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    I've been asked about hot to internally install my HDMI mod into an Xbox. Well i finally found the time and did such an install properly! As i don't like soldering wires all over the place i went a different route and made it a permanent install replacing the original Video Connector. Cause who would use an old composite cable if you have an hdmi out right? Audio is provided through the HDMI signal of course and it supports 5.1. And with the 3D printed plate to cover the rest off the opening it looks perfect in my eyes. And the best part it does almost not need any modification to the Case! Well except trimming a tiny bit off the DVD caddy so it doesn't touch the PCB. The PCB itself does fit into any revision console and is relatively easy to install. Any thoughts about the install?
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    Ive been working on an open source legal modchip project, here's a pic of my first one. Yes the soldering is rough (thats being nice) but its basically an Aladdin open source clone with XBlast
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    Not sure where to post this but wanted to let people know to check everywhere for lost items. I thought I looked everywhere for my og xbox component cables in my shed, video game extras totes, garage, ....but I wanted a coax cable and I knew I had one connected in my living room that wasn't being used. While grabbing the coaxial I noticed some component cables in the back and thought they were for a 360. I decided to take them off because I don't have a 360 anymore. To my surprise they were xbox component cables !!! I haven't had an OG xbox for over a year and a half!!!!!!! They're Original ones!! I think I giggled like a little school girl!!!!!!
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    If you need testing let me know, what’s the deal. I buy it and test it?
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    Update to a bios that has the clock loop fix. ( bypasses the clock check )
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    OXC-20180729T022232Z-001.zip heres all the board designs
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    The Aladdin comes pre-flashed with a 1.6 compatible BIOS, so that's not the issue (though it still should be reflashed because the EvoX M8+ configuration it uses is pretty bad). The L-Frame trace definitely needs to be cut, so that's not the issue either. It must be either the wiring, or some solder splashes somewhere. 1.6 installs are very finicky.
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    I concur - they are both clearly the heavyweight champions of the OG Xbox.
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    N64 Freak & Rocky5 teaming up would be some of the most epic stuff this scene has ever seen!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    @ironsniper1 Yes, they will be avaylable for sale in a while. For now i just want to have a few out there to be tested be others. When all the feedback is positive i will offer them installed to upgraded motherboards or as a diy kit to install yourself. But for now they aren't avaylable in masses. Just the few i still have as prototypes. If there is interest in testing them preferably from people within europe i still have 3 i can offer right now.
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    That video is specifically for a 1.6 installation, which is very different from the installation method for all other revisions. This video should not be followed at all if you are trying to install on a 1.0-1.5.
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    Man, if you got this into the hands of the guys over at the "my life in gaming" youtube chanel there is a horde of people (myself included) that would fall all over themselves to give you their money for an install kit (assuming the image quality is on par or better than component).
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    Yes it does work perfectly and took quite some time to develop! For now i only have 3 finally installed boards and will possibly offer them later on. But for now there's no internal kit offered. No i haven't planned a version that can be installed to that position while still beeing able to keep th original video port. As you would have to hard link the component mode and that deactivates the Composite video output so the sense would be gone ayway!
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    Got a couple things for sale here. Just drop me a quick PM if you are interested in anything. Will ship internationally! 1. Xbox motherboard 1ghz CPU and 128mb Ram: 100€ 2. Original Xbox Jewels (30 avaylable): 2€ each or just drop me an offer if you want multiple (They partly have scuffs and scratches and might need to be polished a bit) 3. Xbox rev1.6 with HDMI mod installed. Duo-X2 chip, 80GB HDD, Samsung DVD and boots to XBMC: 100€ (The Xbox with the installed HDMI mod is the one seen on the photos. Well except the internal photos are from the rev1.4 )
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    This is not mine but I plan on making one some day...Just thought I would share the image. I have about a doz pics if anyone wants me to upload them all.
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    Thanks for this, I turned my old xbox back on and wanted to replace the old 400GB IDE drive in there with someone fresh and this works perfectly!
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    You switch to the FTP browser mode. Setup the login credentials for the remote Xbox ( or other FTP server) and save them. The FTP browser will show a list of avaiable FTP servers to connect to.* Files in the left-pane are on the local site and the right-pane the remote server. Select files/folders to be transferred from the local site to the remote or vice versa. *Note: The first time the FTP browser is opened it won't go anywhere. The right-pane will be empty. You need to enter the IP address and login credentials of the FTP server you want to connect to. It does not have to be another Xbox. If your Xbox has Internet access, any FTP server that accepts a plaintext password will work. I'll create an UnleashX tutorial and post it soon with pictures. Works best with a few pictures. How to Enter the UnleashX Dashboard's File Explorer FTP Browser Mode Go into the File Explorer menu item of UnleashX. The FTP browser mode is entered by pressing the White button which brings up the pop-up Select menu. The last item (D-pad up 1) to see Switch to FTP Browser.... then press A. Press the White button again to have the pop-up Site menu appear. Here you select Quick Connect... or New Site..., enter the IP address and login credentials for the FTP server. If you already have saved sites, when you Switch to FTP Browser mode, the list of saved sites to connect to will be listed. Select the FTP server you want to connect to and the right-pane will be filled with the remote sites directory listing. Highlight folder(s)/file(s) as you would for moving/copying them between drives/folders in the File Explorer panes - the left = the local site (the Xbox) while the right=the remote FTP server. In FTP browser mode, the copying/moving operations are between the local Xbox (FTP client machine) and the remote FTP server. Press the Back button to exit the FTP Browser mode or press the white button and select Switch to Local Browser.
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    Thank You for all your hard work, this makes my life a LOT easier.... :-)
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    Unleashx has a built-in, little known, FTP browser/client feature in the file manager to do xbox-to-xbox file transfers.
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    Welcome! These are my personal Themes I've created through the years. With each Generation, they gradually get better! I plan on making more in the future so please be patient... Themes have been moved to my Facebook page where I can manage them better. Sorry for the inconvenience. Just give me a PM facebook.com/n163lph03n1x. Instructions: Connect to your Xbox Via FTP program and upload the file to the folder where your themes are located. (Ex: E:/Dashboard/UnleashX Themes). !!! Please remember to assign the UnleashX Themes folder in the Xbox Settings so they'll show up in your UnleashX Skins Category !!! On your UnleashX Dashboard go to your system category and assign your new skin under UnleashX Skins. Please Enjoy N163LPH03N1X IceBlueUX SharpGreenUX ViolentRedUX FenixAmberUX ApexBlueUX ApexBlue2UX DetoxGreenUX CytexRedUX Xecuter3BlueUX DarkTechUX DarkTech Enhanced EmeraldComplexUX SkarletPrototypeUX Heliocentech HD CrytechGenesis HD ExoTechVirus HD Xenon Interface X HD (New) Donation Only Video Preview: http://n163lph03n1x.wixsite.com/home https://www.facebook.com/N163lph03n1x/ https://twitter.com/n163lph03n1x
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    I recall this limit is a myth passed on from epforums' FATX limitations post. I myself have quoted it several times in response to forum queries. Several have tested it by creating over 250 game saves subfolders, I think had over 1000, in E:\UDATA and such a limit DOES NOT exist at least with a modded system.
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    As there might be a couple people out there who want to own an Xbox Alpha Development kit but don’t want to spend the Cash they cost I thought I just write up a guide how to build one yourself with off the shelf parts! This is not the first guide about this topic out there but hopefully the most detailed and helpfull! I’m going to do this as a picture supported step-by-step guide so it should be easy to follow for anybody. Let’s start with the parts used in the Alpha2 Console: -Intel VC820 Desktop Board -128MB RD Ram (Kingston KVR800X 18-8/128) -733Mhz Slot 1 CPU (Part number SL3XN) -250Watt ATX PSU (ATNG Model: PS-250S) -20GB IDE HDD (Fujitsu MPF3204AT) -3,5” FDD (Sony MPF920-C) -DVD Drive (Hitachi GD-7000) -64MB Geforce3 (180-P0050-0000-A05) -Network Card (Intel Pro/100) -Soundcard (Wolfson Micronics WM9707_AMR_EV1_Rev2) -USB Card (Xircom Portgear PGPCI2 ) Now on to the parts you need to buy for a basic bootable setup: -Intel VC820 Desktop Board (CC820 should also work!) -128MB RD Ram -733Mhz Slot1 CPU -Any ATX PSU 250Watt or more -IDE HDD 20GB or bigger -Any DVD Drive that reads self-burned CD-r -64mb Geforce 3 NV20 Video Card ->more details a bit later! -Intel Pro/100 Network Card That’s the minimum that is needed to get the alpha to boot the recovery CD. If you want to be able to do anything except looking at the Recovery Screen you need some more parts: -2 Port USB Card that uses an Opti Firelink 82C861 Chipset -Xbox Controller to USB Adapter +Xbox Controller -Wolfson Micronics Soundcard (or the recreated Version) -Any Case to install it all to. (The original case for the alphas is the GlobalWin YCC-802) That’s how my stack off parts for the alpha looks like: Once you have all the parts together let’s start by putting it together! Guess I don’t have to cover how to install the CPU, Ram, Video Card, PSU, Network card, Audio Card and the Drives. The end result should look like this. It’s not important in which pci port the usb and lan card are installed. BUT it is important that the lan card is installed as the Alpha won’t boot otherwise!!! When it’s all put together turn it on and check that it properly posts and there are no errors or whatever before continuing! Now on to burning a recovery CD! (Thanks to Borman for releasing the May2001 Alpha2 recovery! All credit goes to him for the release!) You can find the files in the download section and can simply download them. Here's a direct link to the files on an external Server: Alpha Recoveries and VGA Bios Once downloaded just use ImgBurn (or any other iso burning software) to write the May2001 recovery to a cd-r disc. Pop that disc into the DVD drive off your alpha and you should see the Xbox animation and should be greated by this recovery Screen afterwards: Now (if you haven’t done it earlier) plug in the Controller using the matching adapter and Press any button to start the recovery. The progress bar should show how far the progress is. It shouldn’t take any longer than 5 Minutes to finish and you will see this screen. Then remove the recovery disc from the drive and reboot. You should then be greeted by the following screen where you can set a name for your alpha console. Congratulations your Alpha Development kit is now fully working and ready to be used! Soundcard: I recreated the Soundcard to build a completely working alpha kit for myself as the original Alpha soundcards are as rare as the original alphas. If you need one for your build just drop me a message and I can build a couple more! Graphics Card: The video card is an important part of this build so here’s a little extra information about that part. The Card needs to be an NV20 Core Card with 64mb. 32MB cards might also work but we want to be as close as possible so buy a 64mb card to not get into trouble! I successfully tested 2 card from 2 different vendors: -Medion MS-8838 Geforce3 200ti -MVGA-NVG3T2A 64MB Many other NV20 core cards should work and I gladly extend that list if you used another card on your build! J Flashing the engineering Bios is NOT needed it is only a cosmeticall detail you might enjoy. The motherboard does also not need to be on a special Bios version or anything. Troubleshooting: You Get a blinking black cursor and no Xbox boot animation? ->You might have forgotten to install the Lan card, got a wrong one or your Nvidia Card is not supported! Your DVD-drive doesn’t spin up and you end up with an intel Network card boot/bios Screen? ->Something might have gone wrong with the CD you burned or your drive can’t read the cd-r! Could also be a problem with the boot order! Check that in the Bios the dvd drive should be the first boot device! If you have any questions about the build or anything just drop me a PM!
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    I've actually seen a few people talking about this all ready here and on facebook but just wanted to share it for those who haven't. A full tutorial on how to install a custom LCD screen in your original Xbox (NON-X3) that has a temperature monitor so you can constantly see what temp your console is running at to help prolong the lifespan and keep things cool! You can see it on my website by clicking the link below: Tutorial on how to install an LCD screen in your original Xbox console
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    Thanks for the great advices! I've been skipping the flux part a lot, I should stop doing that... Lifting pads, been there, done that Thank you!
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    Wow, that looks nice and VERY clean!
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    Hey Guys, I'm going to try to compile the parts and hardware that Team Xecuter Created for the Original Xbox. Please Correct me if my Information is wrong. For those who don't know much about the hardware, I can talk about each one at the bottoms of the picture but here's a brief explanation of these valuable work of art. Xecuter 3 Control Panels were a replacement for the original xbox face plate. which is only compatible with the Xecuter 3 Modchip. These were the bigger upgraded accessory that brought full compatibility to their Modchip which includes a built in XLCD, two USB Ports, Push Button Bank Select with LAN (Local Area Network) and HDD (Hard Drive) Led indicators. The Panel also has the X3 Logo to light up for the status of the modchip. Above is a small Red IR Placement for anyone that bought Xecuter X3IR Accessory. These Panels are very hard to come by and very sought after to even the heaviest of collectors on the market. Compatible with: - Xecuter 3 Infra Red Kit (Turn your Xbox On/Off with the Xbox Remote) - Xecuter 3 CE Modchip (Christmas Edition White & Red) - Xecuter 3 Modchip (Purple) - XBMC Dashboard (for the LCD) The Original Xbox has been Long out of production by Team Xecuter that most if not all Parts for Original Xbox are very hard to find. Xecuter 3 Control Panels Black (Solid) These Panels are the most common Among the Xecuter Panels. It matches the common basic black Xbox. I've seen these Sell nowadays around $500+ USD for the full console on eBay. but not too long ago these sold brand new in the box for $250USD. You will see these Panels pop up way more often than the others. The Black Panel Comes With a White X3 Logo, and the bios Bank buttons light up blue. Crystal (Translucent) These Panels are fairly rare but a lot harder to find than the black Panels. They were made to match the Limited Edition Crystal Original Xbox. From previous sales I have done with people these can range from $300 USD or higher for a panel. a full console will be more. The Crystal Panel Comes With a Black X3 Logo, and the bios Bank buttons light up blue. Green (Translucent) These are the Second Rarest Xecuter Panel. These are quite sought after because they match the Halo Green Limited Edition Original Xbox. Very hard to come across anyone who wants to sell one. I've seen a brand new one on eBay go for $600USD. You don't see these on eBay very often anymore. The Green Panel Comes With a Black X3 Logo, this is the only panel with Green light up Bank select buttons. so if the buttons got damaged you have no other replacement other than finding another green panel. Blue (Translucent) Decided to save the best for Last. These in my books are considered Legendary. This is the Panel that matches the Halo 2 Ice Blue Limited edition Console and are extremely difficult to find. There has been people who have searched for years to get their hands on these Collectible items and most to all collectors will not sell them. I don't even know how much to price one nowadays. A full console in the past was around $800. The Blue Panel Comes With a White X3 Logo , and the bios Bank buttons light up blue. Now, on to the Pro Switches. Xecuter Pro switches were the replacement upgrade from the basic black bank selector that comes with the X3 modchip. They also have the red IR piece for the X3IR Accessory and the LAN and HDD Led indicators as well. This little piece clips on to the bottom middle front part of the original Xbox basic face plate which connects to the X3 modchip. The push Buttons light up blue, other than the green pro switch which lights up green. Pro switches cannot be used as replacement parts for the X3 Control Panel. There is no existence of a Blue Pro Switch. Xecuter 3 Pro Switches Black (Solid) Black Pro Switches are the opposite from the rarity of the panels but probably the hardest to find. There were many sources for Crystal and Green but not black. they were worth $20 USD on ebay at the time but there hasn't been many on there. Crystal (Translucent) Crystal Pro Switches were quite simple to find at the time but they sold out a while ago before the green did, there fore making them a little harder to find than the green. There were websites selling them for about around 15 Euro. Green (Translucent) Green Pro switches might still be in stock on very few sites right now but I have doubts that they're still there. They've blasted in price to 70.62 € brand new. Xecuter 3 Modchips These are simply the best mod chips on the market although there are other older Xecuter chips that are pretty good but I'm just only displaying the newer Xecuter Compatible with the X3 Pro Switch and the Xecuter Control Panel. Xecuter 3 (Purple) This is the older Version of the X3 Mod chip, with a purple front and back. Comes with 2MB of flash bios storage and a 256kb flash Recovery bios. this chip is a down grade from the newer one because it doesn't sit flat when installed and normally flipped on its backside and stuck with the adhesive sticker, also this is more compatible with older Xbox revisions with the parts it comes with. The V1.6 Xbox's require a 5V wire which is not the same connection like the newer chip which requires a clip on wire or soldered to the chip itself. I don't see these chips as often as the Newer X3CE Chip Xecuter 3 CE (Christmas Edition) This is the final Revision of the Xecuter Mod chips and the final production. This chips are the most sought after they have all basically all the same details as the Xecuter 3 Purple Chip. These chips used to sell used for $75 USD and $100 USD for a brand new one. Now they've raised in price for in the $200+. These are the best chips on the market and is the control system of all the Xecuter modded custom parts, They fit nicely installed on the board with the wires spread out. also comes with a V1.6 wire that just plugs in normally. Xecuter Xapt3rs Xapt3rs are solder-less methods for installing the Xecuter Mod chips, although you could probably install other mod chips with these as well. Xapt3rs light up with a blue led or red led display when installed. they usually screw into the Xbox motherboard. The problem with these is that LAN and HDD Led's don't work where the red,green and grey wire for the X3 Chip isn't needed and when installing them the older Xbox motherboard revisions have pre-soldered LPC already in the board and these wont sit nicely where the pin header is supposed to go. Xapt3r V1.0-V1.5' These Xapt3rs are harder to find now and are the best in my opinion where they are compatible with the majority of Xbox revisions. Depending on the seller these could be sold for a really high price. these cannot be bought online anymore. Xapt3r V1.6 These are possibly still available on the market for abut 15 Euro. One has been spotted on eBay for $175 USD. these are only compatible with Xbox v1.6 and more common than there other Xapt3r. Xecuter X3IR Kit X3IR Kits can still be found online but they are hefty in price for around 40 Euro. They are compatible with the Xecuter Control Panel and the X3 Pro switch but can be installed without one. These simply are used to turn your Xbox on and off with your Xbox remote but the kit requires basic soldering to function. X3IR kits are obsolete because of a newer chip was produce called the Xerc 2XE which gives the Xbox the same capabilities but you are able to eject your DVD drive and connect it to a DVD Dongle for remote menu control.
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    In my opinion most unmodified OGX will die some day in "customers" hands, either due cap leaking, hdd failing or general fault. And most of them customers will trash it when its broke, rather then getting it repaired by someone. Im glad people like us clean, fix and improve these systems to extend ogx lifetime much more.
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    hi new to the forum dont no anything here to learn and do my first xbox
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    Because they’re different so it’s not stock piling...consoles to collect. Stock piling is more the 40 OGXs I have sitting in my garage waiting to be cleaned up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Sadly nothing cool or crazy...had there been I would have made sure to had it dumped properly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Did this thing before, now operating mainly on laptop which doesn't have peripheral for such reader, so I'm using a cheap 24, 25 series CH341A programmer.
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    what about contents of developer units, anything cool found there?
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    Looks like Aladdin XT Plus 2, I see the contacts for LCD being marked, not sure if it supports 16x2. 16x4 LCDs, also the potentiometer which changes the LCD contrast is not soldered.
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    1080i can make the console chug pretty hard and result in really low FPS on the few games that support it, so I'd recommend just sticking with 720p. 1080i on this console was a bit before its time.
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    As of HeXEn 2018, the DVD drive check for EvoX M8+ is now disabled. As for the HDD support, the F only version should be fine for you, since you only have 1TB. You only need a G partition for a 2TB HDD. Of course, you can always still open the file in EVTool anyway to completely customize it to your liking. Like removing the ugly EvoX logo from the bootup animation, for example.
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    You need to reflash the Aladdin XT PLUS2 modchip after installing it. The BIOS that comes pre-flashed to that chip is EvoX M8+, which is a fine BIOS, but the default configuration for it is terrible and does not support the larger HDD partitions. It also forces the need for a DVD drive upon boot, which is a pointless, retarded restriction. You'll want to create a new configuration for EvoX M8+ that disables the DVD drive check and enables larger HDD partition support and then reflash your chip with the newly created .bin file. Use EVTool to create a custom EvoX M8+ .bin file.
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    XBpartitioner is just finicky sometimes. The only thing you can do is keep trying and eventually it will work. One thing that seems to help is to first format it in some way that you don't actually want, exit and launch XBpartitioner again and reformat it how you actually do want it.
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    Or the xecuter lcd screens
  46. 1 point
    Here you go. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZIMDKRQ4fZ2ylbFJGLh96XbNrxv6-0yQ
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    Hi ! this is awesome !!!
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    Viewing dozens of forums, only the scheme is available, but the layout of the finished board, alas, no. if there is a layout of the finished board and a description of its components and installation methods all the information was http://forums.sickmods.net/ but he died If there are kind people ready to share knowledge I will be glad I apologize for the translation of the text (translate.google.)
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    The round cables are too stiff to fold to fit the case. A flat 24" cable works best flipped end-to-end compared to normal PC installation. HDD connector to motherboarfd and vice versa. A flat 18-19" cable requires many folds and twists with a tight fit. A 24" cable works much better. Connector on the left goes to the motherboard IDE header and on the right to the HDD. The DVD drive attaches to the center connector. Original Xbox 80-wire IDE Cable Specifications ============================================================================ 7.5" centers between MB and DVD drive connectors 14.5" centers between DVD and HDD connectors |<--------------------------22" overall length------------------------->| Cable Connector Layout |HDD ------------------------------------------------------------------------- |MB |DVD \___________________/ \_______________________________________________/ 7.5" 14.5" Cable for original Xbox 80-wire IDE cable Key ============================================================================ - = 80-wire ribbon cable | = 40-pin IDE connector ============================================================================ 80-wire cable 22.5-23 inches actual length depends on how much cable is required to fold over to install the strain-relief at each end. ============================================================================
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    @daniel Yes it gets the job done. BUT have you ever heard of something called bad engineering? Diodes aren't the way to reduce the voltage. Yes the do drop the voltage about the same amount you would need but they don't allways have a guaranteed voltage drop and can differ form one to another diode. If you already build this up why not do it the correct way? @All if you build up such an adapter please don't go the cheapo route and use diodes. This simply is not a good way to do it even if it works. @Michael McBride Yes this adapter can be used in combination with a PicoPSU or any other ATX PSU. But one thing about the Pico PSUs. and other psus. Check how many amps the PSU can supply. The PicoPsus are a bit weak on the 5v rail for the xbox! Other than that plug in the adpter and an ATX psu and it works just like the retail psu.

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