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  1. I found the problem: I made the footprint wrong. Good thing boards are cheap these days.
  2. I have one of these kicking about somewhere that I can track down tonight and try to get a scan of what's going on, but I suspect it'll be more of nothing. https://jyetech.com/dso-138-oscilloscope-diy-kit/
  3. https://www.ti.com/product/TPS40305
  4. The datasheet said nothing about no-load shutoff, and I didn't build that into the circuit, but I gave it a try anyway. No change. I'm still seeing nothing from the 5v and perfect behavior from 3v3. I'll make sure to have a load connected on my second build before powering it up, though.
  5. Right now? Nothing. I can't get it to generate voltage at all.
  6. No luck with the new part, I'm going to try just building the 5v circuit on the second board and see how that turns out, but I'm not holding my breath. I just wish I could track down what I've done wrong.
  7. I've seen your project since starting and it looks promising. I'm excited I'm not the only person working on this. Thanks for the info on what the protocol is! Unfortunately, this means the TFP410 and Max V combo probably isn't going to suit my needs. That's a huge bummer, but it means I have to learn more about HDMI/DVI, and it means I might be able to build a more versatile converter. I have no clue if the Max V is going to be fast enough, I came into this knowing nothing, but I figured I want to see this happens, so I might as well try my hand at it.
  8. Been trying to figure out why I couldn't program the Max V, the bent pins weren't helping, so I finally got around to fixing the chip, still didn't work... Caught the idea that maybe there's more to the JTAG interface than just putting pins there, and sure enough I need to put in a 10k pull up resistor on TMK and a 1k pull down resistor on TCK so when I wake up I'm gonna track down my resistor pack and bodge those in. Hopefully I'll be able to program the thing soon, and don't have to replace the Max V a fourth time. Regardless, there's another board revision in my future. One with everything on one side so JLC can assemble it and a couple of LEDs to let me know I'm getting the power I need.
  9. Idk. Bob has a nice ring to it. I'll be ordering a replacement chip and a components kit to build a second one tonight. Hopefully this time next week, I'll have a working board.
  10. Boards came in today Assembled and tested, the 3v3 line works as expected, but the 5v line doesn't work at all. I'm assuming it's due to a poorly aligned chip that I didn't notice until after I plugged it in. I re-aligned the chip and the problem got worse. I'm pretty sure that chip is fried. I also ran into a problem with the power jack, apparently either I read the datasheet wrong, or the datasheet was wrong. Either way, I had to solder a pigtail jack on to get power to the board.
  11. I would pull power straight from the power supply. Depending on the draw of that LED ring, you might risk burning traces, which would be a huge pain to fix. This is looking down on the motherboard with the bottom of the image being the front of the xbox.
  12. Title says it all. If you have a dead motherboard, I'll give you $20 to ship it to VT, USA. Save on shipping by pulling the heatsinks off beforehand. I don't need them. I need the motherboards for reverse engineering purposes. I'll also buy intact non-working consoles for $30 shipped, but that's probably not worth it for you. I'm not made of money, so there's a limit of 5 per month. I'll be happy to put you on a waiting list and let you know when I have the funds, though.
  13. Decided I would tear down my dev kit because there was a rattling noise inside of it and I wanted to see its guts. The rattling turned out to be the GPU fan, and I decided I should film its guts for everyone to see. Now if you don't have one, or don't want to open the one you've got, you can see inside, too! Pictures will come if I ever get a decent camera. If anyone has a Raptor card I can pair with it, please send me a PM. I don't actually know anything about developing games for the xbox, but I'd like to have a full kit in case I ever do start developing. I also might be willing to sell this to someone that wants to use it for its intended purpose. It's pretty worthless as a collectors item because it has no code on it, has a prominent cosmetic defect, and has been opened.
  14. But I'm not gonna. Greetings everyone! I'm ttsgeb. I've been messing with xboxen for years, mostly on my own, and have finally decided to join this little community you've got here. I'm big on hardware mods, even running a (really bad) website for "Portablizing", or taking consoles and building them into handheld, or at least easily luggable, forms. My goal is to build the ultimate xbox portable. As such, I have a lot of research to do. It won't do to just put the xbox motherboard in a smaller case, I'm going to have to learn how to trim it down to a smaller size, something that can easily be held between the hands. I have a few ideas on how this might be possible, but I'm going to need to sacrifice a few xboxen for science before I can start really trimming things down. As such, I'm always in the market for dead motherboards (working ones, too). To further my plans to build a handheld, I'm working on a couple of big projects: Digital video output via DVI and a custom DC-DC PSU to directly replace the original one. I hope that these projects can be knocked out relatively soon so that I can move on to finishing my laptop projects and starting the adventure of figuring out how to literally take a dremel to the xbox to make it smaller. XboxPSU: XboxDVI: Xbox Laptop v1: http://forums.modretro.com/index.php?threads/gebbys-slim-xbox-laptop.9731/ (sorry all the pictures are broken, RIP old forum threads) Xbox Laptop v2: https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/gebs-xbox-slim-laptop.3309/
  15. Well, I just ordered everything I need for the first build. $76. I really hope this works. Future boards will be under $30/each if this design works out, but that's with me assembling them, so there's quite a bit of time involved there. If it works, I plan to open source it so that anyone that's feeling daring enough can make their own. I'll probably also offer a few for sale, but they won't be cheap. I'm expecting to charge around $100, but ultimately it depends on what I can get them made for.

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