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    Hello everyone! Just joined and will be upfront that I do own a business around case modding and deal with the original Xbox as well! I just wanted to share for some of you who are considering case mods since that is much less common than some of the hard/soft mods. I made a 4 part series that teaches how to build and complete an entire case mod for the original Xbox console..from scratch! Hopefully this isn't seen as spammy or anything since I am technically a business, but I do try to make a lot of tutorials so people can learn how to cut window mods and install LED lights, etc. The four part series can be found on my website here (videos inside are also available on youtube) : http://www.tinker-mods.com/modding-tutorials/original-xbox-case-modding-tutorials.php
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    Topic is here : http://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/90-external-xbox-hdmi-mod/
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    The Portta YPbPr to HDMI convertor sells for $20 to $27.00 on Amazon.com and eBay. Looks like he sells the 720p system and includes the Portta component to HDMI upscaler for $35 more. Not sure he's doing digital audio as the Portta convertor takes in R/W RCA stereo not a digital output from the Xbox. With the Xbox High Definition A/V Pack or quality component cable, you have stereo RCA jacks and access to an optical digital output from the Xbox. You can't see the optical port on the side but it's next to the pair of audio jacks at the top of this image. The optical jack on this component cable is built into the big bump on the Xbox AV port jack.
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    Ok, everyone after years of working on this skin I am finally able to upload, thanks to Blake's new FTP repository. This skin was originally created by Dark Noir of EmuXtras.net. I'd say it's been 7 years in the making. After many years of revisions and no release, I asked him for the files and he handed them over with the tools to create the XMV. At the time only about 20 Xbox XMV movies were created so I spent all of 2015 creating the previews for almost every game. Each XMV preview video was a previously encoded WMV8 for optimum performance. After finishing up with 970 of the Xbox previews I decided to go back through them and correct/add text, and make sound adjustments, add better video to the preview box, etc.. The coolest thing about this skin is that we've basically tricked UnleashX to display a different video, box art, and background art - by tying them all together in one PiP full screen video. Plus there are added perks with the description of game (usually from the back of the box, or Wikipedia), numbers of players, System Link, etc. - basically all the info on the back of the box. (No more guess work with number of players when playing backups.) This skin has been optimized to display around 250 XBEs before the RAM runs out, which basically reboots the Xbox. I've heard that this is a natural limitation of the UnleashX app/dashboard. So keep this in mind when using the skin. If you have too many games, including the home screen videos, NONE will display. (Sidenote: I use XBMC as a dash if I'm packing more than 250 XBEs on the HDD.) With this skin, it's best to just put the BEST games, not the REST. Upload is currently underway. Please give feedback to the individual previews and I'll be happy to make changes. This skin is in 720 HD. So have your component cables ready or the description will be blurry. This skin is HD ONLY. I'm currently missing about 10 previews (for some obscure Japanese titles), but I'll create these when I get a chance to record video. Enjoy! Size of skin: 2 MB Size of videos: 18 GB XVGM (US).zip
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    XBOX DVD reader v1.0 (c) ScratchSaver Inc. 2002 Build on : Apr 23 2002 22:11:22 or X.jector v0.2...code by Captain Bruno J. Global. xjector <file> <xbox-media-file> FoR RiOT MeMbErZ OnLy...!!!! this tool supports XBOX media file. It can work with files upto 9 Gig. limitation: only files in the ROOT directory can be patched.
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    I'm Mike, I'm 30 years old and I've been around the Xbox Scene since I was a kid. Some of you may have seen this username before, or a variation of it. No I don't like clowns.
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    Hey all my name is Jeff , im 47 from Goleta California. I'm a member of the Xbox Original Modding group on facebook finally made my way here and happy i did. I have 3 OG Xbox(500gb, 250gb, 250gb) all soft modded all with different styles games and setups Hope to learn lots and contribute as I can. Thank you for having me in the group
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    Started at 8:40, finished at 9:13 Step 1 - Remove RF shielding from underside of Case Top. Use a heat gun or hair dryer on the underside where the jewel sits above. Don't heat too long and move the air around, too much heat can warp or burn through the plastic. Once you have sufficiently warmed the bottom, the foam tape under the jewel will have softened. Use a prying tool or a thin flat head to pry up. Don't force it too much, you don't want to damage the edge of the jewel. Once you get the flat head under the jewel a little ways, lift the handle of the screwdriver upward so you are lifting the jewel with the shaft of the screw driver instead of the tip. Lift slowly, the tape is stretchy and will work itself free. The jewel can be fragile, you don't want to fracture or crack it. Step 2 - Use thermal paste remover to soften tape if needed.. On that hard rubber tape that some units have I had to re-apply and scrape off, I actually used the flat heat a little for that (carefully). The soft stuff you can just wipe with a rag. Just like when removing thermal paste the more moist the substrate, the more it penetrates what you are removing. I actually used that to completely get rid of all the green also by wiping over it.. BE CAREFUL IF USING - If you let the remover sit too long it can damage the plastic. When I did the jewel above, i had no issues, i did another yesterday and completely screwed it up. ALTERNATIVE - Sand it down, start with a little grit like 320 or so, if you can get the tape off by warming, peeling, goo gone or whatever, you can probably go right to 600 grit (can use an orbital here). Then do the wet sanding at 1000 grit, then 3000 grit. Step 3 - using Meguiars Headlight kit, I wet sanded using the 1000 grit (have used orbital also, but easy enough by hand). I did both sides of jewel, continuously adding water, then used the 3000 grit pad on both sides jewel. step 4, Use about a nickels worth of plastX cleanser and polish (to both sides) and buff with the drill wheel. Dry with microfiber cloth and ready for paint or leave as is if you want a clear jewel. The kit you can get on Amazon. It comes with the buffing wheel, 2 sanding pads, an the plastX solution.
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    big F is correct - just flip the standard 24" cables around and it will work great. I have used the longer ones, some worked, some didn't., After having inconsistant results I went to 24" and haven't gone back.
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    As it was our tools, yes
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    Check N64 Freak's section here at ogXboxm.com for information about his Xbox to HDMI adapter. Argh, what happened to it? There's only a post about his 1.4GHz upgraded motherboards. The posts about the hi-def hdmi adapter are gone!
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    Added one of these to a 1.6 I had with no issues, highly recommend this!
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    Nothing wrong with asking for better art. I'm working on posting everything I have to the repository. I don't use wide icons but I have Photoshop and even Illustrator, so just ask me and be patient. Soon, we will have everything archived and you guys can make torrents or share on Usenet. Let's work on completing these packs. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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    Cheers for the explanation on how you resolved them.
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    LPC diagnostics (v0.1) Tutorial written by : milingo Last edited: August 5, 2004 Note: Tutorial is for Xbox v1.0 to v1.5. LPC has most points unlinked on Xbox v1.6+ LPC diagnostics, i.e. how to use a multimeter to check a funky LPC or broken traces without losing your faith. My dear (de)solderers, in my search for mod-knowledge (and misadventures with FRAGging 'boxes) I found a lot of misinformation, or better partially incorrect infos, regarding the dreaded LPC. I started organizing these infos for myself but, as the whole scene is about sharing knowledge, I decided to trim the rough edges and write a document out of it. I found it necessary because well known forums disregard 3-letter word searches (like PIN and LPC) and when you're at your first attempt with soldering and end up for the 3rd time with a FRAGging 'box you tend to forget words like PINS, LCLK, LAD0,1,2,3 and LFRAME! My work is 90% forum reading and 30% trial and error, (yes i know it's 120%, but even in nice forums like the one we have, a good 20% of infos you find are bill$h*t). One more thing, you'll find stolen photos and diagrams in this doc. I tried to use watermarked ones so I hope it's clear it's not my work, anyway if anyone feels ripped offended or generally pissed off by it, well... write me and I'll redo the images from scrap. Just one more thing, as many of you have already understood, English is not my mother tongue, so before flaming me please try to understand the concepts underneath! (if you find a sentence particularly awful, write me and I'll try to rephrase it, but things are really quite simple.) How to use a multimeter for voltage and resistance (ohms) testing: A. Voltage testing (cheching cold joints...) 1 You need to select on the voltmeter (or multimeter) the V scale DC current, set it to 10/20 (not lower than 10!) cause maximum voltage to measure is 5,0 volts, and we don't want to fry it (modern voltmeters are protected but you'll never know what kind of grandpa's voltmeter someone can come out with...) 2 You need to switch the 'box ON, remember that you have to access the LPC on the mb so hd and dvd must be peeped out of the case or removed completely (but take note that it will FRAG anyhow if you don't keep the discs connected and powered). 3 Put one tip (black one usually) on a ground like the screw near the LPC (or pin 2 of the LPC, but it's easier a farther point). 4 Push firmly but softly and with a steady hand the red stick in the hole you want to test, or keep it pressed against the pin you want to check (just remember not to touch more than 1 pin at a time otherwise you'll never know which one are you reading... ) 5 Read on the voltmeter your current. This is my friend the LPC A good working LPC, and a nicely installed pin header, should roughly read, for me it's always a bit lower (as far s is 10% near the number it's ok): picture by ozxmods.com Pin Name Voltage 1 LCLK 0.2V * 2 GROUND 0.0V 3 LFRAME 3.3V ** 4 doesn't exist! 5 LRst 3.3V 6 VCC5 5.0V 7 Lad3 3.3V 8 Lad2 3.3V 9 VCC3 3.3V 10 Lad1 3.3V 11 Lad0 3.3V 12 GROUND 0.0V * not 3V, if you want a precise reading switch the scale to 1-2 V) ** on V 1.3+ 'boxes (0.0V it's disconnected) Common misinformation I found in the forums "...all pins should read 3.3V except pin 2 (0.0V) and pin 6 (5.0V)..." as you see pin 1 and pin 12 do not read 3.3V... B. Resistance testing (checking trace continuity...) 1 Select the ohm scale on your Multimeter (or Omega greek letter, the one like a reversed U, like the watch brand if it still exists) 2 Keep your 'box OFF, there's no need to risk to fry it... 3 Put one point (it's the same which one) in the pinhole and the other in a corresponding check point (see image white lpc point goes with grey eye-point, like the d0, on the mb) 4 In a circuit like this with little resistance, if trace is ok the ohm-meter should read nearly 0, if it's broken or messed up it shall read a high number say 1 This is a useful photo that pinpoints back of the mb with the lpc pins and corresponding check points. picture by baldbouncer.co.uk Somebody wrote in a forum this image has one grey check point wrong. Please help me find the culprit (if any)! Really this image has the points differently/oddly numbered but I'm too lazy to redo it right now so I enclose this translation table Rightfully numbered LPC pin Baldbouncer's Image numbering 1 1 2 11 3 2 5 3 6 10 7 4 8 9 9 5 10 8 11 6 12 7 Just be sure to double check before you start swearing!! Well that's it. My friend I hope it's been useful. Cheers! Your friend Milingo If you need to contact me try thru xbox-scene forum.... Version 0.1 (any corrections are welcome!) Tutorial written by : milingo
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    use an eprom (27C2001/27C020 or bigger) or flashrom (29F020 or bigger) connect pins 22, 24 and 31 of the eprom to GND (pin 16 of the eprom). you might have to connect 31 to 5V (pin 32) if you are using a flashrom. Reset is A18 on this diagram. FOR XBOX v1.0/v1.1 The two unused points are only two additional Adress-Lines for the Chip (with which you can access everything beyong 256 kByte) ... so they are NOT needed. FOR XBOX v1.2/v1.3 (Thanks to D-BlooD who posted this diagram on forums.xbox-scene.com) FOR XBOX v1.4/v1.5 (Thanks to pcmerc who posted this diagram on forums.maxconsole.com) WE is the location you jump on the bottom of the board along with the other point on top that is standard on all motherboards. These are the write enable for reflashing the TSOP. Pad 33 is also known as link to 32 in previous pinouts.
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    They are 5v but I guess you could also wire them up to a 12v source instead like the one supplying the HD. For everyone who want to work out what resistors they need http://ledcalc.com
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    Sounds like the transistor's your best option to fix it. I think it signals the PSU to turn on and without the collector held at 3.26 to 3.3Vdc the PSU won't come on. If you have a multimeter, you could check the voltage level at the transistor's collector (RED multimeter lead) with respect to GND (BLACK multimeter lead to case shield or one of the screws that hold the motherboard in place.). See page 84 of the XBOX REPAIR GUIDE for more information and Floydzabarber's youtube video - Original Xbox version 1.6 won't power on fix .
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    Hello again ogxbox.com. Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Soldier of Fortune II event last Saturday. Xbox Kai Fam has 2 more game nights planned for next weekend, A Europe timezone friendly event at 8:30pm CEST/7:30pm BST on Friday October 6th, and a ToCA Race Driver 3 event on Saturday October 7th at 8:30pm EDT. The game for the Friday event will likely be decided on the spot. ______________ ToCA Race Driver 3 ToCA Race Driver 3, also known as DTM Race Driver 3 and V8 Super Cars sports a massive amount of races you can do online, from GT to touring cars and dune buggys. The all-in-one racer isn't short of content. There are two modes of play, 'simulation' and 'pro-sim' which play completely differently. The game also supports AI racers online. Countdown Timer - https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20171007T2030&p0=179&msg=ToCA+Race+Driver+3&font=sanserif Note: This game may corrupt sectors on your hard drive, even with the patch to get around the anti-piracy measures. While it is possible to play with the files ftp'd to the hard drive, it is recommended (if you don't have a working retail copy) you either burn a disc, or mount the iso on the hard drive using NKpatcher. From my personal experience, the corruption issue usually happens after 4-8 hours of play. Don't forget to join our discord server here:
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    Just joined up after finding the site while googling some Xbox related stuff. Been into modding for longer than the Xbox has been a thing. Had a bit of a break from it all and recently decided my stock pile of OG Xboxes needed some love. My background is electromechanical engineering , but now work in IT so I guess modding is in the blood. I always look at electronics and think I wonder what it looks like inside. Glad to be here and to have found an active site that's not got posts that are unanswered for ten years. Hopefully I can learn and teach in equal measures.
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    Hi all, Thought I'd join up and say hi. Glad to see people still keeping the original Xbox going. In my opinion the best console ever as beyond it it's just a graphics race and with emulators it can play most stuff before it. Very interested in reading and discussing more about creating a laptop version, but keep getting lost on what to do and how I want my attempt to turn out. Anyway that is a debate for a different thread so I'll end things here and hope to talk more soon.
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    Welcome my friend! Glad to see the forum growing. Slowly, but surely.
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    Welcome to ogXbox.com Stuart.
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    Those 2 I posted aren't the originals. Just cut them out of the graphic you posted, resized them and saved.
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    Don't think that Monster 400x cable was $3.00. I see you have the 100x optical adapter too. Source: Crutchfield.com (seen in figure) no longer in stock.Duh!
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    Photoshop is much better than paint. Let me know if anyone needs icons. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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    UnleashX can play WMV and XMV. Xbmc can play AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG, WMV, and VOB files. VOB from DVD files are slow so these need to be converted. Music files: MP3, WMA, FLAC, some WAV files. Pictures: mostly JPEG, PNG, BMP. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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    Bro you can buy a $3 pair of Chinaman wires that will do 1080. I have no idea why so many people are fixated on HDMI like that's the only way you can get HD. You can get HD through this video svideo... I don't know brother you might be able to find some decent component wires for cheap on eBay that will do the exact same thing
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    Here's a bad IrfanView Cut/Crop/Resize rendition of those two wide icons. 758x140 PNG's not sure if that's the correct format.
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    Oh dear lord...I see what you're talking about now. I wasn't paying enough attention. It's a hardware thing and nothing he did software wise. Duh! Still learning...one day I'll get there! Thanks again!!!
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    The original Xbox can only do 480p, 720p and 1080i without an upscaler that will add a bit of delay between the video out of the Xbox through the scaler to the HDTV. Not sure that it will create enough to be noticeable or not. Some upscalers add more much more delay than others. I'd think N64 Freaks HDMI mod listed in forums at ogXbox.com would be a better option. Have yet to read the eBay sellers claim's.
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    Bag, headphones + receiver, orange mem card with cap, live demo disc w/sleeve, live video disc w/sleeve, instructions.
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    Null the eeprom HDD key on both systems and you can do what you want, by simply swapping the drive out.
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    Can someone please confirm that only the Pads at R7D3 (on the top of the board) and the Pads at R7R3 (on the bottom of the board) need to be soldered and there is no jumper wire or other modifications needed if the TSOP is a Winbond TSOP and not a Sharp TSOP.
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    Xbox Alpha Kit/Durango. It was sent out to developers of launch titles when the Xbox Dev/Debug hardware was delayed. ======================================================================================================= Xbox Development Kit (XDK) Final Version of the XBOX DEV Kit. It included a SCSI connection in the back to connect to a PCI card in a PC to emulate the dvd drive. Otherwise, it is the same functionally as a Debug Kit. DVT4 on the left. DVT3 on the right with prototype metal jewel. ======================================================================================================= Debug Kit Units Available: Unknown Retail Price: Not for resale Xbox Debug Kits were never available through the retail market, however they have popped up enough on the second-hand scene to be worth mentioning in this article. These Xbox consoles are translucent green and have the words "Debug Kit" on the front of the case, just to the right of controller port 4. Unlike retail consoles (which only contained 64MB of RAM), Xbox Debug Kit consoles had 128MB of RAM. The Debug Kits could not run retail game discs. One could often find pre-release or cancelled versions of game software on these Xbox Debug Kits. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ======================================================================================================= 2001 Launch Team Edition Retail Price: Not For Sale Units produced: ~1000 The Xbox Launch Team 2001 Special Edition is a translucent green Xbox with a jewel that is silk screened with the message "Great work!" and a copy of a printed signature from Bill Gates. The words "Special Edition" are printed on the front right of the console. This Xbox was sold, not given, to members of the Xbox launch team including Hardware, ATG, Dev, First Party Games and Games Studios, Marketing, and others. Two exclusive translucent green "Duke" controllers were included. Along with the console, employees had an option to purchase 6 game titles marked "not for resale" at a reduced rate from the Microsoft campus store. The Launch Team 2001 consoles were hardware revision 1.0 and all were produced in a Mexico production facility on November 7, 2001 or November 8, 2001. Since these systems were offered for sale to qualifying employees instead of being given away, not all were sold. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ======================================================================================================= Partner EditionRetail Price: Not For SaleUnits produced: ~1000 (Thought to be closer to 60 units)The Partner Edition is a translucent green Xbox with a jewel that is silk screened with the message "Thanks for Partnering with Xbox" and signature from Bill Gates. Unlike the Launch Team consoles, these did not have the "Special Edition" label on the front right of the console. This Xbox was given to hardware companies that produced components for the Xbox such as Nvidia and Intel. A translucent green Controller S was included with this model. These are considered to be more rare than the Launch Team console because of their distribution to companies rather than individual people makes them harder to come across in the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ======================================================================================================= 50 Cent BulletProof Units Available: 1Retail Price: Not For SaleThe 50 Cent Pure White Edition Xbox was given away in a promotion by Australian television channel Channel V. It was signed by 50 Cent and is aesthetically similar to the Pure White edition but has "50 Cent Bulletproof" printed in gold to celebrate the release of the video game 50 Cent: Bulletproof. It was given away along with a copy of the game, 50 Cent CDs and a 50 Cent poster.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ======================================================================================================= 50 Cent BulletProof 2 This is the second version of the 50 Cent Bulletproof Xbox. One was released in Australia & one in New Zealand. Thank you Carl Coran. ======================================================================================================= Units Available: 1Retail Price: Not For SaleThe Atari Edition Xbox was given away at the Leipzig Game Convention in 2004, It is one of a kind and is orange in color. Attendees needed to collect all 5 pins that Atari gave away, which spelled ATARI.[9] If the attendee was able to find all 5 pins, they could be entered into the contest, with the winner receiving the one-of-a-kind orange Atari Edition Xbox, an Atari T-shirt, headband, wristband, Atari bracelet, and the original 5 pins. [10] It is worth noting that the Atari Xbox began as a standard black Xbox which was later airbrushed by Atari.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ====================================================================================================== Conkers Xbox console,3 made for a Conkers tournement in SydneyAustralia.Thank you Carl Coran. ====================================================================================================== CrystalUnits available: UnknownRetail Price: Unknown The crystal edition Xbox first came out around March 2004 in Europe, celebrating the console's second anniversary in the region. The box bundle consist of the console and 2 matching crystal controllers. A few weeks later, up to Summer 2004, the bundle was also sold in Canada stores. Months later, variants of the crystal edition bundle were sold in stores bundled with certain games. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ====================================================================================================== Dead or Alive Ultimate / Online Units Available: 5000Retail Price: ¥22'800On March 25, 2004, a Kasumi-chan Blue Xbox console was released in Japan. The system was released simultaneously with Tecmo's fighting game, Dead or Alive Ultimate. The translucent blue case was based on the costume of Dead or Alives main character, Kasumi, and had "Dead or Alive Ultimate" written in white lettering in the lower left corner of the top of the case. Included with the translucent blue console was a matching Controller S, a DVD Playback Kit, an Xbox Live Starter Kit with a free one-year membership, a copy of Dead or Alive Ultimate, a copy of Digital Venus DVD, and a five-foot-long Kasumi body pillow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ====================================================================================================== Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach VolleyballUnits Available: 20Retail Price: UnknownThe Dead or Alive Xbox was only sold in Germany with a picture of the game with airbrush effect. ====================================================================================================== I don't know much about this other than Ed Fries was the Vice President of game publishing at Microsoft during the Xbox's life. As you may imagine, if you're a high level executive delivering a product you may have to call in a few special favors along the way. What better thank you to certain people than a personalized xbox thank you note? ===================================================================================================== Halo 2 (Asia)Units Available: UnknownRetail Price: $249 On March 18, 2005, an Ice Blue Halo 2 Limited Edition Xbox was released in Canada and Asia. The console was translucent blue and retailed for approximately $249. Included with the Ice Blue console was a matching Controller S, a special Halo green headset and a copy of Halo 2. The difference between the Asian and Canadian Halo 2 versions can be seen in the Xbox's jewel. The Asian version has a black jewel, while the Canadian version has a silver jewel. They were version 1.1 or 1.0. Also was sold through Bell with a 24-month contract for high speed, the Bell bundle was sold October 31 to November 7, 2005 and came with the console, 2 games (Amped 2 and Top Spin) and 1 year of Xbox Live and a headset. It was also available before this date with a 24-month contract but you had to pay 149.99 for the console. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ==================================================================================================== Halo 2 (Canada)Units Available: UnknownRetail Price: $249 On March 18, 2005, an Ice Blue Halo 2 Limited Edition Xbox was released in Canada and Asia. The console was translucent blue and retailed for approximately $249. Included with the Ice Blue console was a matching Controller S, a special Halo green headset and a copy of Halo 2. The difference between the Asian and Canadian Halo 2 versions can be seen in the Xbox's jewel. The Asian version has a black jewel, while the Canadian version has a silver jewel. They were version 1.1 or 1.0. Also was sold through Bell with a 24-month contract for high speed, the Bell bundle was sold October 31 to November 7, 2005 and came with the console, 2 games (Amped 2 and Top Spin) and 1 year of Xbox Live and a headset. It was also available before this date with a 24-month contract but you had to pay 149.99 for the console. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ==================================================================================================== Halo 2 - Japanese Console. Japan got most of the special editions in an attempt to get them to accept the Xbox. That never happened in the numbers that Microsoft needed. Japanese gamers have always prefered Japanese companies such as Sony or Nintendo. ==================================================================================================== Hello Kitty CrystalUnits Available: 550Retail Price: S$99 SGD with a $5000 Samsung TV purchase from one specific retailer in Singapore.The Hello Kitty Crystal Xbox was released with Sanrio in Singapore, to commemorate the release of Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue on the Xbox. The special edition console was translucent with a pink and orange Hello Kitty picture covering the X on top of the case. Included with the Hello Kitty Crystal console was a matching Crystal Controller S and a copy of Hello Kitty Mission Rescue.https://en.wikipedia.org/.../Xbox_(console)_special. =================================================================================================== Units Available: 35Retail Price: Not For SaleIdentical in colour to the Mountain Dew Edition, the Hulk Xbox was a special promotional Xbox made to commemorate the release of the Universal Pictures movie "Hulk" in 2003 for the UK release. The console Featured a jewel on top with the promotional image of the Incredible Hulk's Eye and the Pepsi Logo. These Special editions were only available by having a winning Scratchcard when you Purchased a Popcorn and Pepsi meal in participating UK UCI multiplex cinemas. No other information about packaging is known. packaging is the same as the original black Xbox but has an additional sticker on the rear of the box stating hulk edition. comes with a standard black controller. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================== Mountain DewMountain Dew Xbox Console.jpgUnits Available: 5000Retail Price: $99.99 + $8.75 shipping + 550 Mountain Dew points The Mountain Dew Limited Edition Xbox was only available through a Mountain Dew sweepstakes requiring loyal Dew-drinking Xbox fans to amass 550 points in order to "buy" the Limited Edition Xbox. The sweepstakes spanned 5 months – from April to August 2004. Production was limited to 5000 units. Within 1 day all systems were reserved. The Mountain Dew Limited Edition Xbox is neon-green colored and has a special jewel atop the Xbox that has the words "Limited Edition" and the Mountain Dew logo under the Xbox name. Included with the neon green console is one of two games: Project Gotham Racing 2 or Amped 2. Only 30 points could be registered per day for the contest. Mountain Dew Points were awarded as follows: 20 oz. 1 pt, 1-liter 1 pt, 2-liter 1 pt, 12-pack 3 pts, 24-pack 6 pts, 32/44 oz. Fountain Cups 1 pt https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Halo (Translucent Orange, US)Units Available: 1Retail Price: Not for resale Found while visiting a garage sale (in Redmond, Washington) on July 27, 2014, a translucent orange Halo Special Edition original Xbox console was found and purchased. Pictures comparing the console to a Halo Translucent Green version have been posted at the Assembler forums.[6] This has been proven to be a legitimate system, and the thread at the Assembler forums show images of several of these orange Xbox case tops at the factory as production samples. It appears that only 1 of the Orange Xbox consoles escaped destruction. As this is an actual Microsoft produced Xbox from a mold (instead of a painted case), this is likely to be the rarest Xbox console in existence. A video can be seen on YouTube, on the channel "MetalJesusRocks", titled "Ultra Rare HALO XBOX DISCOVERED!" posted on April 24, 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions The previous owner (Emilio) sold it(for $15,000.00), got $9K upfront and opened his own gaming consignment shop. He is still waiting for the remainder of the cash. But the new owner is some girl who owns a competing gaming consignment shop. It's a museum of sorts, but not like you'd think. It's currently located in Renton WA http://assemblergames.com/l/threads/2001-launch-team-xbox-how-many.62327/page-2 ================================================================================================= Units Available: 1300Retail Price: ¥35,800 JPYOn December 19, 2002, a Panzer Dragoon Orta Special Edition Xbox was released in Japan to commemorate the release of Panzer Dragoon Orta on the Xbox. The console's special features included a white case with the Panzer Dragoon Orta logo on the top in the lower left hand corner, as well as some artwork from Orta surrounding the Xbox jewel. Unit was only available to those who preordered on Nov 1, 2002, through Sega Direct. Included with the Special Edition console was a matching white Controller S, an Xbox Component A/V cable, an Xbox Component AV pack, a copy of Panzer Dragoon Orta with its soundtrack CD, and a dragon head necklace. When the console was first planned, 3,000 units were set to be produced, but during production the process of applying the silk screen design of the black lines seen on the top of the console proved to be a very difficult task. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Pure WhiteUnits Available: 1,000Retail Price: UnknownThe Pure White Xbox was only sold in Japan with the option to engrave up to 20 letters.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Skeleton BlackUnits Available: 50,000 planned - 10,000 soldRetail Price: ¥35,800 JPYIn 2001, a Clear Black Limited Edition Xbox (also commonly referred to as the "smoke" edition) was released in Japan to commemorate the Xbox's Japanese release. Included with the Clear Black console was a matching Clear Black Controller S, an Xbox Component AV pack, and a key chain that had Bill Gates' signature and the console's serial number engraved in it.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Candy Skeleton Quantity: 1 Not much is known about this xbox other than it is a skeleton with candy placed inside of it. It appears to have been a gift given out at a company party. It is most likely full of roaches... wherever it is. ================================================================================================= Tony Hawk's Underground 2Units Available: 10Retail Price: Not For Sale The Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Special Edition Xbox was issued in October 2004 in conjunction with Activision and online skater magazine caughtinthecrossfire in the United Kingdom. This special edition console was only available as a winner's prize at skateboarding and gameplay competitions to commemorate and promote the release of Tony Hawk's Underground 2 on the Xbox. The artwork was airbrush painted by hand in an urban graffiti style with translucent matte lacquer finish. The artwork covered the top of the case and followed the X shape downwards on the corners of the Xbox. A very limited production run of 10 graffiti style units was commissioned and was issued "Not For Resale". Included with the THUG2 Special Edition console was a matching Crystal Controller S and a Tony Hawk autographed copy of Tony Hawk's Underground 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Translucent Green(Not Halo or Debug)Units Available: 20,000 Manufactured - 5,000 sold (Europe)Retail Price: €229/£149 On May 2, 2003 a Translucent Green Limited Edition Xbox(rare) was released in Europe to celebrate Xbox's one-year European birthday. The console came with two matching Controller S and retailed for €229/£149. It had a limited manufacture of 20,000 units but only sold 5,000 units(in Europe). The styling of the Translucent Green Xbox is identical to Debug Units used in game development; of course, the retail versions lacked the words "Debug Kit" on the front of the case. The green Controller S was also sold separately. The Translucent Green Limited Edition Xbox was also released in Canada and came with one matching Controller S and two games, Crimson Skies and Project Gotham Racing 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Units Available: 200,000Retail Price: $200 USDOn April 2, 2004, Microsoft issued a press release announcing the upcoming retail availability of the Halo Limited Edition Xbox combo.[5] The Xbox console and its included S Controller were translucent green with "Halo" written on the front of the console, at the right hand side, near controller port 4. This unit appears very similar to the Translucent Green "Debug Kit" Xbox consoles, only replacing the words "Debug Kit" with the "Halo" logo.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= World RacingUnits Available: 6Retail Price: Not For SaleThe World Racing Xbox was only given away in Germany in a contest.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= EA Xbox Live White`Quantity: 30This Special Edition console was given to Electronic Arts to celebrate their support of the nascent XBOX Live service. I am told there are 60 of the controllers that match in existence, and two came with the console. If these numbers are correct, this indicates that only 30 of these consoles were ever produced.http://imgur.com/gallery/ETwhl
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    Hey Guys, I'm going to try to compile the parts and hardware that Team Xecuter Created for the Original Xbox. Please Correct me if my Information is wrong. For those who don't know much about the hardware, I can talk about each one at the bottoms of the picture but here's a brief explanation of these valuable work of art. Xecuter 3 Control Panels were a replacement for the original xbox face plate. which is only compatible with the Xecuter 3 Modchip. These were the bigger upgraded accessory that brought full compatibility to their Modchip which includes a built in XLCD, two USB Ports, Push Button Bank Select with LAN (Local Area Network) and HDD (Hard Drive) Led indicators. The Panel also has the X3 Logo to light up for the status of the modchip. Above is a small Red IR Placement for anyone that bought Xecuter X3IR Accessory. These Panels are very hard to come by and very sought after to even the heaviest of collectors on the market. Compatible with: - Xecuter 3 Infra Red Kit (Turn your Xbox On/Off with the Xbox Remote) - Xecuter 3 CE Modchip (Christmas Edition White & Red) - Xecuter 3 Modchip (Purple) - XBMC Dashboard (for the LCD) The Original Xbox has been Long out of production by Team Xecuter that most if not all Parts for Original Xbox are very hard to find. Xecuter 3 Control Panels Black (Solid) These Panels are the most common Among the Xecuter Panels. It matches the common basic black Xbox. I've seen these Sell nowadays around $500+ USD for the full console on eBay. but not too long ago these sold brand new in the box for $250USD. You will see these Panels pop up way more often than the others. The Black Panel Comes With a White X3 Logo, and the bios Bank buttons light up blue. Crystal (Translucent) These Panels are fairly rare but a lot harder to find than the black Panels. They were made to match the Limited Edition Crystal Original Xbox. From previous sales I have done with people these can range from $300 USD or higher for a panel. a full console will be more. The Crystal Panel Comes With a Black X3 Logo, and the bios Bank buttons light up blue. Green (Translucent) These are the Second Rarest Xecuter Panel. These are quite sought after because they match the Halo Green Limited Edition Original Xbox. Very hard to come across anyone who wants to sell one. I've seen a brand new one on eBay go for $600USD. You don't see these on eBay very often anymore. The Green Panel Comes With a Black X3 Logo, this is the only panel with Green light up Bank select buttons. so if the buttons got damaged you have no other replacement other than finding another green panel. Blue (Translucent) Decided to save the best for Last. These in my books are considered Legendary. This is the Panel that matches the Halo 2 Ice Blue Limited edition Console and are extremely difficult to find. There has been people who have searched for years to get their hands on these Collectible items and most to all collectors will not sell them. I don't even know how much to price one nowadays. A full console in the past was around $800. The Blue Panel Comes With a White X3 Logo , and the bios Bank buttons light up blue. Now, on to the Pro Switches. Xecuter Pro switches were the replacement upgrade from the basic black bank selector that comes with the X3 modchip. They also have the red IR piece for the X3IR Accessory and the LAN and HDD Led indicators as well. This little piece clips on to the bottom middle front part of the original Xbox basic face plate which connects to the X3 modchip. The push Buttons light up blue, other than the green pro switch which lights up green. Pro switches cannot be used as replacement parts for the X3 Control Panel. There is no existence of a Blue Pro Switch. Xecuter 3 Pro Switches Black (Solid) Black Pro Switches are the opposite from the rarity of the panels but probably the hardest to find. There were many sources for Crystal and Green but not black. they were worth $20 USD on ebay at the time but there hasn't been many on there. Crystal (Translucent) Crystal Pro Switches were quite simple to find at the time but they sold out a while ago before the green did, there fore making them a little harder to find than the green. There were websites selling them for about around 15 Euro. Green (Translucent) Green Pro switches might still be in stock on very few sites right now but I have doubts that they're still there. They've blasted in price to 70.62 € brand new. Xecuter 3 Modchips These are simply the best mod chips on the market although there are other older Xecuter chips that are pretty good but I'm just only displaying the newer Xecuter Compatible with the X3 Pro Switch and the Xecuter Control Panel. Xecuter 3 (Purple) This is the older Version of the X3 Mod chip, with a purple front and back. Comes with 2MB of flash bios storage and a 256kb flash Recovery bios. this chip is a down grade from the newer one because it doesn't sit flat when installed and normally flipped on its backside and stuck with the adhesive sticker, also this is more compatible with older Xbox revisions with the parts it comes with. The V1.6 Xbox's require a 5V wire which is not the same connection like the newer chip which requires a clip on wire or soldered to the chip itself. I don't see these chips as often as the Newer X3CE Chip Xecuter 3 CE (Christmas Edition) This is the final Revision of the Xecuter Mod chips and the final production. This chips are the most sought after they have all basically all the same details as the Xecuter 3 Purple Chip. These chips used to sell used for $75 USD and $100 USD for a brand new one. Now they've raised in price for in the $200+. These are the best chips on the market and is the control system of all the Xecuter modded custom parts, They fit nicely installed on the board with the wires spread out. also comes with a V1.6 wire that just plugs in normally. Xecuter Xapt3rs Xapt3rs are solder-less methods for installing the Xecuter Mod chips, although you could probably install other mod chips with these as well. Xapt3rs light up with a blue led or red led display when installed. they usually screw into the Xbox motherboard. The problem with these is that LAN and HDD Led's don't work where the red,green and grey wire for the X3 Chip isn't needed and when installing them the older Xbox motherboard revisions have pre-soldered LPC already in the board and these wont sit nicely where the pin header is supposed to go. Xapt3r V1.0-V1.5' These Xapt3rs are harder to find now and are the best in my opinion where they are compatible with the majority of Xbox revisions. Depending on the seller these could be sold for a really high price. these cannot be bought online anymore. Xapt3r V1.6 These are possibly still available on the market for abut 15 Euro. One has been spotted on eBay for $175 USD. these are only compatible with Xbox v1.6 and more common than there other Xapt3r. Xecuter X3IR Kit X3IR Kits can still be found online but they are hefty in price for around 40 Euro. They are compatible with the Xecuter Control Panel and the X3 Pro switch but can be installed without one. These simply are used to turn your Xbox on and off with your Xbox remote but the kit requires basic soldering to function. X3IR kits are obsolete because of a newer chip was produce called the Xerc 2XE which gives the Xbox the same capabilities but you are able to eject your DVD drive and connect it to a DVD Dongle for remote menu control.
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    Current development of the XBMC4Gamers can be found by following the source link. Source Download Readme Some Background Info: Ok so this started out as a project for my kids, I wanted to give them a dashboard for just loading games and to allow them to have there own saves, as they were fighting over saves and also to not allow them access to anything they should be accessing. Yeah so you can have profiles that have there own save directory on the Xbox, you have a load of views, synopsis support and a crap load of other features that you can see if you check the change log. All done via XBMC source edits, custom skins and python scripts. Youtube Video Game Posters, banners, fanart, icons, thumbs and tbn files all ready for your Xbox. This is a copy of my Game Posters _resources Directory. It consists of banners for all my games as well as thumbs, icons, posters and fanart where available. It's been setup to work with Origins (as well as the default.xml synopsis format that maybe getting added back in) so compatibility with other skins is paramount in my eyes. Game Resource pack
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    Current development of the XBMC-Emustation can be found by following the source link. Source Download Install Instructions After extraction, please use the chimp folder located in the E Partition folder. Some Background Info: Basically I wanted to make this simpler to use as I was sick of helping folk that unlocked there HDD and it kind went on from there. It now has faster cloning, simpler interface and more features than any other chimp out there, so this should make cloning HDD’s easier. Oh yeah you can Fix Error16 with this version if you have the eeprom.bin from your arsed Xbox. ( if you null all your HDD keys then you don’t ) You place your eeprom.bin on the Y partition ( all lowercase ) and launch Chimp Loader, you can now use that eeprom to lock the slave HDD.
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    This is my little collection, Mainly ogxbox with some 360 and pc games too.
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    1st things first...thanks for the tut! I've been reading around and found that another way that will help to save some time, is to buy some prewired LEDs off of eBay seem like a good way to go, esp if someone is planning to sell them. Time vs money.
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    For some reason when I enable highdef in soft mod it doesn't always stick. Try the steps in this thread. They always work for me. http://xbmcxbox.blogspot.com/2013/04/play-original-xbox-games-in-hd-high.html?m=1 You have to do this from stock msdash. *concerning the PAL region, your original Xbox must have a softmod installed to access HD settings Instructions for forced High Definition: Enter "settings" from the Xbox dashboard Enter "video" Choose "normal" video mode Choose "yes" for 480p, 720p and 1080i Return to the Xbox dashboard Hold the following buttons together left trigger, right trigger, left analog stick (button), right analog stick (button) Your original Xbox is now in forced HD mode. The mode will remain even after shutting off the Xbox. To resume your Xbox to standard simply re-do the steps prior.
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    Went through and grabbed a bunch of emulator covers a while back. Might as well share these too. I think they look pretty good for the most part. Enjoy! Emulator Icons - http://www.mediafire.com/file/hza8sx5d3j0pc6k/UnleashX+Emulator+Covers.zip
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    This guide and pictures taken from: http://www.biline.ca/xbox_solder.htm TSOP Flashing Unlock points if you are unsure which Xbox version you have click Here TSOP unlock points for version 1.0/1.1 Xbox This is the top of the motherboard Connect the two solder pads at R7D3 as in photo above. This is the bottom side of motherboard Connect the two solder pads at R7R3 as in photo above. All Ver 1.0/1.1 Xbox's with a 'SHARP' TSOP chip must also connect the additional red wire as in the photo above. All other TSOP's DO NOT require this step. TSOP Unlock points for all Versions 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5/ Xbox's This is the top side of the motherboard These Xbox's have both points located on the top of the motherboard, for the first point connect the two solder pads at R7D10 as in photo above. For the second point locate the junction between R7D2 and R7D1 and connect the two solder pads as in the photo above. After the solder points are completed you should re-assemble your xbox (but leave the top cover off) when the power button is pressed it should boot normally as it did before you started. Note if you get the message TSOP write protected while attempting to Flash the TSOP you might need to check and resolder the points to ensure a good connection was m while attempting to Flash the TSOP you might need to check and resolder the points to ensure a good connection was made. To split Split a 1MB TSOP (v1.0, v1.1) into 4 banks of 256k, the following picture explains how to accomplish this: Note: If you have a 1.6/1.6b Xbox, it has no TSOP and therefore you cannot flash it. You will have to install a modchip or softmod.

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