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  1. Acquired a green one as well. Just need a blue one to complete my display. PM me if you have one available. Thanks!
  2. X-Chip. I recently got one as well.
  3. Sourced a black and crystal one. Thanks guys! Would like a green and blue now
  4. Welcome! I hope these forums turn into the giant resource like xbox-scene was.
  5. I need to do this on my Crystal. It boots french and i have no idea as i cant read one word in french and i took that language in high school lol.
  6. Easy as in finding one? Not at all. I over payed for mine on eBay and had a member from the UK collect it and ship it to me.
  7. Do you have any more pictures of the custom mounted screen that replaced the ports 3&4 completely? maybe how its mounted?
  8. Custom Red LED controller Ports with matching Red LED Power/Eject Board. Comes with lifetime warranty. If one ever fails I will replace it for free minus the shipping cost. These are very bright and match 100% although the picture kinda takes away from how deep red these really are. $24.99 Shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Can ship worldwide. Other colors available: Blue, Green, White, Purple, Orange, Red Any questions, simply shoot me a message! Thanks guys!
  9. Welcome! Some of us go back to the Xbox-scene days when we had to hide from the big man and XBL with our modchips.

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