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.XMV Movie file format for videos


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I know that the format for the videos for the roms are in a .xmv format. Is there a way to convert other videos to that format?
I have some videos for games but they are not in .xmv, so I wanted to see if I could convert them over to be used.

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SPPV has created a conversion application, ANY2XMV; however, the repository where I think I saw it has disappeared sometime in the last week or two.  He had two Xbox modding scene repos of content he'd collected and created some of - GREPO and GREPO2 - but they are now EMPTY. :(

I did find links to the lastest ANY2XMV 4 release in the forum thread [NEW] ANY2XMV 4 at emuxtras.net:

Packed version download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6e7hloyhmkm851w/Any2XMV4.7z/file
Unpacked version download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zmjezcmu6e7uttw/Unpacked.7z/file

Read the forum thread for more information.

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Tools I made to make stuff simpler. 

Convert to XMV

Resize MP4 to Xbox size


if you’re converting stuff to xmv for emustation, don’t. Use the MP4 one above to convert everything. (You can leave the xmvs you already have or convert them to MP4 too)

XBMC doesn’t really like XMV, and since there were different version used throughout the years XBMC struggle with them as it uses an open source codec and not the official MS one. 

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