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  1. I try to install games to Xbox . Dvd2xbox wouldn't launch so I connected the console to my PC to transfer the files and reinstall the dvd2xbox application. Transfer is normal no issues by nothing starts . Neither the HDD ready games I had and most the dvd2xbox . I tried music videos and work perfect every time . Tried to transfer other dashboards like unx emustastion xbmc and all work fine. The issues are always with games and dvd2xbox application . I downloaded "HDD ready" from an archive to further test if maybe my files are bad but same. Tested different versions of dvd2xbox same . In all launchers it just goes black and I have to reboot
  2. Oh, has this box been fun Started with no power at all, won't even blink. Opened it, 1.6 with Xenium Blue in it, bulging caps abound....bleh. Recapped (quite the adventure), but unsure of the work. Box powers up now, but red-lights with E09, HDD access. HDD sounds fine / feels fine, so it's either 1) IDE cable, 2) craptastic recap work ("recrap"? haha), or 3) incorrectly keyed HDD. Tested IDE cable, not an issue, same results. No way to test recrap, IMO. Working towards incorrectly keyed HDD, but don't have backup. Here's where the fun starts. Hitting the eject button activates the chip, boots to Xenium OS 2.3.0. Great, EEPROM tools: backup EEPROM: to the chip itself. Setup FTP / Telnet / all that, but ALL clients are showing empty when connected. How can I download the EEPROM backup off the chip itself? Have looked at disabling passive mode, etc. but can't get anything to work / show downloadable data. Remember when responding, no HDD access. Disk tools is showing "Lock Hard Drive", but doesn't work. "Format partitions" gives "Failed to format partition". Can't tell if it's recrap, HDD is actually dead, or just incorrect key. Any help appreciated, this has been quite the adventure so far. Also, if anybody in the San Diego area is doing Xbox work, PM me, zero interest in shipping. Several boxes on hand with various problems, including corroded traces, which I just can't handle at this point
  3. Hey guys so anyways, when I try to transfer xbmc4xbox via my windows 11 laptop, it gives me an error. The error says something about 255 or something like that, so how do I get rid of this error? PS: my Xbox IP address is configured on the laptop btw.
  4. Hey guys and gals, so anyways I’m just wondering if the original Xbox can ftp to Linux distros (Ubuntu, steamos, Debian)? I was just wondering because I want to transfer files off my steam deck but idk how to transfer them so I’m just asking how I can transfer files from the deck to the Xbox.
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to FTP music over to my F partition on my softmodded xbox but it does not FTP over and when I try to acces the F partition on my xbox it says Path not found or invallid. The E Partition works fine. Does someone know whats going on?
  6. Requirements: Single CAT5 ethernet cable. PC with an ethernet port. Xbox console. Configuring the network adapter: Connect one end of the ethernet cable to your Xbox and then the other end on the back of your PC's ethernet port. Go to 'Network and Sharing Centre' and select the first current Wi-Fi connection. Select 'Properties' > 'Sharing' and check the box labelled 'Allow other users to connect through this computer's network'. If there is more than one connection in the drop-down list, then select 'Ethernet' and click 'OK' twice. Next, select the ethernet connection. Select 'Properties', check the box labelled 'Internet Protocol Version 4' then select properties. From the properties window, make the following changes: IP address: Subnet mask: Default gateway: Once you've made the following changes, click "OK" twice. Download WinSCP or FileZilla, any client will do, which will be used to connect to your Xbox. Setting up network configuration on Xbox: (This section will only be focusing on setting up FTP for UnleashX, your dashboard may follow a different setup). From the UnleashX dashboard, select 'Xbox Admin' > 'System' > 'Settings' > 'Network'. Make the following changes in the 'Network' section: Type: Static IP address: Subnet mask: Gateway: DNS 1 & 2: Press 'B' once, when you are asked if you want to make changes to the configuration, select 'Yes'. Go back four times using the 'B' button, then scroll down and select 'Reboot'. Once the system reboots, the new static IP address will show up in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Connecting to your Xbox: To confirm that everything works, open up the FTP client of your choice that you have installed. Enter the IP address of your Xbox, set the port to '21' and click 'Connect' or something similar in your client. When asked for both a username and password, the defaults are 'xbox' (no quotations).
  7. I'm using WinSCP to ftp an xbox game over to my xbox. I know using ftp to transfer large files like an xbox game is slow, but the speeds I'm seeing are 350kb/s to under 100kb/s. Does that sound about right or is there a setting to have it go slightly faster? I know transfer speeds are going to be slow, but I thought they would be a little higher than that.
  8. Hi all, I've recently performed a rewrite of the TSOP (EVO M8+) on my PAL console, using the Hexen CD but i am unable to run backups. I've tried the following scenarios Game tested: Psychonauts PAL Original DVD OK DVD2XBOX OK FTP or Burned DVD NOK (gets booted back to unleashX) Original and iso are from the same game to eliminate other variables (ISO is also PAL) but it doesn't boot. Any guesses of what might be wrong? I'm more concerned about not being able to FTP as i wan't to remove dependencies from the hardware that can fail overtime more easily.. Setup that this was tested at: XBOX 1.0 TSOP EVOX M8+ Internal drive: Tested with IDE to SD card, and original HDD
  9. 519 / 5000 Resultados de traducción I bought an original xbox with a softmod and no harmod, I did some research and decided to load jet set radio future by FTO in the games folder in E: to see if it worked but when I started it it only stayed on a black screen, when I restarted the LED changes to orange after starting the xbox startup animation, but does not progress from there. I open the tray and close it but nothing happens. Any help would be welcome, because the xbox was a gift from my girlfriend and I don't want to give her the bad news that I broke the xbox the first day I dont have de HDD key, no backup or anything since i was new in this softmod topic. I dont care if i have to delete everything.
  10. I cant see anything in the file explorer and FTP doesn't work either. I tried to load a Bios from a usb but it file explorer is still empty.
  11. BulletWasp

    Ftp Issues

    So I now have my cable to try and connect my Xbox to my PC. I have filezilla set up, I have gone into my adapter settings on my PC and changed the IPV4 settings to: My settings in my Xbox are: STATIC my settings screen does not show me the Port or the Max No. of Users In FileZilla I have typed in Host: --- Username: xbox --- Password: xbox --- Port: 21 When I try to Quickconnect using FileZilla I get a Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server" error. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I have checked a lot of videos on Youtube, and it seems that I have entered everything correctly. Not being able to see the Port or the Max No. of Users doesn't help tho
  12. Good afternoon all (brief) thank you all for all your previous help in my endeavours This is more of a question and if it’s not possible then thats fine but google doesn’t understand my question i have 2 completely different XBOX’s a hard modded 1.0 and a 1.3 soft mod i would like to directly connect them together to transfer games over because I don’t have storage space or the time to FTP 500g of data on the original KODI XBMC you could enter a path in the file manager and directly connect to your PC server the Xbox file manager also has this server option. • Could I setup a master and slave operation where the receiving XBOX would have a normal FTP IP and the sending XBOX a static IP and be a host? I also have no idea how to do this lol but I would like to keep the 2 XBOX’s unique and not clone anything
  13. I tried to transfer games from xbox1 to an other xbox2 through FTP, and there were some games that can't be transferred. Tried to copy to PC from xbox1 then send from PC to xbox2, same result. Xbox1 did not have problem transfering the files before, I tried with an other xbox(3), xbox3 did not have problem either recieving this game. What is wrong with xbox2? Xbox1 has 2tb hdd, just like xbox2, xbox3 has only 250 gb. I did not mod xbox1, but I did upgraded xbox2 to the 2 tb HDD. At first I could not make a G drive, I had to upgrade the BIOS with hexen2018, then I could create G drive. It did not say what kind of BIOS i am flashing, I just selected the 256kb flash, then went to the "1.6 and 1.6b" menu and selected (f and g) option. I tried with multiple FTP client, flashfxp,filezilla,total commander, same result. Tried with different FTP client on xbox2, xbmc,unleashx,hexen ftp, dvd2xbox, some game that had problem previously could be transferred with dvd2xbox ftp, but that one failed too. The game is called "Csi - Crime Scene Investigation" but I am sure there are lot more games that will have problem while transfering. When I try to transfer CSI some files goes through and some can't be transferred, and flashfxp says "[13:32:37] [R] CWD /F/Games/Csi - Crime Scene Investigation/DATA/English/Shared [13:32:37] [R] 553 "/F/Games/Csi - Crime Scene Investigation/DATA/English/Shared": Directory not found." What can be the problem? Bad BIOS? I read that that "evox m8 plus" is the way to go, I dont know if I have this one or not, but I also read that this bios itself is not good because it does not support LBA48, and has to be modded... Is there a download link for the modded "evox m8 plus" with lba48 patch? And how do I have to install that? Through hexen? Can I do it without burning dvd? Thanks Also, some game listed weird, in theory they are transferred completly, but some of them appears as blank folders, others with weird characters https://imgur.com/cV8gQWm https://imgur.com/jfoN2uE
  14. I'm running a 1.6 Xbox, M8+ and UnleashX. I have a 500GB SSD and have transferred over about 250gb of games so far, and only have four left. Whenever I try to transfer over any game directory, I get this result from FileZilla. It repeats this process for every file in the folder until I cancel the transfer. This happens when I try to write to F:\games, but Interestingly enough, I'm able to transfer games over to my 5gb E:\ partition just fine. I've tried Windows' built-in FTP browser, but had no luck there either. Any knowledge on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Status: Starting upload of D:\Xbox Games\.transfer\Panzer Dragoon Orta\event\1078102_44s.wav Command: CWD /F/games/Panzer Dragoon Orta/event Response: 553 "/F/games/Panzer Dragoon Orta/event": Directory not found. Command: CWD /F/games/Panzer Dragoon Orta Response: 250 CWD command successful. Command: MKD event Response: 250 Directory created successfully. Command: CWD /F/games/Panzer Dragoon Orta/event Response: 553 "/F/games/Panzer Dragoon Orta/event": Directory not found. Command: SIZE /F/games/Panzer Dragoon Orta/event/1078102_44s.wav Response: 550 File not found. Command: PASV Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (10,0,1,3,36,29) Command: STOR /F/games/Panzer Dragoon Orta/event/1078102_44s.wav Response: 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for file transfer. Error: Transfer connection interrupted: ECONNABORTED - Connection aborted Response: 450 Cannot access file. Error: File transfer failed
  15. Hi, i've read over at reddit that there is some new Beta of UIX Lite which has an integrated FTP Server. Anyone know where to get this version? Eventually someone can enlighten me what those "usual places" are Thanks, Egon
  16. I'm trying to FTP a GBA romset to my Xbox but over half of the files wont transfer with Filezilla, I get the error message saying the file names are too long. Would I be able to burn the rom files to a DVD disc and transfer them to the console that way, or is there another solution outside of manually shortening 1000+ file names?
  17. Hi guys, My problem is that i can connect to ftp via filezilla and i can also download games from my hard drive but if i want to upload games it always says connection to server lost... and then retries. What i have is a Alladin XT plus and evolution x. Maybe someone knows the problem.
  18. Hi guys, I recently discovered all the cool stuff everyone has done on the og xbox. So Ive tried to join in. I formatted the 1TB drive and used indbios4.67 on a a hard mod old aladdin advance chip. Used boxexplorer 1.3 and had working on unleashx, but now f: drive is gone. I ftp games possibly more than 120gig. The f drive was setup to 920gb or what was left at 64 no ER, I followed a 2tb video on youtube to get full drive showing. When i open boxexplorer its still there. Does anyone know what might fix it ? Should I reformat and speard to g drive ? Any help is appreciated.
  19. Hi all !I have an Xbox Original which is hard modded (i think is Aladdin mod but not sure, see picture). I have recently being adding stuff through FTP method, which had worked great until now. I tried to boot unleashx instead of EVO X which am currently using, but i accidentally renamed a file (i think it was unleashx.xbe) to something else and now it wont boot. it shows error 21 and the FTP method wont work anymore. Booting from disk also is not an option.Anyone knows how to fix this? i head that a hard modded xbox is easier to fix than a softmod. I just need to access the HDD to just rename the file back to how it was. I tried using explorer360 (run as admin etc.. ) but could identify the driver in any case.Any help would be appriciated, Thanks.
  20. Hello , Ive been transfer my games over to a WD green 2tb HDD through FTP .. Everything goes good until I get to a point an games transfers start to error out.. I noticed in the Game Folders weird off symbols that are not in the folders.. Photo of HDD.. Would you say the HDD is Corrupted? I also thought I seen a WD green fix for OG Xbox but cant seem to locate it.. Thanks for any help
  21. Hello everyone! Something very strange is happening with my softmodded xbox and I really can’t figure what’s wrong. I recently got a used xbox in very good condition, cleaned thoroughly, clock capacitor removed, top notch condition overall. So, I installed a new 1TB WD hard drive (WD10EZEX) and everything went great. In the Hexen options I selected to make a big partition so I can put the games in there. So, long story short, I transferred a whole lot of games with FTP using a crossover cable, directly from my laptop to my xbox, since the Ethernet method gave me low transfer speeds. Everything was going great and at last I had a big library to choose and enjoy, even downloaded a big coinops pack! So, as you can tell I spent countless hours just transferring every day. I played daily for 1-2 weeks with no problems at all. Then one day, all of a sudden I saw that coinops was missing and some of the games also. To my surprise, they were magically deleted, and it messed up the games folders, for example there was just an empty folder with the game name and nothing in it. I couldn’t find any info online, so I decided to start transferring again and see if it will do this again. And at that point I started getting errors in Filezilla, half of the files were transferring and the others failed. The ones that fail are always the same files, everytime in every game. I even tried a different cable, but the result was the same. Another weird thing is that the later partitions (X,Y,Z) sometimes have weird files in them and other times are empty, for example at one point there was a 500MB file called gta3image.iso or something like that, and at other times, just random assorted files that it creates and deletes by itself. I never mess with those partitions, it does this by itself. The only partition I access is F which is the main ~900GB partition with my “Games” folder. So now, I’m with a half-broken xbox and can’t really tell what’s wrong. Any advice or info what may be wrong (maybe something similar has happened to someone here), will be greatly appreciated! I’m attaching a Filezilla report with a game I just tried transferring (25 to Life is the game), maybe someone could figure something from the report: https://pastebin.com/cCgfgpvf Please help me out fellas! Thanks!
  22. I have tried to copy an iso from my windows 10 pc using both Filezilla and FlashFXP but to no avail. It stops during the transer. On my computer it shows a single iso file but in both filezilla and flahsfxp it shows the samefile name with 2 isos. I always go with the larger one wrhich is over 7.2gb but once it reaches 4gb exactly it fails to transfer the file - what is going on? It's years since I transferred a single iso - any help greatly appreciated.
  23. Hey, So I recently hardmodded a v1.6 xbox with an Aladdin XT Plus 2 chip and a self wired LPC rebuild (cut the Lframe trace). That all worked perfectly and I was able to update the bios on the chip using HeXen 2018. When I installed a 2TB hdd and set it up using hexen 2018 everything worked perfectly (Unleash X dashboard). But now I am trying to actually put things on the HDD via ftp but EVERYTIME I try to connect, WinSCP gives me this error (see photo). I am at my wits end now and I have NO idea how to fix this. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! I can provide more data if that is needed for diagnosis of the issue.
  24. DHCP, PC and Xbox are wired ethernet. All devices in the same room. Basically one day it was fine and the next it wasn't. Its so strange. When I ftp to any xbox from my PC, it maxes out around 1mb on FlashFXP. I have tried from Linux using a different client. Also tried 3 different windows clients. I changed out modems and ethernet NIC. If I setup an FTP from one xbox to another, the speeds between them are great/normal like 11mb. I can take files FROM the xboxs to my PC at the same speed. This is not simply just a 1 xbox issue if you cant tell. Any xbox I hook up, same shit happens. I tried 3 different dashboards. Tried different HDDs obv. The only thing I can think of is around the time this started happening, I did the forza multiple screen thing through DHCP. However my setup has completely changed since then, and new xboxs too. I am really lost on what this could be. I feel like i have covered every single base, but problem persists. This has happened to me in the past and 2 things fixed it. One time, I changed the ethernet cable. Tried that this time, didn't work. It specifically happened after a windows update way back so i reverted to an old version and that fixed it. However trying linux I feel has ruled that out. /shrug
  25. New to the forum and to the topic in general. The console was given to me by a friend, it comes loaded with some version of Unleash X. I have been trying to connect via FTP to load more games (DVD reader is broken). Sadly i don't know the credentials and not finding any way inside the dashboard to go to the config.xml file to get them. I read about FATXplorer so I guess that if I don't find any alternative from inside. I can always just plug in and look for the file on my PC but I will like to avoid buying all the adapters just for a one time use. Couple of pics from the menus that I can access (In Spanish lol) https://ibb.co/XWMmkfn https://ibb.co/C8GHv9J https://ibb.co/kJ0y2tF

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