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    Alright guys. The time has come. Here I'm gonna be adding an internal WiFi adapter to my OG Xbox because, lets face it, Wires are ugly, they get chewed by your dogs and people trip over them. and come on WiFi in an OG Xbox!! Heres a list of Tools and Materials you'll need Torx T20 Torx T10 Soldering Iron Solder Drill with assorted bits Wire Cutters Heatshrink or Electrical Tape Multi-Meter Dremel with cutting disc or small hand saw. Assorted files or sand paper Wireless bridge gaming adapter RP-SMA Female to Male Pigtail Rj45(Ethernet) Female to Male adapter some Motherboard standoffs with matching screws I got the idea from the youtube user "Thewheelman282" Link to video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zG8DQ3Omfk To start you'll need to pull apart your console. I'm not gonna explain how to because there are Many sources for this elsewhere. Next you need to figure out where you want to mount the adapter. again I'm doing what he did in the video and mounting it to the bottom of the DVD drive. If doing the same you'll need to pull apart your DVD drive too. Every drive is different, mine is a Samsung with 4 screws on the bottom. Once you have the bottom half of your drive, You'll want to Pull apart your adapter and mark out your mounting holes. Now use your drill to drill them out. Start small, you can always make the hole bigger if you need to. Time to add the MoBo standoffs, I used 6 of them and cut the screw part off the ones that go inside the drive. Now you can mount your adapter and put your drive back together. Now its time to start cutting wires. Get your multi-meter and determine what wires you need to splice into. Since my adapter uses 5v I used Pin 01(Ground) and Pin 08(5V) Heres the Pinout for the Drive side of the DVD plug Next your gonna need to figure out where you want your adapters Ethernet port to be. I used the same location as in the video for simplicity. Now your gonna want to get your RJ45(Ethernet) Male to Female converter/Extension and see if it will fit. (Mine did not so i had to trim it down) In the process of trimming it, I nicked a few wires so I had to pull it completely apart to trace each pin with a multi-meter and solder each wire back into place. (Dont make the same mistake I did and take your time!!) I was impatient and rushing. now you can Take your dremel and start cutting the hole for your RJ45 port, Once cut it should look something like this.(Again I was rushing, So its not as clean as Id like it to be) you'll want to test fit the plug, then clean up the cuts with a file or sand paper. Then mount your new port to the top of the existing one. I used a few drops of Super glue to accomplish this. \ Now you'll need to drill a hole for your RP-SMA Pigtail. (Antenna extension wire) I chose to put it beside the Ethernet ports. Ignore ignore the hole by the Ethernet port. Thats for my USB ports. I put a piece of heatshrink around the metal antenna connector so it doesnt cause any shorts or problems once its put back together \ Its a tight sqeez but everything fits inside nicely, just be patient while your putting things back where they go. Now you can put it all back together so you can Admire all your hard work and enjoy your now Wireless Xbox. Let me know what you guys think. This is my FIRST Tutorial/Write up. Tried to give clear info, If you need any additional info ill be glad to help out.
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    So finally got the case for the HDMI cable finished! The cable itself does work good and is finally in the last steps off testing. Decided to add the OGX logo to the case to make it look even better. So a little more detail about the hardware now! It is basically a Component to HDMI converter that does reencode the Component signal to a HDMI signal. The Xbox will recognize the cable as a component cable and it is plug and play without the need for an extra psu or anything. The HDMI signal does provide stereo audio and there is an optical out on the pcb for digital audio. Can print the case in different colors once the cables are for sale! Before a lot off people ask about them now they will be for sale in around 4 weeks and i will post the add here in the Forums. Will offer them as finished cable and as an internal install kit without the cable and avip plug for those who want to do an internal install on there Xbox. So keep checking the forums not just facebook And without further talking that's how the final product looks like:
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    As there might be a couple people out there who want to own an Xbox Alpha Development kit but don’t want to spend the Cash they cost I thought I just write up a guide how to build one yourself with off the shelf parts! This is not the first guide about this topic out there but hopefully the most detailed and helpfull! I’m going to do this as a picture supported step-by-step guide so it should be easy to follow for anybody. Let’s start with the parts used in the Alpha2 Console: -Intel VC820 Desktop Board -128MB RD Ram (Kingston KVR800X 18-8/128) -733Mhz Slot 1 CPU (Part number SL3XN) -250Watt ATX PSU (ATNG Model: PS-250S) -20GB IDE HDD (Fujitsu MPF3204AT) -3,5” FDD (Sony MPF920-C) -DVD Drive (Hitachi GD-7000) -64MB Geforce3 (180-P0050-0000-A05) -Network Card (Intel Pro/100) -Soundcard (Wolfson Micronics WM9707_AMR_EV1_Rev2) -USB Card (Xircom Portgear PGPCI2 ) Now on to the parts you need to buy for a basic bootable setup: -Intel VC820 Desktop Board -128MB RD Ram -733Mhz Slot1 CPU -Any ATX PSU 250Watt or more -IDE HDD 20GB or bigger -Any DVD Drive that reads self-burned CD-r -64mb Geforce 3 NV20 Video Card ->more details a bit later! -Intel Pro/100 Network Card That’s the minimum that is needed to get the alpha to boot the recovery CD. If you want to be able to do anything except looking at the Recovery Screen you need some more parts: -2 Port USB Card that uses an Opti Firelink 82C861 Chipset -Xbox Controller to USB Adapter +Xbox Controller -Wolfson Micronics Soundcard (or the recreated Version) That’s how my stack off parts for the alpha looks like: Once you have all the parts together let’s start by putting it together! Guess I don’t have to cover how to install the CPU, Ram, Video Card, PSU, Network card, Audio Card and the Drives. The end result should look like this. It’s not important in which pci port the usb and lan card are installed. BUT it is important that the lan card is installed as the Alpha won’t boot otherwise!!! When it’s all put together turn it on and check that it properly posts and there are no errors or whatever before continuing! Now on to burning a recovery CD! (Thanks to Borman for releasing the May2001 Alpha2 recovery! All credit goes to him for the release!) You can find the files in the download section and can simply download them. Here's a direct link to the files on an external Server: Alpha Recoveries and VGA Bios Once downloaded just use ImgBurn (or any other iso burning software) to write the May2001 recovery to a cd-r disc. Pop that disc into the DVD drive off your alpha and you should see the Xbox animation and should be greated by this recovery Screen afterwards: Now (if you haven’t done it earlier) plug in the Controller using the matching adapter and Press any button to start the recovery. The progress bar should show how far the progress is. It shouldn’t take any longer than 5 Minutes to finish and you will see this screen. Then remove the recovery disc from the drive and reboot. You should then be greeted by the following screen where you can set a name for your alpha console. Congratulations your Alpha Development kit is now fully working and ready to be used! Soundcard: I recreated the Soundcard to build a completely working alpha kit for myself as the original Alpha soundcards are as rare as the original alphas. If you need one for your build just drop me a message and I can build a couple more! Graphics Card: The video card is an important part of this build so here’s a little extra information about that part. The Card needs to be an NV20 Core Card with 64mb. 32MB cards might also work but we want to be as close as possible so buy a 64mb card to not get into trouble! I successfully tested 2 card from 2 different vendors: -Medion MS-8838 Geforce3 200ti -MVGA-NVG3T2A 64MB Many other NV20 core cards should work and I gladly extend that list if you used another card on your build! J Flashing the engineering Bios is NOT needed it is only a cosmeticall detail you might enjoy. The motherboard does also not need to be on a special Bios version or anything. Troubleshooting: You Get a blinking black cursor and no Xbox boot animation? ->You might have forgotten to install the Lan card, got a wrong one or your Nvidia Card is not supported! Your DVD-drive doesn’t spin up and you end up with an intel Network card boot/bios Screen? ->Something might have gone wrong with the CD you burned or your drive can’t read the cd-r! Could also be a problem with the boot order! Check that in the Bios the dvd drive should be the first boot device! If you have any questions about the build or anything just drop me a PM!
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    Plus what i have sittin in my closet
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    @dark The password for the archive is "assemblergames" without the quotes of course! @Circular Pastry Didn't build it from scratch as i had the datasheet off the IC and most off the shematic in the MW9707AMR reference PDF. But yes i've recreated the soundcard for the alpha console/computer.
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    Finally found the time to test the Adapter PCBs i built to use an ATX Psu to power an Xbox. They are plug and play to easily switch between the original psu and an atx-psu.Might be usable for casemods or laptop builds. The adapter is built around the following basic schematic. It properly convert the Standby voltage from 5v to 3,3v and also shifts the power_ok and power_good signals to the correct levels. Also built a small version that can be used to build an extension cord style adapter to save some more space. Just let me know if you have any questions about them
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    This is a brief guide on how to change your jewel color. There are a few different ways to do this. There is NO quick and easy way to do ot that doesn't risk damaging your jewel. What you need Brasso or similar metal polish. A rag or polishing cloth some type of candle if you want to paint it then paint, color of your choice. and a whole lot of time/ Elbow Grease. First You'll have to take your jewel off your console, Not gonna explain this because there are several different methods that you can find elsewhere. Once you have your jewel off you'll need to clean the Black goop off. I forgot to get pictures of this part, But all i do is rub it with a clean dry cloth with my thumb till its all gone. Then you'll need to rub some candle wax into the letters of the jewel so you don't remove the chrome paint.. After that's done you'll need to get to work with the brasso. Its very time consuming (Took me about 2 or 3 hours working on and off) Just keep rubbing (Think of dory) lol Keep going!! I didn't get a picture of it once it was all clear, But you get the idea, Right? After you get all the green off you want to run the jewel under some Hot water to remove the wax, (I used some dish soap and a SOFT brush to help work it out faster.) After its dry you can keep it clear or add some paint of your chosen color. once its dried you can glue it back onto your console and Enjoy all your hard work..
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    Welcome! These are my personal Themes I've created through the years. With each Generation, they gradually get better! I plan on making more in the future so please be patient... Instructions: Download and open the zip/rar file and extract the folder inside to your PC. Connect to your Xbox Via FTP program and upload the file to the folder where your themes are located. (Ex: E:/Dashboard/UnleashX Themes). !!! Please remember to assign the UnleashX Themes folder in the Xbox Settings so they'll show up in your UnleashX Skins Category !!! On your UnleashX Dashboard go to your system category and assign your new skin under UnleashX Skins. Please Enjoy N163LPH03N1X IceBlueUX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ubb5w288dnuda81/IceBlueUX.rar High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bwkxn7b40caifsa/IceBlueUX+720P.rar SharpGreenUX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vw827sv4k2jevm6/SharpGreenUX.rar High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ydy84y463mnjpz7/SharpGreenUX+720P.rar ViolentRedUX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v1518lx6xklbhaq/ViolentRedUX.rar High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d6ub9k7myl5hh31/ViolentRedUX+720P.rar FenixAmberUX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7nv0ai54vs6c49g/FenixAmberUX.rar High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o6ddewggj1ew135/FenixAmberUX+720P.rar ApexBlueUX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q5tglnb9eeei7u6/ApexBlueUX+SD.zip High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q278dr4qbxw7t8t/ApexBlueUX+HD.zip ApexBlue2UX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sqbd5hycf03y7cy/ApexBlue2UX+SD.zip High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/exq2xgb2fcu7ob4/ApexBlue2UX+HD.zip DetoxGreenUX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vkovuhqtv6wlfld/DetoxGreenUX+SD.zip High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6cy42cw3a2c2yd1/DetoxGreenUX+HD.zip CytexRedUX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u47222ka2er0r60/CytexRedUX+SD.zip High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mrayjbnr636y07w/CytexRedUX+HD.zip Xecuter3BlueUX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c29ir447i595uc6/Xecuter3BlueSD.zip High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1d13ludo9lvlal6/Xecuter3BlueUX+720P.zip DarkTechUX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: N/A High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mtlq3bqfkop8qdp/DarkTechUX.zip DarkTech Enhanced Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7x5b8diab4ltbla/DarkTechUX+Enhanced+SD.zip High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/n0kshg5zagtziuc/DarkTechUX+Enhanced.zip EmeraldComplexUX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: N/A High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/h3q88tdu3yv9xxt/Emerald+ComplexUX+HD.zip SkarletPrototypeUX Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: N/A High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jne1i0m1vn9vd94/Skarlet+Prototype+UX+HD.zip Heliocentech HD Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: N/A High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xv90rwpk8h4205k/HeliocentechHD+-+N163LPH03N1X.zip CrytechGenesis HD Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: N/A High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/w9l8f4lg4514fql/Crytech+Genesis+HD.zip ExoTechVirus HD Standard Definition 480P (Retail AV) Download: N/A High Definition 720P & 1080P (Component & HDMI) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ouuuh9v6xyaug2y/ExoTech+Virus+HD+-+N163LPH03N1X.zip http://n163lph03n1x.wixsite.com/home https://www.facebook.com/N163lph03n1x/ https://twitter.com/n163lph03n1x
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    That isn't the goal. Facebook is like a chat room. The information disappears as quick as it came. This forum isn't for the impatient as none of this is an emergency and answers can wait a few hours. Once the answer is here, it's recorded, orderly, and easily findable. You can't compare FB to this forum as people will decide FB wins every time and as we've seen with other websites disappearing, so does the information. So when people decide FB wins, everyone loses.
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    Hi I have just joined today and would like to say hello to everyone on here
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    Not a collection but I'll play.
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    Hey guys, id like to see your collections! What you have or what you plan on getting. think itd be nice to see what you guys have laying around. Whats the story on it? Where you got it etc... (Game consoles, Games, or hardware from any manufacturer, Genre or era) no PC stuff please unless it is a dev kit of some kind. Post away!! Anyone have a "Panasonic Q" or "Game Q" I think that may be the first console i buy to start my real collection. And heres what i currently have laying around. with more coming in the future.
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    So you got one of these suckers installed in your 1.6 xbox, me too. Change the stock HD for a 500GB one. I got into the xenium os from boot, and loaded retail dashboard to change the clock, spot on. Rebooted back to Xenium, and loaded Evo, and setup my ftp ip, and noticed my hd only registered 129gb,well i was having non of it. So i ftp'd xpartioner 1.3 over, ran it and it told me i needed lba48 version 2, hmmm. Now this part is what i found online after massive searches and swearing bouts. Remember the usb lead you got for softmodding, well your gonna need it again with your flash drive. put your Hexen disk into pc and extract the bios file. The one you need for the 1.6 is (evox.m8plus.v16.fc.137.bin) put this file as is onto your flash drive. Plug drive into xbox, and boot to xenium os. select launch menu, and add new item, pick flash and select your evox file, name it give it a colour, and launch it. Job Done if you get any problem give us a yell.
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    Video from my YouTube channel on how to wire up an HDD indicator LED just for the hell of it. Lol. Enjoy!
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    Very very cool mod. Might need to do this to my Slim now. Haha.
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    Went camping out of town so haven't been active for a bit. Anyway. I bought an assortment of small brushes from Hobby Lobby and used the smallest available. One coat of white and then I just paint over it with whatever color. Used Testor model paint. Takes a bit of practice as you have to be very gentle so the bristles don't separate, overlap the lettering, and touch the face plate. If you want something similar in size and raised to practice on, go into McDonald's and get a drink. On your way out snag a handful of small lids. The McDonald's "arches" are perfect to practice on and are free. Lolol.
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    i wouldn't say it would be impossible, but it'd be difficult. it would render the Original port useless unless you used an inline relay which was more work than i wanted to do. and this way i can use the original Ethernet port and also plug my adapter into my router if i need to in the future. without pulling everything apart
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    Hello! my name is carter or (scottpilgrim45) I found this place looking for hdd led modifications for my og mtn dew xbox I am happy to be here and this community is awesome!
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    just i would say thanks
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    Well, wtf. Lol. Looks like a re upload is in order.
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    It's a good idea. I know someone who had to do that because the drive he was cloning to used too much power to run off a molex splitter. I never saw that problem before then but he has a 1.6 and I know their psu are different so maybe that had something to do with it.
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    It worked. I do have one issue. My surreal 64 menu shows up in a small corner or my tv but games play full screen. How do I get the menu to be full screen?
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    Haha yeah I let one of mine sit a little too long and it fogged up. Decided to sand the top a little and give it a "frosted" look and it actually turned out pretty decent. Hard to see the Xbox lettering from the angle but it's still there.
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    I have noticed over the years that some devices don't like to be formatted on the Xbox and won't produce that one specific error you want in order to format it. Had this floating around on my Mediafire so figured I might as well post it here for those that don't have it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8izx2p16papozbj/USBFATXFormatter_v1_3_2.rar
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    Basic Networking Guide: I have seen several posts on here from people who avoid FTP because they can't understand networking. I've seen advice from people who don't understand networking. I've seen people try to connect to their xbox but have no clue how. Let me explain this to you. If you don't understand, keep reading it over and over. Nobody can help you any more than this. 1. IP addressing - Your IP address is a series of numbers that gives your devices their identity on your local network. Think of it as a street address that will only mean anything to other people who live in your neighborhood. Anyone who doesn't live in your neighborhood would have absolutely no idea what it means or how to find that address. For example, here is a the most common IP scheme (subnet) in the world: 192.168.1.*. for our purposes, we're going to throw away the high level stuff about subnetting here. You'll only ever be dealing with a consumer grade network... or you'd already know this by now. For any 2 devices to communicate on your local network, they need to belong to the same subnet. This means they both need a 192.168.1.* address. (Please remember that I am trying to simplify this for the lay person.) So your pc should be for example: Your xbox could be: As long as they don't have the same number in the fourth slot(octet) as any other device, as long as it is >=1 and <= 254, it will be able to communicate with any other device on that same subnet. By now, you're confused.... "but he's calling the ip address range the subnet but I have another slot named subnet mask"..... 2. Subnet mask - This is a way to chop up a network(subnet) and keep certain computers from talking to other ones on a network. It was created in the early days of networking as a form of security. It's necessary to configure it for communications, but not necessary to understand it. What you need to understand is that a subnet: (for example) Through is a range of ip addresses. A subnet mask is what determines which IP addresses on the subnet, certain devices can communicate with. For our purposes, we're going to always set our subnet masks on all devices identically. This allows each device to talk to each other device. Think of this as a fence... so only certain members of the neighborhood can interact with each other. takes that fence down. (Again, I'm trying to simplify this for the lay person. If you get really into networking and realize there are subnets MUCH larger than what we're dealing with and therefore the subnet mask allows this, you may want to argue. I do this for a living and know that the description isn't dead on technically... I'm just trying to make it easy to understand.) All of our neighbors can communicate with each other. 3. Default Gateway - This is only necessary when you need communication OUTSIDE of your subnet. This is always going to be the ip address of your router. It must exist on the same subnet as the device we're trying to give access to. So for instance, your computer is and you want to give it internet access. Your router's ip has to be 192.168.1.something.... If it's anything else your pc can't talk to it. Routers are usually the first available ip address in a subnet. It doesn't have to be this way, but that's usually the way it's set up. So, your pc so far is: IP: Mask: Gateway: Think of the default gateway as the ONLY entrance and exit to the neighborhood. You can't enter or escape this neighborhood without knowing where that gateway is. 4. DNS - Dns is what translates www.whatever.com into an ip address. Your pc uses ip addresses to browse the internet. You just don't know that because we know humans don't remember numbers as well as names. The names mean something to us, so we know them and can use those. So DNS is there to make the conversion for us. This setting for primary and secondary DNS is necessary for internet access. (You need at least one to work. It's not necessary to have both as long as one works.) Google provides free public DNS you can point to, and it will work just fine. DNS is like a phone book. You know the name of the person you're wanting to talk to, but can't remember the number. 5. Physical Connectivity - If you're relying on DHCP, both devices will have to be connected to your device that is handing out the addresses via DHCP. This can be directly or via a switch. (think of a switch as being a splitter for ethernet. It's MUCH more sophisticated than that, but for your purposes you can think of it this way.) This will handle the addressing portion as well as make the physical connection properly. You'd only have to configure your devices to use DHCP, and they will get addresses from the DHCP server and you'll be set. If you don't have a router or switch, you'll have to plug a cable directly between your two devices. Since this is an xbox group, we'll focus on cat5 cables and above. (You should be using at least cat5e in this day and age.) Network cables by default are called "straight through". What you need to know is they have 4 pairs of wires inside of them. Some are designated as send. Others receive. For the devices to communicate, one device has to have it's send connected to the other's receive... or else they won't be able to hear each other talk. Switches do this automatically. Some devices will sense this automatically and make the change on their own. This feature is called MDI/MDIX. The xbox doesn't have this feature. If your pc doesn't, you'll have to have what is called a "crossover cable". This cable simply connects send to receive so your two devices can communicate without a switch. 6. Usage - You may ask for clarification on this article, but don't ask for any more networking advice outside of this article. Everything you need is right here. If you're wanting someone to just tell you what to put into each box, ask obama. If you're not willing to do the work yourself and try to understand what you're doing... you don't belong here. If you see someone asking for networking advice in our group, send them the link to this write-up.
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    At work will try tomorrow
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    I can't remember if I did one of these but my name is Andrew. I did my first softmod back in 2007. I have been doing a little light modding here and there with different things. I will admit it wasnt till recently that I got down how to FTP to my Xbox. It seems there maybe be some issues with the exploit that I used and at the moment I dont feel like messing with it. Hexen has allowed me to FTP so I am happy. I will be doing my first TSOP here soon. I have done some interesting case mods with a 360 before. I am hoping to maybe do an OG Xbox Slim mod in the near future. To date I have modded 2 xboxs, 3 psps, a wii, and a ps2
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    Went through and grabbed a bunch of emulator covers a while back. Might as well share these too. I think they look pretty good for the most part. Enjoy! Emulator Icons - http://www.mediafire.com/file/hza8sx5d3j0pc6k/UnleashX+Emulator+Covers.zip
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    Hey everybody the Names Albert but CptKlink is my Handle. I thought my introduction I would share my awesome score and my first time owning an OG Xbox. My first time owning an OG Xbox and an awesome score happened only close to 6 years ago. My now wife and I just took the big step at the time and moved in together and we both desided we wanted to get some kind of console just nothing new cuz both of us are more of a fan of older games. So we began searching Kijiji (Canadian form of craigslist). After a few hours of searching we found someone selling a PS1, N64, and an OG Xbox with 2 Dualshock controllers for the PS1, 4 official N64 controllers for the N64, and 5 controllers for the xbox 2 being logitech wireless and the other 3 official s types. All that for $120 that in its self is a pretty good deal but the real score I didn't know till the next day when we went to get them. Lucky for me the guy selling these consoles had alot of money and really little brains and just liked playing videos games. He had really no idea what he had. He said he just bought one of the most expensive xboxes he found on ebay and bought it. The Xbox actually had a xenium chip in it along with a 500 GB HDD and a set of monster component cables. The N64 also had an RGB Mod done to it and the PS1 was also modded with a modchip and came with a gameshark. The guy really had no idea what all he had and thought thats how the consoles came stock it was crazy and one of the best deals I have ever found for anything not just Consoles. Well that was my first dip in to the OG xbox and have been hooked since. Sadly that xbox I had to sell a while ago and now just got myself a 1.4 xbox again about a month ago bought for $40 with 2 duke controllers a/v and power cables and 16 sports games. I now have it TSOPed with IND 5004 with a 250 GB HDD, 80MM fan mod, Internal Logitech Receiver mod, and internal wireless network adapter mod.
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    These kind of adapters don't have, use, or need drivers. everything is self contained pretty much. You just need to log in to it from a web browser to connect to its OS and set your wireless key all done through the network. Once all setup you can unplug everything from the router and install it the way you like in the xbox.
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    Hey Everyone, My name is Myke, I go by N163LPH03N1X on the internet. I guess I can tell you how xbox has influenced me as a person. Back in the day, my grandmother won me a black original Xbox through a "Staples back to school draw give away" and gave it to me on my birthday. This is the first time ever having an Xbox. I eventaully owned Halo 2 and Need for Speed Underground 2 on Christmas and were my first Games, then shortly after Easter came and I got GoldenEye Rogue agent and then I got Dance Dance revolution UltraMix 3 for my next birthday. StepMania is a DDR game on PC Which I was into as well and while browsing I seen pictures of a game Called StepManiaX.... on the original Xbox....I was like "wtf!" After hours of digging around i figured out that I needed an Xbox Memory Card and a specific Game, a game save Exploit and Action Replay for the PC which I had running on windows XP to Soft Mod the original Xbox. I went to EB Games, (Game stop) bought a new memory card, and dug around for one of the three games I needed for the Exploit. I eventually found the Spintercell because a certain revision of Mechassault was not happening and I couldn't find the James bond night fire anywhere. After being nervous for the first time soft modding I managed to do it and spent hours trying to FTP the console to my PC. Our Power went out one night and we set up a generator to power a few essentials in the house. Xbox is very essential lol, and I played duke nukem for hours of the night. randomly the generator shut off and it ended up frying something in my first ever Xbox console. I was sad. Later down the road I turfed the console on the side of the road because I never had the knowledge to fix it like i do now. I eventually went down to EB Games and bought a refurbished one. When I opened it I couldn't believe my eyes, It was not refurbisheda but an unopened mint condition Crystal Console. I thought it was the rarest thing back then. So I did my soft mod deal again and I looked into upgrading the hard drive because damn, 8gb is too small. I bought a 500GB ATA Security Hard Drive and learned how to used XBOXHDM. I had a shitty old PC tower kicking around and updated that crystal, man I was some happy. I looked into LED mods and the only one i could afford and knew about was ghost case. I bought it online and popped it into my crystal, I ended up breaking the ghost case lid immediately and I didn't know the DVD drive had to be a Thompson because I had a Samsung and almost broke it trying to fit the plastic piece with it. frustrated I left and tapped in the little led into it I started building themes for unleashX around that time. Learned how to manually change things in the XML files to make my own theme. After almost a decade I started searching for different types of Xbox wishing for the day I could have one of the rare ass Xbox's .The crystal blue was my favorite I could never afford it at the time, $3-400? you're crazy.. My friend bought one and I got super jealous. One day I came across and crystal Blue Asian System and it looked modded like I've never seen before. Front LCD Panel, beefed up with 3 hard drives like, this was like nothing I've ever seen... It was on eBay for around $8-900 bucks. I showed my friend and he thought nothing of it...and well i made a deal with him and he bought it with his credit card for me and i gradually payed him back. When I got it in the mail it was like Christmas. This Xbox was a beast, souped up with a Crystal Blue Xecuter 3 Control Panel, Xecuter 3 CE Mod Chip, and an XCM X-tender Mod with X2 250GB and a 500GB. This Console began my long journey to what I've become now, I learned how to solder. I learned about the Custom Bios's, I learned more about XCM and Team Xecuter and I spent years Scrounging for All of the colored panels, pro switches, Chips and XCM Cases. Learned more about LED Mods, Modding Xbox Controllers, Controller ports and the Eject/Power LED. I also Spent tons and tons of money to get where I'm at. It's been a Long run... and so I'm here writing this story to introduce myself to the Xbox community, to share my knowledge I've gathered throughout since the time of my first ever Xbox. I have 9 Crazy modded Consoles in my Possession, they're are my life.
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    Awesome stuff thanks for the share N163LPHO3N1X
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    Hey Blake you should Create a topic with just Xecuter parts so People can know more about the types of chips, panels, pro switches etc. maybe add some XCM Products as well unless of course I could do it?
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    Xbox Alpha Kit/Durango. It was sent out to developers of launch titles when the Xbox Dev/Debug hardware was delayed. ======================================================================================================= Xbox Development Kit (XDK) Final Version of the XBOX DEV Kit. It included a SCSI connection in the back to connect to a PCI card in a PC to emulate the dvd drive. Otherwise, it is the same functionally as a Debug Kit. DVT4 on the left. DVT3 on the right with prototype metal jewel. ======================================================================================================= Debug Kit Units Available: Unknown Retail Price: Not for resale Xbox Debug Kits were never available through the retail market, however they have popped up enough on the second-hand scene to be worth mentioning in this article. These Xbox consoles are translucent green and have the words "Debug Kit" on the front of the case, just to the right of controller port 4. Unlike retail consoles (which only contained 64MB of RAM), Xbox Debug Kit consoles had 128MB of RAM. The Debug Kits could not run retail game discs. One could often find pre-release or cancelled versions of game software on these Xbox Debug Kits. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ======================================================================================================= 2001 Launch Team Edition Retail Price: Not For Sale Units produced: ~1000 The Xbox Launch Team 2001 Special Edition is a translucent green Xbox with a jewel that is silk screened with the message "Great work!" and a copy of a printed signature from Bill Gates. The words "Special Edition" are printed on the front right of the console. This Xbox was sold, not given, to members of the Xbox launch team including Hardware, ATG, Dev, First Party Games and Games Studios, Marketing, and others. Two exclusive translucent green "Duke" controllers were included. Along with the console, employees had an option to purchase 6 game titles marked "not for resale" at a reduced rate from the Microsoft campus store. The Launch Team 2001 consoles were hardware revision 1.0 and all were produced in a Mexico production facility on November 7, 2001 or November 8, 2001. Since these systems were offered for sale to qualifying employees instead of being given away, not all were sold. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ======================================================================================================= Partner EditionRetail Price: Not For SaleUnits produced: ~1000 (Thought to be closer to 60 units)The Partner Edition is a translucent green Xbox with a jewel that is silk screened with the message "Thanks for Partnering with Xbox" and signature from Bill Gates. Unlike the Launch Team consoles, these did not have the "Special Edition" label on the front right of the console. This Xbox was given to hardware companies that produced components for the Xbox such as Nvidia and Intel. A translucent green Controller S was included with this model. These are considered to be more rare than the Launch Team console because of their distribution to companies rather than individual people makes them harder to come across in the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ======================================================================================================= 50 Cent BulletProof Units Available: 1Retail Price: Not For SaleThe 50 Cent Pure White Edition Xbox was given away in a promotion by Australian television channel Channel V. It was signed by 50 Cent and is aesthetically similar to the Pure White edition but has "50 Cent Bulletproof" printed in gold to celebrate the release of the video game 50 Cent: Bulletproof. It was given away along with a copy of the game, 50 Cent CDs and a 50 Cent poster.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ======================================================================================================= 50 Cent BulletProof 2 This is the second version of the 50 Cent Bulletproof Xbox. One was released in Australia & one in New Zealand. Thank you Carl Coran. ======================================================================================================= Units Available: 1Retail Price: Not For SaleThe Atari Edition Xbox was given away at the Leipzig Game Convention in 2004, It is one of a kind and is orange in color. Attendees needed to collect all 5 pins that Atari gave away, which spelled ATARI.[9] If the attendee was able to find all 5 pins, they could be entered into the contest, with the winner receiving the one-of-a-kind orange Atari Edition Xbox, an Atari T-shirt, headband, wristband, Atari bracelet, and the original 5 pins. [10] It is worth noting that the Atari Xbox began as a standard black Xbox which was later airbrushed by Atari.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ====================================================================================================== Conkers Xbox console,3 made for a Conkers tournement in SydneyAustralia.Thank you Carl Coran. ====================================================================================================== CrystalUnits available: UnknownRetail Price: Unknown The crystal edition Xbox first came out around March 2004 in Europe, celebrating the console's second anniversary in the region. The box bundle consist of the console and 2 matching crystal controllers. A few weeks later, up to Summer 2004, the bundle was also sold in Canada stores. Months later, variants of the crystal edition bundle were sold in stores bundled with certain games. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ====================================================================================================== Dead or Alive Ultimate / Online Units Available: 5000Retail Price: ¥22'800On March 25, 2004, a Kasumi-chan Blue Xbox console was released in Japan. The system was released simultaneously with Tecmo's fighting game, Dead or Alive Ultimate. The translucent blue case was based on the costume of Dead or Alives main character, Kasumi, and had "Dead or Alive Ultimate" written in white lettering in the lower left corner of the top of the case. Included with the translucent blue console was a matching Controller S, a DVD Playback Kit, an Xbox Live Starter Kit with a free one-year membership, a copy of Dead or Alive Ultimate, a copy of Digital Venus DVD, and a five-foot-long Kasumi body pillow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ====================================================================================================== Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach VolleyballUnits Available: 20Retail Price: UnknownThe Dead or Alive Xbox was only sold in Germany with a picture of the game with airbrush effect. ====================================================================================================== I don't know much about this other than Ed Fries was the Vice President of game publishing at Microsoft during the Xbox's life. As you may imagine, if you're a high level executive delivering a product you may have to call in a few special favors along the way. What better thank you to certain people than a personalized xbox thank you note? ===================================================================================================== Halo 2 (Asia)Units Available: UnknownRetail Price: $249 On March 18, 2005, an Ice Blue Halo 2 Limited Edition Xbox was released in Canada and Asia. The console was translucent blue and retailed for approximately $249. Included with the Ice Blue console was a matching Controller S, a special Halo green headset and a copy of Halo 2. The difference between the Asian and Canadian Halo 2 versions can be seen in the Xbox's jewel. The Asian version has a black jewel, while the Canadian version has a silver jewel. They were version 1.1 or 1.0. Also was sold through Bell with a 24-month contract for high speed, the Bell bundle was sold October 31 to November 7, 2005 and came with the console, 2 games (Amped 2 and Top Spin) and 1 year of Xbox Live and a headset. It was also available before this date with a 24-month contract but you had to pay 149.99 for the console. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ==================================================================================================== Halo 2 (Canada)Units Available: UnknownRetail Price: $249 On March 18, 2005, an Ice Blue Halo 2 Limited Edition Xbox was released in Canada and Asia. The console was translucent blue and retailed for approximately $249. Included with the Ice Blue console was a matching Controller S, a special Halo green headset and a copy of Halo 2. The difference between the Asian and Canadian Halo 2 versions can be seen in the Xbox's jewel. The Asian version has a black jewel, while the Canadian version has a silver jewel. They were version 1.1 or 1.0. Also was sold through Bell with a 24-month contract for high speed, the Bell bundle was sold October 31 to November 7, 2005 and came with the console, 2 games (Amped 2 and Top Spin) and 1 year of Xbox Live and a headset. It was also available before this date with a 24-month contract but you had to pay 149.99 for the console. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ==================================================================================================== Halo 2 - Japanese Console. Japan got most of the special editions in an attempt to get them to accept the Xbox. That never happened in the numbers that Microsoft needed. Japanese gamers have always prefered Japanese companies such as Sony or Nintendo. ==================================================================================================== Hello Kitty CrystalUnits Available: 550Retail Price: S$99 SGD with a $5000 Samsung TV purchase from one specific retailer in Singapore.The Hello Kitty Crystal Xbox was released with Sanrio in Singapore, to commemorate the release of Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue on the Xbox. The special edition console was translucent with a pink and orange Hello Kitty picture covering the X on top of the case. Included with the Hello Kitty Crystal console was a matching Crystal Controller S and a copy of Hello Kitty Mission Rescue.https://en.wikipedia.org/.../Xbox_(console)_special. =================================================================================================== Units Available: 35Retail Price: Not For SaleIdentical in colour to the Mountain Dew Edition, the Hulk Xbox was a special promotional Xbox made to commemorate the release of the Universal Pictures movie "Hulk" in 2003 for the UK release. The console Featured a jewel on top with the promotional image of the Incredible Hulk's Eye and the Pepsi Logo. These Special editions were only available by having a winning Scratchcard when you Purchased a Popcorn and Pepsi meal in participating UK UCI multiplex cinemas. No other information about packaging is known. packaging is the same as the original black Xbox but has an additional sticker on the rear of the box stating hulk edition. comes with a standard black controller. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================== Mountain DewMountain Dew Xbox Console.jpgUnits Available: 5000Retail Price: $99.99 + $8.75 shipping + 550 Mountain Dew points The Mountain Dew Limited Edition Xbox was only available through a Mountain Dew sweepstakes requiring loyal Dew-drinking Xbox fans to amass 550 points in order to "buy" the Limited Edition Xbox. The sweepstakes spanned 5 months – from April to August 2004. Production was limited to 5000 units. Within 1 day all systems were reserved. The Mountain Dew Limited Edition Xbox is neon-green colored and has a special jewel atop the Xbox that has the words "Limited Edition" and the Mountain Dew logo under the Xbox name. Included with the neon green console is one of two games: Project Gotham Racing 2 or Amped 2. Only 30 points could be registered per day for the contest. Mountain Dew Points were awarded as follows: 20 oz. 1 pt, 1-liter 1 pt, 2-liter 1 pt, 12-pack 3 pts, 24-pack 6 pts, 32/44 oz. Fountain Cups 1 pt https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Halo (Translucent Orange, US)Units Available: 1Retail Price: Not for resale Found while visiting a garage sale (in Redmond, Washington) on July 27, 2014, a translucent orange Halo Special Edition original Xbox console was found and purchased. Pictures comparing the console to a Halo Translucent Green version have been posted at the Assembler forums.[6] This has been proven to be a legitimate system, and the thread at the Assembler forums show images of several of these orange Xbox case tops at the factory as production samples. It appears that only 1 of the Orange Xbox consoles escaped destruction. As this is an actual Microsoft produced Xbox from a mold (instead of a painted case), this is likely to be the rarest Xbox console in existence. A video can be seen on YouTube, on the channel "MetalJesusRocks", titled "Ultra Rare HALO XBOX DISCOVERED!" posted on April 24, 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions The previous owner (Emilio) sold it(for $15,000.00), got $9K upfront and opened his own gaming consignment shop. He is still waiting for the remainder of the cash. But the new owner is some girl who owns a competing gaming consignment shop. It's a museum of sorts, but not like you'd think. It's currently located in Renton WA http://assemblergames.com/l/threads/2001-launch-team-xbox-how-many.62327/page-2 ================================================================================================= Units Available: 1300Retail Price: ¥35,800 JPYOn December 19, 2002, a Panzer Dragoon Orta Special Edition Xbox was released in Japan to commemorate the release of Panzer Dragoon Orta on the Xbox. The console's special features included a white case with the Panzer Dragoon Orta logo on the top in the lower left hand corner, as well as some artwork from Orta surrounding the Xbox jewel. Unit was only available to those who preordered on Nov 1, 2002, through Sega Direct. Included with the Special Edition console was a matching white Controller S, an Xbox Component A/V cable, an Xbox Component AV pack, a copy of Panzer Dragoon Orta with its soundtrack CD, and a dragon head necklace. When the console was first planned, 3,000 units were set to be produced, but during production the process of applying the silk screen design of the black lines seen on the top of the console proved to be a very difficult task. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Pure WhiteUnits Available: 1,000Retail Price: UnknownThe Pure White Xbox was only sold in Japan with the option to engrave up to 20 letters.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Skeleton BlackUnits Available: 50,000 planned - 10,000 soldRetail Price: ¥35,800 JPYIn 2001, a Clear Black Limited Edition Xbox (also commonly referred to as the "smoke" edition) was released in Japan to commemorate the Xbox's Japanese release. Included with the Clear Black console was a matching Clear Black Controller S, an Xbox Component AV pack, and a key chain that had Bill Gates' signature and the console's serial number engraved in it.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Candy Skeleton Quantity: 1 Not much is known about this xbox other than it is a skeleton with candy placed inside of it. It appears to have been a gift given out at a company party. It is most likely full of roaches... wherever it is. ================================================================================================= Tony Hawk's Underground 2Units Available: 10Retail Price: Not For Sale The Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Special Edition Xbox was issued in October 2004 in conjunction with Activision and online skater magazine caughtinthecrossfire in the United Kingdom. This special edition console was only available as a winner's prize at skateboarding and gameplay competitions to commemorate and promote the release of Tony Hawk's Underground 2 on the Xbox. The artwork was airbrush painted by hand in an urban graffiti style with translucent matte lacquer finish. The artwork covered the top of the case and followed the X shape downwards on the corners of the Xbox. A very limited production run of 10 graffiti style units was commissioned and was issued "Not For Resale". Included with the THUG2 Special Edition console was a matching Crystal Controller S and a Tony Hawk autographed copy of Tony Hawk's Underground 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Translucent Green(Not Halo or Debug)Units Available: 20,000 Manufactured - 5,000 sold (Europe)Retail Price: €229/£149 On May 2, 2003 a Translucent Green Limited Edition Xbox(rare) was released in Europe to celebrate Xbox's one-year European birthday. The console came with two matching Controller S and retailed for €229/£149. It had a limited manufacture of 20,000 units but only sold 5,000 units(in Europe). The styling of the Translucent Green Xbox is identical to Debug Units used in game development; of course, the retail versions lacked the words "Debug Kit" on the front of the case. The green Controller S was also sold separately. The Translucent Green Limited Edition Xbox was also released in Canada and came with one matching Controller S and two games, Crimson Skies and Project Gotham Racing 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= Units Available: 200,000Retail Price: $200 USDOn April 2, 2004, Microsoft issued a press release announcing the upcoming retail availability of the Halo Limited Edition Xbox combo.[5] The Xbox console and its included S Controller were translucent green with "Halo" written on the front of the console, at the right hand side, near controller port 4. This unit appears very similar to the Translucent Green "Debug Kit" Xbox consoles, only replacing the words "Debug Kit" with the "Halo" logo.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= World RacingUnits Available: 6Retail Price: Not For SaleThe World Racing Xbox was only given away in Germany in a contest.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_(console)_special_limited_editions ================================================================================================= EA Xbox Live White`Quantity: 30This Special Edition console was given to Electronic Arts to celebrate their support of the nascent XBOX Live service. I am told there are 60 of the controllers that match in existence, and two came with the console. If these numbers are correct, this indicates that only 30 of these consoles were ever produced.http://imgur.com/gallery/ETwhl
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    Been lurking around the FB page since shortly after it was started. Decided to join the forums since I will have some time on my hands come the end of August. Located in Northwest Iowa and have been modding Original Xbox consoles for many, many years as well as Jailbroken Playstation 3's, RGH Xbox 360's, and many more consoles.
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    Basically the other way round! Only NTSC consoles can output a hd component picture. Pal consoles need to be switched to NTSC to be able to output a component signal.
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    @Knucklebunker yes got the pricing worked out. The complete cable with the 3D printed case will sell for 70€ and the internal kit will sell for 55€. Will design and print a mounting help for the internal kit later on. It will hold the pcb and will look like a half open case. The install would be as easy as cutting a square into the case and glueing the mounting help in. Well soldering is still required off course and i will post a guide showing the solder points and how to get it installed later on
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    I originally posted this in the Facebook group, but it might be a good thing to keep on the site as well for archival purposes. This is only a general introduction to modifying the original Xbox. It doesn't include specific instructions, but instead just provides an overview to help those who are interested in Xbox modification to understand the basic premise. YouTube and this group are loaded with a wealth of helpful information for more in-depth processes and how-to guides. Consider this merely a starting point to help understand the common references and terminology you'll run into as you go. Factory Operation Of The Original Xbox Before we get into the specifics of the different kinds of mods available, let’s start with how an original Xbox actually works. In the world of electronics a TSOP is just a type of flash memory chip that stores a small amount of data. Most original Xboxes, much like PCs from that time period, have a TSOP chip that stores a very small program called a BIOS. The first thing the motherboard does when you power on the Xbox is run the BIOS program stored on the TSOP. The BIOS checks all of the hardware in the system, then looks for an operating system to boot (in the case of the Xbox, either the software on a game disc or the dashboard software stored on the hard drive). The Xbox ships from the factory with a very restricted BIOS stored on the TSOP to prevent running pirated games, unauthorized software, or using custom hardware that violates the terms of service (non-original hard drives, custom disc drives, etc.). The first thing the BIOS does when you turn on the Xbox is a hardware check, and it halts the system if anything is missing, inoperative or not original to the system. During this process it checks the hard drive to make sure it’s locked with a special key code specific to that Xbox. If the hard drive isn't locked, or if it doesn't have that specific key code, the BIOS will halt the system to prevent booting unauthorized software and display an error. If the hard drive passes these requirements it next checks the DVD drive to make sure it’s compatible (any original Xbox drive will work, but only Xbox drives). If the DVD drive is verified to be an Xbox drive it then looks for a bootable disc in the tray. The disc will only boot if the copy protection proves the disc is a genuine Xbox game; if not, it will load the dashboard from the hard drive instead. NOTE: Not all Xboxes have a TSOP chip, and without one you obviously can't do a TSOP mod. The last version of the Xbox, v1.6, is the only exception and has a different type of chip custom-made by Microsoft instead of a TSOP. While this chip still contains the BIOS and performs the same function as the TSOP chips, it cannot be flashed (i.e. re-written) with a custom BIOS. Why Mod? The main purpose of modifying an Xbox is to run custom software on it. Once you mod the Xbox it unlocks it for all kinds of uses. * Play downloaded/burned/copied games/homebrew applications or other custom software * Run emulators for older systems and play NES/SNES/Genesis/Playstation etc. games on your Xbox * Run XBMC and use your Xbox as a home theater PC. You can play most music and videos, including DVDs without the official DVD playback kit from Microsoft. * Install a bigger hard drive. This mostly facilitates the other uses listed here, but you'll have more storage in general for anything else you might want it for. * Install games directly to the hard drive, either with the original disc or uploaded through FTP on a home network. Not only is it more convenient with faster loading times, but this also saves wear and tear on the DVD drive. * Use cheats in games much like a Gameshark or Game Genie. For the Xbox they're called "trainers", but perform the same function. Softmod Vs. Hardware Mod In most cases a softmod (software mod) will do most of the practical things you can do with a hardware mod. A softmod is usually applied by loading a hacked save file in specific games that have code vulnerabilities. When the game tries to load the save file a small Linux installation loads instead, takes over the Xbox and executes custom code that copies software onto your hard drive. It also installs a shortcut that tricks the BIOS into loading a custom dashboard at boot instead of the factory dashboard. Afterwards you're able to run custom software and burned discs from a custom dashboard. It should be noted that you will have to install a softmod anyway if you intend to use a TSOP mod as you will need it to run the TSOP flashing software. Softmods have a few cons compared to hardware mods: * If you screw up the softmod software you have to start from scratch to re-install it. If you screw up the software after a hardware mod you can simply load a rescue disc to fix it. * Upgrading the hard drive is possible with a softmod, but a little tricky and slightly risky. * You have to use a locked hard drive with a softmod, even if you upgrade to a larger disk. If you're using an upgraded hard drive and it fails you'll have to go back to the factory drive before you can install a new drive. If you're still using the small factory hard drive, it fails, and you don't have another already-locked hard drive on hand with that specific key code, you'll have to go through a somewhat complicated process to replace the hard drive. Hard drives are destined to fail eventually, so a hardware mod is great insurance against future hardware failure. * A softmod requires a DVD drive to be connected at all times. If you only have a softmod, and for whatever reason the DVD drive's mainboard fails, you'll have to replace the drive (or at least the drive's mainboard) before your Xbox will boot. On the plus side, the Xbox DVD drive isn't key coded to the motherboard, so any Xbox DVD drive will work as a replacement. A hardware mod makes the DVD drive entirely optional. * With a softmod the BIOS still checks the disc to make sure it’s authorized software, and if it isn't, it loads your dashboard instead. Most of the time you won't see any ill effects from this as the custom dashboard will autorun the disc anyway (depending on your settings). However, the custom BIOS from a hardware mod will more securely be able to directly boot any disc. This is why you're able to run rescue discs with a hardware mod if your custom dashboard gets broken. * Not a huge deal, but a hardware mod allows you to customize the "flood machine" and splash screen you see when the system first powers on. Hardware Mods: Mod Chip Vs. TSOP Mod In the early days of Xbox modification the only way to mod your Xbox was with a mod chip. The way these function is to bypass the on-board chip that stores the BIOS so that a custom BIOS runs from the mod chip instead. A mod chip usually only consists of a TSOP wired to run instead of the factory chip. Mod chips are now obsolete in the majority of cases with only a few exceptions, as the modding community has found further exploits that allow you to overwrite the BIOS stored on your existing TSOP. The only reasons you would really NEED a mod chip are: * You have a v1.6 Xbox with the custom Microsoft chip instead of a TSOP, meaning you can't flash a new BIOS to the on-board chip. * For some reason your BIOS gets corrupted during a TSOP flash and your Xbox won't boot otherwise. * You still have the factory BIOS and your hard drive is too damaged to boot a softmod for the TSOP mod process. (NOTE: There is an advanced process to replace your hard drive by re-writing the on-board EEPROM in this instance, but a mod chip is a viable alternative) What Is A TSOP Mod? Despite the techy-sounding name, a TSOP mod is actually a fairly simple and straight-forward process. All it does is overwrite the factory BIOS software on the TSOP chip with custom BIOS software without restrictions. You don't need any special equipment beyond a very basic understanding of soldering, a 30-watt soldering iron and some solder. A good magnifying glass can be a huge help as well, but isn't entirely necessary. To apply a TSOP mod to a compatible Xbox (v1.0-v1.5) there are typically two spots on the motherboard where you will need to bridge together solder points. This disables write protection on the TSOP chip, allowing the factory BIOS to be overwritten with a custom BIOS. There are more in-depth guides on this process, and it’s important to follow the directions exactly according to the specific TSOP chip you have. Make sure you have installed a softmod before you begin as it will be necessary to run the software that flashes the TSOP.
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    If you can see this, then any new posts on the forums will automatically be posted to the FB group.
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    Just a quick note to say hello. I'm the creator of the RetroMania Kodi build, Facebook group and forum. I now own 5 Xboxes, 2 chipped and 3 a softmodded and I'm always looking for new and interesting mods. Thanks to Blake for putting the forum together and I look forward to being a part of this community.
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    Thanks for creating this site, Blake! The overall design is pleasing and easy to absorb and use. I enjoy your write-ups as well. Looking forward to utilizing, contributing and watching this resource site grow. Cheers!
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    Thanks for joining us! You're definitely in the right place.
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    Hi everyone. I'm a pretty big videogame fan in general and absolute love the OG Xbox. I've been softmodding xbox's for a few years as well as some minor things like hdd upgrades and usb mods. I'm ready to go a little more hardcore and it looks like I've found the perfect community to learn from. Thanks for having me.
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    So for anyone who likes a more powerfull Xbox console i can offer 1,4ghz CPU upgraded Xbox consoles. The Additional Performance is perfect for XBMC, Linux and Emulation. Retail games do need to be patched to work correctly though! They have the Performance Reduction Switch like the DreamX1480 has that does reduce the performance to around 50% The Consoles do have the following modifications by default: -1,4ghz CPU -128MB Ram -Removed/Replaced Clock Cap -Second Fan header installed -LPC Header installed The Consoles do come with the IND5004 flashed to the TSOP and have XBMC3.3.3 installed to the HDD. The Price for a Console is: 210€ +shipping Additional Upgrades like HDD upgrades, another Bios, a Xerc2 IR Mod or other mods are possible. Just ask! To get in contact with me just drop me a PM here on the Forums and i can get a console upgraded for you! The upgraded Motherboards look like this:
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    Xbox original slim mod Hey everyone this is a log and a tutorial on how to build an Xbox original slim. Xbox builds modifications sections are listed in dot points. In this build I will be adding and or installing the following: A fan. A laptop hard drive. Led modified controller ports. New screws to hold the casing bottom half and top half of the Xbox case together Power input and IDE or sata ports on the side of the xbox for an external disc drive. If the Xbox isn't cut completely accurate, painting and sanding the Xbox to fix the mistake is recommended. The Tutorial will be finished later this week. If time allows due to work, money and having a life. The Xbox must be either chipped, tsopped flashed or contain the original disc drive board. This will stop the Xbox from throwing an error because the disc drive is missing. All of these will be shown and explained in the log. If you want to use an External disc drive you will have to chip the Xbox or tsop flash the Xbox still. When completing this tutorial and or following my log please note that the Xbox must be turned off when plugging in your External disc drive. If the Xbox is not turned off, it is recommended to turn off the Xbox as keeping the Xbox on while plugging in the External disc drive is not recommended or safe. The Xbox will not detect the drive, the Xbox must be restarted after the drive has been plugged in to allow the Xbox to detect the External disc drive. I am not responsible for your own faults, or any damages you cause to your Xbox or to your self when modding the Xbox please ensure that it is switched off, unplugged and that you complete an electrostatic discharge, by holding in the power button to drain the capacitors of any remaining power. I recommend grounding yourself as well. Look up how to do this before you start. Some sections of my mods will cover theory although you don't really need to understand everything in the theory. Just understand that this builds modifications sections should be completed in the same way or similar way to the log and or tutorial steps. You will need to know how to solder for some parts of this tutorial, please if you do not know how to solder, practice on some leds and resistors outside of the Xbox and use a battery to turn them on or practice on something thats not as valued as your Xbox as you probably don't want to break your Xbox console. Tools required for the full build Tutorial in a few easy steps Firstly you will need to own or buy an Xbox original. Keep in mind you cannot put your Xbox back into original shape after this as you will be cutting the case down. After cutting the case there is no turning back. If you already know how to fully disassemble the Xbox original skip to step 12 Step 1 Clear a workstation area for you to work on the Xbox. You want to have enough space to place the Xbox down and take everything out of it. Once you have a good sized workstation area, open up the Xbox with Torque driver, you will need to use a T20H bit. These bits are generally in any general Torque screwdriver set. Step 2. Flip the Xbox over to the Bottom, you will notice 4 rubber feet either peel the rubber feet from outside in. Peel the rubber feet either half way along to keep them half on the Xbox or peel them right off. Although remember to keep them unless your using different rubber feet for your build. Step 3. You will find a total of four torque screws, one under each rubber foot. Remove all four of the Torque screws. Once completed carefully peel back the Microsoft Corporation bar code sticker, if you want to put the sticker back on later, please ensure you peel the sticker of carefully and apply heat to the sticker, for the best removal. Underneath this sticker you will find another torque screw, remove it. Step 4. Once you have removed this screw there is one more left. You will need to peel back the Xbox video games sticker from the top left hand corner, the text must be facing upwards. When removing this sticker note that it makes a cube pattern on the Xbox, this is so Xbox could see if the Xbox had been opened to void warranty. Obviously you aren't worrying about warranty, although if you want the best possible outcome to make it look like the Xbox hasn't been opened. You will have to also peel this sticker of carefully with heat applied. The sticker does not have to come all the way off, it only has to be peeled until you see the last torque screw. Once you have peeled the sticker back with heat, remove the last torque screw, push the sticker back part way to keep it from creasing, flip the Xbox the upright and pull the lid off of the Xbox. Step 5. Once the Xbox is open you will find a DVD drive on the left side of the console and a hard drive on the right side of the Xbox. If you have never opened the Xbox and it has never been opened before you will find two torque screws in between the left side of the Xbox and the DVD drive and the DVD drive and the hard drive. You will also find a torque screw underneath the IDE cable in between the Xbox DVD drive and the Xbox hard drive. Remove these torque screws with a Step 6. Once all the Xbox screws have been removed pull out the Xbox DVD drive by removing the IDE cable from the back of the drive and the Xbox power cable from the back of the DVD drive. The DVD drive can be pulled out of the plastic mount and put to the side, or the plastic mount can be removed with the drive on it. Step 7. Next remove the Molex power cable, and IDE cable from the Xbox hard drive, move the Molex cables out of the plastic mount cable mount before pulling the mount out of the Xbox. Remove the hard drive with the plastic mount still attached. Put these to the side. Don't throw anything out you will need pretty much everything. Step 8. At this point your Xbox will still contain a motherboard, fan, power supply, power eject buttons, aluminium shielding and controller ports. Remove the motherboard screws pull the motherboard out and place the motherboard on a non conductive material, such as a wooden bench top or glass bench top. Preferably place the motherboard in an Anti static bag. To remove the motherboard all cables must be removed from the motherboard and all screws must be removed. Do not drop any screws on the motherboard. This is to prevent the unlikely event of a short if you haven't completed an electrostatic discharge on the Xbox. Normally by the time it would take you to take the Xbox apart the power would be discharged completely anyway. Step 9. Remove the psu carefully and place it down on a non conductive material as well or place it in an Anti static bag. Do not put it down on any metal by accident or your going to have fun wiring up a Pico psu or another Xbox psu. Step 10. Almost removed everything Next remove the fan by pulling it upwards. Step 11. Remove the controller ports torque screws holding the controller ports down, next remove the controller ports. Pull them up to remove them. Next remove the aluminium shielding, the shielding needs to be pulled out slightly from underneath the front of the Xbox, underneath where the Xbox DVD drive was present you should be able to see where the aluminium slides in and under a front part of the Xbox casing. Once you have removed the aluminium from the front of the Xbox you should be able to pull the entire shielding off of the Xbox without bending the shielding too much. Step 12. Now that you have removed everything, you should now only have the case left. Clear space at your workstation, and mark out where to cut the Xbox, the picture below will show you how to use masking tape to mark out your cutting lines and will show you were to cut the Xbox. When cutting the Xbox you can use either a wireless multi tool with a cutting disc, a tenon saw although if you choose this option it will help to also use a multi tool, a good dremel tool, or a band saw if your confident. Will be updated shortly. To be updated this week

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