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  1. Good to know! What grease should be used for this?
  2. I got the DarkMaster GT. If you see me, holler!
  3. I guess i take the same risks with ebay. I'll give ali a chance then haha thanks!
  4. you could replace the PSU, but i find that they're just as much as a console. Replacing the caps themselves seems a bit dangerous, but the PSU would definitely last a while after. weigh your pros and cons on this one.
  5. Is Aliexpress a good place to get supplies? i keep hearing mixed reviews about it.
  6. Sometimes you'll get lucky if you browse local listings. i got mine for $40 on FB Marketplace with a broken xbox (which is what i was actually looking for) and a few other items. the hd av pack gets confused with the av pack at times too.
  7. They take good care of their possessions over there for the most part as well.
  8. Learn how this man created a FREE energy source in 2 simple steps! Energy companies HATE him!
  9. my nose is my fume extractor, the smell of solder fumes going up your nose will put some hair on your chest
  10. I can definitely vouch for the Panasonic FR caps, they work well. one thing to note is the lead spacing on them is short, so they'll stand up taller when you put them in the holes due to the 1cm or so of exposed leads. Wouldn't cause an issue i'm sure, as i've been using them. But it's something to note. Edit: this was the case at least with the ones i bought on DigiKey. Actually now that i looked, i bought FR-A caps. still works fine. https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/panasonic-electronic-components/EEU-FR0J152LB/2504173 https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/panasonic-electronic-components/EEU-FS0J332/7381215
  11. hmmm. points look okay ish.do you have a multimeter?
  12. This is a work of art.

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