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  1. Finally got around to building my arcade cabinet. The entire build was made as I went along, no blue prints or design plans were followed. Only thing left is the marquee artwork and a few cosmetic touch ups here and there... I think it came out pretty good being my first time ever building anything of this scale and using power tools What do u guys think? Any input is welcomed Parts List: - MB is a 1.0 w/ RAM upgrade - Kingston ssd - Wii2hdmi mod - Control Panel = OG controller - Thermostat - 12v Intel back fan - 6 port Power strip Speakers & Marquee plexi/LEDs recycled from broken Samsung LED tv - speakers connected to 5w bluetooth Amp pcb - LEDs Daisy chained & connected to 12v psu
  2. @Subieroadkill pm'd you..
  3. suwuj12


    @sinclairuser my pound cable is actually pretty reliable so long as the micro USB is connected. On my new Oled tv I was able to run at 1080p w/ pound but not with wii2hdmi.. I like my wii2hdmi better as it does not get warm at all, on the other hand with the pound being connected to a 5v source it heats up quite a bit more & if I decide to remove the power source I get crappy video with lines...
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    @SS_Dave thanks! And yes I agree it does portrude it bit out of the system...
  5. Is there any way to tsop without the original HDD? If so, can someone please elaborate
  6. suwuj12


    So I finished up my wii2hdmi mod, tbh it stays way cooler than the pound cable and lines that I saw on the pound when I didn't have the 5v psu connected are gone... Only caveat I have with the wii2hdmi is that on certain TV's, (in my case lg oled) I cannot run at 1080p, but I tried other TV's & monitors and can confim it worked on all the others at 1080p... Also if anybody purchased the same wii2hdmi version as I did then there is no labeled pads or extra ground on the backside, so I just doubled up on ground with 0 issues.
  7. @SS_Dave just coughed up the $10, definately was a paid member option only! thanks man, would have been scrounging "My Attachments" endlessly if it wasn't for you lol
  8. @SS_DaveIm in "My Attachments" but see no option to dlt any of them? thanks for the help.
  9. membership or not, eventually I would run out. Thanks for the info, but your response doesn't help me solve my problem. With your 400mb of media storage how do you go about deleting old media? @SS_Dave
  10. How can I dlt my pictures in order to make room for other images? I understand I must go to manage attachments, but where do I go to dlt the media after that, I keep looking around under my attachments but I cant find an option to dlt anything ?? thanks in advance!
  11. yes, I currently have a working ssd in my system. tbh i am a little lost on the dash location, where is it located usually? what type of file is the dash? where should I put my dash in order for things to work correctly? thank you and sorry for all the questions. @nikeymikey
  12. @nikeymikey ok I will do that.. after checking the contents what should I do next?
  13. I did use the HDD Raw Copy Tool, everything went well during the 4-5hr process but when I proceed to mounting it on my tsopd v1.0 box I get an error 13 code, I followed all instructions to a T, my only concern is that my downloaded file is incomplete at 1.56tb I thought it was more along the lines of 1.6tb imgc file... @nikeymikey

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