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Found 16 results

  1. Boy, I sure am having a woeful evening. I just put my X3 console into a brand new spotless case, with a brand new never used X3 panel, and boy, does it look beautiful. Just like the box I built in 2004! I was very nostalgic and happy. All the lights were strong and bright and the screen is immaculate. Well, that was too good to last. After 4 hours, the switch panel lighting started turning off and on and making me nervous. Now it's just practically off, and only a couple leds are very, VERY dimly lit. Is this something that happens with the panels sometimes? Do I need to open this thing all the way back up and reseat the LED panel jack in the chip? I have a feeling that it's NOT going to be the problem, of course it's worth a shot. God, I hope this brand new X3CP isn't DOA... I'll check the cable tomorrow, but any advice is VERY welcome. This console has a lot of sentimental value to me, based on what it represents. Thanks, guys!
  2. I found this and thought it would potentially make a nice jewel backlight. They are paper thin, 10cm x 10cm EL panels. They are cheap and simple. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000511081220.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.3cc67ef9BTKbRB&algo_pvid=70858ccc-5276-4812-92bf-166bf11b0c47&algo_exp_id=70858ccc-5276-4812-92bf-166bf11b0c47-8&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"12000019280130651"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!CAD!!12.2!!!!!%402101d91e16555800182977430ed7b3!12000019280130651!sea There is a little inverter for the panel, but its small enough to fit behind the harddrive. Its powered by the extra molex connector on the startech ide to sata board. They come in 3.3v, 5v, and 12v. I got a few 5v panels, and a few 12v panels, since thats the available power from the molex. I thought maybe 12v would be brighter, but no, its the same. The panels are all the same. Its only the inverter that is different. Some 12v panels I ordered came with a slightly larger inverter that will not fit in behind the harddrive. So, if you order one of these, make sure its the small inverter that is included.
  3. I didnt find a price check thread and wasnt sure where to post this. But wanted to ask how much would this go for? V1.0 Xbox with X3CE + X3CP front panel + 200GB HDD
  4. Is as the title says. I'm going to be removing the metal shielding on the top panel to replace my jewel tomorrow and couldn't help but wonder if there's any point to putting it back on. Does it provide any real benefit? Maybe removing it could also help airflow / temps? Let me know what you think.
  5. Any condition considered, I don't need the X3 chip just the front panel. Doesn't matter if it has missing buttons or a damaged LCD. PM me with offers, thanks
  6. Hi all, I’ve just noticed that the blue leds are not lighting up on my X3 control panel bios bank switch buttons. They should light up blue when pressed in (on). Anyone come across this before? Know how I can fix it?? Ill take it apart and see if theres a lose cable cable or similar but that won’t be for a few days....
  7. Made an Arcade control panel using an original Xbox Type-S controller PCB Followed the wiring schematics from http://slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_wiring.html#PCB_DIAGRAMS And came up with this design... The 2 momentary black push buttons are left click (LC) and right click (RC) & the red one serves as an ON/OFF button. At first I thought I would have both left & right analog stick control , but that was not very feasible, at least for me( input welcomed if someone has wired up an analog control for an og xbox controller?) ... So instead I went with the d-pad for movement control. If there is enough interest I wouldn't mind making a build video for another one. Hope you guys like it! Thoughts & input welcomed
  8. I'm not sure what it's actually called (jewel?) but the LEDs that light up the ring around the eject button on my Xbox v1.0 doesn't work. I took the Xbox apart and tested the LEDs with my multimeter set on diode mode and the LEDs do light up (for those that might not know diode mode on a digital multi meter will usually provide enough power to light a LED). I then did a continuity test between the 3 legs on each of the LEDs to the connector pins on the back of the board and found not problems. I then powered up the board to test for voltage going to either of the LEDs and there is none., My guess is that corrosion damage from a bad clock capacitor (now removed) has caused an issue with the power traces going to the LEDs.. Is there a guide anywhere on fixing the trace(s) that provide power to the LEDs? or would it be easier to pick up power from somewhere else like from the leg of a voltage regulator or somewhere else? thanks
  9. Dear all I want to change power led color of og Xbox but can't remove front panel to gain access to power pcb, what is the easiest way to open it? Thanks
  10. Hi Im thinking about possibly selling my crystal original xbox with Xecuter 3 control panel but was wondering what it would all be worth before hand? It comes with: Xecuter Crystal Control Panel Case with original Team Xecuter LCD screen. N64's 1.4ghz cpu and 128mb ram upgrade Version 1.0 motherboard Xecuter X3 Purple Modchip 200GB IDE hard drive Xecuter X3IR kit fitted so you can turn the xbox on from the dvd remote Blue led's installed into controller ports Good condition and fully working. So just to recap this is not for sale I'm just asking what it would all be worth? If this is posted in the wrong forum please feel free to move. The photo below only shows the xbox has 64mb ram but this was taken before I upgraded it to the new cpu and 128mb. https://ibb.co/2K6zTV1
  11. Selling 2 x3 control panel great condition with all accessories works great one has to buttons missing but work great still $300 each shipped I’m firm on price
  12. Has x3 chip installed and 750gb hard drive 1 blue controller works great also has a crystal control switch it’s a blue halo limited edition Xbox asking 450 for it
  13. anyone has a Crystal 3CP front panel for sale i need it i am i norway so help me out pls someone sell me one
  14. I am looking for either a complete unit or the LCD front panel for of Xbox. If you have one or have any information on where to find one please contact me. Thanks!
  15. Looking for a X3 LCD front panel. What's out there? Message me if you have one available. I do have some trades available and paypal. Located in New Hampshire, United States.

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