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  1. I'd rip it and upload it for sure. it is likely smaller than the retail because retail usually has a bunch of additional language packs added in so that they are only pressing one copy and region coding it during the press. that would be my first guess. the next is CoC might have 480p or 720p options (don't have my copy handy at the moment) and this might have just been a 480i copy
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  3. Blake can we back these up and host them for the OG Xbox unleash?
  4. just thinking of an all in one solution, something that would replace external EEPROM readers, xboxhdm, and even save games for soft mods, as well as a repair device. I'm not versed in Linux at all, and even less in Pi, so I thought I'd float the idea to see if there was anyone out there in the group who would give it some thought and say "yeah, I like that idea" If someone takes it and runs with it, that's fine. The idea is out there to be worked with.
  5. I've had an idea and I'm looking for someone to carry the football on this. I'm thinking about the possibility of combining xboxhdm with a Pi. That would be a cheap all in one solution for a variety of things. It would allow the extraction and/or flashing of the EEPROM on the xbox. It would allow for locking and unlocking of an attached IDE hard drive or SATA hard drive via USB. It would allow the formatting of the drive, and possibly allow for faster data transfer when cloning the hard drive. Maybe also allow for the formatting of the drive without the need to change the 2 TB partitions around, and maybe even allow for cloning of drives without the use of the xbox. thoughts?
  6. an updated installer disk might not be a bad idea. the latest unleashX... revision? (not an update) has the RSS feed for OGXBox included.
  7. I would love to see some sort of Xlink kai integration, so that new folks who jump on board have something similar to live that they can connect to without hoops to jump thru
  8. the 70 mm fan is my preferred way to go. no cutting needed.
  9. stolen mostly from the Afterdawn forums with some updates based on more modern knowledge. feel free to comment with other updates and I'll edit the original posted here. - original can be found at http://forums.afterdawn.com/threads/xbox-error-codes-explained-go-here-first.373255/ 2 - bootldr - Eeprom check failedWhen you see this error most of the times you have flashed something wrong. Or you dropped solder on your eeprom chips.4 - bootldr - Ram check failedYour Xbox ram chips are wasted.Maybe you dropped a little solder on it (try to remove it CAREFULLY!). Note, if they are fried, removing solder won't fix them). Maybe you were static when you touched the ram chips. They are kind off sensitive. If they are, they are fried, sell your xbox for spare parts.5 - kernel - HDD not locked (The retail xbox bioses require the hd to be locked, this includes soft mods)When you upgrade your hard disk drive for one that is larger, you most of the times use a new hard drive that you bought in the shop. Now, when you put this hdd in your xbox and you try to boot up with your chip off. It gives you error 5. Why you ask? Well i will try to explain it simple.The original (also called "Retail") hard drive is locked by MS. Why did they lock the harddrive?Well if it wasn't it wouldve been more than easy (in the start of xbox hacking) for hackers to change content on it. Thats why MS locks it. It is just a security measure. This locking proces uses information (the EEPROM) that's on the motherboard. The "Lock" on a xbox hard drive contains information that is based on the harddrive itself and the motherboard it came with.One thing that makes this clear: You can not change a retail harddrive with another one from a non-modded xbox without the EEPROM. With every xbox there was only ONE i repeat ONE compatible harddisk drive. Editted EPROMS can change that.If you don't mod your xbox (tsop or modchips) changing the hard drive or replacing a dead one becomes more complicated. You need to extract the EEPROM from the motherboard, or install a mod chip to bypass the lock restriction. With an extracted EEPROM you can use utilities such as xboxhdm to create a new hard drive and lock it to the xbox. So when does the error occur? The only time this error should occur is when you boot up your xbox in original mode AND you have a harddisk in your xbox that is not yet locked. So now you ask what do i have to do to make your xbox work again?Well the answer is pretty easy. extract the EEPROM, or instal a mod chip. those are your two options.6 - kernel - Cannot unlock HDDIf you understand the above, you should be able to understand what this means. It means you are trying to boot up the xbox with an harddisk that is locked in combination with ANOTHER motherboard than you are using it with right now.What can i do about it, you ask? Well place the harddisk back in the xbox where it came from. After that, either extract the EEPROM and use xboxhdm to lock it, or boot in a modded state and then use dashboard tools to lock/unlock the drive.7 - kernel - HDD timeoutMost of the times, the IDE cable is not properly connected when you see this error. Please reattach the ide cable. Not only to the harddisk drive but also to the dvd drive. Also try to reconnect the ide cable to the motherboard.Also if you are using a SATA hard drive, this could be caused by using a non 80 pin IDE cable, or not having the drive connected properly. ***** updated June 11, 2018 **** leaking capacitors on a 1.6b xbox also caused an error 7. The hard drive made some odd dragging sounds and it was initially believed to be a failing hard drive. There were two 6.3 3300 capacitors near the CPU that were peaked and were leaking. This apparently caused intermittent issues, probably alleviating when the caps were drained of power and returning when they charged up. Replacing the faulty capacitors resolved this issue entirely.8 - kernel - No HDD foundPlease make sure your xbox hdd is attached properly. Most of the times the Ide cable came loose, or isn't seated properly in the IDE port of your harddisk. ALso make sure the power supply cables are intact and working.Make sure the ide cable is also connected properly to the rest of the hardware (dvd and motherboard).9 - kernel - HDD parameters (PIO/DMA/or size {debug}, certain size minimum is required for debug)Not very common error, please try another harddisk.10 - kernel - DVD timeoutActually its almost the same as error 6/7/8. But also make sure the yellow cables are properly connected to the motherboard and the dvd drive.1. Make sure ide cables are connected good.2. Make sure the yellow cables are good and properly connected.3. Still no succes? Try another dvd drive of which you are sure it is working.11 - kernel - No DVD FoundSame as #10 So read up please!12 - kernel - DVD parameters (PIO/DMA)Same as #10, only not very common.13 - kernel - Dashboard launch fail(due to missing/bad key, or anything else that would prevent it from running) and the dashboard didn't specify why it failed.The error it gives is because of the incompatibility between the (older) dashboard (4920) that older slayer cd installs and the new dashboard/kernel versions found in some new xbox's and found in xbox's that have been connected to xbox live (when you go on xbox-live, it'll upgrade your dashboard file to i believe it is now 5659.03. This dasboard is incompatible with the dash that (old) slayer cd installs (for example 2.5 or lower) for you. This error also frequently occurs when using a 40 wire IDE cable (e.g.: the one that came with the xbox) while using a SATA Hard drive with an adaptor. There are also reports that the 80 pin wire occasionally goes "bad" if it has been used for years, possibly causing signal degradation. (In detail, in the eeprom chip there is a kernel which is incompatible with the dashboard (4920) that slayer installs.)So what do you do to fix it? You can use the dashupdate found on most new xbox games! Be sure to 1st unplug your ethernet cable before you do so!!!Besides that, just use a good installation disc and all is fine. Use HEXEN.14 - dashboard - Error loading dashboard (dashboard generic error)Same thing as above (error 13). This time it is also a little mistake from you on changing names or having played around with files on the xbox harddisk. Error 14 is most often because you changed boot orders or names of startup files on the harddisk. It can also happen when you are rebuilding your xbox harddisk with a slayer cd and the power was cut.16 - dashboard - Clock cannot be setBasically it comes down to this. Error 16 has to do with not finding the menu setting with which you can set the clock of the hdd. This happens to a lot of people that erase their hdd (original/upgraded) or MS dashboard files and after that they don't immediatly install the hdd but leave the xbox without power longer than 5 hours.It's all about the hdd can't find the menu with which it can set the clock. This is mostly because the xbox hdd is empty (you removed dashboard or fux0red it via ftp). The problem arises when xbox searches for menu to set clock with, can't find it and voila: error 16. Well read on please!So you have an error 16 huh? Don't worry "nothing" is broken!You have an xbox hdd that is locked. And normally you can boot in original and modded mode. Retail or upgraded doesn't matter. You start playing around with xboxdash.xbe etc. using ftp programs. While doing this you "accidently" remove your MS dashboard and also your alternate dashboard (Evox, etc.) so there is no dash anymore on the xbox hdd.You end the ftp session and after that you shut off your xbox. Normally when you would start up again it gives you an error 13/14 ( no dashboard found). No worries with a slayer Evox cd (and a hardmod), all is ok. BUT this is only WITHIN 3 hours or so.This is because the internal clock of the xbox will only be kept alive by the capacitors for only 3 or 4 hours. So when you leave your xbox unplugged from electricity for over 5 hours after you have played with the .xbe's AND you have removed your (ms and evo-x) dash from your xbox than you are fux0red. Why do you ask?Why can't I boot from disc?Its as follows Xbox starts booting==> (almost 1st thing a xbox does is) searches for internal clock==> doesnt find internal clock because there hasn't been any electricity on the xbox for 5 hours so battery that kept clock alive is empty and clock is gone==> searches for the proper dashboard menu to set clock with ==> doesnt find msdashboard or evo-x dashboard menu becuz you have removed it from the hdd for whatever reasons you had==> xbox gives error 16: cannot set clock.So what do you do about it? Two options!1. Install a mod chip that has a BIOS on it that allows you to configure a new hard drive. All of the modern/final bioses will do this, and will let you boot directly from DVD even if the hard drive is not setup correctly. This will let you put clean files on C2. This is the more easy and newbie friendly strategy- Get/borrow a modded xbox - Disconnect the DVD from the problem xbox - Boot the problem xbox, the DVD error will come up, but the hard drive will now be unlocked. - Boot the modded xbox, get it to the dashboard, put in the Hexen disk - Disconnect the IDE hard drive from the modded xbox’s IDE chain - Connect the IDE hard drive from the problem xbox to the modded xbox - Launch Hexen - Re-install the C: from Hexen.If you get an error 13 after this, please read up on the error 13 explanation!20 - kernel - The dashboard was attempted to load and failedIt was a cold boot, and the dashboard didn't specify why it failed, but it(for some reason) needed to be noted that the dvd passed the challenge/response authentication21 - anywhere This error says that the machine was booted to display a error, basically someone told the machine to reboot (or launch a xbe) with this flag, and the error code just means its been rebooted by the flagThis occurs frequently when the xbox is unable to boot due to dashboard changes being made (ie Gcue true blue hasnt been resigned, parts of the stock dash are missing - incomplete FTP backups copied to a new HDD for example).____________________________________________________________
  10. the EA xbox live white had a quantity of more than one. the OP talking about it was somewhere in the USA. There is one relatively close to where I live. I'm thinking there were probably 50 or so in total made, given out to the top EA people in each region.
  11. https://www.scribd.com/document/48850048/xbox-Conexant-CX25870-871-datasheet
  12. Not a native digital out, but a component convertor that lets you get HDMI without all of the hassle of additional accessories or power. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=131639934062084&set=pcb.1900054033598677&type=3&theater
  13. taken from https://github.com/grimdoomer/PiPROM PiPROM PiPROM allows you to easily read, write, and erase original Xbox EEPROM chips using a Raspberry Pi! How It Works PiPROM allows your Raspberry Pi to interface with I2C based xbox EEPROM chips. You can either connect your Raspberry Pi directly to your xbox motherboard, or connect it to an I2C based EEPROM chip that has been removed from an xbox motherboard or other device. Once your pi is connected, PiPROM can easily read, write, or erase the contents of the chip. It's great for recovering lost hard drive keys for your xbox, or fixing broken motherboards. PiPROM is also compatible with all versions of the Raspberry Pi! Getting Started The first step in getting PiPROM running is to enable the I2C interface on your Raspberry Pi. Adafruit has a very nice tutorial on how to do this. Once you have the I2C interface up and running on your Raspberry Pi it's time to get it connected to your xbox console. For xbox versions 1.0 - 1.5 it will require 3 wires to be soldered to the LPC port on your xbox motherboard, for version 1.6 it will require a few more connections that are a bit tricky. You will need to connect the two I2C pins on your Raspberry Pi to the I2C pins on your xbox/I2C chip, as well as a ground wire between the two. The ground wire is very important! It acts as a reference line for the Pi to tell when a GPIO is high or low. If your Pi doesn't have the same ground reference as your xbox your results may be sporatic. The wiring chart below outlines the connections you need to make to connect your Pi to an xbox console. The numbers refer to the RAW pin numbers on the Pi, and the LPC pins on an xbox motherboard. Note that the pins are the same on all versions of the Raspberry Pi (V1, B+, V2). Pin Pi Xbox v1.0 - 1.5 SDA 3 14 SCL 5 13 GND 6 2 If you are connecting the Raspberry Pi to an I2C EEPROM chip that is not connected to an xbox motherboard you will need to look up the datasheet for the chip to figure out the pinout. You may also need to power the chip using the Pi's 3.3 or 5v lines. To test connectivity between the Pi and the EEPROM chip you can use i2cdetect to scan all I2C slave addresses and see what comes up. If you haven't already, install the i2c tools using the following commands: sudo apt-get install python-smbus sudo apt-get install i2c-tools Once the tools are installed you will need to power up your xbox console or EEPROM chip, yes, the console needs to physically be turned on. Don't worry, as long as you're not doing anything on your console at the same time that PiPROM is reading/writing to the xbox EEPROM it won't harm anything. If your xbox console frags at boot, or throws a system error, you will only have ~3 minutes to work before it will auto power off. This will be plenty of time for PiPROM to read/write the EEPROM chip. From a command line on the Pi run sudo i2cdetect -y 1 and you should see something similar to the following (output taken from my Pi connected to an xbox console): The EEPROM on the xbox console is located at address 0x54, but PiPROM already knows this! If your Pi is connected to your xbox console and you don't see output from i2cdetect that looks like the image above then something is wrong. Check your wires, and make sure you have a ground wire between your Pi and xbox console. If your Pi is connected directly to an I2C EEPROM chip you should only see one address listed in the output from i2cdetect. This is the I2C address you will later plug into PiPROM to override the default I2C address of the xbox EEPROM. Next it's time to get PiPROM on to your Raspberry Pi. We will start by creating a directory for PiPROM and its dependencies. From a command line run the following commands which will create a folder called PiPROM and move you into it. mkdir PiPROM cd ./PiPROM Next we will setup bcm2835, a C library for the broadcom processor the Raspberry Pi uses. It is what PiPROM is built on and you will need to it compile PiPROM. Run the following commands to download and install bcm2835 v1.42. If you run into trouble please refer to the bcm2835 website. wget http://www.airspayce.com/mikem/bcm2835/bcm2835-1.42.tar.gz tar zxvf bcm2835-1.42.tar.gz cd bcm2835-1.42 ./configure make sudo make check sudo make install Next we are going to download the latest source for PiPROM and compile it. Run the following commands which will move you back into the PiPROM folder and download the latest source code for it. cd .. git clone https://github.com/grimdoomer/PiPROM.git cd ./PiPROM Finally we will compile PiPROM for your version of Raspberry Pi. From a command line run one of the following commands to compile PiPROM for your version of the Raspberry Pi. Pi Version Command v1 make p1 v1 B+ make p1b v2 B make p2 If everything went smoothly you should see no compiler errors in the output. To check run the ls command, and there should be a file called "PiPROM.a" in the current folder. If PiPROM.a exists then you successfully compiled PiPROM, if it doesn't then I guess I messed up somewhere... You can send me an email and I can try to see where things went wrong for you. Now you are ready to starting reading and writing EEPROMs! Below you can find the syntax for PiPROM. Remeber your PiPROM file is currently called PiPROM.a! You will need to run PiPROM using sudo in order for it to be able to access the I2C interface. If your Pi is connected to an xbox console and you want to read, write, or erase the EEPROM, you can use one of the following commands: Read xbox eeprom to eeprom.bin: sudo PiPROM -r ./eeprom.bin Write eeprom.bin to the xbox: sudo PiPROM -w ./eeprom.bin Erase the eeprom: sudo PiPROM -e If your Pi is connected directly to an EEPROM not attached to an xbox motherboard you will need the I2C address you found using i2cdetect earlier. Read eeprom at I2C address 0x50 to eeprom.bin: sudo PiPROM -r -a 0x50 ./eeprom.bin Write eeprom.bin to eeprom at I2C address 0x48: sudo PiPROM -w -a 0x48 ./eeprom.bin Erase eeprom at I2C address 0x54: sudo PiPROM -e -a 0x54 PiPROM command line syntax: PiPROM v1.0 by Grimdoomer Usage: PiPROM -r/w/e <options> <filename> -r Read the EEPROM chip contents to <filename>. -w Write the contents of <filename> to the EEPROM chip. -e Erases the EEPROM filling it with 00s. filename EEPROM file to read from/write to. Optional: -a <address> I2C address of the EEPROM chip. If you receive any errors during the reading or writing process check your wiring. Make sure your SDA, SCL, and GND wires have a strong connection between the Pi and the Xbox/EEPROM chip. Troubleshooting Q: I'm having trouble getting the I2C interface setup on my Pi, what should I do? A: Check out Adafruit's [tutorial](https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruits-raspberry-pi-lesson-4-gpio-setup/configuring-i2c) on setting up the I2C interface. Q: I'm having trouble setting up bcm2835 or version 1.42 is no longer available? A: Check out the bcm2835 website for help getting it setup, or finding a newer version to compile with. Q: When I run i2cdetect no devices are detected? A: Check and make sure you don't have your SDA/SCL wires mixed up, and make sure your ground connection between your Pi and xbox/EEPROM is good. If you are trying to use PiPROM with an xbox make sure the console is power on before runnng i2cdetect or PiPROM. Q: I get errors when trying to read/write an EEPROM chip? A: Check and make sure you don't have your SDA/SCL wires mixed up, and make sure your ground connection between your Pi and xbox/EEPROM is good. Changelog v1.0 - Initial release Cleaned up source code for initial release. Added the -a switch to specify an I2C address to use. Greets A big thank you to Adafruit for all of their work and support for the Raspberry Pi community, and Mike McCauley for making the bcm2835 library.
  14. worked this all goddamned night and i still haven't got the LPC quite right.. tomorrow will remove D0 and see if it stops FRAG

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