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  1. It's OK I've managed to complete the swap successfully. Once both HDD keys were nulled I swapped over the drives, the previously soft modded console with the new 1TB drive booted to the MS dashboard no problem so I basically did a fresh softmod install and it all went smoothly. For the hard modded console things were a little more problematic, the C drive was full so I couldn't install UnleashX, so I installed it to E temporarily, then went back in and completely deleted everything on C which was a recommended step by Rocky5 which I found while googling.. after that I installed UnleashX to C and removed it from E and it worked. However the MS Dash and audio wouldn't work, and I was getting no loading screens when launching apps and games, maybe because I had deleted important files... however I went into the HeXen disc on my PC and extracted all the files that should have been on C, FTP'ed them over and now the MS Dash + audio all works fine. So alls well that ends well, HDD's are swapped and both systems are functioning normally
  2. Thanks, but unfortuntely I can't seem to download files from that site, it asks me to login when I try. It doesn't matter though, I tried using roms from FBA and they all seem to work fine.
  3. That's brilliant thanks, I understand all of that apart from the part about the shadow C drive. Am I right in saying that if I boot up the Rocky5 extras disc and install a dashboard to C from there it will install it to the real C drive? Or do I need to do more to install a new dash?
  4. I have a hard modded console with a 1TB HDD that I would like to swap into a softmodded console that has a 500gb and vice versa. I know that something has to be done with the HDD keys but I dont know the exact details and don't want to mess anything up. Both systems have config magic currently installed. The reason I want to do a simple swap is because I have recently backed up all my games to the 1TB and really don't want to have to go through the hassle of cloning with chimp and then backing them all up again, so if someone is able to give me a quick step by step on what I need to do with both console it would be really appreciated?
  5. Ahh you're a legend, thank you! However, it turns out I need roms for either Mame 0.134 or Final Burn Alpha for this emulator and they are nowhere to be found... the oldest FBA roms I can find are Is there any chance the newer ones will work?
  6. I was looking through an old page on https://xbmcxbox.blogspot.com regarding a full list of emulators for the OG Xbox, it's an outdated list but one of the emulators mentioned is Final Burn 1.1 which apparently can play several games at full 60fps speed that no other emulator can do (Turbo Outrun, Power Drift, etc). Unfortuntely no download link is provided and I cannot seem to find this emulator or any subsequent releases anywhere to download, all I can find are links to 'Final Burn Legends' and 'Final Burn Consoles'. Does anyone know where I can get hold of this emulator?
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, i'll give that a try.
  8. I've tested the game in two consoles and neither would read it, i'm really puzzled why they can't.
  9. I'm trying to play arcade games, certain ones such as Turbo Outrun, Outrunners, Outzone, and Donpachi to name a few. I'm actually using CoinOps 8 and Final Burn Legends btw so it's not just a CoinOps thing. Donpachi and Outzone have bad fps drops in CoinOps but run great in Final Burn on my stock Xbox, unfortunately Outrunners isn't in Final Burn so I'm stuck with the CoinOps version. But regardless neither application shows performance improvements with the 128mb ram, Turbo Outrun plays at around 40 - 48fps in Final Burn on both my regular console and 128mb console.
  10. Xblast defaulted to c:/bios but yeah I think you could just browse for the file if needs be. In any case unfortuntely the new bios hasnt improved performance for me, emulators perform the same as on my stock Xbox console. It runs the Chihiro games just fine and Xblast shows all four RAM modules are present and working so i'm not sure why i'm not seeing a boost with the emulators.
  11. I have an NTSC import game that my PAL hard modded Xbox can't play, it just sees it as an 11mb video disc. I was under the impression any Xbox that had been modded should be able to play imports? The disc is in pretty good condition so unless there's something i'm missing i'm confused why it can't be read in my console?
  12. Nevermind, I went ahead and did the flash and it seems to have worked, I got a few different coloured progress bars in Xblast OS then the console powered off and rebooted fine. I'll have to re-test the emulators now to see if they run any better.
  13. Ok great thanks i'll give it a try. Am I right in saying the BIOS goes in C:/Bios, then use XblastOS to flash? Is there any fail safes/recovering options if it doesn't work properly?
  14. So it turns out the Startech adapter was at fault, I swapped in a different adapter from another console and everything runs smoothly now. However i'm quite disappointed, the 128mb upgrade doesn't seem to have made ANY improvements to performance at all. I tried playing Outzone in coinops 8 and I still get fps drops to 31fps when the parallax effects kick in, and Outrunners still runs at around 40fps. I also found an app that can patch an.xbe to make use of the extra ram so I patched Splashdown which has some fps drops when all racers are on screen, but again performance doesn't seem to change with the patch enabled. At the moment it feels like this mod is completely useless, unless i'm missing something?
  15. Thanks, I decided to purchase an Xbox with the 128mb upgrade and just finished swapping the HDD for a 1TB. The Xbox came TSOP flashed with an IND BIOS, after swapping the HDD the intro splash screen is now very laggy and the sound is out of sync with the animation. I used a Startech IDE to Sata adapter, and the HDD is a Toshiba P300 1TB, not sure if the Startech adapter is the issue? Games seem to load fine but I would like to sort this out if possible.

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