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  1. thanks guys for the info my brother gave me his old yamaha htr 3063 reciever
  2. i was going to do this mod usinng a rca pannel connector ,but what type of gauge cable do i need from the mother to the rca connector
  3. everything is oke only 2 games wont transfer via ftp / Harry Potter And The PrisonerOfAzkaban Furious Karting
  4. already finished using unleashed x and flashfxp 0 problems and speed was 12mb iam happy
  5. iam using flashfxp now and the speed is stable when i use fatx program it keeps dropping from 80mb to 100kb < and its going up and down constantly most of the time it stays at 350kb !! not megabyte the test i did was direct connect via sata not usb ! both hdd are working fine no bad sectors etc
  6. i transfer some games today but not all gamers are seen on the main screen i have on F:games <144games than on F: games 1 < 122games < not showing even if a scann the artwork program thing what am i doing wrong so i made 2 folders
  7. it says 250gb is taking 1 day ! i think windows 10 does not like this program iam using the same version its super slow
  8. any one else is using this program to transfer games to the og xbox hdd it works but its super slow like 100kb slow and sometimes its 40mb but drops very fast i have a fast pc and iam using direct sata to sata connection
  9. yeah i fix it it works fine now
  10. i have a samsung q80t 65 inch 4k tv ,my og xbox is a 1.0 x3 ce in xbmc i have no problems with the image when i start a game and i am ingame the image keeps cutting off ,i had the same problem with my dreamcast both with a kaico hdmi adapter ,now i contacted the seller and he told me refund would not be a problem i tested the adapter on my 40 inch 11year old panasonic plasma tv 0 problems so this sucks than it does not work on my 4k tv what are my options ? to get a xbox to work with my 4k tv thanks
  11. lol iam burning this one for nothing >? OGXBox Installer 2021 Games Extras Disc 2 (DLC) v1.0.2
  12. witch version do i need its confusing ? and it this the newest it says 1.2 OGXBox 2021 Emulators Extras v1.0.0.rar 1.64 GB 2020-12-18 14:12 OGXBox 2021 Game Extras Wide+HDD Fixes+Updates v1.0.0.rar 2.14 GB 2020-12-18 14:12 OGXBox Installer 2021 Games Extras Disc 2 (DLC) v1.0.2.rar 4.28 GB 2021-01-05 08:01 XBox PC Tool Set (15.Jan.2021).rar 208.43 MB 2021-01-15 06:01
  13. first thanks for the boot disc but the links are dead i have this xbox but witch bios should i use for 2tb ?
  14. 30 dollars http://www.tinker-mods.com/buy-modding-supplies/original-xbox/original-xbox-internal-wifi-kit.php
  15. so iam building a arcade cab powered by a xbox of course ! is it possible to have a custom intro video before ninja boots ! i know it can be done with xbmc i did it but i want direct boot in to ninja so i saw this video it can be done but i have no idea how !! in ninja there is a custom folder with inside there is a Custom Video.xmv <27mb dont know what its for
  16. not my video just wanted to share he speaks spanish so any translation !! https://www.briconsola.com/potenciar-consolas/x-box/
  17. i have another xbox flashed with ind bios 5003.67 but i its missing the cfg file how is this possible ? do i use from another xbox
  18. i use this in my dreamcast with usb gd rom works perfect
  19. does the new hexen have the newest unleashed x dash ?
  20. oke i found the problem change the dvd drive from philips to samsung problem ias gone dvd drive is not making noise anymore ! i can go now to fileexplorer with out freezing !! instant wierd because the philips drive is reading al games just fine incl burned media
  21. my xbox dvd drive makes noise likes its trying to read a disc but nothing is inside it reads disc just fine when iam at xbmc and i go to file explorer my xbox freezes and the dvd drive makes clicking noise likes its reading ? ind bios FANSPEED=50 DISABLEDM=1 LEDPattern=GGGG AUTOLOADDVD=0 BLOBTHROB=1 INTRO=1 SHOWFLUB=1 FOGON=1 SPIKEYBLOB=1 BLOBCOLOR=0x00FF00 BLOBRADI=26 CAMERAVIEW=1 GLOWCOLOR=0x00C000 IOGLOWCOLOR=0xE0E0E0 BLOBBGC=0x00C0C0 FOG1CUSTOM=1 FOG1COLOR=0xFFFFE0C0 FOG2CUSTOM=1 FOG2COLOR=0xFFFFFFC0 SCENECOLOR1=0xFF008080 SCENECOLOR2=
  22. incorrect why would he put a password on a formating tool how would we upgrade the hdd than makes no sense ??

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