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  1. is there some sort of grease (lithium grease?) inside the stick where the mechanism is? one or 2 of my controllers feel... sluggish? like if you move the stick all the way to the left, and then just let go it doesnt feel as quick to center as another controller. i cleaned out the thumbstick with alcohol and q tips but idk if theres some sort of grease that should be there. like the dvd drive laser rails.
  2. Does the function within UnleashX's skin menu to download additional skins actually work or is it my network?
  3. So i originally got my Xbox in 2004, i was 5 years old. iv'e kept it all these years, now a 19 year old college student. I've always been really into collecting for the original xbox. it's more fun to collect than the playstation 2 in my opinion. just recently i got around to modding my system, installing unleashx and personalizing it. i also took out the clock capacitor before it leaked. but now i'm looking into TSOP flashing it so i can put a 2tb drive in it. can anyone help me find the upgraded ide cables and the adapter for the drive? i can only find ones coming from china, and i much

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