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Can XBoX Games Be Read In Rar Format or Do They Need To Be Iso Format In Order To Transfered Over By QwiX?

Michael McBride

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Qwix is used to FTP the files in an XISO format dot iso file to the Xbox without first having to extract them from the ISO file.

Softmodded consoles can play games by mounting the XISO dot iso file using NKPatcher's driveimageutils attach application.  To the Xbox, the mounted disc image acts just like having the DVD disc loaded into the DVD drive.

Hard modded consoles can also mount disc images but the hooks to do so have to be added to the kernel just like softmod do.  There are a limited number of modified/hacked BIOSes supported. 

All original MS BIOSes are supported with a softmodded console.

Not all archives you find online contain an XISO format disc image (dot iso file).  some are already pre-extracted ready to FTP to a subfolder in the Xbox's Games folder.  Other's are archival dumps, so called ReDump disc images - these disc images have been posted by others that have matching hashes of a properly archived disc.  Redump.org maintains a database of which disc and the hash values of the properly archived data, not the disc image itself. These Redump disc images are exact duplicates of the original Xbox dual-layer DVD.


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