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  2. From your description, your hard drive may already have a softmod installed. Possibly UDDAE or other audio exploit that's messed with the ST.DB file. See what happens by performing the following steps: 1. Power on the system. 2. From the MS Dashboard, select Music, then: Select the blank soundtrack Select Copy Select Copy Select New Soundtrack Enter <<Eggsßox>> ( with two '<' Symbols, capital 'E', beta Accent 'ß' and two '>' Symbols ) Select Done Now the MS logo should appear & the MSdash will reload. 3. Once again, select Music, then: Select the blank soundtrack Select Copy Select Copy Select New Soundtrack Select Done What happens?
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  4. I am not familiar of any hotswap method which requires you to copy a song to the drive. Could you please explain what you’re doing? I haven’t hotswapped in a long time but if that’s all you’re trying to do, you can proceed in two ways. 1) unplug the dvd drive’s power and boot the console. Once it complaining and fails to boot, you should have an unlocked drive. 2) if you have a raspberry Pi, you can use that to read the EPROM on your console, attach the drive, and skip the hotswap altogether.
  5. psnap777


    Hi Rocky, I tried to add Beamrider and Centipede (Atari 2600). Attached is the file you requested. xbmc.log
  6. cheers mate. good to hear your getting into it. i started copying out of frustration for reasons similar u mentioned. 2019 deffinitly is the year of the ogxbox
  7. Hello brother. got your work of art yesterday. I'm overjoyed! but to check upon receipt at my home, at least 1 wire must be plugged in to be checked upon receipt. 1 wire connector with the Xbox should be brother. I ordered a set with aliexpress. it is a gesture. he just got through customs. I bought them the same day as you, though. Now your Board is patiently waiting for cables with aliexpress....please do not be offended, but one cable should be included in the price. Love from Russia. You can just add a little price brother. and it is not necessary to wait for the different components. just respect your work. I love you Brother
  8. Long story sort. I ordered a replacement 1.6 main board with its matching HDD off of ebay to replace a dead 1 I had. All went well until it was time to softmod. When I try to copy an audio track to the HDD it says "Unable to create new soundtrack. You have reached the maximum 100 soundtracks" I don't see any saved sound track so I don't see how I am over any limits. Is there any way around this? Any other way of hot swap unlocking the HDD. I have only used the hot swap method in the past and don't have any of the games with the exploits like 007 or Splinter Cell and I also don't have a xbox to USB adapter so at this time hot swapping is my only option. thanks
  9. Damn man. These are beautiful looking boards. I really appreciate what you are doing for us here. Personally, it makes me sick that people sell these chips in the hundreds of dollars because they’re “out of print”. In a world where you can order these boards for yourself and clone them so easily and cheaply, I don’t think that holds up any more and serves as an excuse for profit seekers to scalp the community. Your work has certainly helped me to do a bit of my own cloning which I hope to be able to share soon I’d be interested to see how you get the X3 clone dines as some of that board is custom silicon, no?
  10. All the stuff have been sold
  11. hi guys been a while heres the latest modchip copy done its at v1.0 and untested waiting for pcbs to arrive for testing thing is im running out of modchips to copy i only have the duox2 smartxx v3 and xecuter3 and x-bit left in my possession cant wait to depopulate them and see a bare board. i was going to leave the x3 till last i think its appropriate considering its pinnacle status as apparently being the best chip ever for ogxbox thoughts?
  12. Selling x3 chips and xlcd brand new mod chips are used
  13. Hi Guys - finally a breakthrough - it turns out that I got Coin Ops 6 Lite working on it. I deleted both Coin Ops 6 Lite and Coin Ops 8 Premium. I installted 8 Premium on its own it kept resetting so I deleted it and installed Coin Ops 6. I then deleted the Coin Ops 6 Lite Saves folder and let it go through the installation process. Coin Ops 6 Lite now works - although Truxton throws up an error and resets to the Coin Ops screen - Truxton 2 and every other game I tried works so I am happy that the console is working perfectly and it was just a corrupted copy of 8 Premium that was the root of the problem.
  14. Rocky5


    What game and can you add it to favourites again and then send me the xbmc.log please.
  15. psnap777


    Hi @Rocky5, I have run into an issue with Favorites in XBMC-Emustation on three of my Xboxs. I go through the process of adding a game to favorites and receive the confirmation that the game has been added. The favorites banner displays the number of games added but when I go into the favorites list I just get a blank screen. I have tried deleting the favourites.xml file as well as the favourites.backup file but this doesn't resolve the issue. Do you have any ideas what might be causing this?
  16. kudos to all who contributed to this topic and especially to the OP who saved it from disappearing. this thread for sure is THE remedy to resurrect already dead boxes. ok, i might exaggerate a bit but it helped me to figure out what was wrong with my beloved media player and how to fix it. (although i ended up swapping the motherboard from another xbox of mine since i knocked off a small and corroded resistor next to the leaking clock cap) big time THANKS
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  18. Wow that looks amazing
  19. This looks like a good weekend project for my Aladdin XT on v1.6
  20. I just installed this one last night and it works perfectly https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003IDF0JC/
  21. That Xbox has extra protein included (albeit dead haha)
  22. Wow I never knew the HD pack is that pricey on eBay these days.
  23. I am definitely interested. It may be a couple weeks before I can purchase one, however. I bought way too many things this past week; most notably, a Sega 32x Night Trap CD. I probably paid too much for it but oh well
  24. Do you know anyone with an Aladdin in a 1.0-1.4 Xbox? Ask them to install the chip and flash a 1.6 bios for you.
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