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  1. @eduardov94 yes, it is still available
  2. I also removed and reapplied Artic MX-4 thermal paste to both the GPU & CPU PM me for pictures as I cannot for the life of me delete old ones to make room for new ones
  3. btw i am located in the US, California to be precise
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BvkWEjrgyIz/ here's the link.. if you go to it there is a close up picture of my work. PM me if interested dont mind the yellow wire, it was only used to test the RAM through an XBLAST modchip, it has been removed.
  5. I'm trying to post pictures but for some reason I am not able to delete current images in order to make room for more since I'm over the limit... I will leave links here from my Instagram page... FYI shipping cost will be an extra $10 w/ insurance
  6. Just got back from a small trip... I will post pics rn @TEK Nemesis @patrickjburt
  7. Selling a tsop'd v1.2 mobo w/ ind-5004 bios & 128mb RAM upgrade... $80
  8. Selling a tsop'd v1.2 mobo w/ ind-5004 bios & 128mb RAM upgrade... $80
  9. All those wires are for attaching the PCB signals to a custom arcade panel I just finished building
  10. I have that done but what I am not fully understanding is in regards to working on the mobo for this mod. Specifically the (red wire) that must be soldered to the 2 pin & other end gets soldered to the stripped yellow cable of controller port 1
  11. Glad the info help you solve the dilemma with the RAM... Xblast's RAM tester is definitely needed to trouble shoot...
  12. How did you solder the RAM? Each leg individually or drag technique with the appropriate solder tip? If u dragged make sure u didn't accidently remove or bridge any SMT component next to the RAM pads if u look closely u can see that there are tiny resistors by the pads
  13. What was your source for the extra RAM ? I also just recently tsopd a 1.2 mobo w/ IND Bios 5003 & did the RAM upgrade & had no issues... Did the system work before the RAM & tsop? If u removed all the extra RAM u installed & cleaned up the pads from any bridges, then the only thing in mind that I think it could be is either a bad tsop flash or random solder splatter from installing the RAM...
  14. @KaosEngineer Thats what i did,, 3rd picture... i disconnected yellow wire from the xbox, extended it with red wire and soldered it to the 2nd to last pin on the mobo... Am i missing something?

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