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Og XBox V1.1 With XBit (Evox 3.6)


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Hi all,

I just bought an OG Xbox v1.1 with Xbit modchip (Evox 3.6 bios is loaded). I still have to open it up for cleaning and checking if the clock capacitor is still in place.

Up until now, I had only softmodded my other Xbox.

So, what should I do to this one? Can I update the modchip's bios with Hexen Tools, or should I use the old updater tool for Xbit?

I guess I could still update the dashboard using Hexen tools, right?

I'd really appreciate your help! :)



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Looks like a very interesting board.  Did you Xbox come with the external board?  Do you see DIP switches anywhere?  Lots of room for experimentation on that board. 


I'd try to flash it with the HeXEn disc or with EvolutionX dash (using IND-BIOS 5004.67).  But, move right into cleaning the Xbox, removing the clock cap, replacing the thermal paste.

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3 minutes ago, KaosEngineer said:

You will have to use the X-bit PC software to flash the chip.  From what I understand about this modchip, it cannot be flashed using Evoxdash or other Xbox flashing apps.  Access to write to the flash memory chip is only available through the USB port via the X-Bit's PC software.

I already have the XP version of it.

Will try to use it with my Win10 box, otherwise I'll have to download a Win XP virtual machine to try it out.

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Found some time last weekend to clean up the board, remove the clock capacitor and put new thermal paste in.

So, the clock capacitor wasn't leaking. The other capacitors seemed to be in good shape, at least for a layman. No bulging, etc.

I removed it anyway, cleaned the board with ethanol, new thermal paste and called it a day. Processor temperatures dropped by 3ºC.

Here's some fotos I took during the process.









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10 hours ago, Frank D'Agostino said:

HELLO im looking for the xbit app for windows xp to run on my xp pc...does anyone have a download like for this solfware?? does the same app flash v1.0xbit and v1.5xbit?? i have a working chip running m8 now ...but would like to add x2 5035... anyone have flashing hardware???



Hello Frank D'Agostino

This all I could put my hands on at the moment


Hope it helps



SS Dave

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