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  1. great list! really useful! question, what does it mean "there is patch"?
  2. I found the problem, the extract-xiso.exe I was using was broken, so I downloaded the latest one from here: https://github.com/XboxDev/extract-xiso/releases Problem solved!
  3. Thanks! Already done that and resolved everything I asked except the 1.6 with NoDVD bios which still wont boot without a DVDrom drive!
  4. Ok, just did as video told, can't extract ISO, what am I doing wrong? I did exactly the same as the video, nothing happened, so I tried to extract ISO using command line, and it doesn not work. ISO is from Archive . com (redump) "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x (USA)"
  5. Its hardmodded and using bios EvoX m8+ noDVD 480p 256kb BIOS, dont know if it supports mounting XISOs. Regarding, the rest of your post, I dont understand, will have to learn a little about dashboards and stuff. Thanks for the answer.
  6. Hello, I managed to split the XISO of Enter The Matrix, but when I ran it, It goes back to dashboard. Im using latest EvoX m8+ noDVD 480p 256kb BIOS. Also, want to know how to mount an small XISO (I dont have or dont know how to create attach.xbe) It seems faster, safer, and better to have ISOS on the Xbox than millions of small files, specially, when transferring them.
  7. thanks. understood 100% and have to say this is a good thread
  8. sorry If I cant understand, my english is not my native language. The question I made for is because Redump isos are supposed to be untouched, pristine, perfect rips, so I understand from you that they are in fact, faulty, correct? If I rip a game by myself, this invalid tocs, or chars, are not going to be a problem, am I right? "XBox Games with to long file names" arent the same case, as they are probably mastered like that on the disc, but have problems with FatX. Am I correct?
  9. @sweetdarkdestiny interesting topic. I also downloaded redump isos. This is for all pressed discs, or in fact are bad dumps?
  10. This is EXACTLY what I wanted, thanks!
  11. this 1.6 xbox has a memory bios soldered, so it can be flashed with any 1.6 bios, there is no modchip. I did not do the mod, maybe this is the problem? never saw this type of mod
  12. they are all IDE drivers! hitachi, samsung, maxtor, old crap
  13. flashed that file correctly. it wont boot with dvddrive disconnected! good lord this is strange. hangs at evox+xboxlogo.
  14. No problem and what about a VGA bios for 1.0-1.5? Ive got 2 other boxes, 1.0 and 1.2
  15. thanks will test it later! I already tested your 480p bios and it worked great, just asked what was the real benefit and if why there isnt a VGA bios (to make a vga mod) so I can use it on my vga crt pc monitor.

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