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  1. 30 dollars http://www.tinker-mods.com/buy-modding-supplies/original-xbox/original-xbox-internal-wifi-kit.php
  2. so iam building a arcade cab powered by a xbox of course ! is it possible to have a custom intro video before ninja boots ! i know it can be done with xbmc i did it but i want direct boot in to ninja so i saw this video it can be done but i have no idea how !! in ninja there is a custom folder with inside there is a Custom Video.xmv <27mb dont know what its for
  3. not my video just wanted to share he speaks spanish so any translation !! https://www.briconsola.com/potenciar-consolas/x-box/
  4. i have another xbox flashed with ind bios 5003.67 but i its missing the cfg file how is this possible ? do i use from another xbox
  5. i use this in my dreamcast with usb gd rom works perfect
  6. does the new hexen have the newest unleashed x dash ?
  7. oke i found the problem change the dvd drive from philips to samsung problem ias gone dvd drive is not making noise anymore ! i can go now to fileexplorer with out freezing !! instant wierd because the philips drive is reading al games just fine incl burned media
  8. my xbox dvd drive makes noise likes its trying to read a disc but nothing is inside it reads disc just fine when iam at xbmc and i go to file explorer my xbox freezes and the dvd drive makes clicking noise likes its reading ? ind bios FANSPEED=50 DISABLEDM=1 LEDPattern=GGGG AUTOLOADDVD=0 BLOBTHROB=1 INTRO=1 SHOWFLUB=1 FOGON=1 SPIKEYBLOB=1 BLOBCOLOR=0x00FF00 BLOBRADI=26 CAMERAVIEW=1 GLOWCOLOR=0x00C000 IOGLOWCOLOR=0xE0E0E0 BLOBBGC=0x00C0C0 FOG1CUSTOM=1 FOG1COLOR=0xFFFFE0C0 FOG2CUSTOM=1 FOG2COLOR=0xFFFFFFC0 SCENECOLOR1=0xFF008080 SCENECOLOR2=0xFF000080 SCENECOLOR3=0xFF000040 XLOGOSCALE=100 TEXTSCALE=100 XLIGHTCOLOR=0xFF0000C0 SKEWEN=1 YSKEWLOGO=-20 XSKEWLOGO=0 YSKEWXLOGO=0 XSKEWXLOGO=0 YSKEWTEXT=0 XSKEWTEXT=0 LIPCOLOR=0x1872F8 LIPGLOW=0x80FFFF XGLOWCOLOR=0x8080FF XINNERCOLOR=0x0000FF TMS=0 IND3D=1 SHOWXEN=1 SHOWMSEN=1 DEFAULTXBE=\Device\CDrom0\default.xbe <?? DASH1=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition6\evoxdash.xbe DASH2=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\evoxdash.xbe DASH3=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\evoxdash.xbe
  9. incorrect why would he put a password on a formating tool how would we upgrade the hdd than makes no sense ??
  10. there is a code for the format program on the hexen disc has nothing to do with eeprom /i want to install a bigger hdd via hexen disc in orderr to use the format tool its asking for a password
  11. wat is the password for the formating hdd ? i installed a new hdd but i cannot format it without the password
  12. i did install MSCOMCTL.OCX does not work ,i also tried it via microsoft visual studios 6 doesnt work If you are using 64 bit Windows copy the MSCOMCTL.OCX to C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64(If you are using 32 bit Windows copy MSCOMCTL.OCX to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32) Open a CMD or PowerShell prompt (as an administrator) and change into C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64 . Type regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx doesnt work for me because of this icon ! C:\WINDOWS> << backspace does not work the small arrow any one having problems installing this worked for me
  13. IND-Bios_Config_App_v0.4.30 < not working on windows 10 says a file is missing
  14. some one made this MekaX Split it has 3 xbe files 1 for gamegear 1 for master systems and 1 for sg 1000 but it doesnt work stil the same problem
  15. so my problems is i have game gear master sg 1000 using all the same emulator <MekaX-v3b16>but i made a folder for each so game gear has the MekaX-v3b16 inside incl art video etc and so does master and sg 1000than when i start the emulators of course you set the correct path for art video roms etc ! when i close down the emulator and restart it gives me master systems when i change to gamegear it gives me gamegear on all separate emulators they all use the same emulator but they dont use the same folder ! so what do i do to fix this use another kind of emulator for genesis i use Neogenesis_v25b19 no problemsgame boy game boy color and gameboy adance using the same emulator but separate folders of course dont havy any problems they all lets same keep to them self and dont mess with each others settings or skins rom paths etc etc !
  16. dont have a led setup just this hdd led ,dont like led in general to much distractions ! wil post a pic tomorrow
  17. i made this mod for my self was lazy and i dont like soldering stuf to my xbox motherboard ! so i did it to the sata to ide adapter and it works the same
  18. i did it my first tsop it worked perfect but i stil dont like the 5sec menu thing installed indi bios 256 f en g
  19. so iam trying to flash the winbond tsop i insert the disc it says ! this launches resctool to flash a 256kb bioos to a winbond stop .once resctoox launches use the dpad to select advanced you need to be quick it only gives you 5sec ! my questions is what if i cant do it with in 5 sec ?? iam have dyslexia so i need time to read ,so after 5 sec and i cant do it wil my xbox be bricked ?
  20. all 4 of them work perfect 3 are orginal and never been opened 1 had a modchip i took it out and sold it ! so it needs a new modchip they need a bit of cleaning of course specialy the smoker xbox shipping to uk is 10 euros !! so its cheap other countries ask methese are 240 volts xboxes not 110vshipping to usa canada mexico north america is 180+ dollars !! i also have them on facebook UK OG XBOX Modders RetroMania XBOX (RMX) OG Xbox Fanatic (Modding/Buying/Selli
  21. http://diy.sickmods.net/files/Converter2_InstallDiagram.pdf
  22. i saw them on ebay like in 2015 ,maybe you can stil find one ,aliexpress also sold them couple of years ago ! if we can find out the maker or brand
  23. http://www.ombouwwereld.nl/microsoft-xbox-1-classic/xbox-1-classic-voeding.html

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