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  1. Found some time last weekend to clean up the board, remove the clock capacitor and put new thermal paste in. So, the clock capacitor wasn't leaking. The other capacitors seemed to be in good shape, at least for a layman. No bulging, etc. I removed it anyway, cleaned the board with ethanol, new thermal paste and called it a day. Processor temperatures dropped by 3ºC. Here's some fotos I took during the process.
  2. I guess I'll wait a few weeks and get the Ryzee board.
  3. Thanks! It will be a bit more costly but well worth it. Are the 360 wireless receivers widely available?
  4. Hello Ryzee, I'd like to order one if possible, please. Shipping to Germany. How much would it cost?
  5. I just found this while googling: https://github.com/Ryzee119/ogx360 It's a board that converts Xbox 360's wireless receivers into OG Xbox's inputs. Since wireless Xbox 360's controllers are still widely available, this would cut it. Has anybody used it? What's your opinion about the Youtube videos about it?
  6. I already have the XP version of it. Will try to use it with my Win10 box, otherwise I'll have to download a Win XP virtual machine to try it out.
  7. Yes, I have some cooler Master paste that I'll also be using. There's the external board also there with the DIP switches.
  8. Hi all, I just bought an OG Xbox v1.1 with Xbit modchip (Evox 3.6 bios is loaded). I still have to open it up for cleaning and checking if the clock capacitor is still in place. Up until now, I had only softmodded my other Xbox. So, what should I do to this one? Can I update the modchip's bios with Hexen Tools, or should I use the old updater tool for Xbit? I guess I could still update the dashboard using Hexen tools, right? I'd really appreciate your help!
  9. Hi there, back in the day, I was using wireless controllers from Joytech. They were pretty neat! But currently, where can one find wireless controllers for our beloved OG Xbox? I can't find anything from Joytech (don't know if the brand still exists) or others.

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