last couple of months I have spent a lot of time on modifying xbmc4gamers to my need. Hope to get some time to play games again soon.
  12. RoofTop

    Lost .Xbe

    Baldurs gate: https://mega.nz/#F!JmgHjC5B!LU_uz6j9ueiRRzUg36-vFA Call of Duty 1: https://mega.nz/#F!NrIyjAqY!htbboZ-4nWufiVt96d3oGw Both are mixed region (ntsc).
  13. Thanks. Was just looking for this. This is also known as " Controller_Test_Disk_USA_XBOX-PreCiSiON " or simply " pcn-ctd " and was released in 2003-11-04.
  14. There's a few games not working on faster cpu. Does anyone know how to get Return to Castle Wolfenstein (NTSC) to run with a faster cpu ? (1 ghz, 1.4 ghz) ? On startup it dIsplays the first copyright screen and then it freezes just before loading the ESRB notice. HDD spins down to low activity. Same result happens if I use xbepatcher on the default.xbe. On my stock xbox this game runs just fine.
  15. Satdock2reu3 It can clone HDD standalone (does not need to be connected to a OS) and does sector by sector cloning. Which makes it do a 1:1 copy.

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