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  1. Thanks everyone, I managed to transfer all the coinops massive package without any problems
  2. Maybe who knows... I had downloaded and transfered a "Coinops Massive" pack with many many games in it. Now that you said that, I'm afraid to transfer it again in case it creates the same problem and I'll need to reformat @KaosEngineer Do you think that may cause the same problem again?
  3. Yeah, that was it. It seem to have been resolved now and the uploads are transferring fine! KaosEngineer helped me through all the process in reddit and I'm really grateful! Thanks for your reply as well SS_Dave, that was the problem
  4. I've got the same problem, damn...
  5. Sorry for the late reply! I've been away from home all this time. Yes, it show ER next to it, here's a screenshot of my XBPartitioner v1.3: What does that mean and what would I need to do? How can I find out if it's been formatted wrong at 32kb clusters? Because when I select it/highlight it in the bottom right it says "Will use 64KB clusters", so I assume it automatically understands the size, meaning that it may be already formatted in 64kb? Please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone! Something very strange is happening with my softmodded xbox and I really can’t figure what’s wrong. I recently got a used xbox in very good condition, cleaned thoroughly, clock capacitor removed, top notch condition overall. So, I installed a new 1TB WD hard drive (WD10EZEX) and everything went great. In the Hexen options I selected to make a big partition so I can put the games in there. So, long story short, I transferred a whole lot of games with FTP using a crossover cable, directly from my laptop to my xbox, since the Ethernet method gave me low transfer speeds. Everything was going great and at last I had a big library to choose and enjoy, even downloaded a big coinops pack! So, as you can tell I spent countless hours just transferring every day. I played daily for 1-2 weeks with no problems at all. Then one day, all of a sudden I saw that coinops was missing and some of the games also. To my surprise, they were magically deleted, and it messed up the games folders, for example there was just an empty folder with the game name and nothing in it. I couldn’t find any info online, so I decided to start transferring again and see if it will do this again. And at that point I started getting errors in Filezilla, half of the files were transferring and the others failed. The ones that fail are always the same files, everytime in every game. I even tried a different cable, but the result was the same. Another weird thing is that the later partitions (X,Y,Z) sometimes have weird files in them and other times are empty, for example at one point there was a 500MB file called gta3image.iso or something like that, and at other times, just random assorted files that it creates and deletes by itself. I never mess with those partitions, it does this by itself. The only partition I access is F which is the main ~900GB partition with my “Games” folder. So now, I’m with a half-broken xbox and can’t really tell what’s wrong. Any advice or info what may be wrong (maybe something similar has happened to someone here), will be greatly appreciated! I’m attaching a Filezilla report with a game I just tried transferring (25 to Life is the game), maybe someone could figure something from the report: https://pastebin.com/cCgfgpvf Please help me out fellas! Thanks!

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