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  1. Hello.. Ive seen a Universal one floating around, but i have a Dead 1.0 PS and a good 1.6PS.. I was wondering if there was a diagram where id be able to splice in the 1.0 connector and remove the 1.6.. thanks in advance
  2. Its this "Bad as it Looks" or "Good at Looking Bad" With the Butter Knife Cut-out, faded messed up Red Xbox Logo.. I'm going with a Full Apocalypse theme here
  3. shes alive again.. Thank you very much
  4. Ok thats Kinda what I figured about the A18/A19. I Kept telling myself its only the 1st bank.. Thanks for the Clarification...
  5. sorry i know this is another FRAG Post,,, didn't want to highjack the one from the 12th or 14th... ok Xbox 1.0 1mb, Flash Tsop with Cerbios 256k with restoox. FRAG xbox... Did the Coma fix, needed both A18/A19 for it to Boot.. flashed Cerbios 2.01 1mb, Cerbios 2.2R 256k, Ind 1mb(not same times) .With Xblast, Evo from OG installer disc, OGXBox TSOP Flasher v1.7.2 thru install.xbe from E:\ .. But once I remove the A18/A19 it won't boot.. I'm I supposed to Leave this for good? or Remove it once it's booted before I Flash? also With Cerbios won't see DVD now that i changed after Evo flash.. so i Changed this to 0 but now get the error? I can pull cerbios.ini off hdd.. just thought this was weird ; Drive Setup ; 0 = HDD & DVD, 1 = HDD & No DVD (Legacy Mode), 2 = HDD & No DVD (Modern Mode), 3 = Dual HDD DriveSetup = 1 .. I seen a post about this to somewhere in my searching time for a fix... can't find it now Thanks for any help on this.. I just need to stick to Chips lol...
  6. I have aladdin XT and a Open xenium.. Since it seemed like the Chip wasnt getting Power I ran a Wire from the 5v on Power Supply Connecter to the v5 point from your Image and now it boots..
  7. sorry late reply got busy.. maybe it was bad connection but i got that SSD xbox rolling.. this other one that turns on and off. Should i make a new post? does the DVD and HDD need to be hooked up when testing.. The Mod chip was working but wasn't showing power. Maybe i can wire power from another Point?
  8. Well now it powers on and off Twice then stays on flashing red/green - Fixed looked like the Pinheader solder on the button was hitting metal (weird) - NVM it's back. .. Also noticed Mod chip wasn't Lighting up.. but was working hmm if i hooked up the Original it was booting the disc fine.. If i plugged in a ssd or a sata WD hdd it sound like the Laser was just moving back and forth.. then after about 5 mins it through a Error 21
  9. So I got everything loaded to the HDD but i get a Script error trying to scan games.. I switched hdd since i read the HDD may have something corrupted.. but with new hdd DVD drive going crazy trying to load OG installer
  10. ok that worked.. showed 64 now.. reinstalling some games and Roms again.. will update.. thanks guys
  11. this is all I can get on G Partition
  12. sorry didnt see you wrote... I was just uploading like 30 xbox games (Folder Version). Something most be Corrupted cuz Xbox Emustations keeps failing only when Scanning the Xbox games. (on G) it scans F perfectly fine
  13. sorry didnt see you wrote... I was just uploading like 30 xbox games (Folder Version). Something most be Corrupted cuz Xbox Emustations keeps failing only when Scanning the Xbox games. (on G) it scans F perfectly fine
  14. ok I'll give that a try thank you .. no i just did it once after install.. I just seen i can also you FATXPlorer to Transfer games..I do get filesystem corrupted error on that app.. i thought that was for x360 only.. so that works... thanks again.. i give it a shot
  15. Hello , Ive been transfer my games over to a WD green 2tb HDD through FTP .. Everything goes good until I get to a point an games transfers start to error out.. I noticed in the Game Folders weird off symbols that are not in the folders.. Photo of HDD.. Would you say the HDD is Corrupted? I also thought I seen a WD green fix for OG Xbox but cant seem to locate it.. Thanks for any help

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