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    Hey all, looking to sell my Halo 2 Special Edition unit modded with an Xecuter 3 chip, and fitted with an Xecuter 3 CP- a rather desirable setup for the enthusiast. It has not gotten the attention that I would have liked, so I'm looking to sell it, necessary cables, and a controller for $260. System is in great condition, and functions 100%. System also has a 250gb HDD.
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    I've been asking around at different sites to try and see what FPS's were able to be ported to the xbox. I've had a lot of information but without any results. So far I know of these from the PC will work. 1.Alien Vs. Predator: Gold Edition 2 Descent II 3 Doom 4 Doom II 5 The Ultimate Doom 6 Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment 7 Final Doom: TNT: Evilution 8 Duke Nukem 3D 9 Heretic 10 Hexen 11 Rise of the Triad 12 Shadow Warrior 13 Quake 14 Quake II 15 Quake III Arena (Featuring Homer Simpson vs Darth Vader) 16 Zombie Crisis I found these at this link here. http://digthatbox.com/2011.02.27_arch.html#1298943709066 I also found these games listed on eBay. The seller's Xbox had a lot listed here. Star Wars Doom _______________________________ Doom II: Hell On Earth Herian Herian 2 Biowar Dimensions of Time Wolfenstein Nocturnal Mission Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny Wolfenstein Second Encounter Quake: ________________________________ Quake/Hipnotic Quake/Rogue Quake III Arena Shadow Warrior: ________________________________ Wanton Destruction Twin Dragon In Time Lo Nukem Last War Park Rampage Warrior Tai Wang Tonight Never Ends Wang Bang Heaven When I Was Young ______________________________ Any help with links to these or if someone had made a game pack of these on the Xbox then please let me know. Thank you so very much for any links and or information of other games , expansions, or mods Thankyou.
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    Omg the x3cp's with xtenders....I can't even
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    Wow, all pics/collections are impressive. I've only just started so only got ogxbox, Dreamcast and xbox360 and have only rgh'd the 360 and softmodded the og. I have a long way to go
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    I only peel the end up and leave the rest attached. They lay back down pretty good once I have the screws back in.
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    I already have in my hands XCM Ruby and Crystal, i think the quality is very medium. I never pay so much for that.
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    Here’s my latest: I also have a Skeleton, Kasumi, & Pure White all coming in from Japan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I have one that's not bad in shape, i might be willing to part with it. Only Thing wrong with it is the fan clips are removed, but then again u can install an 80mm custom fan that way.
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    Actually it is the fan shroud you are seeing. I'm currently doing up a build log over on imgur you can find it here..
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    Came across a beautiful selection of wiring diagrams for a bunch of commonly found mod chips. These images are in high-quality HD very easy to read can be downloaded and zoomed in to read perfectly. I am not the Creator of these pictures. The Creator is YouTube channel techno on top. This person normally does Xbox mods on YouTube. There's a video where he shows each of these pictures for 1 minute. I merely took a screenshot of each. Thought it would help out the community here. In any event I hope somebody could use these images. Please pass them around and enjoy Wiring Diagram More common Hardmod Chips.7z
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    Feedback and suggestions can be left in here. Note: XBMC is limited, so I can only do so many things.
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    I am new to these parts but not to Xbox. I have had modded Xbox consoles for years. Glad to find this community and I hope to contribute in my spare time. I'm currently running a version 1.0 TSOP. I've upgraded the HDD to a 700GB 7200RPM SATA HDD and added the IDE to SATA bridge with a 80 wire IDE cable. I don't remember what DVD Drive I originally had in this one but it has a newish Samsung Drive in it now, works great. The inside I left mostly untouched save for a bit of cleaning and new thermal paste (Arctic Silver). Anyways everyone, see you around!
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    Picked up a $5 Xbox off of local buy and sell site in Ontario Canada. Got the Xbox working notice it had a modchip got the modchip working it was a xenium chip.. when I was in the mod chip options I noticed that there was a bunch of skins five in total. I contacted a few of my friends who told me that these are very hard to come across some may even say rare. So now I upload to everyone in the forms here. Please download and enjoy these beautiful hard to find skins. And please share and pass these around. Use 7-Zip to unzip Thank u Frank
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    Welcome! These are my personal Themes I've created through the years. With each Generation, they gradually get better! I plan on making more in the future so please be patient... Themes have been moved to my Facebook page where I can manage them better. Sorry for the inconvenience. Just give me a PM facebook.com/n163lph03n1x. Instructions: Connect to your Xbox Via FTP program and upload the file to the folder where your themes are located. (Ex: E:/Dashboard/UnleashX Themes). !!! Please remember to assign the UnleashX Themes folder in the Xbox Settings so they'll show up in your UnleashX Skins Category !!! On your UnleashX Dashboard go to your system category and assign your new skin under UnleashX Skins. Please Enjoy N163LPH03N1X IceBlueUX SharpGreenUX ViolentRedUX FenixAmberUX ApexBlueUX ApexBlue2UX DetoxGreenUX CytexRedUX Xecuter3BlueUX DarkTechUX DarkTech Enhanced EmeraldComplexUX SkarletPrototypeUX Heliocentech HD CrytechGenesis HD ExoTechVirus HD Xenon Interface X HD (New) Donation Only Video Preview: http://n163lph03n1x.wixsite.com/home https://www.facebook.com/N163lph03n1x/ https://twitter.com/n163lph03n1x
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    Hi decided i should make a small presentation. Im Ben, im 24 years old I live in Quebec Canada. i started modding about a year ago and it quickly became a passion. always loved the og but i think its really this group that help me and pushed me to dive deeper in the modding and collecting sceen. I have two professional diploma Electricity and car bodywork. i guess that give me a good base for modding. Im here mainly to keep on learning and share my creation with you guys. also im looking to full set the og and get some rare console in the process. Here is my lastest project its not finish yet ill probably repair and paint the case and do a printed window mod maybe add and hdmi port too on this i wish you a good day and im looking foward to speak with other people that love the og as much or even more then i do
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    Case mods seems appropriate, but this applies to every xbox ever opened. The rubber feet are very nice to remain intact. whats everyone using to stick these back on, the factory stuff is perfect.
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    Putting a pack together for Ninja?
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    I usually get in about 2-3 weeks, right now is Chinese New Year so good luck lol.
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    How much for green Microsoft controller ? I can chuck internals from a black one in there. Then I will have two green controllers for my halo Xbox.
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    A couple of weeks ago I decided to do a removable LCD screen mod that plugs into the controller ports. I'm thinking of raffling this to help support the website. What are your thoughts?
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    If you're talking about the one listed for $349.99, it's a decent deal. It comes with some pretty heavy hitters for games, and the console looks pretty good. You should expect to pay a minimum of $250 for a good condition Mt Dew box these days, without any goodies.
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    Thanks for the reply Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I just came on here to get the files here is the command line version, just drag you folder onto the bat file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OKjpHHJoIXtlaPvQ7D-B3GGSTDmDrtV3/view?usp=sharing if that doesn't work then I haven't a clue why.
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    For folks that have done this mod, are the advantages you gain from adding RAM worth the effort involved? Where do you really notice the difference in playing a game for example. Is it like night and day or just a little bit faster?
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    Thanks for the advice Cory
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    try ghost case, i mean, they aren't as good but sometimes they have the Ruby in stock. I am also in search of a pristine Xcm Ruby case. have been for a while but every time i find one I'm too broke to buy it.
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    yea it sucks someone was saying a crystal xcm case sold for $500 by itself or something !
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    Hi everyone, So glad I found OGX! I decided to dig out my old modded Xbox last week for my kids to look at and I've been hooked ever since - My Xbox one hasn't been turned on since. lol The reason I'm hooked is because of all the hard work that's been happening since I put mine into storage! I'm frankly, blown away by the quality of the skins and media that's available- so much effort must have gone into compiling it all... Thank you! I now have my Crystal Xbox installed back in my living room.. Looking forward to experimenting with different setups and hopefully contributing, once I've cleaned all the cobwebs off. :-) Cheers!
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    Thanks for the info on the startech ide2sat2 adapter. I was about to but a cheapo. :-)
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    Hi Cory, nice to meet you, i'm from France, my xlink name : Yo2 See you
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    Hello everyone. thank you for having me here. My name is Cory Im from Thornton, Colorado and Im 21 Years old for the most part I collect original Xbox consoles, games, controllers, and other rarities of that sort. Currently i have a pretty decent collection of games, both sealed and open CIB. I currently own a green Halo ed. console with a 500 GB IDE upgrade, a Ghost Case light green console with a LED and jewel upgrade and a 250 GB IDE, and 8-10 extra baisic consoles. are all soft-modded with UnleashX or EvoX and all of the others have Varying HDD upgrade sizes. I have kept all of my original HDDs as well and marked them to match each of the consoles .My favorite Games to play on Xlink Kai are Steel Battalion LoC, Battlefront II, Halo 2 CE (mod for H2 making it more like CE), Crimson Skies, and Conker: Live and Reloaded. my Xlink name is DefinitiveDefeat. I have had a few mod projects, although my hard-modding skills are very light, I have a few Original Xbox case mods, HDD upgrades, LED installations, Jewel Replacement/Customization and Disc Drive replacements. I Have yet to do a Chip installation of any kind, and have yet to actually attempt to do so. What I hope to gain from joining here is more knowledge on my favorite piece of hardware and pay close attention to any kind of knowledge I can gain in hopes to eventually do a chip installation and more. as time goes on I hope to share information I find here as well. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope to eventually Play with you guys on Xlink and maybe here soon I will do a video or a couple of pics of my collection/projects thus far. Thanks again! Cory
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    I'm In! Interested! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    So I stumbled across the PS1 emulator for the original Xbox and I thought great. So I load it on a bunch of games and to my disappointment a lot of them did not run great. Game such a Silent Hill and Resident Evil some of the consoles best. The original Xbox could not handle some of the graphical demands the PS1 could deliver. So I took it upon myself to see what is available to run good on pcsxbox v22b22 I loaded on an FTP over over a hundred original PS1 games. And I tested every single one over the course of a couple days. The results are in. Now I know emulation is not perfected for the PS1 but I wanted to know what kind of a game list I could put together with what is available now Surprisingly to see frames per second in some games did not matter. I am including frames per second in the list. But please look past it. This does not mean the game is not running good.. a game could be running as little as 10 or 12 frames per second and still be totally playable if you did not see the frames per second in the top left corner of the emulator.. Every game in this list below is totally playable on this emulator running 1.5 core version I did not change anything and I booted the cue file. Here is the list of what has passed play ability test so far (dec 26 2017) Batman Forever the arcade game - 20 FPS Bomberman world - 30fps Bust-a-move 99 -17fps Bubble Bobble featuring rainbow Islands -45fps Bust A Move 4 -17fps Capcom vs SNK Millennium fight - 22fps Castlevania Symphony of the Night -25fps Diablo -17fps Doom - 13-15 fps Evil Dead Hail to the King -30+ fps Grand Theft Auto 1 -20+ fps Guilty Gear - 12fps King of Fighters 99 - 20fps Megaman X3 -25 fps Megaman X4 - 25 fps Megaman X5 - 25fps Megaman X6 - 25 fps Mega Man 8 - 25 fps Parappa the rapper - 12 fps Marvel superheroes - 18 fps Marvel vs. Capcom - 18 fps R types - 25 fps Strider - 20fps Strider 2 - 20fps Street Fighter Alpha 2 - 20 fps Street Fighter Alpha 3 - 15 fps Street Fighter collection -17 fps Street Fighter collection 2 - 17fps Super puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo - 25fps Wild Arms - 15 fps X-Men vs. Street Fighter - 20 fps Tekken - 12 fps I physically played and tested over 60 to 70 PS1 games. These are the games that made the cut. Please keep in mind even though the frames per second maybe low for some reason these games can pull it off. It seems to me like it can easily run side-scrolling type games. Or 2D Fighters very well. Eventually I will be adding more to this list as time goes by. If anyone wants to add any other games feel free below. PS I know that there are lists that's a what this emulator can emulate. But I have actually tested these myself. Thanks for reading and have a good day
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    Okay, I have successfully flashed my first Sharp bios. Funny story, I didn't even know these were rare until after I was already done. This was simply the first console in a stack of a half dozen or so I had to do tonight. I just googled how to flash a sharp tsop and away I went. I was never able to get a proper disc working for use with the Eurasia tool. I ended up using the Hexen disc to flash it. I had to manually copy over the 1mb bios file over using the file manager inside Hexen first, then it was pretty much straight forward after that. Fun fact: Gentoox didn't like my 1st party S-controller at first. Found out it was the USB stick I had plugged into it. (my controller has a usb socket wired into one of the memory card slots, where I keep my softmod files on a thumb drive). Once I removed it. Gentoox worked just fine. I have one more version 1.1 motherboard with a Sharp TSOP bios chip on it, if anyone else would like it. It's not modded yet. I'd be happy to trade it with someone for another motherboard and some additional value - maybe a 128mb memory upgraded mobo?
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    Yes, Xecuter 2 BIOS Manager (X2BM v2.3) is used to flash this X2 modchip connected to a Windows PC's ECP/EPP parallel printer port. (Win9x / 2k / XP work not sure if it will run on anything newer.) --edit-- Doesn't start correctly on windows 10. Must enable compatibility mode Windows XP (Service Pack 3) for error-free startup. However, as my FFC cable to connect external programmer board to modchip is messed up, I cannot verify that it can actually program my X2Pro modchip. --end--
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    All this seems very interesting, a pity that the links are no longer valid Would it be possible to have new ones please, thank you
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    nm found it I think for IND Filename: c:\mslogo.bmp Specifications: Size - 200x34 Format - 24bit Transparency Must be enabled in the INI, MSLOGOTRANSEN=1 Default color is in RGB - FF 00 FF or Hex - 0xFF00FF To Overide color, MSLOGOTRANSCOLOR=<hex>
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    I have the exact same screen mounted in the dash of my truck...I use it for my backup camera screen. It's fairly decent given it's price.
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    Just jumping in, I had some bad luck with cheap sata-ide converters, buy the startech adapter, I had bad luck (fried a drive) The startech product seems to be the best. it also has a built in molex splitter which simplifies life when cloning the drive) the model name is "ide2sat" Ive used some very cheap ide cables i found on a canadian site http://www.cablesalescanada.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=480_641_646 they only had the 36 inch cable available but it works just fine and its kinda nice with the added slack... ide folds really well, get creative with cable management. Another thing ive had happen was a bad dvd drive (i like to use the hexen disc) it wouldnt read anything. so i left the stock dvddrive connected to power in xbox (connected ide cable to pc drive powered unit using startech splitter), with a disc in the xbox drive (tells xbox its reading a disc) and the hexen disc in the pc drive it booted the software and i was able to finish my install Rockys softmod kit works really well and the instructions are clear... (im not sure he includes the drive explorer software in the kit) you will need a usb drive that is smaller than 4GB which i had a hard time finding... you can make a xbox-usb adapter if you have a donor female usb (typically the end of a usb extension) What i did was sacrificed a third party controller for the controller port cord BUT when i had made the xbox-usb i had the male end left over from the extension cable so i soldered that onto the end of the gamepad cord... well!! now i had a pc game pad and if you simply connect the male usb end to the female xbox-usb end the gamepad stilll works on the XBOX!!! very cool.
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    This past weekend I decided to do it myself and board is working great. Lot of flux and patience. I’ve purchased these with great success as well. As far as difficulty, I found it to be a 7/10 but most was nerves not having done it before. Here are pix of my first attempted (and successfull board). My advice, don’t be afraid to try if your comfortable with a soldering iron. You can’t go wrong buying one either, prices are very fair. Good luck
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    Wow Frank, thank you so much for sharing! These are the best I have seen!
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    thanks frank. your contribution is appreciated and they are tucked away for a rainy day.
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    The round cables are too stiff to fold to fit the case. A flat 24" cable works best flipped end-to-end compared to normal PC installation. HDD connector to motherboarfd and vice versa. A flat 18-19" cable requires many folds and twists with a tight fit. A 24" cable works much better. Connector on the left goes to the motherboard IDE header and on the right to the HDD. The DVD drive attaches to the center connector. Original Xbox 80-wire IDE Cable Specifications ============================================================================ 7.5" centers between MB and DVD drive connectors 14.5" centers between DVD and HDD connectors |<--------------------------22" overall length------------------------->| Cable Connector Layout |HDD ------------------------------------------------------------------------- |MB |DVD \___________________/ \_______________________________________________/ 7.5" 14.5" Cable for original Xbox 80-wire IDE cable Key ============================================================================ - = 80-wire ribbon cable | = 40-pin IDE connector ============================================================================ 80-wire cable 22.5-23 inches actual length depends on how much cable is required to fold over to install the strain-relief at each end. ============================================================================
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    Yes, v1.0-1.5 Xbox motherboard's have 4 solder pad sets, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom, for installation of an additional 64MB of RAM. One can purchase new parts online. Thereby not doubling the workload -- unsoldering them from one motherboard and soldering back on a different one. Order parts that match the part number of those currently installed. There are 3 different versions of the Samsung RAM chips; Xbox Versions 1.0 - 1.1 = K4D263238M-QC50 Xbox Versions 1.2 - 1.3 = K4D263238D-QC50 Xbox Versions 1.4 - 1.5 (1.6a?) = K4D263238F-QC50 Not sure matching is 100% necessary. The M, D and F designator denotes which silicon die Samsung used to manufacture the memory chip (updates to the design layout). Functionality should be the same but if in doubt be safe and match them as Floydzabarber suggests in his video tutorial below. Make sure that your soldering iron is electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe. Don't blow the chip during unsoldering/soldering. Floydzabarber's Youtube Videos: Advantages of 128MB RAM upgrade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQvLCdN4ZbQ Not sure why the second video link didn't/doesn't expand to show the video as the first did. And, refuses to do so upon many editing attempts.
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    Here's mine so far: Dev Kit, Debug Kit, Halo 1, Halo 2 (???), Crystal, Mountain Dew. Not shown are the Xecuter w/Face Plate, the Ghost Cases I'm working on or the Red XCM that I'm waiting to figure out what to do with. Plus the standard OGs or the 20 something ModFodder OGs. Sent from Outer Space
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    I unofficially updated this to beta 3. Cleaner folder structure. softmod installer included. ( inside the HDD Files folder ) new option to check the HDD security status. eeprom.bin goes in the root folder. ( next to xboxhd.bat ) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzRN8P835YijUFloekdzaUVyMFk i may see about updating smartctl to the latest version and add Idotsfan’s changes to it. We will see, depends if I can be bothered.
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