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    I made a little batch file that can be used with Resources4XBMC. This is to make the collection more compatible with the XBMC4GAMERS dashboard. The bat file will delete the unnecessary .jpg. and .xbe files and copy the fanart.jpg to the root folder of each game. To use this on retail games place the bat file in \Resources4XBMC\Retail Games\ and run it from there. Same method applies to the other folder "Modded" "Ripped" and "Unreleased Games" Use at your own risk. copyfanart.bat
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    Since there is no clear tutorial on the web I will submit it! I have made a few plugs from wii2hdmi converters. These converters are plenty and cheap, they do not upscale, unless you buy more expensive wii2hdmi plugs with a hole on the top. To follow this tutorial you need a few items: (aftermarket preferred) av cable Wii2hdmi converter Thin wire A few tools: Soldering iron, preferred regulated station. Sharp knife Cutting tools for metal (angle grinder is fast) Electrical wire stripper/cutter A pocket knife or small screwdriver. I used a chinese av cable, the long and short soldering connections are opposite to original! Just follow the pictures and you will be on hdmi in no-time. Reminder, the wii2hdmi boards are very sensitive to static electricity, i have busted a few. Cut of the connector. Cut in the sides to release easily. remove plug and open up. cut the metal on the black line. bend the pins open as far as possible, this will sturdy up the connector. remove the hot glue, on original cables it is a piece of tape. desolder the wires. place the mode selector connections, use the shortes wire you can, unshielded is o.k.open up the wii2hdmi and snap off the connector. clean all the contacts make the first connection, it will sturdy fings up, the lid has the exact size you need. with 2 cables installed, you do not need the spacer anymore. make sure all the cables are as short as possible and don't short out each other! add a piece of insulation tape at both sides. It is wise to test it at this stage, later on it will be a pain in the a**. measure and cut the hole for the metal, it should slide in without to much hussle. cut the top metal piece at the black line. slide the metal piece in as far as possible. This will hold the internals in place! solder it at the top and the sides. Your plug will not fall apart if you remove it from the xbox this way. insert the completed converter, push it through as far as possible and solder a wire to the top and bottom, against the plastic, this will keep the internals in place and removes stress on the converter. time to test! 720x480@60i, the boot screen, some tv units have problems displaying this throigh hdmi! we have reached 1920x1080@60i, maximum resolution of xbmc, although I advice to use 720. If you miss the options for higher resolution, make sure the system is set to NTSC, in pal it is unavailable. Use enigma video switcher. I will start to sell these adapters in a short while for €45,- due to the work it takes. I have given all the connection types another color and the pin numbers are not the official ones! Any questions? Be free to ask.
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    I believe you have copied also default.xbe files. You should not do this if you do not have the exact same version of each game. To be safe, never do it at all! To reverse this situation, you now must copy back the default.xbe file of each game from it's extracted folder and overwrite the one from these resources... Στάλθηκε από το SM-G390F μου χρησιμοποιώντας Tapatalk
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    im never the most correct guy, so my advice needs to be treated that way. but my process looks like this. install softmod open case bridge pads and/or solder wires in place (1.2-1.5 is hands down the easiest) boot hexen in the tsop/modchip section i start by running the "non-winbond flash' this one boots a modded evo-x menu where you can choose your bios, just before flash it shows which tsop you have you cannot brick your console from this screen, it just wont erase the bios if you try to flash a winbond tsop (i cannot guarantee this although i have done it several times with no effect and this is also re-iterated in the instructions in hexen) if you've entered this menu "cleanup failed flash files" is recommended after leaving if it is winbond i leave the menu back to hexen and go to winbond/sharp flash menu and flash from there... the only trick with winbond is when it boots to gentoox loader you scroll to right to find advanced and choose flash menu/hdd flash and choose bios.bin.... caution: if you try to flash the wrong chip using the winbond menu you will have a bad result. potential brick. thats it. the winbond i did lastnight failed 2 times before it worked correctly and i think it was because i hadnt cleaned up the files from entering the evo-x menu the first time. would be better practice to arm yourself with knowledge of the TSOP prior to booting hexen (analyze the chip on the board, reference numbers that are on the chip... etc..) i think the reason i had no worries is because 1.2-1.5 is same tsop unlock process (soldering) no matter which tsop is on board. EDIT, i have only ever used stranded copper wire, cant remember the gauge (rather small) also, at first i was pullling off the insulator and taking about half the strands, twisting them up, tinning them and using that to bridge the pads that need bridging for tsop unlock. now i just use solder and it works fine. patience. and if you're confident in your soldering and the install fails just try again. i was so close to ripping it all apart last night.... bad dvd drive, another bad dvd drive, 2 failed installs on the good drive and then the third after cleaning install files.... bingo.
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    Wires are also needed if you use the alternate TSOP solder points Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    TSOP doesnt need wire unless its a SHARP tsop chip
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    Hello everybody, I am in the situation to do my first paintjob on the xbox. For that purpose I created a PSD-Mockup file, where you can change the colour of different parts on the Xbox Classic. I want to share this file to help you all out to see the results you are planning on getting, before you do the actual paintjob. You'll be able to do stuff like this with it. Current Version: Xbox_Mockup_V1.rar Includes: - Xbox console mockup Planned in upcoming versions: - compatibility test with GIMP - Xbox controller mockup - Xbox jewel smartobject (in case you want to replace with your customized jewel) - Controller ports LED lights Feel free to use and share. Also feel free to give me some feedback on what I should work out/should be added and post some pics of the mockups you created :).
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    Not sure where I got these but figured I would share them with the forum since I am sure many people would be able to utilize them with their dash skin. Anyway, if anyone knows who made these let me know and I will credit them in this post. UnleashX Dashboard Icons - http://www.mediafire.com/file/0nu8lu3u8opfsq0/UnleashX+Dash+Icons.zip
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    Hi all, just joined after finding this site by chance yesterday, have recently dug out my old soft-modded xbox from the loft, which i discovered had a faulty PSU, bought another 3 "broken" ones off eBay to find a replacement PSU to fit, so now up and running again. Looking forward to getting back into the Xbox scene, its been 10 years or so since i was last hooked. Cheers guys.
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    I still have my original xbox I bought in 2003. I have now acquired 2 more. Back in the day I was always on xbox live, and never soft modded my system. Now I am getting into it for the first time. I am very glad there are people out there who still enjoy the original xbox. Thanks
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    Oh my gosh. It works now LFRAME had to be connected to the point below the cut near the Xyclops chip. This is strange since I already did this and it did not work... But I also noticed, that my ground wire became lose. Maybe this is why it did not work the first time. Anyway, I'm happy! Xbox alive and modded. Now theres just the XBIT to test. I will now install this into the 1.4 box and see if it's dead or not.
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    Yes it's a v1.6 Xbox console. You'll need to find an Xbox PSU specifically for a v1.6 console and match your input AC power specs. (e.g., 120VAC or 220VAC). Looks like IC21 blew out and blew the top off that capacitor with it. The Xbox Repair Guide isn't going to help you for component-level repair of a V1.6 Xbox Power Supply Unit (PSU). ebay, craigslist, offerup etc are you best bet to purchase an entire used 1.6 console for spare parts. Years ago, there were a few 3rd party vendors that made replacement power supplies for the Xbox console; however, they've been out of production for many years.
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    Hehe, a few years too late But then I will connect it to 3.3V. Besides that, I followed all traces, pin definitions and so on, and found out, that the LCLK Pin on the Chip gets connected to the LFRAME signal on the xbox with a 1.6. But they also used this strange little adaptor I'm missing... Let's give it a try
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    I checked it with my multimeter, it is gnd.
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    I figured it out. Put in HEXEn and FTP new correct evoxdash.xbe on C.
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    Wow thanks, I searched the web but couldn't find it. I used wmv_2_xmv_converter and it works perfectly.
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    Honestly KE, I am in shock the scarcity of information that surrounds this piece of work. i've never directly created this type of content for front ends but i cant imagine it was easy... the word tedious comes to mind! monotonous? i can feel the pain in the back of my neck and my shoulder burning staring at the pc hour after hour. the installation isnt a big deal. especially if you've setup cover art manually before. this is actually really simple. beyond that, all the work has been done for separate folders inside of emulators, breaking them up into manageable categories. I personally have no business with things outside of the "standard north american" wheelhouse. To think id sit down and play through an x68000 title is just absurd. so my set up is going to be easy. but it is neat to have this working.
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    Did a bit more snooping here and there. Found a WMV clip in XVGM.rar. The 38.1GB DL for UnleashX. It's not XvGM skin's video but the video clip used inside the small preview area to create the skin's XMV for Shadow Ops: Red Mercury. Shadow Ops: Red Mercury Preview Format: 320x240 WMV2 with WMA stereo audio, duration: 1:32, size: 5.59MB. The volume's a bit low but for a background item, it'll have to do for now. Not the best, but it is a preview of the game for which you asked.
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    Hot damn, I wasn't seeing edit in my menu item pop-up list. Now I understand why. Thanks. The documentation, UnleashX Tutorial pdf (5.6MB), has so many items it talks about and many it doesn't or glosses over too. (Or, I just plain missed it!)
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    Awesome just what I've been looking for
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    Ok, everyone after years of working on this skin I am finally able to upload, thanks to Blake's new FTP repository. This skin was originally created by Dark Noir of EmuXtras.net. I'd say it's been 7 years in the making. After many years of revisions and no release, I asked him for the files and he handed them over with the tools to create the XMV. At the time only about 20 Xbox XMV movies were created so I spent all of 2015 creating the previews for almost every game. Each XMV preview video was a previously encoded WMV8 for optimum performance. After finishing up with 970 of the Xbox previews I decided to go back through them and correct/add text, and make sound adjustments, add better video to the preview box, etc.. The coolest thing about this skin is that we've basically tricked UnleashX to display a different video, box art, and background art - by tying them all together in one PiP full screen video. Plus there are added perks with the description of game (usually from the back of the box, or Wikipedia), numbers of players, System Link, etc. - basically all the info on the back of the box. (No more guess work with number of players when playing backups.) This skin has been optimized to display around 250 XBEs before the RAM runs out, which basically reboots the Xbox. I've heard that this is a natural limitation of the UnleashX app/dashboard. So keep this in mind when using the skin. If you have too many games, including the home screen videos, NONE will display. (Sidenote: I use XBMC as a dash if I'm packing more than 250 XBEs on the HDD.) With this skin, it's best to just put the BEST games, not the REST. Upload is currently underway. Please give feedback to the individual previews and I'll be happy to make changes. This skin is in 720 HD. So have your component cables ready or the description will be blurry. This skin is HD ONLY. I'm currently missing about 10 previews (for some obscure Japanese titles), but I'll create these when I get a chance to record video. Enjoy! Size of skin: 2 MB Size of videos: 18 GB XVGM (US).zip
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    Forgot to mention one thing about the 80-wire 40-pin cable. 24 inch length works better than the standard 18 inch cables. You can make the shorter one work in most cases it's just a very very very tight fit (cable flipped end-for-end too. Normal HDD connector goes to Xbox MB and vice versa).
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    Hello Folks, i just found this forum on google and I'm very happy, that the Xbox classic scene is still active! I recently dug out my xboxes and gathered a few new ones for modding purposes. I currently have 5 Xboxes, more to come All of them are modded, each in an individual style. Unfortunatly only one is case modded, that's something I plan for the other boxes too. Looking forward to have a good chat
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    I would load the HeXEn disc, and boot it up on your Xbox. From there, you can rebuild your drive, upgrade to a larger drive, and reinstall M$ dash. Since your system is TSOP modded, there is no need to run a softmod installer.
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    Tracked this file down on the Wayback Machine from D.M.S.'s website, most other zip's only showed "forbidden". I still believe that pins 4 and 6 need to be removed from a pin header to install the X-bit. Also 5V's will need to be connected via wire addition(s). Either +5V and/or Ground. LPC_rebuild_1_6.rar
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    I still thought D0 was required to let the MCPX know that it should be loading the BIOS from the LPC attached flash memory chip. With LFRAME cut, you cannot boot the Xbox from the onboard TSOP until bridged again as you've described. Rebuild of the v1.6's LPC port is required. Pins 4 and 6 most likely need to be removed from the pin header. Pin 4 didn't exist in earlier versions, there was no feed-thru hole present, and pin 6 on v1.6's has 5Vdc as long as the console is plugged into AC power. LPC v1.0-1.5 LPC v1.6 Two (2) LPC v1.6 rebuild methods: 1. SmartXX Rebuild and 2. Team Xecuter Rebuild on the Wayback Machine. I don't think you need to connect to the alternate 5Vdc supply for the X-Bit. It is most likely powered by 3.3Vdc present on the LPC port. And only pins 1-12 have the header installed. 13-16 not required. X-bit Pin Header Install 1-12, pins 13-16 unused. Does pin 4 on the X-Bit have a trace connected to it? If so, the alternate 5Vdc supply will be required. Update: Xbit Wire Install Diagram v1.5 console From the above diagram, looks like the X-bit does NOT require 5Vdc. The pin header definitely needs pin 4 and 6 removed before installation. Update 2: But wait, the wires 2 (gnd) and 6 (5Vdc I think. You'd need to measure it with a multimeter.) are connecting to the cap at the lower left of that picture.
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    For those who are interested in those el cheapo cables from china... This is whats inside them, no coaxial cable with shielding, just 2 very thin wires for each connector!
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    Change it to 360 cavles, it will change your world completely. The plastic from the connector is locked at the side, if you prone 2 pieces of metal at both sides it will come of withou damage. After that you can build it up completely as a new cable, you can't tell if it is opened from the outside.
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    Many here will know who I am, just stopping in to say hello to a potentially new group of people. Also saying hello to some old friends.
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    I did exactly the same as the first guy, I just had to see what would happen lol. I done a bit of looking around and the above info about using the D0 and A15 points is mentioned on a few sites, but I always confirm info here now I found the group. Did the recovery method work for you? I'll post my results when I try the same. Mainly just glad I'm not the only one who did this.
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    sorry for the late reply but thanks for that link
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    Welcome to ogXbox forums. Items needed to upgrade HDD: up to 2TB SATA HDD HDE IDE-to-SATA adapter (Amazon - 2 pk cheaper to buy at $12 compared to $10 for 1 adapter) Recent poor QA seen by many though. or StarTech IDE2SAT2 but it's more expensive. 80-wire 40-pin 24" long high-speed IDE cable Chimp 261812 software to clone current HDD Molex power splitter to power both HDDs at Xbox power on. One of Rocky5's using Chimp video tutorials. Mod on!
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    Been looking for this for ages thanks
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    You have to edit the config.xml file add the icon for a menu item with the path to the icon you want displayed for it to show up. For example,extract the archive and upload to your UnleashX installation directory under a folder named icons. Edit config.xml to add an icon to a menu item. <Menu> <Item Action="LaunchDVD" Password="" Icon ="C:\DVD.png" Preview="C:\DVD.wmv">Launch DVD</Item> <List Text="Games" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Games.png" Preview="C:\games.wmv"> <Path>E:\Games</Path> <Path>F:\Games</Path> <Path>E:\HDDLoader</Path> <Path>F:\HDDLoader</Path> <List Text="Action" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png" Preview="C:\Action.wmv"> <Path>E:\Games\Action</Path> <Path>F:\Games\Action</Path> <Path>E:\HDDLoader\Action</Path> <Path>F:\HDDLoader\Action</Path> </List> ...
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    very interesting frank. thanks for sharing
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    ya there is a version of chimp elsewhere you should use http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/xbox/tools/chimp-2168/ ive had good results with that version and i think all the instructions are included http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/xbox/tools/chimp-2168/ this is what you need for formatting the added space on the new hdd (seeing as chimp clones the drive you need to create a new partition to leverage your new storage)
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    As there might be a couple people out there who want to own an Xbox Alpha Development kit but don’t want to spend the Cash they cost I thought I just write up a guide how to build one yourself with off the shelf parts! This is not the first guide about this topic out there but hopefully the most detailed and helpfull! I’m going to do this as a picture supported step-by-step guide so it should be easy to follow for anybody. Let’s start with the parts used in the Alpha2 Console: -Intel VC820 Desktop Board -128MB RD Ram (Kingston KVR800X 18-8/128) -733Mhz Slot 1 CPU (Part number SL3XN) -250Watt ATX PSU (ATNG Model: PS-250S) -20GB IDE HDD (Fujitsu MPF3204AT) -3,5” FDD (Sony MPF920-C) -DVD Drive (Hitachi GD-7000) -64MB Geforce3 (180-P0050-0000-A05) -Network Card (Intel Pro/100) -Soundcard (Wolfson Micronics WM9707_AMR_EV1_Rev2) -USB Card (Xircom Portgear PGPCI2 ) Now on to the parts you need to buy for a basic bootable setup: -Intel VC820 Desktop Board (CC820 should also work!) -128MB RD Ram -733Mhz Slot1 CPU -Any ATX PSU 250Watt or more -IDE HDD 20GB or bigger -Any DVD Drive that reads self-burned CD-r -64mb Geforce 3 NV20 Video Card ->more details a bit later! -Intel Pro/100 Network Card That’s the minimum that is needed to get the alpha to boot the recovery CD. If you want to be able to do anything except looking at the Recovery Screen you need some more parts: -2 Port USB Card that uses an Opti Firelink 82C861 Chipset -Xbox Controller to USB Adapter +Xbox Controller -Wolfson Micronics Soundcard (or the recreated Version) -Any Case to install it all to. (The original case for the alphas is the GlobalWin YCC-802) That’s how my stack off parts for the alpha looks like: Once you have all the parts together let’s start by putting it together! Guess I don’t have to cover how to install the CPU, Ram, Video Card, PSU, Network card, Audio Card and the Drives. The end result should look like this. It’s not important in which pci port the usb and lan card are installed. BUT it is important that the lan card is installed as the Alpha won’t boot otherwise!!! When it’s all put together turn it on and check that it properly posts and there are no errors or whatever before continuing! Now on to burning a recovery CD! (Thanks to Borman for releasing the May2001 Alpha2 recovery! All credit goes to him for the release!) You can find the files in the download section and can simply download them. Here's a direct link to the files on an external Server: Alpha Recoveries and VGA Bios Once downloaded just use ImgBurn (or any other iso burning software) to write the May2001 recovery to a cd-r disc. Pop that disc into the DVD drive off your alpha and you should see the Xbox animation and should be greated by this recovery Screen afterwards: Now (if you haven’t done it earlier) plug in the Controller using the matching adapter and Press any button to start the recovery. The progress bar should show how far the progress is. It shouldn’t take any longer than 5 Minutes to finish and you will see this screen. Then remove the recovery disc from the drive and reboot. You should then be greeted by the following screen where you can set a name for your alpha console. Congratulations your Alpha Development kit is now fully working and ready to be used! Soundcard: I recreated the Soundcard to build a completely working alpha kit for myself as the original Alpha soundcards are as rare as the original alphas. If you need one for your build just drop me a message and I can build a couple more! Graphics Card: The video card is an important part of this build so here’s a little extra information about that part. The Card needs to be an NV20 Core Card with 64mb. 32MB cards might also work but we want to be as close as possible so buy a 64mb card to not get into trouble! I successfully tested 2 card from 2 different vendors: -Medion MS-8838 Geforce3 200ti -MVGA-NVG3T2A 64MB Many other NV20 core cards should work and I gladly extend that list if you used another card on your build! J Flashing the engineering Bios is NOT needed it is only a cosmeticall detail you might enjoy. The motherboard does also not need to be on a special Bios version or anything. Troubleshooting: You Get a blinking black cursor and no Xbox boot animation? ->You might have forgotten to install the Lan card, got a wrong one or your Nvidia Card is not supported! Your DVD-drive doesn’t spin up and you end up with an intel Network card boot/bios Screen? ->Something might have gone wrong with the CD you burned or your drive can’t read the cd-r! Could also be a problem with the boot order! Check that in the Bios the dvd drive should be the first boot device! If you have any questions about the build or anything just drop me a PM!
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    here is a list of all (rare) MCPX ic I know off: MCP X-mode 2 MCP X2 (DVT3) MCPX X2 (found in DVT4 and Sega Chihiro) MCPX X3 MCPX X3P (not sure, but my latest notes state I found some info on this N64freak picture, repairing a Sega Chihiro (google this if you think "sega?") N64 Freak in this thread on Assemblergames has also did some amazing soldering things :https://assemblergames.com/threads/what-is-the-diference-between-the-mcpx-chips-big-images.41069/#post-952246 [EDIT} from N64freak I now understand the SMC might not need to be swapped, so you can ignore the rest of this post below. From various sources I know that if you would replace a X3 with a X2, you should swap the SMC ic to a matching set aswell (so just ordering X2 from china doesnt work?) I dont know if an MCP X2 is requireing its own SMC against X2. Those are even more rare, All retail have some kind of X3, but revisions where made. altho MS did a big fix and forced Nvidia to scap alott of mcpx, Nvidia disliked Microsoft verymuch after that. so MS couldnt that easely make newer Silicon designs after the 1.6 design.
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    So I stumbled across the PS1 emulator for the original Xbox and I thought great. So I load it on a bunch of games and to my disappointment a lot of them did not run great. Game such a Silent Hill and Resident Evil some of the consoles best. The original Xbox could not handle some of the graphical demands the PS1 could deliver. So I took it upon myself to see what is available to run good on pcsxbox v22b22 I loaded on an FTP over over a hundred original PS1 games. And I tested every single one over the course of a couple days. The results are in. Now I know emulation is not perfected for the PS1 but I wanted to know what kind of a game list I could put together with what is available now Surprisingly to see frames per second in some games did not matter. I am including frames per second in the list. But please look past it. This does not mean the game is not running good.. a game could be running as little as 10 or 12 frames per second and still be totally playable if you did not see the frames per second in the top left corner of the emulator.. Every game in this list below is totally playable on this emulator running 1.5 core version I did not change anything and I booted the cue file. Here is the list of what has passed play ability test so far (dec 26 2017) Batman Forever the arcade game - 20 FPS Bomberman world - 30fps Bust-a-move 99 -17fps Bubble Bobble featuring rainbow Islands -45fps Bust A Move 4 -17fps Capcom vs SNK Millennium fight - 22fps Castlevania Symphony of the Night -25fps Diablo -17fps Doom - 13-15 fps Evil Dead Hail to the King -30+ fps Grand Theft Auto 1 -20+ fps Guilty Gear - 12fps King of Fighters 99 - 20fps Megaman X3 -25 fps Megaman X4 - 25 fps Megaman X5 - 25fps Megaman X6 - 25 fps Mega Man 8 - 25 fps Parappa the rapper - 12 fps Marvel superheroes - 18 fps Marvel vs. Capcom - 18 fps R types - 25 fps Strider - 20fps Strider 2 - 20fps Street Fighter Alpha 2 - 20 fps Street Fighter Alpha 3 - 15 fps Street Fighter collection -17 fps Street Fighter collection 2 - 17fps Super puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo - 25fps Wild Arms - 15 fps X-Men vs. Street Fighter - 20 fps Tekken - 12 fps I physically played and tested over 60 to 70 PS1 games. These are the games that made the cut. Please keep in mind even though the frames per second maybe low for some reason these games can pull it off. It seems to me like it can easily run side-scrolling type games. Or 2D Fighters very well. Eventually I will be adding more to this list as time goes by. If anyone wants to add any other games feel free below. PS I know that there are lists that's a what this emulator can emulate. But I have actually tested these myself. Thanks for reading and have a good day
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    I’ve used 30awg kynar because I was using a crappy iron. Now I use a good iron and learned the air bridge technique and can do it in 5 seconds per bridge. the wire method is a safe way to go for beginners and as long as it gets the job done. Glad this guide was reposted, had to bridge the alternate points on a board with missing pads. Using 30 awg kynar it was a breeze. using wire on the alternate points is actually quite easy to do. .
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    Can always use more right? Have a softmod (though im not sure about that-) that came with about 100 CD-R's (OG game disc copies obv's) and a controller. Ive added a second controller since then, an official component HD cable set and about 30 OG games including my current fave- Secret Weapons Over Normandy.
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    Current development of the XBMC4Gamers can be found by following the source link. Source Download Readme Some Background Info: Ok so this started out as a project for my kids, I wanted to give them a dashboard for just loading games and to allow them to have there own saves, as they were fighting over saves and also to not allow them access to anything they should be accessing. Yeah so you can have profiles that have there own save directory on the Xbox, you have a load of views, synopsis support and a crap load of other features that you can see if you check the change log. All done via XBMC source edits, custom skins and python scripts. Youtube Video Game Posters, banners, fanart, icons, thumbs and tbn files all ready for your Xbox. This is a copy of my Game Posters _resources Directory. It consists of banners for all my games as well as thumbs, icons, posters and fanart where available. It's been setup to work with Origins (as well as the default.xml synopsis format that maybe getting added back in) so compatibility with other skins is paramount in my eyes. Game Resource pack
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    New update to Pcsxbox EmuCR-pcsxboxv22b25.rar
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    I went ahead and repackaged this and uploaded it to the files section.
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    @dark The password for the archive is "assemblergames" without the quotes of course! @Circular Pastry Didn't build it from scratch as i had the datasheet off the IC and most off the shematic in the MW9707AMR reference PDF. But yes i've recreated the soundcard for the alpha console/computer.

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