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  1. I'm just curious, isn't Hexen and the others meant for that? " to just flash a bios wihtout the need to install any apps, dashboards or what ever. " well yesterday I put in the Hexen 2018 disc to my tray, clicked on "flash the bios", took off the disc and everything was done. So how this differs from the other installatin discs? I am new to the modding area, this is why I am asking.
  2. yes I can see "LBA48 v3" sign in XBPartitioner 1.3. I installed M8+ from the Hexen 2018 disc, the F ang G version despite I have a 250 gb hdd now with 16 kb hash, a guy in a video said if I install F only version than later I have to flash the BIOS again to F and G
  3. Well, I flashed the BIOS to this Evox M8+, and the boot logo went back to the original one, and the circle is green by default, so I guess I don't have to do anything else, but good to know how to modify it if I want in the future. Thank you!
  4. I believe its a TSOP-ed Xbox, I opened it up and found no modchip, also I reformated the HDD with Hexen 2018 yesterday and it said "if its a softmodded xbox it will delete softmod and won't be able to boot this disc anymore" but it still booted after the formating. Bios: I dont really know, BIOS checker gives me only "Unknown" result, Chip type it says: "Hynix - HY29F080", XBPartitioner says: "LBA48 patch v3" and Hexen says its a 1.0 Xbox (also the GPU has a fan, as far as I know only 1.0 version xboxes have that) In EvoX dash it says: Kernel: 1.00.5838.01 and EvolutionX V+3935
  5. Due to some modification that previous owner made, when I turn on the Xbox it's working fine, but the circle is red,but there is no error at all. Its really annoying, I would like to change it back to the original green. Also, when I boot up the xbox the Xbox logo is blue instead of green. I would like to restore this too. Do I have to flash a new bios, or it can be done by only modifying a couple files? Before I reformated the HDD on the title screen there was a "Slayers 2.7" text, so I guess they made all this with that, I mean I dont know what is this Slayers stuff, but it maybe have to do with something with this case.
  6. I used XBpartitioner 1.3 when I first formated the HDD, Hexen2018 dropped me there automatically, but I just pressed "format table" but then I didn't format the F and G indivdually, it seems like XBpartitioner is not detecting the size of the HDD and because of this it formats to the wrong cluster.
  7. I think I found the problem... The cluster size was not 64k, it was something else. I re-formated F and G with the 64kb cluster, and now I could transfer the file. Thank you for pointing the problem !
  8. It says "lba48 patch v3" and I do have an ER written in that red block. I partitioned my 2 tb hdd with this XBpartitioner, 50:50%, I don't get it why it gave now an ER In my perfectly working xbox I use the exact same 2tb HDD I am using in this one. https://imgur.com/9fkLvNx
  9. I tried to transfer games from xbox1 to an other xbox2 through FTP, and there were some games that can't be transferred. Tried to copy to PC from xbox1 then send from PC to xbox2, same result. Xbox1 did not have problem transfering the files before, I tried with an other xbox(3), xbox3 did not have problem either recieving this game. What is wrong with xbox2? Xbox1 has 2tb hdd, just like xbox2, xbox3 has only 250 gb. I did not mod xbox1, but I did upgraded xbox2 to the 2 tb HDD. At first I could not make a G drive, I had to upgrade the BIOS with hexen2018, then I could create G drive. It did not say what kind of BIOS i am flashing, I just selected the 256kb flash, then went to the "1.6 and 1.6b" menu and selected (f and g) option. I tried with multiple FTP client, flashfxp,filezilla,total commander, same result. Tried with different FTP client on xbox2, xbmc,unleashx,hexen ftp, dvd2xbox, some game that had problem previously could be transferred with dvd2xbox ftp, but that one failed too. The game is called "Csi - Crime Scene Investigation" but I am sure there are lot more games that will have problem while transfering. When I try to transfer CSI some files goes through and some can't be transferred, and flashfxp says "[13:32:37] [R] CWD /F/Games/Csi - Crime Scene Investigation/DATA/English/Shared [13:32:37] [R] 553 "/F/Games/Csi - Crime Scene Investigation/DATA/English/Shared": Directory not found." What can be the problem? Bad BIOS? I read that that "evox m8 plus" is the way to go, I dont know if I have this one or not, but I also read that this bios itself is not good because it does not support LBA48, and has to be modded... Is there a download link for the modded "evox m8 plus" with lba48 patch? And how do I have to install that? Through hexen? Can I do it without burning dvd? Thanks Also, some game listed weird, in theory they are transferred completly, but some of them appears as blank folders, others with weird characters https://imgur.com/cV8gQWm https://imgur.com/jfoN2uE
  10. Caps dont blow up like dynamite, worst thing can happen is they will leak electrolite that can damage traces in your motherboard. And its really not a big deal changing them, I had 0 previous soldering experience and still managed to do it
  11. I'm sorry I missed that part But, I have a Samsung DVD drive in one of my xbox, and yea its the worst all of them, and I thought its faulty too, but turns out its not faulty, its just behaving weird. First, it only reads DVD- type of dvds, then when I'm in the dashboard, and I put in my DVD it does nothing, only when I reboot the xbox and during boot process it spins up the DVD and only this time its willing to load anything. If you have an other xbox dvd drive you can just swap them, or there are a couple normal dvd drive made for average consumers for PC that can be flashed and use it as an original xbox dvd drive. If these are not working, or the second thing is not an option then yea, only thing you can do is to follow KaosEngineer's method I guess
  12. why would you need to prepare a new hdd? I bought a 2 tb hdd and coming home from the store I put it right into the xbox and formated using hexen 2018 only It also installed the modded dashboard, but at first I did not have a G partition, never asked, so I had to upgrade the BIOS as well, and after that it recognised the 2 tb storage. Also you will need an 80 pin/80 wire IDE cable instead of the original 40 wire one. by the way, have you tried holding the power on button for 1-2 sec? I have an xbox where if I press the power on button it drops me to the original MS dashboard, but if I hold the power button for 1-2 sec it activates the modchip and takes me to the custom dashboard (xbmc in my case)
  13. okay I set my xbox to PAL in the Enigma ntsc-pal switcher, and now its launching. Thank you! Too bad that I have to set it back to NTSC every time to be able to play the others games in good resolution since PAL doesn't allow me to enable the higher resolution modes... what an idiot idea xbox came up with back in those days
  14. then why not just replace this 3 cap? But if its not leaking after 20 years why you worry about minor things like that?

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