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This Was the Problem

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I bought a cheap sata to ide adaptor to do a 2tb install, after completion I was getting crazy long wait times for the xbox to even load it was such a disappointment .  Buy cheap buy twice!  I have a startech one now and it works fine completely night and day.  

This forum has helped me loads already thank you.

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I don't have any problem with this one, but I always change capacitors by panasonic caps, and check twice all solders.

This adapter only use 5V even if the 12V is conected


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I have 2 of the same and both work fine.

But the first of them had a solder bridge on the controler chip which i have fixed.

Maybe you have se same problem and maybe it could help to resolder the joints on the resisors and caps and power like i did on both of mine. The original used solder is horrible.

But i also have to admit that i bought both as amazon deal for 5 euros each so for me it was worth the hassle. ;)

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I have several of them  in use and I have only had one faulty in the last 3 years and that did not work at all.

I have had more problems with the IDE leads than the adapters.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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      i've had issue with filezilla so what's a better one?
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      i'm not well versed on how to interpret the readings on capacitors but my understanding is that the uf should go down as the cap is wearing out. i pulled a couple of 3300uf caps off of a board and they are both reading over 8000uf in my esr meter. i tried some new caps to be certain that the meter is reading correctly and it is. why would the uf go up on an old cap?
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      Hi, I soft-modded my Xbox (1.6) some years ago (I think 5) with SID 12.
      The soft-mod main dashboard is UnleashX. I moved it (the 3 files) from E:\ to E:\Apps and installed XBMC4XBOX in E:\ making it as my main dash (with a shorcut.xbe).
      On the HW side I replaced the IDE cable with a 80 wires one and installed a SATA III 2,5" Barracuda HDD (connected with the Sabrent ide to sata board. HDD blocked with a 2,5" to 3,5" mount)
      I installed a lot of Xbox games and emulators, never had a single problem but this one:
      Since the beginning it keeps resetting the time zone (it happened very often). I always set it again, in all 3 dashboards (UnleashX, XBMC and the original Dash) but it keep resetting. I remember when updating to the last XBMC version, it seemed to reset less often, but i can't tell for sure.
      I was some good amount of months (maybe a year) without using the Xbox and when I came back to use it I noticed the problem is changed. Now it reset all the date settings to 1 January 2007 (ironically the time zone seems to keep the settings now).
      The Xbox is always connected to the A/C power. I think it's a software related problem, because it seems to reset depending on the date. I gave up on manually re-setting the correct date and leaved it as it was. It never reset anymore. It started on 1/1/2007. It's been a months now and date keeps going corectly (If I set the actual current date, after one or two rebooting at max, it resets).
      For curiosity I checked the last @Rocky5 installer to see what has changed in the last 5 years (I have a lot of installers, old stuff though). I noticed this note about main Features:
      Clock auto set to 01/01/2019 (No more clock loops)
      It can be something related to my problem??
      I want to specify that I'm really good with my old SID 12 softmod, everything works 100% perfectly aside the above mentioned issue and i'm not even sure it is related to the soft-mod or to the fact I moved UnleashX files or something else.
      So, there's a way to solve it, maybe changing some settings, replacing files?? Otherwise, if it's a issue not solvable on my old soft-mod, I could consider to update it with the new 1.1.7 installer (hoping to not damage anything).
      If you need more infos just ask, thank you and sorry for the bad english.

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