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  1. Is it? I definitely just copied the pinout from the sickmods one that's going around, and did some minor verifying myself for a sanity check.
  2. The attachment has been fixed
  3. So, I have no current plans to look at this project again, as other projects have taken over my life. As such, I'm offering up all the kicad files I have for it, and if someone wants the non-operational prototypes to try and troubleshoot, I'll send them your way for the cost of shipping. Sorry I didn't get further on this project. Hopefully someone else can take it up and turn it into something functional. XboxPSU.zip
  4. In the quantities I'm getting, the boards are the most expensive part, at about $6 each, most of that being shipping charges. Otherwise, it's the inductors, which run about $4 each.
  5. I'm specifically going for something small to use in the slim xboxen that's a better fit than the picoPSUs are. This definitely isn't going to come out cheaper than a used OEM PSU, the BOM is around $30, but it fits in the fan cutout on the motherboard with room to spare, so it's great for size reduction... If I can get it working.
  6. I just threw together revision 2, and still have the issue with the 5v line not producing any voltage. I'm not entirely sure what's going on, and I've been struggling to find the motivation to work on this project for a while. I also learned that I chose the transistors for controlling the power poorly, and picked new ones out that were supposed to be the same footprint, but they turned out to be about 30% larger, which makes them completely unworkable on this board. I'll have to look more into what happened there and apparently work on my datasheet reading skills.
  7. I found the problem: I made the footprint wrong. Good thing boards are cheap these days.
  8. I have one of these kicking about somewhere that I can track down tonight and try to get a scan of what's going on, but I suspect it'll be more of nothing. https://jyetech.com/dso-138-oscilloscope-diy-kit/
  9. https://www.ti.com/product/TPS40305
  10. The datasheet said nothing about no-load shutoff, and I didn't build that into the circuit, but I gave it a try anyway. No change. I'm still seeing nothing from the 5v and perfect behavior from 3v3. I'll make sure to have a load connected on my second build before powering it up, though.
  11. Right now? Nothing. I can't get it to generate voltage at all.
  12. No luck with the new part, I'm going to try just building the 5v circuit on the second board and see how that turns out, but I'm not holding my breath. I just wish I could track down what I've done wrong.
  13. I've seen your project since starting and it looks promising. I'm excited I'm not the only person working on this. Thanks for the info on what the protocol is! Unfortunately, this means the TFP410 and Max V combo probably isn't going to suit my needs. That's a huge bummer, but it means I have to learn more about HDMI/DVI, and it means I might be able to build a more versatile converter. I have no clue if the Max V is going to be fast enough, I came into this knowing nothing, but I figured I want to see this happens, so I might as well try my hand at it.
  14. Been trying to figure out why I couldn't program the Max V, the bent pins weren't helping, so I finally got around to fixing the chip, still didn't work... Caught the idea that maybe there's more to the JTAG interface than just putting pins there, and sure enough I need to put in a 10k pull up resistor on TMK and a 1k pull down resistor on TCK so when I wake up I'm gonna track down my resistor pack and bodge those in. Hopefully I'll be able to program the thing soon, and don't have to replace the Max V a fourth time. Regardless, there's another board revision in my future. One with everything on one side so JLC can assemble it and a couple of LEDs to let me know I'm getting the power I need.
  15. Idk. Bob has a nice ring to it. I'll be ordering a replacement chip and a components kit to build a second one tonight. Hopefully this time next week, I'll have a working board.

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