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23 hours ago, freeziekat said:

Which bios updates support no dvd drive connected?  And does this cause any issues elsewhere with xbmc or loading games up?

iND-BiOS supports no DVD drive and EvoX M8+ can as well, as long as it has been configured to (it does in this version of HeXEn), but I don't know about the other BIOSes, because I don't use them.


When no DVD drive is connected, the boot animation will be super laggy/choppy and I know that the UnleashX dashboard will be too at first. I've never tried it with XBMC, but have heard it has the same effect. Games should not have any issue.


21 hours ago, freeziekat said:

changing the creation of Udata files for every game in the game menu, does this remove the 250 limitation on how many games unleashx can have?

I wasn't the one who actually made the hex edit to the .xbe (it was JCRocky5) and I don't remember for certain if that issue was addressed, but I want to say it was because from what I remember, the entire reason he came forth with that edit was because some people were complaining about that problem on the subreddit last year.


I don't have 250 different games/app to test it with, but I can say for certain that it no longer creates a UDATA folder for installed .xbes until you actually launch them. Which is great just by itself, because I personally hated having all those empty folders cluttering everything up and adding a bunch of empty save icons in the UX save manager.

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On 7/30/2018 at 2:12 PM, freeziekat said:

changing the creation of Udata files for every game in the game menu, does this remove the 250 limitation on how many games unleashx can have?

I recall this limit is a myth passed on from epforums' FATX limitations post.  I myself have quoted it several times in response to forum queries.

Several have tested it by creating over 250 game saves subfolders, I think had over 1000, in E:\UDATA and such a limit DOES NOT exist at least with a modded system.

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On 6/10/2018 at 3:35 AM, Vladimír Cvach said:

Nice work! I made an iso, really wonder why the original download is just a rar. Well, here it is. Please login or register to see this link.

The build in that link is outdated now, so feel free to delete it.


9 hours ago, Soufian Elamriti said:

i have downloaded this and unrarr it but its empty ? its says 2+gb but there is nothing inside the file 

Weird. Must just be something screwy going on on your end. I've occasionally had odd issues like that before with WinRAR as well.


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      I'll keep an update on this post as I would really like to get my Xbox back into running condition.
      Thanks for your guys time reading my introduction and any replies you may have to point me in the right direction.
      Thanks again,
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