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    I made a few changes to HeXEn 2017 to... well, update some of it. There's certainly a lot more that could be done, but I didn't feel like it was necessary to go all-out on it, since the disc is primarily just used for TSOP/modchip flashing and building new HDDs. But with flashing in mind, there were some issues that should have been addressed, which were 1) editing the EvoX M8+ BIOS files to disable the need for a DVD drive on boot up (because it makes no sense to keep that restriction enabled) and 2) removing the ability to flash iND-BiOS 5004.06 (F only), since it is apparently broken and just bricks the TSOP/modchip. Full changelog: - Changed the default.xbe's title to "HeXEn 2018". - New main menu background image. - Main menu's network type is now set to DHCP. - Updated all EvoX M8+ .bin files (including sharp.bin) to remove the DVD drive check by default. - Removed iND-BiOS 5004.06 (F only) because it bricks the TSOP/modchip it is flashed to. - ind-bios.cfg now supports 480p by default. - Corrected an error which prevented the sharp.bin BIOS file from being copied to the HDD. - Partially rewrote the TSOP/modchip flash menus to make things more clear and to correct spelling/grammar. - Updated XBMC to include JCRocky5's 480p Game Loader scripts (useful if you have a 1.6 Xbox, otherwise it can be ignored). - Updated Chimp261812 to JCRocky5's latest release. - 1080i support is now disabled by default (because it slows the Xbox down if enabled). - UnleashX .xbe file replaced with a patched version that doesn't automatically create UDATA folders for all .xbe files it sees on the HDD. - Various other spelling and grammatical fixes. - Other general housekeeping. As for the rather bland new menu background, I had to go for a very minimalistic design, because I suck with Photoshop, lol. It gets the job done though. OGXbox download link. MEGA download link. MediaFire download link.
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    Hello Everbody! New to the site. . A little background on me. I've modded several original xboxes waaaaay back in the day.......8+ years ago, 360 flashing etc.., ps2s with swap trick to install freemcboot then replicate the card, Wiis, WiUs, Dreamcasts (they just play backups LOL). Mainly all of them with softmods no soldering because I suck at it !! Finding all the tutorials and info very helpful!! Thanks!!!
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    Yes I burned a coppy of hexen 2017 and just reinstalled a dashboard for original Xbox and it fixed that
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    Depending upon the build date you can generally tell if it's a 1.4 or 1.6. After April 2004 Serial number format: LNNNNNN YWWFF L = Production Line # in this factory NNNNNN = number of Xbox on that line produced this week Y = Last digit of year (200Y) WW = week of the year produced FF = Factory (02 - Mexico, 03 - Hungary, 05 - China, 06 - Taiwan) 1.4/1.5 production starts in 2003 Week 30 til production of 1.6's started. 1.6's production started in 2004 Week 20 onward till end of production in 2005. LNNNNNN 33WFF 1.4, 1.5 LNNNNNN 42WFF 1.6 You can also look for the presence or absence of the motherboard mounting post below the serial number sticker: See https://imgur.com/a/HM6PU
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    Haha. Now that is the very epitome of "on the cheap" brother *brofist*
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    I was in the same boat looking for belts but didn't have time to wait, I didn't want to LOL. I went to dollar tree and bought the little rubber bands for girls hair. They seemed small but I figured I'd try and it worked LOL, They seem pretty thin so I put three on there and it works great. Probably wont last long but for $1 for 500 I cant complain!!!!
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    Welcome to ogXbox.com! Do it hard or do it soft; modding's the name of the game here. KaosEngineer -- Xbox 1.0/1.1/1.4/1.6 Mod: X2/X3/XBox Softmodding Tool/Xenium S.P.I.C.E.
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    Hello everyone! Just joined and will be upfront that I do own a business around case modding and deal with the original Xbox as well! I just wanted to share for some of you who are considering case mods since that is much less common than some of the hard/soft mods. I made a 4 part series that teaches how to build and complete an entire case mod for the original Xbox console..from scratch! Hopefully this isn't seen as spammy or anything since I am technically a business, but I do try to make a lot of tutorials so people can learn how to cut window mods and install LED lights, etc. The four part series can be found on my website here (videos inside are also available on youtube) : http://www.tinker-mods.com/modding-tutorials/original-xbox-case-modding-tutorials.php
  10. 2 points
    Just a heads up to anyone who hasn't seen the edits to the OP. I've updated the release with a few extra changes, so if you haven't already burned a disc, you may want to redownload.
  11. 2 points
    I've used 360 replacement belts in Thomson, Samsung and Hitachi original Xbox DVD drives without any problems.
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    awesome man thank you for going through the effort. I always wanted why DHCP wasnt by default.
  13. 2 points
    I have some chips waiting for me to get round to it at some point.
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    https://redmine.exotica.org.uk/projects/xbmc4xbox/repository/revisions/33032 pay attention to the folder structure. replace both tmdb.xml files to fix the scraper issues you may have encountered. this is a welcome fix for anyone that plays media off the hdd (or over the network) with xbmc. classic collection for camp now has a stunning amount of synopsis info and fanart.... i could have done it on the mxq but this is way cooler.... why??? ALL THE GAMEZ
  15. 2 points
    check the link KE posted above. what he is saying is correct, but the pins are passed through to the connector for this as well. IGNORE THE ONE ORIGINALLY POSTED, its labeled differently and makes it confusing. this is in blakes post on the topic i believe 1 is voltage out, 6 is optical data, and 24 is voltage return. (as seen in diagram above) pin 1, 6, and 24 are used for optical as seen in the diagram KE posted (also below) This one gives a perfect visual on how to wire the optical i'd say this. study your part before it comes off the 360 cable and label it properly using the 360 AV pinout diagram found via google.
  16. 2 points
    I don't think you do. the optical audio jack is in the AV plug on the 360 cable that's not used when building a Xbox component cable by cannabalizing the 360 cable for the RGB component (YPrPb actually) and Red/White RCA jack audio connectors. You can add your own either coaxial or optical transmitter internally mounted to the back of the console itself. Something similar to a Toshiba ToTX177(F,T) or TOTX179 optical transmitter. Or an orange RCA jack for a digital coaxial jack. See the following Xbox AV cable wiring diagrams: https://imgur.com/odRIA8b
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    Yes it really works.
  18. 2 points
    You will love it. Something about buying a $20 xbox and making it so damn useful
  19. 2 points
    They legit work if that's what you're asking. Are they legit Aladdin chips..... Well, is anything coming from China legit on eBay?
  20. 1 point
    if you take your time sanding with a flat block you should get good results. start at 180 or 220. 80 may be too heavy i havent paint an xbox before. but ive been using rustoleum appliance epoxy on other projects and that stuff is awesome. painted a motorcycle fuel tank with it, took my time, sanded between coats and let it cure for a full week before recoat as recommended on that can. its hard like epoxy (think fridge, washer, dryer) and it stands up to gasoline! which is not common of regulated VOC products in canada... just moved into a place where the dryer left behind had a ton of damage on top. quick sand, degrease, cleaned it all up and shot in the white rattle can. looks great, really durable. now thinking i may use the rest of this rattle can on my slim box.... hmmmmm. do i kill another weekend on an xbox...... hmmmmmm
  21. 1 point
    Sad to hear.....I havent seen any consoles painted up close but some look nice in pics. I'll try to sand the crap out of it first...looks bad then paint........worse comes to worse I'll use some of that textured paint or some bed liner spray!!!
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    If i want to buy one... what i need to do?
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    I used the Resources4Xbox pack that is in another thread for most of the icons and backgrounds. The rest I made on my own, but when I have more time, I want to make some better ones (especially for the categories).
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    The dashboard files are corrupted. I'd upgrade your softmod to Rock5's latest Xbox Softmodding Tool by using the Quick Upgrade package: Build v1.1.4/Installer Variants/Quick Upgrade.zip Installation instructions included in the archive's Read Me.txt file. Then, install (FTP upload) a clean set of MS dashboard 5960 files to the console's C drive.
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    Yea, and I had to create a lot of my own, since the Resource Pack didn't have every emulator or Homebrew, but it was a great start. Now I am working on PC Ports, and I created my own for XBLA games and Apps. I just wish I had better icons for categories.I don't know of a way to have a separate background for each category.
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    R U pressing (A) twice? You have to for the new skin to be set as the new default. Pressing only once is a temporary preview of the skin until you select another or reboot and the previously set default skin will return. The on-screen instructions state that fact. Many users miss that little tidbit! Update: (A) Select Start / (A) (A) Save (Y) Download skins (doesn't work anymore ) Not sure why the Start button is shown before the slash and the 2 (A) buttons to Save. Pressing the Start button only exits back to the previous menu for me. Update 2: Check the path that your installation of UnleashX uses to access new skins. Do the skins show up in the list? If so, you are uploading them to the correct directory. Open System -> Settings -> System page and scroll down to the Skin section: Skins listed above is a subdirectory where your UnleashX's default.xbe file is located. You can set a path to a different folder name if you prefer or IIRC a fully qualified path (e.g., E:\Skins). Next, display the System Info page as seen below. To do so at a menu, press the (Y) button. Scroll down to the UnleashX section to find the Path entry. This folder is the location where UnleashX is running from on your Xbox.When the Skins path value is set to Skins the complete path to each skin is: <Path>\<Skins path>\<Skin Name>\ If <Skins path> is a fully qualified folder - starts with <drive letter>:\, <Path> will not be prepended. Substitute the values found for <Path>, <Skins Path> and <Skin Name> for the actual directory names. For example <Path> = C:\, <Skins path> = Skins and <Skin Name> = <XvGM> the complete path to this skin is: C:\Skins\XvGM Note: Skins saved in folders under the <Skins path> folder are surrounded with "<>" symbols to indicate that they are not skins built into UnleashX's default.xbe file. They actually sets of files uploaded to your Xbox for UnleashX to use from the <Path>\<Skins Path>\<Skin Name> folder. Make sure that you do not have sub-subfolders when you upload a skin. The skin.xml file must be found in the <Path>\<Skins Path>\<Skin Name> folder after value substitutions (no "<>" symbols). For more information about using UnleashX and skinning, download the UnleashX Tutorial P.S. Rambling now, too late / early in the morning. Way more information that you probably needed. Pressing (A) twice was as far as I most likely needed to go.
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    The BIOS of the ogXbox only supported LBA28 access for a max 137GB unformatted HDDs. Stock HDDs were either 8GB or 10GB drives with only the first 8GBs used. Users of modified systems with an original 10GB drive could gain access to the remaining 2GBs (actual formatted space is less than the full 2GBs). Updates to modified Xbox BIOSes enhanced the LBA support to pseudo LBA48 (actually only 32-bits are usable) for a maximum of 2TB. Use of the LBA48 enhanced access requires the use of the proper tools to correctly format the extended partition(s) of a new larger HDD namely XBPartitioner v1.3. IIRC with it, the maximum size of a single partition is 1TB (927.78GB) when formatted to use 64KB clusters.
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    to simplify it: download emulator, extract it, FTP to your emus folder on xbox, add roms to roms folder, restart xbox, play
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    Awesome, thanks for taking the time to update this.
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    This was made for a customer it was done by padhacking and made from scratch.he wanted a fightstick to use for his fav arcade game wrestlefest.the case was made from oak and plexiglass and the artwork was done with gimp.check out the video for the full build and subscribe to my youtube page will be posting some cool tutorials soon.Wrestlefest fight stick
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    I made two copies of the same emulator with the files of each system inside. and in xbmc I went to edit xbe and it worked. Enviado de meu SM-G903M usando o Tapatalk
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    I'll get on that then. I just figured possibly replace because things like letting the clock be wrong bugs me way more than it should and it wont have a permanent plugged in home for some time (in small apartment looking for a house). It hasn't leaked yet as far as I can tell. I made sure it turned on then immediately ripped it open and checked all the caps for leaks/bulges/pops/smell. It's a 1.4 and seemed hardly ever used. I got it from an estate sale so I'm assuming it was at some grandparents for when the grand kids were there. Even had a copy of Mercenaries in it.
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    quoting the below thread from xbmc4xbox who banned me for no apparent reason as soon as i joined "The same belts sold for use with the XB360 Samsung drives are generally pretty good replacements. The ones I've bought have all been 22mm diameter as they fit without significant stretching around a circular UK £1 coin which is 22.5mm. Profile is 1.2mm square. But I have seen others sold as XB360 drive belts which, in the listing, claimed the diameter as being less than 20mm. In other words you can't be sure what you're going to get." i was about to start digging around for o-rings and trying stuff, but this is likely better information than i have https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7413 jogged my memory that they are square, more of a belt than a ring. not saying an o-ring wouldn't work. just haven't tried it. also some good ideas in that thread, one from rocky5 about dunking the old belt in boiling water.... claims it worked. also something i didnt think of doing is just using the belt off another generic drive. i tend to have the odd drive hanging around from the past that need to go to scrap anyways. i may try one of those if need be. looks like xbox 360 replacements will also work.
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    its a great feeling to get it working. the experience is marginally better. but its still alot of fun. i need to find more time to catalogue exactly everything the 128 can do that the 64 cannot. id also like to do this with the 1.4ghz upgrade soon as well. the information on that upgrade doesnt seem to be at all public and i dont have the level of commitment to get there on my own. if reality wasnt real id already have a 1.4ghz console here, but reality is real and 400 dollars around my house does not get spent on an xbox with 2 miniature versions of me present. I earn a living that a college dropout should be damn thankful to be earning...... a long way of saying its not in the budget for the next little while. so i am praying to the xbox gods that the talent that produces these stays available and interested. N64 Freak, i see you.
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    Know some of you, Send me messages if you have N64 comp questions. I'll check in now and then.
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    @Randyslim76 @InvasionSurvivor I personally haven't tested a CC820 motherboard. But i've bern told they work fine ane the kernel shouldn't care if it has rd-ram or sd-ram as long as it is attached at the same logical adress.
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    How about the only modchip currently in production: Aladdin XT plus 2 $3 to $5 price range. You could try for one of BennyDiamond's XBlastLites for ~$48.50 IIRC. He's in Canada - BitCoin or one of the other limited payment options available. Contact him on assemblergames.com or his alias psyko_chewbacca on XBMC4Xbox forums. LPCmod_OS (aka XBlastOS) Repository: https://bitbucket.org/psyko_chewbacca/lpcmod_os/overview
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    I have no words to thank you enough about this...!!! Along with Rocky5's XBMC4Gamers now my XBox has got to a completely new level of fun! Thank you so much all, for giving all this effort! This a small video of my setup.
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    I asked for help in several places and only one or two people offered to help. I had several projects going at once so I chose the that it time crucial first. I will work on this as soon as I get more files accumulated together.
  43. 1 point
    Putting a pack together for Ninja?
  44. 1 point
    By soundtracks I mean the ability to have games play the music using the custom soundtrack feature a lot of games have. I'm sure we all know how to put music on. I had this issue since I can't burn CDs. I figured there would be a way to FTP but, it isnt as simple as FTPing to the correct directory in the proper format. The information on how to do this is out there, but it did take a little while to get a working method. A lot of the programs don't work on windows 10 etc etc. Well this method using Xbox Soundtrack Editor 0.97 works great, and is easy/fast. So I just made a quick video on how to do it. Mainly just so it is easier for people to stumble across the existing information. Xbox Soundtrack Editor v0.97.zip
  45. 1 point
    Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time. Startech ftw.
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  47. 1 point
    I'm gonna redo all of mine eventually and will share
  48. 1 point
    Can the same be done for LAN/ethernet activity?
  49. 1 point
    They are not the right spec as they are for 6v and you'll be hooking them up to 12v. So, you'll have to wire 2 in series to make it work.
  50. 1 point
    1st things first...thanks for the tut! I've been reading around and found that another way that will help to save some time, is to buy some prewired LEDs off of eBay seem like a good way to go, esp if someone is planning to sell them. Time vs money.

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