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  1. Send you dm
  2. Yea that’s mine
  3. I have a ruby xcm
  4. This is a fair price for all the chips you shouldnt comment on posts that you have no knowledge what stuff is worth
  5. I’m selling my ogx360 it’s the 4 player option I’m including the receiver and controller to USB adapter to so your all set to use i haven’t used but once there isn’t any issues it is a cool product shout out to Ryan for making it but i just really been only using my wire controller so I prefer some one to have it and use it instead of just sitting there I bought the receiver new paid 30 dollars for it it’s an official Xbox receiver I paid almost 100 dollars altogether I’m asking 80 shipped
  6. So 160 dollars so far offered 128mb boards go for 80 dollars
  7. I’m looking for a halo green pro switch
  8. The panel with 2 missing buttons has been sold only one left

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