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  1. Does it boot to a disc? I can't recall as this is why I don't use this bios. The video below shows you how to edit the config.
  2. Is it possible you deleted that ind config on e:\? Usually ind is looking for that file and just halts until it sees that.
  3. This site is free. There are no nor will there ever be any pay walls to use this site in the way it is intended. The site is about a free exchange of information about modding and collecting for the Original Xbox. Really it's just a place for people who love that aging piece of hardware and have fond memories of it. It's not a site to supply you with downloads. With that said, it does have some... and you can gain access to them with time. Basically we don't want people joining just for downloads. We want people to take part in the community and exchange information with others about the Xbox. Some people have information that will be lost to time if we don't capture it and preserve it here. So if you're here just for downloads, those can ALL be found elsewhere fairly easily. Hosting and bandwidth are expensive, so we won't open downloads up to everyone on their first day. That will cause overage charges to us that we would very much like to avoid. If you MUST download from here today, there is an option but it is not what we are trying to push you to do. We would rather you take part and be an active member. We provide memberships for people to support the site which offsets some of the hosting costs.
  4. Go to the stock xbox dashboard and make sure the auto shutoff option isn't enabled. xplorer360 should see your extended partitions and allow you to transfer data to your drive.
  5. Thank you for the feedback. It was a lot of work yesterday. I'm glad it's over.
  6. All, I will be performing server maintenance shortly. During this time, you will experience website outages. Do not be alarmed or concerned by this. This has to be done from time to time. I'll post here when it is complete.
  7. No explanation needed or should be given. It is not inherently racist even though MANY people try to make it that way these days. Leave it alone. Don't inject racism where there is none.
  8. The hard drive is locked to the motherboard. It will take someone with an eeprom backup of YOUR motherboard. It can't be just any one. They all have a unique key. There is a chance that it can be unlocked with the master password, "TEAMASSEMBLY" or "XBOXSCENE". An eeprom reader MAY work but since the board isn't booting up, the odds aren't good. A physical eeprom chip transplant can be done. Lastly, the hard drive itself could just be dead.
  9. Of course. Do you still have the game you used to run the exploit? Splinter Cell, Agent Under fire, Mechassault, or now THPS4.
  10. Thanks for joining and thank you for the generous donation. I am now upgrading you to a VIP member.
  11. HAHAHA me too. I laugh every time I read it.
  12. Awesome man! It looks great! Welcome to the forum!
  13. I see you post over at AG. I'm very glad to have you here. We just started not long ago and are trying to build this forum up as much as possible. If you have any suggestions please let us know.
  14. That is awesome! I enjoyed going through it and referencing it.
  15. Except it says it's a 1.4 and it can't be. Xcalibur video encoders only existed on 1.6 and 1.6b.

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