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  1. Transfer the hdd hey to the 1.4 & your saves should work again. Those games use the eeprom, hdd key as part of there signature (hashing) of saves. configmagic will let you enter the hdd key from your 1.2.
  2. And that’s where I started getting error after error. first error is intrin.h, got that then more errors. Comment out that include and then it’s zlib , comment out that check and the. It’s more errors. I gave up and just worked around the issue
  3. You download the emulator from the downloader. unfortunately scummvm emu only allows games in its root, and I can’t change that behaviour as I couldn’t get the source to compile. But games go in folders inside the scummvm\games\ folder this is included with the emulator on the downloader as I include all the files required. now the pain part, you have 2 choices. Rename folders to match the path name in the svms\*.svm files or change the paths to match your folder names. there is no automated method currently, as I can’t even parse the games folder for matches as some came share the same file names (all files) I may take another stab at it another time, but currently it was easier to do it the way I did. also to svm files have the config for the scummvm emulator and the game id so it runs. If it doesn’t it will hard lock the Xbox. (Why I created them and uploaded them to the downloader emulator) retrozone.co Has the games needed and what I based the folder naming on.
  4. International Superstar Soccer 2 Arcade fun and has an editor. (Am sure it does )
  5. It does install the emulators in the right place ready for use. But they requires at least 1 rom/game to show on the carousel. no point have an entry with zero games and it doesn’t load and I get questions why have it there is it does noting blah blah can’t win either way. emustarion is as simple as putting roms in a folder and if the emulator is installed (20 by default) you scan in the system (it will tell you if there is no emulator) and wait. Now select your rom and enjoy.
  6. Here are mine, save and my 3 custom builds from donkeys ago. Each mod has its own save included next to the files. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11Zh9WL9bHDdpCaeSCyStbdveIsaOlYeP/view?usp=drivesdk the usual stuff, strips, teams, boots, balls, stadiums, LODs, crowds etc… all modded. My main mod I may update the menu 1 day as it was a log time ago I done it and the font it crap let me know how you like my Ibrox stadium
  7. A lot of PES stuff was on filefront and that sites no more. I lost a lot of PES stuff on there when they shut down Am still on all the forums, but a lot of dead links now. Also I have 3 versions of PES5 all my version but from over the years
  8. Yeah I also have the FIFA commentary it was never finished, I swapped the French audio I think with it, so English is normal commentary and different language was the FIFA one. mine will come with my save also. It’s a pity as the sites that had all the mods pesgaming and the pesforums all moved away from PES5 after 6 was released and is Xbox folk never got PES6. yeah I still have my version of PES5 with the save.
  9. I have my version of PES5 new balls my ibrox stadium that I made donkeys ago for PES5 its teams done, names etc… also patched xbe to remove the flicker filter and patch in the crowd on wide views. On new menu to look like PES6 since we never got it same with ingame graphics like play on icon etc… Can’t remember if the boot packs I helped make all those years ago are in it. Would need to install it and check.
  10. You can add a custom launch option to the black button menu. It’s in the skins settings menu. The reason you can’t add a xbe as a source is XBMC doesn’t allow it when in Programs menu. All sources are treated as folders on the root folder. What you’re saying above is when using a custom built menu, you can have custom buttons that launch xbes, not this is only on the main menu of XBMC or sub menus of sources. (Not counting context menus)
  11. The menu is only combining a couple files. So when you press (A) the script builds myprograms.xml out of the gamelist.xml for that system and loads the menu. it’s all down to the drive speed, age and where files are on the hdd platter. Normally E is the fastest as the building of the xml takes longer depending on where it is on the hdd platter. I mean a 47kb file should be a second or 2, I have over 1500 roms lists loading in 4-7 seconds. But am using a 2.5” sata drive.
  12. Run Emustation from E and have the emulators, media and roms folder on a larger partition. don’t run it from F and defo not G as the seek times are horrendous the more you fill those partitions.
  13. Press the white button and if it finds the following you can pick it. defaultws.xbe default_p.xbe defaultxhd.xbe default720p.xbe
  14. Yes, other tools just do the short fatx checks, region & media flag patch the xbes. DVD2Xbox does the long fatx patch and can also do a lot more custom patches for games that require specific modifications.
  15. Toca 1 is fine, Toca 2 has long file names but not sure if it effects the game. Toca 3 will black screen after loading the profile. (Never gets to the menu)
  16. You need to patch the xbes, some games have a xbe offset check (Toca 3 is one) that looks for the xbe at a specific position on the disc. If you remake the XISO from extracted files it will crash at the main menu so you need to patch it still. DVD2Xbox makes a 1.1 copy of the disc (split if larger than 4GB) basically a redump image, so the xbe offset and any other xbe checks games have are intact when done this way. Only downside is they are 7GB each. Media, FatX and region patches are fine when making XISO, as the long file name protections are separate from those and that’s the main reason for XISO loading.
  17. Try disabling fast game parsing. settings > my programs > other
  18. Never been that way. you will need to add your paths to the artwork installers settings.xml that file is located where you installed the artwork installer app.
  19. If running the latest stable, when auto login is enabled a new option will appear in the skin settings letting you disable the profile picture. https://github.com/Rocky5/XBMC4Gamers/blob/master/changes.txt#L141
  20. Black button first, then the combo.
  21. Just enable it in the skin settings > login menu. It will show after you enable auto login.
  22. Rocky5


    the prebuilt version on github is v1.3.001 you shouldn’t need to update anything after.
  23. For new Xbox correct. For Xbox already nulled. No, you can just update the softmod and run the nuller again and it will update the key. But any original drives you had for that Xbox (locked to all zeros) will need to be unlocked and relocked to the new all 1s key. Chimp 261812 can do this if you attach your original drive (locked to all zeros) to the Xbox that’s been all 1ed as the slave drive, add the old nulled eeprom.bin to the Y partition and run chimp. Select slave drive options and pick unlock > Y:\eeprom.bin when done, lock the slave drive to the motherboard and done.
  24. V1.1.8 will un null the key when you run the option again. I changed it to use all 1s as this is fine for insignia. note, any drives that are locked to a nulled key won’t work anymore on that Xbox, so if you have backup drives (original drive for example) you will need to use chimps slave drive options to unlock and relock to the new all 1s key. (Or if you can do it via PC do it that way) If the latter isn’t so, the. You’re fine to just run it and not care.
  25. XboxHDKey value but no spaces can I ask what DLC? So I can make sure it’s not at my end.

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