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  1. Sorry for not having given enough information. I will try to post something that is helpful if someone reads this in the future, who has the same problem. I no longer have access to FTP, I took those screenshots after I restarted the xbox, I have tried to connect again by ftp with the black screen, without success. I've been doing more research and I think the only way will be to make a hotswap or try to do it with the 007 game I have, which I have already made sure is the version that can be use for softmod. I will put an image of how to see if your version is correct for sofmo
  2. 519 / 5000 Resultados de traducción I bought an original xbox with a softmod and no harmod, I did some research and decided to load jet set radio future by FTO in the games folder in E: to see if it worked but when I started it it only stayed on a black screen, when I restarted the LED changes to orange after starting the xbox startup animation, but does not progress from there. I open the tray and close it but nothing happens. Any help would be welcome, because the xbox was a gift from my girlfriend and I don't w

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