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    Attention: Let's all pitch in for the Holidays and help John Conn(aka Rocky5 or JRocky5) and his family have a wonderful one! If you've softmodded your xbox recently chances are you're using something he made for you to make it much easier and foolproof. Please show your appreciation by following one of the links below and donating. https://github.com/Rocky5/XBMC4Gamers#contributions and the direct paypal link is: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr… Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!
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    Just like to say if anyone does, thank you. But this isn’t really for me, I don’t do what I do for money. I’m currently not working and I’m a full time dad and I want to give my girls a great Christmas. So money is tight and has been for a while, and all contributions are going to wards the girls Christmas. Also thank you Blake, for putting this post together.
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    A couple of weeks ago I decided to do a removable LCD screen mod that plugs into the controller ports. I'm thinking of raffling this to help support the website. What are your thoughts?
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    Well then...here ya go.. 40 game resources hope this helps! https://mega.nz/#!NuxhGZ5a!WdX1ddJTHy4GMAp-furZZ64miQj2tUAK0XkGgU9l8uU
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    You guys seriously rock! I love the added synopsis script. Several months ago I started making synopsis, screenshot, and video preview files for around 40 of the more popular games (Amped, Halo, Etc) I wanted to do many more but kinda stopped..All in all it's about 500 mb of resources I can email anyone if they think it will be useful. P.S. Did I hear something about an emulation station?
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    @KaosEngineer Yes, it does transmit Stereo through the HDMI Port. So you can simply connect the Xbox to your TV with just an HDMI cable. Ifyou want Digital audio just mute the TV and connect your Audio receiver.
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    Ive cloned about 7 drives using this product offline http://a.co/f5SsvbY Works great without any issues.
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    I am always in the FB group (Rob Freeman) and I figured I may as well sign up here as well. Hello world
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    Why are you painting a crystal case, just get a black one they are a dime a dozen.
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    I had not used my Xbox for many years, got it down rom the loft and was going to sell it last Christmas as I was clearing out. I changed my mind though and decided to give it a facelift from blue and silver which was done in 2003. I went for flip paint, colour change led lighting in USB ports, controller ports, front panel bottom edge, internal and in the top of Xbox with blue led jewel. It has X3 ce i installed along with X3 front panel, 250 gig western digital drive, Phillips DVD drive which reads everything perfect. Running unleash X and XBMC. All the usual elms and toms, 50 Xbox games, loads of movies and tunes. Oh nearly forgot the matching controller with leds I did. If you are wondering about second Xbox on the right of pic it's a spare I picked up for £15 with leads, and X3 installed. I painted, fitted lighting, Perspex and drive upgrade. Also removed 2 controller ports to fit an LCD screen which I hard wired into X3 chip, came out ok. I also have 2 crystal Xbox that I have fitted led,s in along with controller light. 3 metallic blue and silver custom Xbox and 1 metallic red and silver Xbox. All have drive upgrade, new DVD drive belt to cure sticking Samsung drives,, led lighting and Perspex. Can pop pics of others on if anyone is interested and I also have two PlayStation 2 consoles I chipped many years ago, with flip paint, perspex and lighting plus hard drive n one of them. hope you like, Bren.
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    i did lots of fat Ps2 back in the day, started chipping them for myself and my son and family then got into customising them also did a slim Ps2 with chip , paint and led,s also couple of play stations and ps1.. check out some of my Ps2 creations.
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    i did lots of fat Ps2 back in the day, started chipping them for myself and my son and family then got into customising them also did a slim Ps2 with chip , paint and led,s also couple of play stations and ps1.. check out some of my Ps2 creations.
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    They're fixed now 👍🏻
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    Nice screen, would love to see a raffle or any how to make video
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    What a jolly good idea.
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    Something new. Good idea. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
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    My mod for sale Instagram @xuyart
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    Alright guys. The time has come. Here I'm gonna be adding an internal WiFi adapter to my OG Xbox because, lets face it, Wires are ugly, they get chewed by your dogs and people trip over them. and come on WiFi in an OG Xbox!! Heres a list of Tools and Materials you'll need Torx T20 Torx T10 Soldering Iron Solder Drill with assorted bits Wire Cutters Heatshrink or Electrical Tape Multi-Meter Dremel with cutting disc or small hand saw. Assorted files or sand paper Wireless bridge gaming adapter RP-SMA Female to Male Pigtail Rj45(Ethernet) Female to Male adapter some Motherboard standoffs with matching screws I got the idea from the youtube user "Thewheelman282" Link to video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zG8DQ3Omfk To start you'll need to pull apart your console. I'm not gonna explain how to because there are Many sources for this elsewhere. Next you need to figure out where you want to mount the adapter. again I'm doing what he did in the video and mounting it to the bottom of the DVD drive. If doing the same you'll need to pull apart your DVD drive too. Every drive is different, mine is a Samsung with 4 screws on the bottom. Once you have the bottom half of your drive, You'll want to Pull apart your adapter and mark out your mounting holes. Now use your drill to drill them out. Start small, you can always make the hole bigger if you need to. Time to add the MoBo standoffs, I used 6 of them and cut the screw part off the ones that go inside the drive. Now you can mount your adapter and put your drive back together. Now its time to start cutting wires. Get your multi-meter and determine what wires you need to splice into. Since my adapter uses 5v I used Pin 01(Ground) and Pin 08(5V) Heres the Pinout for the Drive side of the DVD plug Next your gonna need to figure out where you want your adapters Ethernet port to be. I used the same location as in the video for simplicity. Now your gonna want to get your RJ45(Ethernet) Male to Female converter/Extension and see if it will fit. (Mine did not so i had to trim it down) In the process of trimming it, I nicked a few wires so I had to pull it completely apart to trace each pin with a multi-meter and solder each wire back into place. (Dont make the same mistake I did and take your time!!) I was impatient and rushing. now you can Take your dremel and start cutting the hole for your RJ45 port, Once cut it should look something like this.(Again I was rushing, So its not as clean as Id like it to be) you'll want to test fit the plug, then clean up the cuts with a file or sand paper. Then mount your new port to the top of the existing one. I used a few drops of Super glue to accomplish this. \ Now you'll need to drill a hole for your RP-SMA Pigtail. (Antenna extension wire) I chose to put it beside the Ethernet ports. Ignore ignore the hole by the Ethernet port. Thats for my USB ports. I put a piece of heatshrink around the metal antenna connector so it doesnt cause any shorts or problems once its put back together \ Its a tight sqeez but everything fits inside nicely, just be patient while your putting things back where they go. Now you can put it all back together so you can Admire all your hard work and enjoy your now Wireless Xbox. Let me know what you guys think. This is my FIRST Tutorial/Write up. Tried to give clear info, If you need any additional info ill be glad to help out.
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    Cheers mate, here to please lol. To think I almost sold the X3 Xbox last Christmas but people were to tight to pay £65 even had a cheeky so and so offer £25 plus wanted it delivered haha. here is one of my Ps2,s and a couple of my Xbox. Don't get to excited now lol. Think I need to loose a couple of consoles to be honest then I can get a new project.
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    @TheStiz It does output DD through the optical (toslink) output. Exactly like the official HD-av pack
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    Just like @KaosEngineer said. The Xbox decides about the resolution it outputs. You can force some games using a force 480p bios. But in general only the games that are made for HD will be displayed in that resolution. The cable doesn't upscale and outputs the same resolution the xbox throws at it! The Maximum you can get from an Xbox classic are 1080i and i personally prefer the 720p but that's my personal preference!
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    Don't think it works in all games, some games support higher resolutions when a high-definition AV pack (this HDMI adapter) is connected and will use the max resolution they were built to use if the hidef modes are enabled: 480p, 720p, 1080i. Those that are only 480i can be forced to run in 480p with a BIOS that forces 480p.
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    Hello all !!! This is a new version of my resources pack for XBMC4Gamers (https://mega.nz/#F!5wUBQZSa!44MF7TL02pTjOsHEdTCrtg 12Gb on Mega). It was based on Wikipedia for list of XBox titles, completed with Modded / Unreleased / Ripped games (1106 games !!!) It's easy-to-use : download "Resources4XBMC v1.0", extract it and view the full list of HDD ready files then transfer as needed ! This pack contains few covers, banners, icons, cd, fanarts, previews and synopsis (thanks Cian Cunningham for his work) . I think it the most complete pack you can find and it works with all XBMC 3.5.3 or above once Rocky5's custom version (XBMC4Gamers and XBMC4Kids). What's new in this version : - Added more covers, fanarts, previews... - Better quality for covers, fanarts and preview ; - Add synopsis by Cian Cunninghan ; - Separates folders for modded, ripped, retail and unreleased games ; - And many some little things :) Many thanks to Rocky5 for his programs and Cian Cunningham for his work. Any issues anyone finds I can fix and update accordingly when I have time. I hope this enhances your XBMC4Gamers setup.
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    So finally got the case for the HDMI cable finished! The cable itself does work good and is finally in the last steps off testing. Decided to add the OGX logo to the case to make it look even better. So a little more detail about the hardware now! It is basically a Component to HDMI converter that does reencode the Component signal to a HDMI signal. The Xbox will recognize the cable as a component cable and it is plug and play without the need for an extra psu or anything. The HDMI signal does provide stereo audio and there is an optical out on the pcb for digital audio. Can print the case in different colors once the cables are for sale! Before a lot off people ask about them now they will be for sale in around 4 weeks and i will post the add here in the Forums. Will offer them as finished cable and as an internal install kit without the cable and avip plug for those who want to do an internal install on there Xbox. So keep checking the forums not just facebook And without further talking that's how the final product looks like:
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    Got all the parts together to build a few more! And now they are for sale here:
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    Good stuff. I noticed a lot of the pictures are resized wide banner icons. I have been making a few of these myself with fresh pictures instead of using the stretched images. Also I have around 800 of the complete set of synopsis information done. I will have them all finished after this weekend I expect. I'll be giving them to rocky to do as he pleases with them but I'm sure you can add them to your pack if you want. How are you doing with the preview videos? How many have you got at this point out of the complete set? Also how are you doing on screenshots? Have you a full set of screenshots?
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    I had seen some use the "folder.jpg" file for widescreen icons. That's why I put this file. I do not know if it's useful but as I had seen on some forums, I added it! Regarding the "fanart.jpg" next "default.tbn", I made a script to retrieve the "fanart.jpg" folder "_resource \ artwork" to copy it in the source directory. These files are now present for the next version. Thank you for the return, it's nice to see that we do not work for nothing A new version is in progress, I managed to have the majority of previews (thank you Youtube) and I added a dozen games to complete the collection. I'm waiting to finish converting all the videos into XMV and do some tests before making it available. If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate;)
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    I have this pack downloaded. Probably need to delete the contents from the first post. Took me ages to scroll down to read. For me this seems pretty good, has all of the front covers for pretty much every game except one or two and a good few pal and jap games. There is a few low res ones in there two. I have opened each default.tbn while transferring them. I have the 1.4tb torrent of ntsc games which has a separate pal folder. About half of the folders match the names of the games from this torrent. So a drag and drop gets you most of the way and then manually grab the rest that didn't merge. It is definitely a great resource and saved me time creating the covers. Great work. I did rename any of the ones that didn't have a default.tbn on my hare drive to say there is no picture. I can probably get that list of what is not there fairly quickly if that is any help?
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    I'm after a little help with this. Do you folks have a GOOD link to a Video on exactly how to install a 2TB drive reliably? I'm struggling to figure out the best reliable method on how to do this... Setting up partitions, with what apps etc.. I installed a 500GB IDE in my xbox but it's been nothing but trouble. so I obviously didnt do it the correct way Any help, advice, links or even better for the forum, a post with details, application downloads and images for a walk through. Thanks very much in advance!!
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    Great info from poster above - I do 2TB drives all the time and have some quick notes on the setup. What's needed - 2TB drive, 80 wire 40 pin IDE adapter, Sata/Ide adapter This adapter will workhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Female-SATA-SSD-HDD-Hard-Drive-To-IDE-3-5-40-Pin-Male-Converter-Adapter-7-15P-/172719304915?epid=2264787562&hash=item2836df70d3:g:UWUAAOSwal5YEEAL Step 1: Typical soft mod - or go right to mod chip Step 2: Softmod - Replace IDE cable with new one, put adapter on new drive and set the jumper on the adapter to slave. I usually take a game case and anti static hard drive sleeve and lay on top of the dvd drive, placing HDD on top of that. so the back of the adapter isn't too far from the IDE connection of the DVD drive. Use latest chimp from Rocky5 Softmod tool, hot swap IDE connector to hard drive and clone master to slave. Step 2 - TSOP - Using original hard drive still, bridge your points and flash new BIOS using HeXen or other preferred utility - make sure you flash a Bios that has LBA48 support. Examples are: IND-BIOS 5003, Evox M8 (F&G) X2.5035. Step 3 - TSOP/Softmod - Install drive (for TSOP), set jumper to master. TSOP you will just start new drive setup with HeXen, and install applications from CD on E partition (this will put XBparitionner.. Softmod tool may handle your partition/cluster sizes correctly, I do mostly TSOP but install XBpartitioner in your apps folder on E to double check. FORMATTING THE DRIVES - here is the trick/easy way to do it. Do this from UnleashX dashboard not from HeXen CD. load it up XBpartitioner v1.3, and hit the A button until you see the 927GB as shown above in the picture. from the poster before me. Now, before formatting highlight partition 6 and use the right d-pad to change that value to the next increment down (926GB). Repeat this step for Partition 7. Now format. After format is complete, exit/restart. You will see like 486GB on F and nothing in G. Load Xbpartitioner again, and set both values to 927 (max) and re-format. When you restart you will have 949,000 MB on each partition and they will be at 64K.
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    Why have you got folder.jpg? That’s not used by XBMC for games, only TVShows and Movies. Also why no fanart.jpg next to the default.tbn? That way you make it compatible with all skins that support fanart. Other than those nice work, will download it when I can. oh also forgot to ask, do the folder names match the xbe titles? I made a point with my resource pack to make all folders match the xbe title, so it was a drag and drop deal when FTPing the folders over, or building a transfer list. There are a couple that couldn’t be use as the title included illegal characters that windows can’t have in file names.
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    I'm after a little assistance if you can. I've TSOP'd one of my units successfully for the first time so I'm rather happy. I'm now trying to upgrade the Hard Disk and I have the Hexen 2017 burned. I've installed the HDD and it's detected by Hexen at boot and formatted it all ok. Problem I have now is in the menu I'm trying to basically install a dash etc.. and its asking for a password. I'm entering the password as shown on the screen but it says password is wrong. I've attempted this a few times and I know I'm entering the password correctly but it's not accepted. Am I missing something or am I just dumb? Any help would be fantastic.
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    It should be AYBX and then start.
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    @Notsosmart Sideswipe Yes, they are ready and will be offered in a while. Right now i'm soldering together the first few and can offer 5 finished cables as a first batch. My time sadly limits me in building more in the next time but there will be more. Anyone who wants one off the first 5 can gladly throw me a PM!
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    @Knucklebunker yes got the pricing worked out. The complete cable with the 3D printed case will sell for 70€ and the internal kit will sell for 55€. Will design and print a mounting help for the internal kit later on. It will hold the pcb and will look like a half open case. The install would be as easy as cutting a square into the case and glueing the mounting help in. Well soldering is still required off course and i will post a guide showing the solder points and how to get it installed later on
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    XBMC4XBOX 3.5.3 UnleashX V0.39.0528 Build 584 EvolutionX 3935

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