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  1. I ordered bits already for making eeprom reder. But that should be possible read aswell with Rpi Correct me if I'm wrong or I'm missing something Thanks Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  2. Then I need eeprom reader. I think hat might be easier way to go ahead. Or unless you guys got different suggestion I hope eeprom chip it's only corrupted not not dead. Do anyone know if eeprom chip it's same cross original Xbox 1.0 - 1.5 v. Thanks Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  3. Hello gents This afternoon I received original Xbox 1.4 purchase from eBay. I turned it on. And stayed on for about 30min. Then I when head with Tsop. After that I run this Xbox for few hours. Transfer ninja pack, and enjoyed games for some time. Turn back on after dinner and red light start flashing. Normally I would say over heating, but I'm not sure. Could be eeprom as well, 8 pin chip next to bios. And a suggestion please ? Thanks Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  4. Hello everyone I just upgrade my original Xbox ram to 128mb. I haven't changed bios yet. Not sure which one will support 128mb ram In Kodi system settings still showing 64mb Also I was wondering which CPU I can use for upgrade Thanks Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  5. Hello thePiratePimp that exactly what i was looking for, please share thanks
  6. Which Bios can support Ram 128 upgrade IND5003 or mighty be something else ?
  7. Hello Gents I'm after emulators icon pack for original xbox, unable to find anywhere
  8. finish with upload Ninja Massive and CoinOps 8 Gems. but Ninja Massive won't boot. won't boot i getting only black screen. How to fit that?
  9. I have CoinOps Massive already running, Ninja Massive will upload now. so, missing only CoinOps 8 Gems. My drive its only 500GB ;-( 2TB drive.
  10. can I run CoinOPS and NINJA from same partion drive ?
  11. do you know where I can get icons pack for emulators ?

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