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  1. If anyone is interested id be willing to sell this for the right price, UK buyers only! I will not ship abroad. Message me if your interested
  2. Hi Im thinking about possibly selling my crystal original xbox with Xecuter 3 control panel but was wondering what it would all be worth before hand? It comes with: Xecuter Crystal Control Panel Case with original Team Xecuter LCD screen. N64's 1.4ghz cpu and 128mb ram upgrade Version 1.0 motherboard Xecuter X3 Purple Modchip 200GB IDE hard drive Xecuter X3IR kit fitted so you can turn the xbox on from the dvd remote Blue led's installed into controller ports Good condition and fully working. So just to recap this is not fo
  3. Re-listed due to time waster. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Xecuter-3-CE-Modchip/223547347458?hash=item340c75d202:g:8hwAAOSwCLxc8~oE
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Xecuter-3-CE-Modchip/223538636713?hash=item340bf0e7a9:g:8hwAAOSwCLxc8~oE
  5. Hi, I've got an xecuter X3IR installed and its all working but I have got a problem I cant seem to figure out? When X3IR is enabled the light around the power button changes colour, one side is red and one side is green? How do I get it to go back to just be green? Ive connect it up to X3 IR manager but there isn't a setting for changing the power button LED colour or am I missing something? Or is this just a feature to tell you X3IR is enabled? If I unplug the X3IR the light goes back to green both sides so it defiantly something to do with the X3IR. Any help would be much appriciated

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