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Upgraded Hard Drive

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Hello, I've just upgraded my hard drive. Added a 80-wire 40 pin and with a pata to sata adapter.

It cloned just fine. I selected selective partition (C,e,f and g) as it stated G would take the rest of the space. It's a 500Gb hard drive.

But.. It says partition G is 0Gb available.. And F is at 120Gb. But XBpartitioner 1.3 sees G at around 300Gb. So why isn't it available for me to use? 

But really F can take it all correct? So no need for G..?


Okay, I disabled partition G and filled partition F with all it can have(it said 400Gb ish) and I wrote that to the disk with XBpartitioner 1.3. And now it says it only has 246Gb... Where did the rest go... I'm lost :D 



okay... UnleashX shows me under storage menu that is "sees" 469Gb ish.. But only available 246Gb... But the partition is empty???


Anyone got a clue?

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51 minutes ago, SS_Dave said:

What Bios are you using?

Some Bios's are set to no G drive.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like having a wank, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.



49 minutes ago, KaosEngineer said:

How is your Xbox modded?

If Softmodded, which softmod package did you use.

If Hardmodded, which BIOS is being used.  

It was first softmoded with Rocky5's xbox-softmodding-tool, and also now running BIOS ind 5004.67

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That is the sort of reason why I prefer to use Chimp 261812 for partitioning. I always have XBPartitioner v1.3 available for quick confirmation the correct cluster size for the extended partition(s) has been used but you can not beat Chimp 261812 for its simple, noob friendly GUI when partitioning a larger HDD. 

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