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  1. make sure your dashboards config has F and G enabled. Mainly UnleashX. If that doesnt work you may have to use chimp to "enable extended partitions"
  2. xplorer360 wont work because even the extreme2 version has a limit on what size hdd can be read I believe. Can try Horizon or Velocity-master. If you are hotswapping though its very hard to know what is the issue with the drive not showing up.
  3. WOW it was the DVD drive. Tried 2 DVD drives and both read burnt games, 3rd one worked. SO weird.
  4. So it doesnt load from even modchip mode. EvoX m8plus 67 bios. The dash is directed to E:\UnleashX\default.xbe on the bios. Loads other burnt games, and regular games. However hexen does what ive explained. With the chip off, the bios comes up as what it shows in the first post. The significance is that it shows retail bios but modchip? Weird. We tried 2 diff drives but one is very fucked up.
  5. Would Hexen crash/not load if i didnt recognize a bios or chip? I will try launching from root.xbe though thanks!
  6. So I have been helping a friend fix his xbox. We got the xbox flashed and modchip working good thanks to someone making a custom flashbios to support that chip. Whats so weird is Hexen will not load no matter what. From the HDD or the Disk drive. The xbox reads burnt disks of the same disk type/brand. Samsung drive. Right now, if you hit the eject button, the xbox boots modchip bios (evo m8 67). The xbox is a 1.1. On the non-modchip mode which is active when you power on the xbox normally, flashbios reads something weird "MODCHIP but retail bios 4817". Also doesnt seem to be able to be flashed. Never know though. The modchip is a AppleX-III so it only supports 1 256k bios. So I think when its off, it reads bios from TSOP but is in passive mode or something? Anyway its annoying. As I said burnt games work, regular games work(on both bios), and hexen reads in a different xbox. The xbox is PAL converted to NTSC but so is the xbox we tested the disk on. "stock" bios https://imgur.com/a/3aMPBCR
  7. Ok the modchip is installed correctly, the thing is, its doing what i said in the original post. Must not have any bios on it. So I need to enable it once the xbox is in regular mode, then flash it?
  8. just find the config file for unleash x, i think its called config.cfg or config.xml. open it in notepad, and ctrl+f skins. Actually i think you can go on your xbox and it tells you somewhere in settings too "skins path" or something
  9. To be honest I just prefer the default skins in the various color shades. the Ogxbox(this forum) one is very nice too, its clean. The one that comes with the jcrocky5 softmod is so nice too, once again very clean. Yes the small update may be worth it who knows. It should be as simple as overwriting the config file and default.xbe for unleash. dont change paths or anything.
  10. you can just ftp and overwrite the unleash files with the new ones. but i mean i think the last time unleash was update was 2007. Before you do anything go into your settings on unleash, and enable F & G partitions. the config file for unleash can disable them
  11. Hi I have been helping my friend fix his xbox and we discovered his xbox he thought was stock, has a modchip. The modchip is a AppleX-III. If the power button is held down, xbox turns on normal. If xbox is turned on normal, it acts normal. If xbox is turned on by eject button. The screen flashes white or something really quick then stays black but the modchip lights up. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/362246244011212801/506174229222522891/2222.mp4
  12. Nice! it worked! i figured it would. I really like this method of putting that installer on C! Very easy and requires noothing but an IDE PC.
  13. The HDD shows up in xplorer360 thats not the problem. I will try that soon KaosEngineer thank you so much man
  14. So I was wondering if this was possible. I remember MANY years ago when I was a kid fucking up my xbox dash and fixing it by transferring a softmodded E/C by Xplorer360. Would this work on a virgin xbox? To be clear: hotswap virgin xbox hdd to PC, open in xplorer 360, transplant softmodded C/E, boot xbox (should boot into unleashx). I swear I remember doing this to an xbox with a broken disk drive too. Does anyone know for a fact? It seems 10x easier than Ndure and shit. Also if anyone has a tutorial for modding an xbox with only IDE PC please let me know. thanks also if someone could upload their softmodded E/C from a PAL xbox or if it doesnt matter either. excluding emulators/games etc etc of course
  15. So I am not selling it myself or anything but I was on craigslist and noticed an OG xbox kiosk for semi cheap. The guy is asking $150, wish I had the money. https://worcester.craigslist.org/vgm/d/xbox-original-metal-kiosk/6686397802.html[code] [img=https://i.imgur.com/04KYv0H.jpg]

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