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  1. Hi I've got the same issue with the lights too with a v1.1 and new aladdin XT replaced a aladdin advance. Clock cap leaked but traces seem fine. I get no video on screen. R7G3 possibly damaged, does SS Dave or Kaos know the resistor value. I put it back on the board but doesnt look very good ?
  2. Thanks Mate, your a wealth of knowledge on this stuff. These faulty DVD Drives are a issue
  3. Hi can you bypass the DVD, I keep getting error 12. I have a DVD which is causing system to not boot. I swapped a DVD with my only working one and I was able to softmod. Can i use the faulty drive for the check.
  4. Hi has anyone had much success fixing the dvd drives, I cant believe how crappy they were. Seems like everybody has a bad drive. I have a samsung and replaced belt, cleaned and installed a new laser and still no good. Is a modified LG the best option? How good is FatXplorer I got my 1TB running from it. So much better than the ftp that is hit n miss
  5. Thank you, I fixed the traces and is responding well. The 110 v, I don't think so. Possibly thrown away, I bought the switchable power supply back then as I built a broken US console from llama.com parts. Cost me about $50
  6. Thanks mate, yeah 3 traces need doing, where the arrow is what trace does that control looks like its broken too. Yeah the power supply, was originally US. Thanks for having a look. Very appreciated.
  7. Hey mate thanks here's the link https://postimg.cc/gallery/9ChfQ4z I would of went the 9000 hours but was out of stock. I tried most long life stuff. Looks like the gpu fan is dead unless it cuts in at certain temp
  8. I played last night and was going for over a hour playing a game. Then just turned off, it wasnt flashing and didnt hear the fans blasting. Ill check the fans later and see if they are working properly, I think maybe the gpu fan. I think the thermal paste takes a few days to settle as well.
  9. Hey mate what actually happened did it kill your hard drives, I think the adapter i used didnt have caps killed 2 hdd's
  10. Hi I recently got back to the og after seeing the clock cap problem. I have a version 1.0 that has trace damage from the cap. It works boots fine and replaced the thermal paste on gpu & cpu with MX4. I dont think its a heating issue. When I play a game it shuts off. On the dash the temps seem to be at 45 degrees Celsius 1. I am looking to preseve this for the future, is it possible this is a capacitor replated problem ? 2. This is a list ive tried to piece together with information looking around. Will these be suitable? for version 1.0 and 1.4 versions https://au.element14.com/panasonic/eeufr0j152l/cap-1500-f-6-3v-20/dp/2760316 https://au.element14.com/rubycon/16zl1500mefc12-5x20/cap-1500-f-16v-20/dp/1144693 https://industrial.panasonic.com/sa/products/pt/aluminum-cap-lead/models/EEUFR1A681 https://au.element14.com/rubycon/25zl100mefc6-3x11/cap-100-f-25v-20/dp/1144697 https://au.element14.com/rubycon/25ml22mefc5x5/cap-22-f-25v-20/dp/8126402 https://au.element14.com/nichicon/uut1c470mcl1gs/cap-47-f-16v-radial-smd/dp/8823200 https://au.element14.com/nichicon/uwx1c100mcl1gb/cap-10-f-16v-radial-smd/dp/8823022?st=16v 10uf nichicon wx 3. Are the Tantalum Capacitor better than SMD? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32983008282.html TANTALUM CAPACITOR, 10UF, 16V TANTALUM CAPACITOR, 47UF, 16V https://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=78134 xbox ultimate solid-mod Really appreciate any replies, Kaos & SS Dave really know there stuff
  11. I dont like wasting the old chip, I have aladdin XT coming too, but would the programmer flash the sst 49lf020 chip, as I can take it out of the socket easy. Also can I use the XT sst 49lf020A chip which I think is 1mb compared to the previous 256k chip to avoid having to rewire. the old points on the modchip are L2, L1, BT, D0 the XT looks different X, L1, D0, H0, BT Its a 1.4 Motherboard
  12. Thanks, What type of eeprom programmer and type of socket, would this do the job https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32960712710.html EZP2019 High-Speed USB SPI Programmer+12 Adapters Support 24 25 93 EEPROM 25 Flash Bios Chip
  13. I was booting from hdd, had a reflash crash and modchip i screwed now. Either get another chip or is it possible to use the softmod to get me to the dash and then reflash the modchip
  14. I spoke too soon, copied more to it and now f drive is gone again.

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