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  1. Hi There.

  2. Hello! Why Wont My Disk Load?

    What game is it? Often times this is because not all of the files are there.
  3. New Member Ahoy!

    Awesome! Welcome. I have a very similar story.
  4. Questions and Other Stuff

    This is not the best place to request videos. This is mainly so Rocky5 can assist you with non-bug related issues with his work. This is outside of that scope.
  5. Game Night 9/23/17 8pm Eastern

    I've got the room up. It's Arena/Xbox/FIrst Person Shooter/Halo/Halo NTSC-NorthAmerica/bcfosheezy We're going to play games other than this... but it's a vacant room so it makes sense. Once you're in the room we can play whatever we want. The password is "eeprom".
  6. Game Night 9/23/17 8pm Eastern

    Please download and install Xlink Kai. Go to configuration and set your port to 30,000. Port forward both TCP and UDP ports 30,000 in your router to your pc that is running xlink Kai. Do this BEFORE game time, so we can help you. No help will be given after that. Post the System Link Original Xbox game you like to play. Join the discord voice chat.
  7. My New Limited Edition XBox Consoles

    Bag, headphones + receiver, orange mem card with cap, live demo disc w/sleeve, live video disc w/sleeve, instructions.
  8. How To Install an Aladdin XT Plus 2 Modchip in a 1.6 Xbox

    There are many that say to cut trace because grounding lframe draws more current than the mcpx should be able to tolerate. That is true. There is no debating it. The problem is... many have been done this way for over 10 years with no issues. If they were actually going to be a huge issue, they already would have been. So there is no cause for concern. Do whatever you feel comfortable with.
  9. Just Got a XEnium Chip What Are My Options

    Use it in one of your 1.6's. When you do, just make sure you use a 1.6 bios. It doesn't really matter which one.
  10. Amd Duo X2 / Duo X2 Gs

  11. Amd Duo X2 / Duo X2 Gs

    Could you post a picture of the other as well please?
  12. Game Night Instructions

    https://discord.gg/BK2Pkgt is a permanent link. Sorry about that. I don't mind using yours. I'll need to get with you and make sure I have the correct settings for it.
  13. Ide To Sata Adapter Comparison

    Results Below! I compare load times while controlling all variables of the startech ide2sat2 adapter vs the cheap adapter that most people recommend. There are significant differences in both price and performance. cheapo ux bootup 2:28 - 3:09 = 41 seconds halo 2 load 4:11 - 4:56 = 45 seconds coinops dd3 5:42 - 6:25 = 43 seconds startech ux bootup 8:00 - 8:20 = 20 seconds halo2 load 10:05 - 10:25 = 20 seconds coinops dd3 10:57 - 10:40 = 43 seconds CoinOps was 43 seconds for both tests. This implies that the wait isn't due to throughput of the storage device but rather the zip extraction of the cpu.
  14. Hello New Person Here !

    I'm glad to hear that you found us on google. I spend a couple of nights a week working on this site's SEO. I started modding with the Xbox and just fell in love with it. I think everyone else here did too. I'm very glad to have you here.
  15. Glossary of Terms

    That point has already been discussed and put to rest. Please read the entire thread before you jump in. If you have a new point to make, I'm more than happy to discuss it. If it's already taken place, which this one has then I don't think there is any usefulness in rehashing it.

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